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October 13, 2012

Were prisoners hung from chains in the Dachau crematorium?

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After reading a post on this blog, I think that the jigsaw puzzle with a picture of the Dachau ovens should be brought back and sold again on  Young people who put together the puzzle would learn something about the ovens at Dachau.

This quote is from a blog post, written by a young American tourist who took a guided tour of the Dachau Memorial Site:

The crematories were sickening to see. Can you believe that thousands of people-HUMAN BEINGS-innocent human beings-were literally stuck into these things?? And at Dachau, their first crematory wasn’t big enough so they had to build a second, and disgustingly they put them both to use in the years the camp was open. If you look closely in the picture below, you can see chains from the wooden panels. These were used to hang prisoners like an X as torture, or as they await death. UGH. Just GROSS. Sick, sick things happened here. Again, can I really describe the things I learned/saw/felt here? No way. It’s a silencing realization that you need to experience first hand.

The chains from which the prisoners were allegedly hung, to torture them, are shown in my photos below.

Chains above a cremation oven at Dachau

In the photo above, you can see clearly that the chains were used to raise and lower the inner door of the oven.  The inner door is the brown rectangle above the oven door.

Ovens at Dachau had chains to raise and lower the inner doors

Sign above the ovens in the Dachau crematorium

The sign in the photo above reads, in English: “Prisoners were hanged from here.”

The sign does not say whether the prisoners were alive or dead when they were hung, but a sign has been added recently on the wall of the crematorium which makes it clear that the prisoners were killed by hanging by the neck until dead, from the rafters in front of the oven. Notice in the photo above that there is an inner door on the oven on the right side.  In the oven on the left side, the inner door is missing.  The chains were used to raise and lower the inner doors, not to hang the prisoners.

Tour guides at Dachau now tell visitors that the gas chamber was used, although not for mass gassing.  The Dachau Memorial Site is controlled by the International Committee of Dachau, which was organized by the prisoners before the camp was liberated. Dachau is strictly used now for propaganda purposes.  Don’t expect to learn the true history of Dachau on a guided tour.

The tour guides tell visitors that the Zyklon-B gas pellets were thrown into the “gas chamber” through the two little windows on the east wall.  Those windows weren’t there when the camp was liberated; they were added later.

Young people want to get their money’s worth when they pay for a guided tour of Dachau.  They don’t want to hear the truth.


  1. Independent Thailand was a member of the axis in WW2 and along with democratic Finland fought on the “wrong” side. Denmark’s social democratic government in 1941
    also voluntarily signed up to the anti comintern pact but these facts don’t fit with the ” Evil Hitler World takeover” theory so they are often left out of the narrative.

    Comment by Pete — October 14, 2012 @ 3:35 am

  2. Your chilling pictures remind me of Thailand where hundreds, if not thousands of such buildings dot the countryside as well as cities.

    As you can see, they are in the open, and if curiosity draws you closer, you may easily stumble on this.

    Surprisingly, this has hardly discouraged those peaceful backpackers.

    Comment by Eager For Answers — October 13, 2012 @ 9:19 am

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