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April 8, 2013

Alfred de Grazia, Commanding Officer of the Psychological Warfare Propaganda Team attached to headquarters of the US 7th Army

Captain Alfred de Grazia stands in front of Dachau crematorium, May 1, 1945

Captain Alfred de Grazia stands in front of Dachau crematorium, May 1, 1945

Update August 8. 2015:  The Wikipedia page about Alfred de Grazia has been updated since I wrote this blog post.  The photo above is no longer on the page about Alfred de Grazia.  Wikipedia now has this page about the photo:,_ca_May_1st_1945.jpg

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The photo above, borrowed from Wikipedia, shows Captain Alfred de Grazia, who was the Commanding Officer of the Psychological Warfare Propaganda team attached to the U.S. Seventh Army during World War II.  He is standing in front of a pile of bodies outside the Baracke X building at Dachau on May 1, 1945.

Did America really have an Army team, during World War II, that carried out PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE and PROPAGANDA?  To our everlasting shame — YES!!!

The men in America’s Psychological Warfare and Propaganda military unit were mostly Jewish immigrants from Germany, who had been trained at Camp Ritchie in Maryland; they were known as “The Ritchie Boys.”

This quote is from Wikipedia’s entry for Alfred de Grazia:

In World War II, Alfred de Grazia served in the ranks from private to captain, in artillery, intelligence, and psychological warfare.[11] He received training in this then new field at in Washington D.C. and the newly established Camp Ritchie, Maryland.[12][citation needed] He served with the 3rd, 5th and 7th US Armies and as a liaison officer with the British 8th Army.[citation needed] He took part in six campaigns, from North Africa to Italy (Battle of Monte Cassino) to France and Germany, receiving several decorations.

He co-authored a report on psychological warfare for the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Force.[14] By the end of the war, he was Commanding Officer of the Psychological Warfare Propaganda Team attached to the headquarters of the 7th Army.

May 1, 1945, the day that Alfred de Grazia arrived at Dachau, was the same day that a group of American Congressmen arrived.  The Congressmen had to wait until May 3rd before they could be photographed in the newly built gas chamber, which is shown in the photo below.

The delegation of US Congressmen had flown to Paris on April 22, 1945, at Eisenhower’s request, and had first visited Buchenwald on April 24, 1945, two weeks after the camp was liberated on April 11th. The Congressmen arrived in Dachau on May 1, 1945, the same day that newsreels were first released in American theaters, showing the Nazi atrocities at Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen. Dachau had been liberated on April 29, 1945, just two days before the Congressmen arrived.

U.S. Congressmen examine the gas chamber at Dachau on May 3, 1945

U.S. Congressmen in gas chamber at Dachau on May 3, 1945

Same view of Dachau gas chamber, May 2001

Same view of Dachau gas chamber, May 2001

What did the “gas chamber” at Dachau look like before the Psychological Warfare and Propaganda team arrived at Dachau? Before the shower room in Barrack X was converted into a gas chamber, it looked something like the shower room in the administration building, which is now the Dachau Museum.  The pipes and shower heads were removed before the building was turned into a Museum.

April 1945 photo of the shower room in the administration building at Dachau

April 1945 photo of the shower room in the administration building at Dachau

In 2004, I saw a documentary film about the Ritchie Boys. Alfred de Grazia was not included among the Ritchie Boys who were featured in the film.

I wrote a review of the film on my website.  This quote is from my review, which you can read in full here:

The movie does not fully explain why one of the Ritchie boys was sent to Nordhausen. It was not to interrogate the Jewish survivors, nor to gather evidence of war crimes, but to arrange for getting everything out of the V-2 rocket factory and on its way to America before the camp had to be turned over to the Russians in July 1945 because Nordhausen had been promised to the Soviet Union, since it was in their zone of occupation according to the terms of the Yalta agreement. The British had also been promised a share of the loot, but the Americans made sure that they got there first.

The significance of Nordhausen is lost in the film because of Parloff’s story about a Jew standing on a pile of ashes. There is no mention of the rocket technology that America stole from our Russian allies after they made such a great sacrifice to win the war, or the fact that this was a violation of President Roosevelt’s agreement with Uncle Joe at Yalta. The documentary implies that Nordhausen was a “death camp” where Jews were murdered and then cremated.

During the war crimes trial of the Nordhausen staff, held at Dachau after the war, the defense pointed out that it took one to three months to train a worker for the V-2 rocket factory, and the Germans did their best to keep these prisoners alive, although it was a losing battle due to the severe conditions in the tunnels and the typhus epidemics that were out of control in all of the camps at the end of the war. The prisoners who worked in the tunnels were political prisoners from Buchenwald; they worked side by side with German civilians in the rocket factory. They were even paid a small amount of money which they could use to buy cigarettes and food in the camp canteen, or to visit one of the prostitutes in the camp brothel.

