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June 3, 2012

What does a real gas chamber look like?

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The gas chamber at the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City, MO

The photo above shows the small building which houses a real gas chamber, that was built in 1937 in Jefferson City, MO to execute criminals who had been condemned to death in a court of law.  This small building contains two small cells and a room with two chairs where two persons could be gassed at one time.  The Missouri gas chamber is no longer in use.

Two seats inside the Missouri gas chamber

The photo above and the quote below are from this website:

In the center of the building was the air tight chamber painted white, with two perforated steel chairs. Beneath the chairs were guides to hold the three-gallon earthen jars which contained the sulfuric acid into which the cyanide pellets were dropped when a lever was pulled by the Warden.

After the execution the lethal gas was extracted from the chamber and vented out a forty-five foot pipe through the roof of the building.

The photo below shows the short vent pipe over the Dachau gas chamber.

Short vent pipe on the roof of the Dachau gas chamber

The photo below shows that the short vent pipe over the Dachau gas chamber was there when the camp was liberated. According to Fred Leuchter, the vent pipe should have been 40 feet high.

Photo taken after the liberation of Dachau shows vent pipes on the roof of gas chamber Photo Credit: Donald E. Jackson

A shower room at the Mauthausen Memorial Site which is claimed to have been a gas chamber

The photo above shows a shower room with water pipes and shower heads visible on the ceiling.  You can read more about the Mauthausen shower room, which has real water pipes but no way to put lethal gas into the room, on my website here.

Fred Leuchter is an execution expert who was a consultant for the operation of the Missouri gas chamber.  He did a report on the Mauthausen gas chamber which you can read on my website here.

Shower room that was turned into a gas chamber by Americans after Dachau was liberated

The photo above shows the northeast corner of the Dachau shower room which was claimed to have been a gas chamber in testimony given at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal.  I previously blogged about the testimony given at Nuremberg here.

In the photo above, you can see three round holes from which the fake shower heads, put in by the Americans, have been removed.  (They were stolen as souvenirs by tourists.) On the east wall, which is shown on the right in the photo, is a vent through which the Zyklon-B gas pellets were poured, according to claims made by Holocaust believers.  According to the Leuchter Report, these vents were obviously added after the gas chamber was modified.

You can read more about the Dachau gas chambers on my website here.  You can read the Leuchter Report on the Dachau gas chamber here.