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February 16, 2013

Holocaust survivor was one of the few Jews to leave Auschwitz alive, thanks to Oskar Schindler

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Niusia Horowitz was a prisoner at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp when she was a young girl. She was “hand-picked” for the gas chamber twice, but thanks to Oskar Schindler, she was saved because she had small fingers, perfect for polishing the inside of munition shells.  You can read her full story in The Sun online newspaper here.

This quote is from the article in The Sun:

As a 12-year-old, caged in the Nazis’ Auschwitz death camp, she was twice hand-picked for the gas chamber.

Incredibly, both times she cheated death at the last minute after guards were bribed to spare her.

And Niusia became one of the few Jews ever to leave Auschwitz alive — thanks to heroic German industrialist Oskar Schindler.

The factory boss — whose selfless mission to save Jews inspired Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film Schindler’s List — gave her a job at his fake munitions factory.

He then lied to convince Nazi bosses she was a key worker, despite her age, protecting her until the end of the war. Niusia, now 80, recalls: “An officer questioned whether I was really essential to the war effort. The answer was yes, because my hands were really small and I could polish inside munition shells where adult hands couldn’t reach.”

If you have seen the movie Schindler’s List, you may remember how Oskar Schindler went to Auschwitz and saved two young girls by telling the SS men that he needed someone to work in his factory who had small hands.  Niusia Horowitz was one of those young girls.

This quote is from the news article in The Sun:

Her story is so incredible that Spielberg wrote her character into his film and even let her appear in the final scene as herself.


Niusia’s hellish ordeal deepened in autumn 1944 when Schindler bribed German officials to let him move his operation to safer Brinnlitz, [ Brünnlitz] near Zwittau, his home town.

Each Jew was placed on “Schindler’s List” and transported by train to the town, where he had set up a bogus munitions factory.

All the male workers arrived safely, but a mix-up meant [train] carriages carrying young Niusia and around 300 other female Schindler Jews went to Auschwitz instead.

The movie Schindler’s List is based on a novel, entitled Schindler’s Ark, written by Thomas Keneally and first published in 1982.  The reason that the book is classified as a novel is because the book is LOOSELY BASED ON THE TRUTH; it is not purported  to be the Gospel truth. It is not true that the women on Schindler’s List had been sent to Auschwitz because of a “mix-up.” 

The real-life story is that the men on Schidler’s List were sent to the Gross Rosen concentration camp because Schindler’s new factory, a hundred miles from Gross Rosen, was being set up as a sub-camp of Gross Rosen.  On page 276 of Schindler’s Ark, the author wrote that “All Plaszow men would be sent to Gross Rosen.”  The Gross Rosen camp was a men’s camp.  There were no barracks for women at Gross Rosen, so all the Plaszow women had to be sent some place else.

The women on Schindler’s List had to be sent to some other camp until barracks for them could be built at Schindler’s new sub-camp.  The women were NOT sent to Auschwitz because of a mix-up; they were sent to Auschwitz to wait until barracks for them could be built at Schindler’s new sub camp of Gross Rosen.

The Horowitz family is mentioned in the book Schindler’s Ark on page 200 in this quote:

Among prisoners who knew, there was already competition to get into Emalia [Schindler’s factory in Krakow]. Prisoner Dolek Horowitz, a purchasing officer inside the Plaszow camp, [located 10 miles from Krakow] knew that he would not be allowed to go to Schindler’s place himself. But he had a wife and two children. […]

It was not only, and perhaps not mainly, Richard [his son] whom Dolek wanted to get into Schindler’s compound. […] It was his ten-year-old daughter, Niusia, [….]

On page 291 of the book Schindler’s Ark, it is mentioned that the list was being made up by “the personnel clerk, Marcel Goldberg.”

From page 293 of Schindler’s Ark, we learn that Marcel Goldberg was taking bribes from prisoners who wanted on Schindler’s list of prisoners to be taken to his new factory in Brinnlitz  [Brünnlitz], Czechoslovakia.

This quote is from page 293 of Schindler’s Ark:

“For this list,” said Goldberg, a man of prodigious and accidental power, “it takes diamonds.”  […] Dolek Horowitz also, who had earlier got his wife and children out to Emalia, now persuaded Goldberg to include him, his wife, his son, his young daughter [Niusia]. Horowitz had always worked in the central warehouse at Plaszow and had managed to put some small treasure way. Now it was paid to Marcel Goldberg [to get his family on Schindler’s List].

In other words, Dolek Horowitz was stealing diamonds from the warehouse at the Plaszow camp. Amon Goeth, the Commandant of Plaszow had already been arrested for stealing from the Plaszow warehouse.  The arrest of Amon Goeth is not mentioned at all in the movie Schindler’s List.

This quote is from page 284 of Schindler’s Ark:

Amon was on leave in Vienna, staying with his father, the publisher, when the SS arrested him.

Oskar Schindler was also arrested by the German Gestapo, which is mentioned on page 312 of Schindler’s Ark.  Then on page 314 of the book, we find this quote:

The next day he [Schindler] was interrogated by a panel of SS investigators, one a judge of the SS court.

The unnamed judge of the SS court was Dr. Georg Konrad Morgen, who had already put SS men in the Buchenwald camp on trial; you can read about Dr. Morgen on my website here.

Now for the most important quote, which is from page 318 of Schindler’s Ark:

What is certain is that Oskar now sent a young woman with a suitcase full of liquor, ham, and diamonds to make a deal with these functionaries [Rudolf Höss, Fritz Hartjenstein, and Franz Hössler, the man in charge of the women’s camp].


Others claim that Oskar stayed away from Auschwitz himself as a matter of strategy and went to Oranienburg instead, and to the Armaments Inspectorate in Berlin, to put pressure on Hoess and his associates from that end.

