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December 6, 2012

The UN vote on Palestine

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This quote is from an article by Gordon Duff about the UN vote on Palestine:

Today’s vote [Nov. 30, 2012] at the United Nations can be seen as a humiliating defeat for Israel. It could also be seen as a humiliating defeat for the United States though the current regime in Tel Aviv is quite violently anti-American and an outspoken enemy of President Obama.

You can read Gordon Duff’s article in full here.

srael’s West Bank separation barrier is often referred to as the “apartheid wall.” (Photo: Marc Venezia)

Israel’s West Bank separation barrier is often referred to as the “apartheid wall.” (Photo: Marc Venezia)

Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this wall.


  1. FG
    I would be much surprised that the picture you are showing is Israel’s West Bank Separation Barrier, the expression “ICH BIN EIN BERLINER” was first used by President John F Kennedy during his speech from a rostrum erected close to the Berlin Wall with a view into the Russian occupied zone, telling their Leadership to pull the wall down and give the people of the East their freedom, unless this is meant as an analogy to what the Palestinians at present experiencing and painted the same sentence onto the “Apartheid” wall as a reminder!

    Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — December 8, 2012 @ 12:23 am

    • it is a picture of graffiti on the Israeli West Bank barrier. It makes ironic reference to the Berlin wall ( 1961-1989 ) . Both barriers constructed under the pretext of ” protection” were used to divide families and create misery for the native population. A famous US President Ronald Reagan uttered the words , ” Tear down that wall” …..would that Obama would say the
      same to the Israelis.

      Comment by Pete — December 8, 2012 @ 3:34 am

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