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April 30, 2012

Student trip to Auschwitz sponsored by the Holocaust Education Trust

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I like to read newspaper accounts of the student trips from the UK to Auschwitz.  I always learn something new.

In a recent article in the Westminster Chronicle, which you can read here, I learned this startling new information:

We stopped at the point [in Auschwitz-Birkenau] where the men were separated from the women and children, and where the prisoners who were deemed unfit to work were taken straight to the main gas chambers. All that remains of the [gas] chambers is a pile of rubble, as they were demolished when the camp was liberated.

The gas chambers were demolished WHEN the camp was liberated?  According to the official Holocaust history, after the Nazis abandoned Auschwitz on Jan. 18, 1945, they came back to the camp twice to blow up the gas chambers in order to destroy the evidence BEFORE the Soviet liberators arrived.

Did something get lost in translation?  Did a tour guide at Birkenau really tell the British students that the Soviets demolished the gas chambers WHEN THE CAMP WAS LIBERATED?  That’s Holocaust denial — punishable by 5 years in prison in 19 countries!!!

But wait!  There’s more.  This quote from the article tells how the buildings in the main Auschwitz camp were built:

We were met by a guide who walked with us through the main entrance and into some of the buildings constructed by slave labour.

Read any history book about Auschwitz and you will learn that the buildings in the main camp were originally built for migratory farm workers, who stayed there between jobs in the seasonal work on large German estates. This farm labor exchange was built in a district of the town of Auschwitz, called Zazole, in 1916. Auschwitz was then in Galicia, a province in the Austro-Hungarian sector of the former country of Poland, which had been divided between the Russians, Austrians and Prussians (Germans) in 1795.  At the time that the concentration camp was opened in Auschwitz, this area had been incorporated into the Greater German Reich; it was not part of German-occupied Poland.

Barrack building at Auschwitz was built in 1916

Barrack building at Auschwitz was built in 1916

There were 22 buildings in the Auschwitz farm labor camp, which was originally built in 1916.  14 of the buildings were originally only one story high. The Nazis remodeled these buildigs into two story buildings with attic space. In the photo above, you can see a slight difference in the color of the bricks on the upper floors.

Did the Germans use slave labor to build these buildings in 1916?  If they did, it is news to me.

This quote from the article gives more new information about Auschwitz:

First comes a display of hair cuttings from women who had their heads shaved, their hair used on an industrial scale to weave material for guards’ uniforms.

So that’s why the hair was cut from the heads of the women.  It was used to make hair shirts for the Auschwitz guards!

Apparently the tour guides do not tell the students that the heads of the prisoners were shaved in an attempt to get rid of the lice that spreads typhus.

Prosthetic limbs and crutches on display at Auschwitz

A display case in Room 5 of Block 5, pictured above, is filled with the artificial legs and crutches which were brought to the Auschwitz camp by incoming prisoners. My tour guide in 1998 explained that the wounded Polish war veterans from World War I accounted for most of this huge collection.

This quote from the news article has a different explanation for this display:

Then there were prosthetic limbs, crutches and sticks taken from disabled prisoners who had been taken straight to the gas chambers, along with piles of glasses worn by the men and women, suitcases bearing the names of prisoners, and children’s shoes and clothes.

So disabled prisoners were brought to Auschwitz to be gassed?  I thought disabled people were sent to Hartheim Castle in Austria to be gassed.

This quote from the news article is about the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp:

We continued on, deep in thought, to the most sinister of all the buildings, the gas chamber.

It was a little like a factory inside – just a bare room with a hole in the ceiling. You would have no idea what happened in there without knowing the background. Or at least until you see the crematoriums and their large furnaces, built to dispose of the bodies of thousands of people.

You can read about the gas chamber in the main camp on my website here, and you can read about the four holes in the ceiling here.

One of the reconstructed holes in the ceiling of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

I don’t think the students should be taken to see the gas chamber. To see the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp is to become a Holocaust denier.

In the gas chamber in the main camp, there is no way to heat the Zyklon-B pellets to release the gas and no way to vent the gas from the room.  There is no container in which to put the pellets, and it would have been a problem to retrieve the pellets from the floor after the gassing.  The gas chamber is right next to the crematory room and there would have been danger of an explosion.

For years, the guides at Auschwitz told tourists that the gas chamber was original.  Now, at least, they admit that it is a reconstruction, done by the Soviets.  It is now time for the tour guides to tell student visitors that the brick buildings in the main camp were built in 1916, but not by using “slave labor.”