The story as Stern would tell it years later in a public speech in Tel Aviv is as follows. After Oskar’s release from prison, Stern approached Schindler and —“under the pressure of some of my comrades”— begged Oskar to do something decisive about the women ensnared in Auschwitz. […]

According to Stern, the secretary went [to Auschwitz]. When she did not return within two days, Schindler himself —in the company of the obscure Peltze— went to settle the matter.

The book Schindler’s Ark, which is a novel, goes on and on about what girl went to the camp to get the Schindler’s List women out of Auschwitz, and whom she slept with or didn’t sleep with, whether she volunteered to go or not, etc. etc.  Anything but the truth.  The truth is that Oskar Schindler’s secretary went to Auschwitz to make sure that Schindler’s women got on the right train out of the camp.

Regarding the scene where Oskar Schindler tells the SS at Auschwitz that he needs workers with small fingers, this quote begins on page 319:

…. Oskar pursued his usual line. There are irreplaceable skilled munitions workers [among the women on Schinlder’s List]. I have trained them myself over a period of years. They represent skills that I cannot quickly replace.  The names I know, that is, are the names I know.

A moment said his tempter.  […] I see an 11-year-old daughter of Regina Horowitz [listed].  Are you telling me that […] an 11-year-old [is] a skilled munitions worker?  They polish the forty-five millimeter shells said Oskar.  They were selected for their long fingers, which can reach the interior of the shell in a way that is beyond most adults.

Such conversation took place in support of the girl who was a friend of the family took place, conducted by Oskar either in person, or by telephone.

According to the novel Schindler’s Ark, Schindler had previously claimed in 1943 that another girl, Anita Lampel, whose hands he had never seen, was needed in his factory in Krakow because she had long fingers. This quote is from Schindler’s Ark:

Anita Lampel was herself in Auschwitz now, but was grown tall and no longer needed the long-fingered ploy. So it was transferred to the benefit of the daughters of Mrs. Horowitz [Niusia] and Mrs. Rath.  [the daughter of Mrs. Rath was nine years old]

I could not find any mention in the book Schindler’s Ark about Niusia Horowitz being selected twice for the gas chamber at Auschwitz, and being saved twice by Oskar Schindler.

This quote is also from the article in The Sun:

Crucially, the Horowitzes secured Niusia a menial job in Schindler’s enamel factory, where word had spread that he protected Jews.

His wining and dining of Third Reich leaders meant they let him use captive Jews as cheap labour, sparing them from the killings and torture rife in the ghetto.

And Schindler — called Herr Direktor by his grateful Jewish workers — quickly took a shine to his youngest girl worker.

But that affection nearly cost him his life, as powerfully illustrated in Spielberg’s film.

Niusia was nominated by the factory Jews to present him with a birthday cake made by pressing together their bread rations as a token of gratitude.

 She recalls: “I remember him bending down and kissing me on the forehead. I had no idea it would get him into trouble. I was only young and didn’t understand.”

Schindler was arrested for kissing a Jew before being spared because of his high-ranking Nazi contacts. In March 1943, Niusia’s family were forced into the Plaszow concentration camp. Their factory jobs kept them safe — but Niusia witnessed executions that disturb her to this day.

However, the book Schindler’s Ark mentions on page 109 that Schindler “heartily kissed a girl named Kucharska.”  For this, he was arrested for breaking the provisions of the Race and Resettlement Act because Kucharska was Jewish.

There is no mention in the novel Schindler’s Ark that Schindler ever kissed Niusia.

I previously blogged about the movie Schindler’s List here and here.


