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February 4, 2013

the controversy over the “Dachau Massacre” lives on

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I previously blogged about the “Dachau Massacre” here and here and here.  I also blogged about the IG report on the killing of the SS guards at Tower B here.

Famous photo of the "Dachau Massacre"

Famous photo of the “Dachau Massacre”

Today, I did a google search which turned up this entry on a yahoo group. The man that wrote this entry, which I am quoting below, believes that only “around 40” Hungarian and German soldiers were killed on the day that Dachau was liberated.  Howard Buechner wrote a book in which he said that 560 soldiers were killed by American troops that day.

Quote from a yahoo group:

Warning please…if you are related to Howard Buechner, you will not
necessarily like what I will write there. I will try and be diplomatic, as
diplomatic as one can be towards a Veteran who not only seems to have been
a pathological liar, but also had no qualms about inflicting fellow vets
with new traumas derived from the lies he spread in a self-aggrandizing
little excuse for a history book he wrote in 1986 entitled *The Hour of the

I wouldn’t trust a word in that book, nor in some others I see he penned.

I have the proof, as best as can be found today. I will be posting it on
that page this week.

It includes copies of the relevant testimony of Buechner in 1945, testimony
he never thought would come to light.

He wrote his malicious book in 1986. The classified IG report only surfaced
in 1990 or 1991. In it he contradicts, without question, the lies he spread
in 1986…and, later for all I know. The army clerk misspelled his name in
the IG report as “Buchner”, but it’s him alright.

I regard the men of the 45th as “heroes” of a sort, with whatever flaws
they bore. My dad was one, both a hero and flawed. He would not have liked
the reputation of such brave men sullied by a noted physician and wanna-be
successful author. Literary critique? Buechner’s writings remind me of that
which an elementary schooler might do with certain terms. He calls himself,
in his mendacious work, “The Witness”. Yeah….right.

He wasn’t the witness to what he writes about, though he arrived later at
the scene. There were others who were. Their testimony is in the IG report.

He should have been court-martialed for dereliction of duty. That was the
recommendation of the investigative officer. Buechner may never have known

Again, apologies if you are related or if you have read and believed that

I have written extensively on my website about Howard Buechner’s account of the “Dachau Massacre.”   This quote is from this page of  my website:

In the first hour of the liberation, while Col. Buechner was setting up his Aid Station in the town of Dachau, 122 SS men had allegedly been “shot on the spot,” after they had surrendered to the 45th Division, according to George Stevens, Jr. who did a documentary film on the liberation; he was quoted by Col. Buechner in his book. The killing of 122 SS men in “the first hour,” was also reported by Michael Seltzer in his book entitled “Deliverance Day,” and subsequently repeated by many other writers. […]

Stevens also told Col. Buechner that 40 SS guards had been beaten to death by the inmates, or shot with guns given to them by the American liberators, and 20 more SS guards were killed by American soldiers when they attempted to surrender after descending from the guard towers. Another 100 SS guards were murdered in unrelated killings by individual soldiers of both the 42nd and 45th Divisions, according to George Stevens, as told to Col. Buechner. These events had taken place during the 30 minute period of chaos, at the beginning of the liberation, before order could be restored. Lt. Col. Sparks said that during this time, “battle hardened veterans became extremely distraught. Some cried, while others raged. Some thirty minutes passed before I could restore order and discipline.”

When the situation was brought under control, 358 SS men were rounded up and herded into an enclosed area that had been used as a coal yard before the camp had run out of coal. Shortly thereafter, 12 SS men were machine-gunned to death in an execution in front of the coal yard wall.

The photograph below shows American military officers inspecting the bodies of the 12 Waffen-SS soldiers who were executed in the incident at the coal yard.

American soldiers inspect bodies in the coal yard

American soldiers inspect bodies in the coal yard

The execution of the SS men at the coal yard was stopped by Lt. Col. Felix Sparks who kicked a machine gunner away from the gun. According to Lt. Col. Sparks, the machine gunner was a soldier whose nickname was “Birdeye.” Birdeye had shouted “they are trying to get away,” and had then cut loose with his .30 caliber machine gun. This incident brought the total number of dead to 174, according to Col. Buechner. Later, when the 346 Waffen-SS men were allegedly killed on the orders of Lt. Bushyhead, the total number of soldiers executed increased to 520. In addition, Col. Buechner wrote that 30 SS men had been “killed in combat” and 10 had escaped temporarily, but were captured and killed later, bringing the grand total to 560 SS men killed during the liberation of Dachau.

Col. Buechner could have gotten his information about the 560 SS soldiers at Dachau from an article written by Andrew Mello in 1980 in After the Battle. Mello used Nerin E. Gun’s book The Day of the Americans as his source. Gun wrote that an SS officer named Lt. Heinrich Skodzensky had reported that there were 560 SS men under his command when he surrendered the Dachau Army garrison to the men of the 45th Thunderbird Division.