  1. Okay. The minute the camp was liberated,the gas chambers were destroyed. Number one of everything was destroyed,how can you say with certainty,”it was a gas chamber?” Number two. These were trials for “war crimes”. So if those were what they say they were,wouldn’t you want to preserve the evidence? Don’t come back with the BS line,”it would bring back bad memories” or “nobody wanted to be reminded”. I mean if you accuse someone in a courtroom,military or civilian,somebody is going to say,”you better have proof to back your ass up on the accusations you’ve made”

    Comment by Tim — April 23, 2015 @ 8:55 am

  2. You forgot the most important – there were no holes for introduction of Zyklon B pellets, so no gassing possible.

    Comment by Bob — May 9, 2012 @ 1:06 am

    • The Auschwitz Museum now admits that the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp is a reconstruction, done by the Soviet Union. I am not sure if each group of people, brought into the reconstructed gas chamber, is told by their tour guide that it is a reconstruction. In this case, the guide pointed out one of the holes, but maybe the students were not told that this hole was not there when the gas chamber was in operation.

      If you followed the trial in the David Irving libel case, you know that Robert Jan van Pelt testified that the Germans came back to Birkenau, after they had marched the prisoners out, and blew up the gas chambers, but before they did that, they filled in the holes so that if the explosion didn’t blow up the gas chamber completely, the holes would not be visible. In other words, in the trial, it was allegedly proved that the cry of “No holes, no Holocaust” was not valid. The holes were allegedly filled in so completely that neither Germar Rudolf nor Fred Leuchter could find them when they climbed down into the ruins of Krema II. BTW, Germar Rudolf has a personal website which you can read at

      Comment by furtherglory — May 9, 2012 @ 8:01 am

      • This alleged gas chamber was never in operation, only morgue in this room was in operation and then air raid shelter. They claim that holes were chiseled again as they allegedly existed in its original state during alleged gassings, that the holes are in original locations is also claimed by report from Keren/McCarthy/Mazal team from supplied also to Robert Jan Van Pelt. This is false as everybody can realize by simply looking at the locations of these reconstructed holes, here is my picture from other webpage using plan of krematorium I from Pressac:

        Red – marks the chamber used for alleged gassings
        Green – marks chamber after alteration when the Soviets or Poles demolished wall into the washroom and when they enlarged alleged chamber.
        Blue – locations of alleged introduction openings for Zyklon B.
        Purple – line dividing left and right half of gas chamber.

        Leaving aside how technically absurd is to use such a holes for homicidal gassings (you named several problems) then every at least average intelligent human would for sure break such a holes uniformly in the chamber to achieve uniform distribution of Zyklon B pellets, but as can be seen from plan, the holes in alleged chamber in its original state are placed in so nonsense way that is simply not possible that these holes could be original and the Germans so dumb to make them in these locations. They are in nonsense and wrong locations because when they connected former washroom with alleged chamber, they also chiseled holes which corresponds with this larger dimensions and are almost uniformly distributed. This is good example when the liars themselves exposed own lie, holes never existed and they chiseled them in wrong locations.

        Yes, i followed this trial and claims, here is Pelt in his expert report:

        “Today, these four small holes that connected the wire-mesh columns and the chimneys cannot be observed in the ruined remains of the concrete slab.”

        “While there is not certainty in this particular matter, it would have been logical to attach at the location where the columns had been some formwork at the bottom of the gas chamber ceiling, and pour some concrete in the holes, and thus restore the slab.”

        He maintained this opinion during his interrogation under oath and that holes in krematorium II cannot be seen:

        In his book Case for Auschwitz, he miraculously began to claim that holes are visible thanks to report from Mazal and team and he even showed photo. Leaving aside that is physically impossible to seal hole in concrete without leaving a trace, Pelt refuted his own previous position about restoring the roof when he began to claim that holes are visible. Also, the sealed holes would be the first which would blow off because they would be the weakest points of the roof and explosion would simply blow off them like cork from the bottle of champagne. All these claims were adressed by revisionists and engineers, for example here: (p. 479+)

        One can only wonder what miracle was responsible for this, that Pelt after all these years miraculously began to see the introduction holes in the roof when he never saw them before.

        Everybody can visit the roof and see with own eyes that no introduction holes for Zyklon B exist in roof of krematorium II and even no traces of some sealed holes, they simply do not exist and when they do not exist then is not possible to introduce Zyklon B and is not possible to gas peoples as they claims, then it did not happen.

        Comment by Bob — May 9, 2012 @ 2:22 pm

  3. First comes a display of hair cuttings from women who had their heads shaved

    Germans were so evil to have womens’ heads shaved.

    Jews instead are so enlightened to have womens’ heads shaved.

    Comment by Eager for Answers — April 30, 2012 @ 5:47 pm

    • The Women’s Liberation movement was led by Jewish women and now we know why. Before Women’s Lib, Jewish women were more likely to become doctors and lawyers and other professionals. Trying to keep the women down had the opposite effect and Jewish women were more independent than non-Jewish women, back in the Nazi era and still today.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 1, 2012 @ 8:33 am

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