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  3. A message to Carolyn Yeager
    In the early afternoon, on the 24th of June 1944, an SS officer exited Birkenau Concentration Camp escorting a prisoner who was carrying a bathroom sink.
    The guard at the gate, who did not even glance at the pass, opened the gate and allowed the escort to leave. Several hours later, the sound of a siren announcing an escape filled the Camp.
    Edek Galiński, prisoner number 531 was missing from the Men’s Camp, while from the Women’s Camp the same was true of Mala Zimetbaum, prisoner number 19880. This escape became legendary within the Camp…
    “The love of Edek Galiński and Mala Zimetbaum became camp legend in Auschwitz; a symbol of the victory of good over evil, of what is human over what is bestial. They gave us hope”. (Statement: Camp Survivor Rene Raindorf of Brussels)
    Mala Zimetbaum was a Jewish woman born in the Polish city of Brzesko on 26 January 1918. In 1928, her father Pinkus, a merchant, emigrated to Antwerp with her whole family. Mala attended elementary school in Belgium, where she became fluent in Flemish, French, German, English, as well as Polish and some Russian. Because of the difficult financial situation due to her father’s blindness, she was not able to attend high school and began working as a seamstress. Mala was arrested on 11 September 1942, during a round-up of Jews at the main railway station in Antwerp and was in a convoy of 1,048 Jews sent to Auschwitz. On 17 September 1942, the convoy reached the camp; 717 people were sent to the gas chambers from the ramp. Mala was among those judged fit for work and was given number 19880.
    Edward Galiński was born in Jarosław on October 5th, 1923 and was a student at the maritime school in Pińsk when war broke out. In the spring of 1940, he was arrested and several weeks later, on 14 June 1940, he was brought in the first transport of political prisoners from Tarnów to the Auschwitz concentration camp. He became prisoner 531 out of the 728 transported. He survived the next four years of camp life, until, thanks to help from fellow prisoners and chance, he got into a “better” commando and began to work in the camp locksmith workshop. He served under chief Kommandoführer (Corporal) Edward Lubusch. Lubusch was an SS-man, who rather than tormenting the prisoners, helped them.
    ‘A blonde, she was liked by Maria Mandel (Commander of the Women’s Camp). Mala… was one of those who worked in transferring female prisoners, who had been released from the infirmary to the housing barracks. When one of our prisoners, a Communist, was returning from the infirmary, it was then that we would ask Mala to take the weakened prisoner to a barrack, from which she would not be sent to do heavy labour. Mala was not a member of our organisation, however she helped us and knew about its existence. We were aware that Mala was helping many other prisoners. I knew Edek, he was a sympathetic prisoner with a cheerful disposition; he often came to the Women’s Camp and was friendly to the female prisoners… Mala and Edek loved each other very much. A few days before their escape, I knew what they were planning. When we heard the sound of the siren, we were aware of its meaning. You could hear the whispers: “That’s Mala, That’s Mala!”. Mala had escaped from the Camp with Edek.’ (Statement: Ewa Feldenkreis, former Auschwitz prisoner, Camp number 29682)
    At the end of 1943, Edek began to make efforts to be transferred from the camp locksmith workshop in Auschwitz to the fitters` commando in Birkenau, because he hoped that from there it would be easier to arrange an escape with his good friend and colleague from Jarosław, Wiesław Kielar. Edek and Wiesław Kielar had persuaded Antoni Szymlak, a tiler by trade, who had entry to the camp zone as a civilian worker, to provide shelter for them once they had escaped before they went further to Zakopane, to Wiesław Kielar`s sister. When everything was ready, Edek became abstracted and reticent. Kielar suspected that Mala Zimetbaum was the reason. They met when Edek went with the fitters commando to the women’s camp to make repairs. Since their first meeting at the turn of 1943/1944, a deep affection had grown between them.
    “I love and am loved”, Mala told one of her fellow prisoners. Edek also confessed his feelings to his friend.
    After that confession, Wiesław Kielar gave up his part in the planned escape. His place was taken by Mala. On 24 June 1944, she put on work clothes prepared earlier. Edek put the SS uniform on. He attached a holster holding a pistol with two bullets to his waist. Like the uniform, he had received it earlier from SS-man Lubusch. [One could assume, that Lubusch only gave Edek two bullets, if case they preferred suicide to capture, sic]
    They crossed the line of camp guard post by showing a forged SS pass, for which Mala had stolen the form. They successfully reached the village of Kozy and received help from Antoni Szymlak.
    At Mala’s insistence, they changed the next stage of escape route. Instead of Zakopane, they went towards Slovakia, where Mala’s relatives lived and where they wanted to take refuge until the liberation.
    However, luck had abandoned them. On 6 July 1944, they met a German border patrol. Mala, who was in front, was stopped.
    Edek, not noticed by the Nazis, could easily have withdrawn to safety, but he refused to do so. They were recognised as fugitives and sent back to the camp. In a telegram dated 27 July 1944, Auschwitz headquarters informed the superior authorities of their arrest.
    Edek and Mala were put in separate cells in the cellars of the Death Block. Edward Galiński was in cells 19, 20, 21 and 23 in turn. In each of them he scratched “Edward Galiński no. 531, Mally Zimetbaum no. 19880, 6 VIII 1944” in the plaster on the wall or on the interior side of the door. The interrogations of the fugitives were long and torture was used. The camp Gestapo wanted to force them to confess where Edek got the SS uniform and the gun. Edek and Mala kept silent.
    In secret messages sent to Wiesław Kielar they reassured Lubusch and the prisoners who knew about the escape that they had nothing to fear. In the camp they were talked about as heroes.
    “… Now, everyone made their way towards the kitchen and stood at the edge of a square, where a gallows had been placed in the centre. After some time, the cell doors were opened and Edek appeared in the doorway. There was a sudden silence. Only the gravel beneath their shoes could be heard as they walked towards the gallows, Edek (the condemned) and Jupp (the executioner)… [The tiger would pity the fawn, the wolf would weep over its lamb, before a hangman would cringe at the corpse of a dangling prisoner, sic] Then I saw his upright back and his hands twisted behind him and tied with wire. This was the work of Jupp, who, was walking after him with a truncheon in the direction of the gallows. Here, Edek stepped onto the podium without hesitation and then immediately onto the stool that was placed beneath the gallows… An SS-man came forward from the group of SS standing at the side of the guardhouse and started to read the sentence in German from a piece of paper that he was holding in his hand.
    At that very moment, Edek, standing on the stool, placed his head in the noose and with his feet, he pushed himself away with considerable force, hanging himself… However, the SS-men did not allow for such a demonstration. The Lagercapo realised, just in time, and caught Edek by the waist and placed him back on the stool – loosening the noose. The German finished reading the sentence in his language and then started reading it in Polish. Edek waited patiently until he had finished. And in a moment of complete silence, he suddenly yelled with an astonishing voice “Long live Pol…”, but he could not finish. Jupp had suddenly pulled the stool away. The noose tightened completely this time and Edek’s body became rigid and then hanged limp. He was dead. “Hats off!” was the command in Polish that spread from the side where block 4 stood… This was the moment that the entire camp paid its respect to the departed. One of the SS-men realised what was happening and screamed: “Alles Raus Wegtreten”. Danisch and Jupp were now violently screaming “Raus! Raus!” In a single moment, the square by the kitchen was empty. Only Edek remained.” (SMA-B. Collection of Testimonies: t. 9, c.123-126.)
    “He suddenly yelled with an astonishing voice ‘Long live Pol…’, but he could not finish”
    Execution by hanging was also planned for Mala. However, a young Slovak woman and fellow prisoner described to Wieslaw Kieler what really happened:
    “When she (Mala) was already on the platform, as the sentence was being read she cut her veins with a razor that she had prepared beforehand, but as with Edek she was not allowed to die that way.
    Rapportfuehrer Taube ran over to her and she slapped his face with her bloody hands. At the same time, the SS-men practically trampled her to death before the eyes of the whole women’s camp. She died on the way to the crematorium.”
    “I donate two locks of human hair to the Museum. They are wrapped in paper with German printed on it. On the edge of the paper is a pencil inscription: Mally Zimetbaum 19880, Edward Galinski 531. It is an inscription made by Galiński and his hair and that of Mala Zimetbaum. The camp Lagerkapo, Jupp Windeck, who hanged Edek, gave me the hair and the note an hour after his death in the presence of Rapportschreiber Kazimierz Gosek, stating that it had been the last request of the condemned that I take them and give them to his father. That tragic memento went with me through all the camps and I kept it to this day”. (Statementfrom Wieslaw Kieslar dated January 29th, 1968)

    Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — March 5, 2013 @ 12:10 am

    • And just what is this supposed to prove, Herr Stolpmann? I take it this is the longer version of the fairy tale. But where are copies of the documents such as the telegram that are said to exist – that is the only thing that will give any substance to this story. You wrote:

      “In a telegram dated 27 July 1944, Auschwitz headquarters informed the superior authorities of their arrest.”