The man who surrendered the Dachau concentration camp was Lt. Heinrich Wicker, who was accompanied by a civilian Red Cross representative.

The total number of enemy soldiers who were killed by American soldiers at Dachau is unknown. Howard Buechner wrote his book after getting information from Private John Degro, who was there when the camp was liberated.  You can read about John Degro on this page of my website.

The following information is from this page of my website:

An investigation was conducted by the US Army between May 3 and May 8, 1945, which resulted in a report entitled “Investigation of Alleged Mistreatment of German Guards at Dachau.” Israel wrote that 23 officers and enlisted men of the 45th Infantry Division and 9 officers and enlisted men of the 42nd Infantry Division were questioned in Pullach and Munich, Germany. Lt. Col. Joseph M. Whitaker headed the investigation; the report, which was filed on June 8, 1945, is sometimes called “the I.G. Report.” In 1991 a copy of the I.G. Report was found in the National Archives in Washington, DC and was made public.

The following paragraphs from the I.G. Report pertain to the shooting of SS men at Dachau by soldiers in the 45th Division:

4. At the entrance to the back area of the Dachau prison grounds, four German soldiers surrendered to Lt. William P. Walsh, 0-414901, in command of Company “I”, 157th Infantry. These prisoners Lt. Walsh ordered into a box car, where he personally shot them. Pvt. Albert C. Pruitt, 34573708, Company “I”157th Infantry, then climbed into the box car where these Germans were on the floor moaning and apparently still alive, and finished them off with his rifle.

5. After entry into the Dachau Camp area, Lt. Walsh segregated from surrendered prisoners of war those who were identified as SS Troops.

6. Such segregated prisoners of war were marched into a separate enclosure, lined up against the wall and shot down by American troops, who were acting under the orders of Lt. Walsh. A light machine gun, carbines, and either a pistol or a sub-machine gun were used. Seventeen of such prisoners of war were killed, and others were wounded.

7. Lt. Jack Bushyhead, 0-1284822, executive officer of Company “I”, participated with Lt. Walsh in this handling of the men and during the course of the shooting personally fired his weapon at these prisoners.

16. Lt. Walsh testified that the SS men were segregated in order to properly guard them, and were then fired upon because they started moving toward the guards. However, the dead bodies were located along the wall against which they had been lined up, they were killed along the entire line, although Lt. Walsh only claims those on one flank moved, and a number of witnesses testified that it was generally “understood” that these prisoners were to be shot when they were being segregated. These facts contradict the defensive explanation given by Lt. Walsh.

There was no mention in the I.G. Report of a second incident in which 346 SS men were allegedly shot at the coal yard wall.

As a result of the investigation, the American soldiers who were involved in the execution of SS men at Dachau were threatened with court-martial, including Lt. Col. Felix Sparks and 1st Lt. Jack Bushyhead. Buechner had not been present during the execution; he was cited in the I.G. Report for dereliction of duty because he refused to give medical aid to the SS men who were still alive after the shooting which resulted in 12 to 17 deaths in the coal yard.


  1. Here are further fotos from that event, the “Liberation” (did the german guards resist? Why didn’t they flee if they thought Dachau was a terrible Warcrime?) of Dachau: (warning, gruesome!!!)

    (From ‘Dachau: The Hour of the Avenger’ (Col. Howard A. Buechner), Thunderbird Press, Metairie, LA. USA, 1986)

    There went so many horrible crimes unpunished in WW2, so many fronts, so many facets, so many guilt on so many sides…..yet nearly 70 years (!!!) after, the mainstream still pushes WW2-propaganda. Very little is known about the Brutalities of the different Hinterland-Partisane-Warfare going on for example, we often hear about the “evil” german EINSATZKOMMANDOS, SD and the vicious german Goebbels-Propaganda, but we seldom hear about polish-/soviet-/Allied-Propaganda and their many crimes…

    This is one of the most horrifying WW2-fotos I just recently came across, the – ach so – “proud” french resistance….(warning, very disturbing!):

    I yesterday saw a german-russian documentary with rather balanced, horrifying reporting/picturing about other gruesome parts of WW2, Partizane-Warfare in the East:

    It’s very graphic, it shows Russian/Ukrainian/Belarus Resistance-Fighters being abused/hanged by Germans – right at the beginning, and Russian/Ukrainian/Belarus “Collaborators” and Germans being abused/killed by the Resistance-Fighters – at 00:20:42….

    This report is rather balanced because it’s supposedly german-russian produced, for You have to press Germans and especially their left-indoctrinated political/journalistic anti-german-class to even talk about and remember the Crimes that their Grandparents had to suffer from in that unnecessary, gruesome WW2 still today…As an example for that german idiocy, here is a portion about the english wikipedia-entry on the “LACONIA-Incident” (

    “Surprisingly, most present day opposition to telling the story came from the German production teams who worked on the 2010 Television drama who objected to Nazis being shown in a positive light.”