However, there was also a “recuperation camp” near the town of Nordhausen where the factory workers were sent to recover when they were too sick to work in the underground factory. In the last months of the war, Jewish prisoners who had been evacuated from Auschwitz were brought to this sub-camp of Nordhausen, which was called Boelke Kaserne by the Germans. A few days before the recuperation camp was liberated, it was bombed by American planes and around 1500 prisoners were killed. There were other prisoners who had died of tuberculosis or typhus and when the liberators arrived, there were around 3,000 unburied bodies and around 700 sick and dying prisoners who had been left behind when the camp was evacuated.

During the Boelke Kaserne segment in the documentary, a shot of the crematorium at Dachau is shown with bodies piled up against the wooden structure in front of the outside wall. Then another shot of some sick prisoners in wagons, which was taken at Dachau, is shown. This footage is from the film entitled “Nazi Concentration Camps,” which was made by Lt. Col. George C. Stevens a day or two after Dachau was liberated; it was shown during the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal. Christian Bauer obtained the film clips for his documentary from the US Archives.

Bauer now lives in Munich, 18 kilometers from Dachau. Surely, he must have recognized that this footage was taken at Dachau and not at the Nordhausen sick camp. Perhaps he used the scenes from Dachau instead of Nordhausen because so many of the bodies found at the Nordhausen “recuperation camp” had been blown to pieces by American bombs.


  1. I own a copy of Capt. Alfred de Grazia’s wartime memoirs entitled A TASTE OF WAR, Metron Publications, April On page 481 the photo of Alfred De Grazia at Dachau standing in front of a heap of corpses (he probably stacked himself) appears. De Grazia wrote white papers for the CIA on psychological warfare well into his retirement from academia. What’s odd about this book, aside from no index, is the absence of any explanatory text for the photo. I bought the book to find out what he was doing at Dachau and there are 508 pages in it about everything else the man did during the WWII EXCEPT what he was doing to Dachau! DeGrazia was a spook’s spook.

    Comment by who dares wings — November 13, 2016 @ 12:49 pm

      • If your mind is such that believing in the atrocities as they happened will cause you depression, you will always find a way out. I know the pictures, and know their history. They were not faked. There may be a confusion caused either by father having grown a mustache and faced the camera differently, but the photo I saw in 1977 was unmistakably him, and he was posed before a stack of starved corpses at, I believe, Buchenwald. The seriousness of the matter isn’t for your generation. You should find other material to fill your obvious educational voids. You’re not going to find a “chink in the armor” of the American Army by attacking my father’s credibility or his life. He was the author of dozens of books on American Government, advised the Government of India concerning the Bopal disaster, and occupied every minute of his time with humanitarian-political projects that have benefited the Germans, and other NATO allies. He was just as astounded and disbelieving as you and others when they came upon the concentration camps. It was just a matter of taking the guns from the guards. The inmates lay in their bunks for days out of weakness caused by starvation. Starvation and imprisonment underground was part of the break-spirit regime the SS used to make pushing the inmates into the gas chambers easier. Then, there arose the question of Palestine-Israel. The British were against allowing the Jews to flee there. The Americans were for it, the only alternative they could envision being the mass immigration of Jews to the United States. I would suggest you shift your footing, and put yourself actually in the shoes of the combatants of the day; the Americans, British, French and Germans. You will see my father did only what he could, was as kind to the Germans as their ideology would allow, and never even aimed or fired a carbine at the enemy. He was at first an Army intelligence agent, rarely if ever operating behind enemy lines, and later an intellectual and adviser to those actually running Occupied Europe. Germany started the no-quarter tactics in Europe through various massacres, and the concentration camps were proof that this no-quarter policy was being dictated from the top who believed in the absolute annihilation of “the enemy.”

        Comment by John DeGrazia — November 14, 2016 @ 3:11 pm

        • You wrote: “There may be a confusion caused either by father having grown a mustache and faced the camera differently, but the photo I saw in 1977 was unmistakably him, and he was posed before a stack of starved corpses at, I believe, Buchenwald.”

          The photo of a stack of starved corpses was taken at Dachau.

          Comment by furtherglory — November 15, 2016 @ 5:15 am

        • You wrote: “I know the pictures, and know their history. They were not faked.”

          Did I write that the “pictures” were faked? I wrote two blog posts about this. You can read the second one at

          Comment by furtherglory — November 15, 2016 @ 5:32 am

  2. My father was into “black propaganda” or any other sort of propaganda. His training was a result of his work making contacts with newly liberated populations, and former slaves and subjects of the Nazi empire. This article is offensive and defamatory, and I have corrected the attribution of the photograph wherever I could. Captain Alfred de Grazia figured at the Battle of Monte Casino, and this is described on the talk page of his Wikipedia article. I won’t go into it here. He was also important in France. His role was as a scout for the tank crews and their accompanying infantry platoons. He would come into contact with the locals, and later was incorporated into the effort to restore democracy and democratic government. Unfortunately, this job was included in the Psy Ops part of the Department of Defense for reasons having only to do with organizational and definitional matters. Please edit your article to reflect this. I am reporting you as a possible Holocaust denier, as well. That is a crime in Germany, so you had better edit your htaccess file to reflect that, as you may be charged in that country if they can download your article.

    Comment by John DeGrazia — August 8, 2015 @ 9:36 am

    • I have added an update on my blog post to reflect the fact that Wikipedia does not include this photo now.