      Who has the telegram? Is there a telegram?

      I’ll just ask you one more question: If Mala wanted to cheat the SS of the “pleasure” of seeing her hang, why didn’t she slit her wrists long before she got on the gallows platform??? It’s silly drama like this that ignorant people can’t resist adding to their fairy tales.

      If any of this story has any basis to it, both of these people did stupid things and therefore brought about their own problems. As the story goes, these two were safe and well-treated in the camp, so why take the risk of trying to escape? They didn’t seem to have a compelling reason, except maybe to have sex together. Dumb.

      FG: I hope you are still going to investigate this.

      Comment by Carolyn Yeager — March 8, 2013 @ 5:39 pm

      • I will publish the relevant German documents and other material as soon as I get it all altogether to continue in more details under LOVE-ESCAPE-DEATH. As you have been to Auschwitz, you should have made more enquiries as to their fate. This is not a fairy tale story. I can not answer what went Mala’s mind to slit her wrist, prior to hanging I was not there. It was originally intended to shove her alive into the crematorium oven.

        Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — March 10, 2013 @ 5:22 am

        • I don’t know why I keep bothering with you. You are a slippery eel, haven’t I already called you that. You NEVER provide evidence but keep promising it; therefore uncritical people believe you might have it. One more stupid statement from you:

          ‘As you have been to Auschwitz, you should have made more enquiries as to their fate.’

          When I was at Auschwitz, I had never heard of them; nor were they talked about, nor was their picture and story in the museums, nor any reason I should ask about them ….. Get it?
          And another stupid statement:

          ‘It was originally intended to shove her alive into the crematorium oven.’

          You’re really showing your true colors here. I don’t want to insult you anymore. I await your “getting the documents together.” But someone else needs to do an expose on you and drive your idiotic blog off the Internet. Not that you’re all that important, but still … you got your start here on SP Blog by being taken seriously by FG. He and everyone here should be ashamed of that.

          Comment by Carolyn Yeager — March 10, 2013 @ 8:25 pm

          • The truth apparently hurts people like you, dear Dragon Lady, I have so far answered all questions raised, let others judge who have been there and related events that took place. You can read it now it has been published and covers questions raised in your distorted mind. FG is a WOMEN and has higher standards than you have. I only wish, that you were a tree and I am a dog, so I could lift my leg.

            Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — March 11, 2013 @ 12:01 am

  4. I was only recently made aware of your venomous outburst and charges you published in this Blog as to me being a liar and I don’t know what else. Most of the questions you raised I have more than once answered previously and it was NOT F.G. that encouraged me to write my own experiences as a POW rather two male readers that too were first doubtful what I had written.

    What reason in your opinion would I have to lie about my life as a youth as prisoner of war from May 1945 to my discharge in January 1946?

    This was done as a favour to me as I was young to what I mentioned by a friendly Lt. who felt I should enjoy the freedom and movement as a civilian. This was in Hohenbrunn, an’enemy’ munition factory and demolition facility. He saw this from the American perspective only, however, as I am a Prussian and thus legally by German Law, a refuge, I was not welcomed into a Bavarian catholic village community, that spoke a dialect, I did not understand, nor spoke and in addition to that, villager had to absorb a percentage of families expelled from the eastern part of Germany.

    So I did ask the Lt. to take me back into the POW Camp, but he could not do this and recommended another camp at Taufkirchen that kept German POW Bomb Disposal Experts who had the freedom of movement.

    The lighter job referred to was in the Division Mess Hall, assisting an elderly GI in making coffee or tea for the US troops, as I was still weak and I could not lift or carry heavy ammunition cases.

    When it comes to surplus of GI Clothing, these were either given to me (and others) by returning soldiers that were in the main fighting troops, returning by a point system back to the States. Those that replaced them, the so called Occupation Forces were an entirely different breed and our relationship was often frosty until the cold war was hotting up, and we could share again the same toilet facilities.

    Hohenbrunn was slowly given over to civilian administration which was controlled and run in key positions by German ex-officers, who could not desist from wearing their jackboots and matching “Pluderhosen”. They even went as far as clicking their heels and introducing themselves with the rank they had in the Army.

    Germany in 1946 was still in ruins and I was a bit sick of being subservient and went to München-Allach looking for a job. It was WOJG Milton F. Plier that did hire me as a storeman in the Company Unit Supply.

    This was in June/July 1946. It was from here that we drove with our driver James Walters to the Quartermaster Laundry to Dachau, which at that time conducted the War Crimes Tribunal there and James took me for the first time to the KZ Crematorium. I have elaborated about this on Scrapbookpages of my first impressions.

    The SS-Hospital was of a barrack-type construction and was located behind the coal yard where the massacre took place. I did take only temporary accommodation here as I had to have a secure “abode” for the authorities to receive the obligatory “Kennkarte” i.e. Identification Pass, which had to be renewed from memory every three years.

    House 52B had all the comforts of home which was also enjoyed by about 500 other male and females employed in various US Army Units stationed there. But officially I moved there permanently in early 1948, during the shift from Allach which went back to its German owners.

    About the surrender in May 1945 you can read my Bog:

    It was a place called Sonndorf, which for us was equal to the Eisenhower Death Camps, perhaps not as large. There was no food or water as per his orders. I can assure you that I did pick leaves of Dandelions, boiled several times to get rid of the bitter taste.