    Great blog of Yours, furtherglory, viele Gruesse aus Deutschland!

    Comment by Marc Hannoveraner — February 6, 2013 @ 6:26 am

  2. The “American heroes” don’t like to be murderous Huns, war criminals? They are heroes only behind the smoke screen of their lies.

    The 346 German soldiers shot during the 2nd mass execution were not mentionned in the U.S. report? How strange…


    Lt. Col. Joseph Whitaker, the Seventh Army’s Assistant Inspector General, was ordered to investigate after witnesses came forward testifying about the killings. He issued a report on 8 June 1945, called the “Investigation of Alleged Mistreatment of German Guards at Dachau” and also known as “the I.G. Report” [found in the National Archives in 1991 and made public]. The investigation resulted in the U.S. Military considering courts-martial against those involved, including the Battalion commander Lt. Col. Felix Sparks, while Col. Howard Buechner was cited in the report for dereliction of duty for not giving the wounded SS men in the coal yard medical aid. However, General George S. Patton, the recently appointed military governor of Bavaria, chose to dismiss the charges. Therefore, the witnesses to the killings were never cross-examined in court.

    The modern anti-German propagandists say Buechner is not reliable because he didn’t witness the second mass execution. But they have nothing to say about General who “chose to dismiss the charges” even if he had witnessed nothing. Patton prevented the witnesses from being cross-examined in court. So nothing happened. Logical? Apparently it is for the Holocaust anti-German lobby…

    Are American colonels reliable only when they support the absurd claims of the Holocaust mythology? Do we have to believe in what they say only when they claim they’ve liberated alleged “Death camps”?

    Comment by hermie — February 5, 2013 @ 5:18 am

    • Hermie: Your comments are excellent. I don’t know if you are American, if you are, take into consideration that Americans had been systematically brainwashed by the kike Communist media in America into a frenzy of genocidal hatred of Germany and germans even before the American entry into WW2.
      You may be familiar with the date: Friday March 24 1933 (Daily Express: Judea Declares War On Germany) the global declaration of war on Germany by International Finance.
      I don’t know if any American newspapers carried the same headlines on Friday March 24 1933, but there were mass rallies in America against the German response to Judea Declares War On Germany which was Kristallnacht, a legitimate response from Germany that was sold to the British and Americans as a deliberate unprovoked attack on the kikes in Germany which became one of the many focuses of the mass brainwashing of Britons and Americans in preparation for a war against Germany. So the reaction of American Communist GIs (America became a Communist State in 1933 under Franklin (Franklinstein) Delano Rossocampo Rosenfelt when Franklinstein Rosenfelt granted full political and diplomatic recognition to Soviet Communist Russia, which was a reciprocal agreement) to the sight of dead bodies following the fabled “liberation” of the alleged extermination camps was quite predictable, and was in my opinion, reinforced by a pathological “bloodlust” against German soldiers and especially the Waffen SS which had caused mayhem for American forces in France. I should also point out that the American military had made (fabricated?) allegations of German SS atrocities against American and British soldiers.
      Your comments on Patton are interesting not least because Patton came to the realisation too late in the day that America fought in the wrong war against Germany.
      I would have no hesitation in saying that 99% of the Communist propaganda levelled against Germany since 1933 and especially Adolf Hitler (since 1923) has no historical or factual basis at all.
      The political and social implementation of genocidal and psychopathic Bolshevik Communism and the personas of: Winstein Jacobson, Josef Stalin and Franklinstein Delano Rossocampo Rosenfelt have been superimposed upon Germany and the personality of Adolf Hitler. In other words: the three most infamous subhuman monsters in world history who were directly responsible for WW2 are lionised in kike history books and the kike media as the saviours of Western Democracy (Democrazy), and Adolf Hitler and Germany are demonised to this day with Adolf Hitler portrayed as more Satanic and evil that Satan!!! The Soviet Union as the Soviet Gulag has been superimposed upon Germany and National Socialism as the most monstrous and evil construct in world history.
      That is why the monstrous crimes and evil of the Bolshevik Communist Soviet Union as the Soviet Gulag has been “air brushed” out of conventional history books. No teacher or lecturer in any school, college or university discusses the Soviet Union, only Adolf Hitler and Germany as the most evil and monstrous construct in world history. (Jomi) John-Joseph: Saintclair

      Comment by John-Joseph: Saintclair — February 16, 2013 @ 1:52 am

  3. This Might Is Right philosophy is solidly entrenched into American leaders’ mind and persists to this day; Noam Chomsky sums it up at Antiwar: Why It’s ‘Legal’ When the US Does It.

    It might not last forever, though.

    Comment by Eager For Answers — February 4, 2013 @ 3:49 pm

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