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November 8, 2012

Sculpture of Noor Inayat Khan unveiled by the British

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This morning, when I checked my blog stats, I noticed that three of my previous posts about Noor Inayat Khan were getting lots of hits.  (here, here and here) This tipped me off that there must be some news about her.  I did a search and found a news article about her here.  I previously blogged about the memorial for Noor Inayat Khan here.

I learned something new about Noor: she was executed by a FIRING SQUAD at Dachau.  That is good news.  At least she was given a proper execution, befitting a brave heroine who fought as a legal combatant during a war — NOT!

Unfortunately, no one took a photo of her execution.  The only witness to her execution, who came forward long after the war, said that she had been shot in the head by a high ranking SS officer after he had beaten her into a “bloody mess.”

This quote is from the article in the BBC news:

After evading capture for three months, the spy was imprisoned, tortured and eventually shot by the German Gestapo at Dachau concentration camp in 1944.

Her final word – uttered as the German firing squad raised their weapons – was simple. “Liberté”.

The article doesn’t say whether she was given the usual blindfold before she was executed by a firing squad.  Hopefully, she was.

The usual method of execution at Dachau was by hanging.  You can read, on my website, about the staff members of the Dachau camp who were convicted of a war crime, by the American Military Tribunal at Dachau, because they participated in the executions by hanging at Dachau.

With all of the proof that Noor was shot, either by a firing squad, or by a shot in the head by an high ranking officer, the staff members at the Dachau Memorial site have the nerve to tell people, who inquire about the records of her execution, that there are no records of Noor being brought to Dachau, nor any records of her execution at Dachau.

You can read about the alleged execution of General Delestraint at Dachau on my website here.  Strangely, none of the male prisoners in the SOE were executed at Dachau; on the contrary, the men were treated very well.  Only women in the SOE were tortured and killed at Dachau.

You can read about the fate of Andrée Borrel, one of the SOE women here.  You can read a previous post about the SOE women here.