    After about ten days of receiving one pint of watery soup and sometimes a slice of black bread that contained perhaps more sawdust than other ingredients, I had reached starvation level and could no longer walk and was generally termed as a “Muselmann.” (Where this expression comes from I do not know.)

    I was nursed back to reasonable health in a German Army Field Hospital and regained enough strength to walk again, but still weak.

    Yes, I did recover, and live now my twilight years at the age of 84 and will continue to write about what I call the “Völkermord” rather than the Holocaust.

    I am happy to answer any question truthfully and to the best of my ability which you Ms. Yeager may have.

    Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — February 16, 2013 @ 11:11 pm

    • Herbert, ich bin zuversichtlich, daß Sie uns eine wahrheitsgemäße Darstellung erzählen.

      Your paragraph above contains more details than you’ll ever find in a crate of Wiesel’s books.

      Comment by Eager For Answers — February 17, 2013 @ 1:57 am

    • Herbert, Ihr Werdegang als auch Ihr WW2-Trauma sind mir angesichts dieser Lügen-Posse relativ unwichtig, aber die Tausenden Horrorhau$t™-Stories die seit Jahrzehnten weltweit verbreitet und kritiklos von der Journaille weiterkolportiert werden, sind einfach nur widerlich, boshaft und unerträglich.

      Diese “Dame” Horrorwitz lügt sich ans Sielberg-Set und in die SUN mit den allerdämlichsten Märchen über kleine Finger, Gaskammern und Extermination-Germans, ich verstehe Menschen wie Sie nicht, die sich jede Schamlosigkeit der “Survivors” gefallen lassen, every Lie is good enough. Herr Stolpmann, ein Herr OTTO UTHGENANNT ( hat sein Leben lang seine “Survivor”-Story an Schulen und in die Presse GESCHLEPPT, aber wenn die Impostors entlarvt worden sind, ist es längst zu spät, denn die Lügen haben dann schon Tausende Seelen von jungen Menschen, jungen Deutschen angefressen mit dieser weltweit gepredigten Anti-Deutschen-Propaganda.

      There are even “Understanders” that accept and promote even the Lies of frauds and Impostors, that’s how rotten and wrong this Rememberance-Death-Cult Holocau$t™ has already become.

      At least HALF of the whole Holocau$t™-Story stinks and is nothing but Tortureporn-Fantasy, Extortion and Propaganda, possibly far more than that.

      ” Schindler’s List was read out — and those on it were loaded back on to railway carriages and driven away from certain death.
      It was the only time during Auschwitz’s operation that a train left carrying living Jews.”

      Right, I remember, the rest of those A™-Death-sentenced were all about to be “murdered by walking” on those evil “Death-Marches” together with Elie Wiesel and the Wiesel-family, Simon Wiesenthal and the Frank-Family.

      “became one of the few Jews ever to leave Auschwitz alive” – One of the few many lots of a very few 100.000’s of Auschwitz™-Jews, right….These german “Death-Camps” seriously malfunctioned.

      Comment by Hans-Solo — February 17, 2013 @ 3:42 am

    • Thank you, Herb, for this very clear explanation. I have taken the liberty of putting your long comment into short paragraphs so that it can be more easily read.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 17, 2013 @ 7:49 am

    • I just now saw this. No one alerted me that this was here and, sorry but I can’t be everywhere. I am in a rush, but for now I’ll just say that I guess you didn’t mean it, Herb, when you said (and always say) “I am happy to answer any question truthfully and to the best of my ability which you Ms. Yeager may have.”

      I invite everyone to look here:

      Comment by Carolyn Yeager — February 22, 2013 @ 9:59 am

      • I have some time now. First let me say that this is a strange place for Herb to answer my questions that were in the comments to the Eisenhower Death Camps blog entry of Jan. 29, 2013. This Feb. 16 blog has nothing to do with that subject, but he puts it here anyway as though what is on my websites is somehow all connected with this one. This is just another evidence that Herb is confused about a lot of things.

        Herb also never answered these questions in an orderly way *until* he saw I was going to do a radio program about him. FG writes: “Thank you,Herb, for this very clear explanation.” FG never asked Herb for one before. I did, then FG thanks Herb for it and even edits his comment. Well, they need editing, that is for sure.

        What Herb writes here is the bare, bare minimum. It covers from 1944 to 1948 (and beyond) so it is not ‘a lot of detail’ at all. And it is, in my opinion, *all* he is ever going to write. If this is all he can say from his own experience, he is not a witness to this history in any reliable or helpful way. I don’t doubt that he was there, but he doesn’t want to say much about it because there is too much he’s covering up. Or it’s possible he just doesn’t remember all that well. But even with a poor memory, he wants to slant things in a certain way. Therefore nothing that he has written here gives us any more knowledge of the period than we already had … except the name Plier. When I have put further questions to Herb, he answered some, but refused to answer others.

        I would ask the readers of the SPB if Stolpmann is a reliable witness to history. If he is really forthcoming, or, instead, more in the way of conniving? You must read and study his blog to know the answer to that. I wonder if anyone here, other than I, has done that. Why not ask him what value he sees in the entry on his Blog: Love-Escape-Death He never would answer me on that.

        Comment by Carolyn Yeager — February 22, 2013 @ 4:52 pm

    • Herb wrote: It was a place called Sonndorf, which for us was equal to the Eisenhower Death Camps, perhaps not as large. There was no food or water as per his orders. After about ten days of receiving one pint of watery soup and sometimes a slice of black bread that contained perhaps more sawdust than other ingredients, I had reached starvation level and could no longer walk […] I was nursed back to reasonable health in a German Army Field Hospital and regained enough strength to walk again, but still weak.

      ******First you say there was” no food or water;” then you say that you got a pint of watery soup and maybe a slice of bread (per day) for 10 days. At this time you were at starvation level and were “carried (according to your blog) to the German Field Hospital” which was across the river, where you were “nursed back to reasonable health.” Well Herb, Where did the watery soup and bread come from? Who carried you to the hospital? (This is important) You must have had better food in the hospital in order to recover. Why don’t you tell us what food you had there?

      Herb: Yes, I did recover, and now at the age of 84 continue to write about what I call the “Völkermord” rather than the Holocaust.

      *****What’s the difference? By Voelkermord you mean “people killing” or genocide, and you’re writing about the Jews most of the time. Whoever can be construed as victims of the “Nazis” is who you write about. So what makes you different?

      Herb: I am happy to answer any question truthfully and to the best of my ability which you Ms. Yeager may have.

      *****Good. Please answer why you have that silly and untrue story Love-Escape-Death on your Blog? Do you think it’s important and believe it? And also answer this:
      Herb: (My discharge) was done as a favour to me as I was young to what I mentioned by a friendly Lt. who felt I should enjoy the freedom and movement as a civilian.
      *****Weren’t there plenty of other youths or did they all die? Did they get discharged, too, or was it even necessary? What was your status before your discharge? POW? DES? Captured person? Slave?

      Thanks for your answers.

      Comment by Carolyn Yeager — February 23, 2013 @ 8:22 pm

      • P.S. Please alert Herb that he has some replies here, and some questions to answer.

        Comment by Carolyn Yeager — February 23, 2013 @ 8:25 pm

        Eisenhower, in his personal letters, did not merely hate the Nazi Regime, and the few who imposed its will down from the top, but that HE HATED THE GERMAN PEOPLE AS A RACE. It was his personal intent to destroy as many of them as he could, and one way was to wipe out as many prisoners of war as possible. So he issued an order on March 10, 1945 [he held this order back in Paris until American troops crossed the Rhein at Remagen, sic] and verified by his initials on a cable of that date, that German Prisoners of War be predesignated as “Disarmed Enemy Forces” called in these reports as DEF. He ordered that these Germans did not fall under the Geneva Rules, and were not to be fed or given any water or medical attention. The Swiss Red Cross was not to inspect the camps, for under the DEF classification, they had no such authority or jurisdiction.
        A) For a small unit like ours, boys not older than 17/18 had nothing but our tattered uniform. Our NCO’s or offices were immediately separated from us. This camp Sonndorf was to some extent an assembly point for motorised Units that did have kitchen facilities and after a number of days we were attached to a company which could only provide us with one pint of watery soup with dry onions in them. Sometimes a slice of bread which another unit with a field bakery provided until they too run out of supplies.
        B) First Aid men carried me into the Field Hospital. The food they gave me were a type of gruel, you could call it a bad type of porridge. For some reason they had to withhold any sugar, as I started to vomit. I do not know how long it took me before they gave me solid food which I was able to digest. No food of any kind was ever received at that time from the Americans. While I was there 5-6 prisoners called Muselmann did die as they were beyond any help.
        C) German NS conducted Völkermord, the expression Holocaust was a creation of a sick mind, I do not know by whom, but it stuck! Furthermore I sympathised with the Jews as I had an Aunt whom I loved as a youngster and her fate is uncertain. In addition why single out one race for extermination, I have no sympathy for suspected partisans or other criminals that were worked to death or shot.
        D) The Love-Escape-Death story was pointed out to me by another Blogger and is available in more lengthy details than mine. I would accept it as fact, unless you can provide other evidence to the contrary.
        E) My early discharge was as a favour to me and due to my youth, I could not answer the question what status I had at that time POW or DES, what difference would that make? No, there were no other youngsters in Hohenbrunn that were Prussians or came from Polish administrated territory, (which was my home) we were a small group of five but they all lived in the western part of Germany and had been sent into other camps, when we were split up at the Camp Regensburg.
        F) Any more questions, will gladly answer them. other readers should look and read your reason trying to shut me up as to your association to the rest of Holocaust-Deniers,, or:
        G)The reason why I did not respond to the questions you raised, Scrapbookpages dated 29th January, it was pointed out to me that a person like that would most likely be a member of an extremely dangerously right wing extremist group without scruples and I would endanger the safety of my family, the comment ‘ Watch out, Herbie, I’m coming after you’, was disturbing not to me, but to others, so come and shoot!!!

        Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — February 24, 2013 @ 10:45 pm

        • You wrote that Eisenhower “HATED THE GERMAN PEOPLE AS A RACE.” The German people are an ethnic group; there are other ethnic groups that are part of the same race as the Germans. Young people today are taught that there is no such thing as race. The term Aryan refers to a language group, also called Indo-European.

          Eisenhower is a German name according to Wikipedia:

          So why would Eisenhower hate German people? Because he was not German; he was a crypto-Jew. It is explained on Wikipedia here:

          What Wikipedia does not tell you, on its Crypto-Judaism page, is that when the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, many of them went to the Netherlands where they continued to live secretly as Jews, and married other secret Jews, thus carrying on their Jewish identity for years. When these secret Jews came to America, some of them dropped their custom of marrying only other secret Jews. But they didn’t drop their custom of hating non-Jews. This is the reason for Eisenhower’s hatred of the German people.

          The Roosevelt family was also from the Netherlands: Franklin Roosevelt married his own cousin in order to keep their family Crypto-Jewish. Another Crypto-Jew was Lyndon Johnson.

          Comment by furtherglory — February 25, 2013 @ 6:36 am

        • Herb — It is difficult because your “answers” are disingenuous attempts to “not answer.” I know you are confused, so part of it may not be disingenuous.

          I didn’t ask you who Eisenhower hated, so your first paragraph is unnecessary. It isn’t news to anyone.

          A. Like pulling teeth one by one, I now get that “after a number of days” of not having anything to eat, you “were attached to a company” that did provide you with “watery” soup and bread. This is more than the Germans in the *real* Eisenhower Camps got, however insufficient it was. You also admit that camp Sonndorf did have kitchen facilities. It was a *camp*, not an open meadow.

          B. Your only answer to who carried you into the Field Hospital is “First Aid men.” That is not an answer, but an attempt not to answer. So you had First Aid Men in your camp? German or American? You also don’t say what food you had in the hospital, but you use a lot of words attempting to impress on us how much you suffered. No food came from Americans? Then it had to be what the Germans still had. Why can’t you just say straight out, rather than being coy?

          C. National Socialists committed genocide, you say. You sympathize with Jews solely on account of your aunt, who was not a blood relation. This only reinforces my judgement of you as someone who is solely concerned with yourself, your personal world of a few people that you can feel close to. You are a natural capitalist and libertarian who can’t understand the message and appeal of National Socialism because it puts the whole community before the individual. You can only care about yourself.
          You paste tons of the official version of events condemning the Nazis, written by their political enemies and Jews on your Blog in an effort to bolster your pathetic self-pity and philosemitism. You are of the same mindset as those who repeatedly tried to assassinate Hitler, and even relayed information to Germany’s sworn enemies. This treason cost the deaths of hundreds of thousands of German soldiers. But you can pronounce in your smug way that German NS carried out an extermination program you call Voelkermord and you sympathize with the Jews! Just that should get you banned from this SBP Blog, or get commenters here to shun you … but it doesn’t. You’re allowed to spout off as an “expert” on all things to do with WWII and some people fall for it.

          D. You are again “passing the buck.” Someone “gave it to you” so it’s not up to you to determine its validity? The question was: Do you think it’s important and do you believe it? You only say you “accept it as fact.” How can something be accepted as fact without a factual basis? It’s false on it’s face, and any real historian would agree.

          E. Of course it’s important what your status was and you had to know what it was at the time of your discharge. So you are still not answering. You say you were the only young person working for the Americans, where you were. Your discharge came in 1946 — you were 17 in 1944, so maybe 19 by the time of your discharge?

          I think your ‘early discharge’ came because they knew you were harmless. You were a million degrees away from being a “Nazi.” If other young people didn’t get what you got, you could not have cared less because they “weren’t Prussians or came from *Polish administrated territory*, (which was my home),” who were the only people you could relate to. Truly. You do admit that. You play up your age of 17-18 -19 at the time as if you were a helpless child. You preferred the paternal protection of the American Forces (they had the money and food too) over being with other Germans. Growing up, it now appears that you were under the Poles. You said your family only managed the estate you lived on, did not own it, and did business with Polish Jews. Your Jewish aunt’s family owned a large, wealthy estate, and your uncle worked on it after they were married. As I pointed out in The White Network comments, you were pretty thoroughly judaized. You even today see though Jewish eyes. You are lost as a German and should not be posing as an expert on what Germans did and thought back then.

          F. This is interesting. Holocaust deniers are bad people to you. Do you think you’re not surrounded by holocaust deniers here at Scrapbookpages Blog? You link to the SPLC write-up on me, of which I am rather proud, and to something called Kikos House, which is taken from the SPLC story, haha. Gee, you could go to the Anti-Defamation League and find something on me there, too. Why not just go to my websites where you’ll find plenty on me from my own mouth.

          G. This is the best of all. Yes Herbie, I AM coming after you and I’m not going to stop, because you are a liar whether you recognize it or not. I suppose you will call the FBI and report me, if you haven’t done so already, as a “dangerous right-wing extremist without scruples” who might have intentions to “endanger the safety of my family.” No such luck, Herbie. It’s only the power of my arguments over the weakness of yours that I am using. It’s only Internet discussion.
          You should know that if you put up a Blog on the Internet, and post comments here at SBP Blog, others have every right to question you about what you have written, and to point out where you’re wrong. That’s what I mean by ‘coming after you.’ I will keep it up. You think you’re safe because you’re on the side of the Jews. You might be safe, but you’re not immune.

          Comment by Carolyn Yeager — February 25, 2013 @ 8:38 am

          • You wrote: “But you can pronounce in your smug way that German NS carried out an extermination program you call Voelkermord and you sympathize with the Jews! Just that should get you banned from this SBP Blog, or get commenters here to shun you … but it doesn’t.”

            As long as the people who comment on my blog are reasonably polite and do not insult me personally, they can comment on my blog. Plenty of people have been banned. I have a list of insulting words which will cause a comment to be held for moderation, so that I can see who is being insulted or being called names. Herb is always polite, so he can comment here if he wants to. So far, you have not used any words that caused your comments to be held for moderation, so I welcome your comments.

            Comment by furtherglory — February 25, 2013 @ 9:12 am

        • I went to this website given in one of the links:

          Here is a quote from the article by Mark Potok on the website cited above:

          Begin Quote:
          … As this author [Mark Potok] can attest after two lengthy tours of Auschwitz and its adjoining Birkenau camp since 1988, the guides will tell you none of this.

          Perhaps that’s because it’s all false. Long-time Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess, in the autobiography he wrote shortly before his execution, described how Heinrich Himmler in 1941 “himself gave me the order to prepare installations at Auschwitz where mass exterminations could take place,” and then detailed the entire horrifying process, including gassings he personally witnessed. Filip Muller, a prisoner who worked for more than a year in the crematoria but survived, described unbelievably brutal exterminations. And so did thousands of others.
          End Quote

          I blogged about Filip Mueller at

          I don’t think that Filip Mueller or the so-called autobiography of Rudolf Hoess should be used to prove Ms. Yeager wrong. Everything that she wrote about the Auschwitz camp is correct.

          Comment by furtherglory — February 25, 2013 @ 1:15 pm

    • Herb wrote: “I was only recently made aware of your venomous outburst and charges you published in this Blog as to me being a liar and I don’t know what else. Most of the questions you raised I have more than once answered previously and **it was NOT F.G. that encouraged me to write my own experiences as a POW rather two male readers** that too were first doubtful what I had written.

      Your “Blog” has only a small amount on “your own experiences as a POW;” it is mostly records copied directly from Allied propaganda accounts about work camps and detainee camps meant to put total blame on the Germans and show them as brutal killers on a mass scale. Your “Blog” is mostly total lies. That’s the problem and what you refuse to acknowledge.

      Comment by Carolyn Yeager — March 8, 2013 @ 5:46 pm

  5. she was saved because she had small fingers, perfect for polishing the inside of munition shells.

    When one must work on small objects and has to reach intricate parts (think jewelry or watchmaking), one needs small tools, not small fingers.

    Comment by Eager For Answers — February 16, 2013 @ 6:38 pm

    • The author of Schindler’s Ark wrote that “long fingers” were needed, not small fingers. Children usually have short fingers, which means that children were not the best workers for Schindler’s fake munitions factory. I don’t think that the author of Schindler’s Ark wrote anything about Schindler buying munitions on the black market, but that is probably what actually happened.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 17, 2013 @ 7:43 am

    • The small fingers story is one of the funniest Holocaust lies.

      And anyway why would Hitler keep people he was allegedly exterminating to the last alive? His armies were occupying Europe from the Atlantic Ocean to Moscow. He could use countless non-jewish forced laborers and exterminate all the Jews as fast as possible at the same time. But he didn’t. He preferred to keep very numerous jewish people alive – even 11YO girls and even when he was loosing WW2 – allegedly because he absolutely needed them in his war industries. Ridiculous.

      Comment by hermie — February 17, 2013 @ 6:02 pm

  6. “Few”!

    According to the no.1 Jewish Auschwitz expert:

    205,000 Jews were registered at Auschwitz, of which 100,000 made it out alive.

    This is in addition to the 118,000 (Pressac’s figure) of Hungarian Jews sent to Auschwitz in May/June of 1944, who were immediately sent off elsewhere in the Reich. Durchgangs-Juden (transit Jews).

    btw, Herb’s to be put under Carolyn’s microscope:

    Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — February 16, 2013 @ 3:07 pm

    • I am amazed that the number of Jewish deaths at Auschwitz is going down, down, down.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 16, 2013 @ 4:13 pm

      • Today, Londoner journalists Yehuda Koren & Eilat Negev write their objective and disinterested part of the daily carpet-brainwashing with this harrowing story.

        Comment by Holocaust Fatigue Survivor — February 16, 2013 @ 6:26 pm

        • “To illustrate his points, he poked the trembling dwarfs with a billiard cue” – I bet the cue had a SS-Skull badge on it and was made off jewish bone. Has it already been established how many Dwarfs were murdered by Nazi “Death-Billard”, possibly a “few” thousands…?

          Comment by Hans-Solo — February 17, 2013 @ 3:58 am

          • Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — February 17, 2013 @ 3:42 pm

            • Copied. ROFLMAO – You Anglo-Saxons, You know how much we love You for that, right?!!!

              Hey Rabbit, I WAS “Fritz the Cat” at CODOH since Friday, a newbie….what is going on in there? They deleted my posts without notice, I was saying that F.Berg’s 2000/3-minute claim was just a total failure in his discussion, a Deborah “Bitch of Buchenwald” Lipstadt couldn’t have made a better false-flag claim to discredit Revisionists…, and after he accused Hoess of “Lies” I was telling him that it is highly unjust and without honor to call Hoess a “Liar” after him being tortured, extortioned an dishonored at his lifes’ end before being murdered, and even worse apr. 70 years since his Death he’s still being vilified and blackened…

              They deleted about 3 posts, deleting mod-interference as well, that’s just really poor…

              I don’t like people that call for their “free speech” while they themselves won’t grant it to others, that’s only for poor minded folks without honor nor conviction. Not Your business at all, Rabbit, I just wanted to tell You.

              Comment by Hans-Solo — February 17, 2013 @ 5:38 pm

          • Hello Snow White, which yellow shitted road are you being carried along?

            Comment by thestoker — February 18, 2013 @ 1:26 am

          • 😉

            Comment by Eager For Answers — February 18, 2013 @ 4:37 pm

    • Poor old Herb ! i would have thought Carolyn had other fish to fry . It reminds me of the scene in the Life of Brian where the implacable enemies of the Judean Liberation Front was the break away group, the Peoples Front for the liberation of Judea .
      interesting story in the London telegraph about the failure of a group to find tens of boxed Spitfires in Burma despite taking a 91 year old eye witness along with them. Apparently they think it is a legend now…..parallel with the homicidal gas chambers??

      Comment by Pete — February 16, 2013 @ 4:55 pm

      • The “special interest group”, couldn’t give a flying flip about the Spitfires in Burma, otherwise something like this would happen:

        “Under Evidence Code Section 452(h) this court does take judicial notice of the fact that Jews were gassed to death at Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland during the summer of 1944. It just simply is a fact that falls within the definition of Evidence Code Section 452(h). It is not reasonably subject to dispute. And it is capable of immediate and accurate determination by the resort to sources of reasonably indisputable accuracy. It is simply a fact.”

        – Los Angeles County Superior Judge, the Hon. Thomas T. Johnson, October 9, 1981, Mel Mermelstein vs. IHR, case no. C356542

        Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — February 17, 2013 @ 3:26 pm


          “He then lied” and he traveled. Always with the lies and the fake foot stepped miles. The Burma shit is because they clowns with the fake money scam who live and breath lies and travel are getting ready to destabilise the whole area, not just the greater tri-counties of Yhawehfakirland, but everything from Malacca to Alice Springs and Hollywood to Magnitogorsk.

          BTW I have listened to enough Yeager to conclude that she is a disemmbler, thoughts get trashed by her incoherent wafflings She smells like Harbinger who never had two thoughts to masticate between his earlobes unless plagerised from somewhere fictional.

          Kind of like anyone who’d quote a work of fiction.

          Frankfurt school anyone? Or school of repetitive printed word masturbation in the sinagoogle of Madrassaland..

          Comment by thestoker — February 18, 2013 @ 1:07 am

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