      You wrote: “This article is offensive and defamatory.” I don’t know what you mean.

      Are you offended because I wrote that your father was at Dachau? This fact, as proved by the photo, is important because there are many, many articles about the Dachau gas chamber. There are millions of people, including me, who think that the Dachau gas chamber was a shower room, which was modified by the American liberators, AFTER the camp was liberated.

      I have insinuated, on my blog, that your father, who was at Dachau just after it was liberated, might have had something to do with changing the shower room into a gas chamber.

      To whom are you going to report me as “a possible Holocaust denier”? It is possible for people in Germany to read my blog, and my stats show that there are around 15 German readers daily, who have downloaded my blog.

      You should contact someone in Germany and order them to put my blog on the list of blogs that cannot be read in Germany. I am an American and I live in America which still has free speech, although not for long, I fear.

      Comment by furtherglory — August 8, 2015 @ 10:14 am

      • My father was a liberator at Buchenwald, not Dachau. The man in the photo is not my father. I have contacted a lawyer. You are defaming a person who gave more to this country than your entire miserable family going back to the first rejected immigrants that washed up to New York City’s gutters. Learn decency, why don’t you. My family are all good people; professionals, teachers, writers military men, law enforcement, patriots and heroes; both in Italy, Germany, France as well as in this country. What excuse do you have? You make me sick with your stupidity.

        Comment by John DeGrazia — August 8, 2015 @ 1:50 pm

        • This quote is from Wikipedia on one of the sources for their entry for your father:

          Begin quote
          He would, along with his companions, later enter the concentration camps known as Buchenwald and Auschwitz where they were both liberators and witnesses to genocide. It was apparently at that time that he was among those recruited by American and British propagandists still in full pursuit of the Nazi intellectual infrastructure, but before this time he had been a scout and tactician specializing in mechanized, or tank, warfare.
          End quote

          Note that your father “would LATER ENTER BUCHENWALD,” meaning that he was not one of the liberators of Buchenwald, but he ENTERED THE CAMP LATER. Auschwitz is in Poland, and it was liberated by the Soviet Union. Why did your father go to Auschwitz after it was liberated?

          I have left up the photo that allegedly shows your father at Dachau, so that everyone will know what you are talking about. Wikipedia has taken down this photo, so I don’t understand why you are upset.

          You don’t know where my “entire miserable family” came from, and you don’t know what my “miserable family” has given to America. I am sure that your lawyer will tell you that I cannot be prosecuted for putting a photo on my blog, which I got from Wikipedia. Wikipedia has taken down the photo, and I will take it down as soon as this discussion is over.

          Sorry that my stupidity makes you sick. You should sue someone for putting up a photo and claiming that your father was in the photo, taken at Dachau. First you will have to find out who put the photo on Wikipedia.

          I have no excuse for my stupidity. I was born that way.

          I don’t know why you are so upset that Wikipedia claimed that your father was at Dachau and that I repeated it on my blog.

          Comment by furtherglory — August 8, 2015 @ 2:40 pm

          • I apologize for my outburst; the Army is very tough on both the soldiers and their families. My father was involved in Vietnam; my mother was a family court caseworker. I am surrounded by nothing but violence and hatred. How wonderful it is to be an American! I say that with extreme sarcasm.

            Comment by John DeGrazia — August 9, 2015 @ 10:36 am

            • Okay, I would suggest you pursue that possibility. My name is very common; I am one of hundreds of Joe, John or Giovanni DeGrazia across the United States and around the world. Again, I apologize for my outburst. Please take note; I turned to Viet Vets for help, as well as to various anti-hate groups. You can see from his Wikipedia page, now, that he was a hero, and did a tremendous amount for everyone he encountered, especially the German people. He was not a rapist, or anything like that. He was a mild intellectual, and his entire family consists of similarly gentle and educated people. He was basically a musician and philosopher, but the Army orders you into danger, and you are a coward, or worse, if you don’t obey orders.

              Comment by John DeGrazia — August 9, 2015 @ 11:13 am

      • Furthermore, the picture has been removed from Commons, so you should not rely on its presence there anymore as justification. That’s from today, 8/8/2915,_ca_May_1st_1945.jpg#sthash.kJbTgcFQ.dpuf
        File:Capt.Alfred de Grazia at Dachau concentration camp, ca May 1st 1945.jpg

        I just wish it was you.

        Comment by John DeGrazia — August 8, 2015 @ 2:39 pm

        • How do you explain this web page:
          The web page shows a photo of the same photo that I put on my blog.

          This quote is from the web page cited above:

          This picture of me was taken with my own camera by a fellow American soldier.” Capt. Alfred de Grazia stands in front of a pile of dead bodies at Dachau concentration camp in Bavaria Germany, after the liberation of the camp by the American army. He was then commanding officer of the Psychological Warfare Combat Propaganda Team attached to HQ, the Seventh Army. Source: Capt. Alfred de Grazia.

          The photo shows a man standing in front of dead bodies at Dachau. The bodies are piled up against a wooden fence that had been placed around the holes through which the Nazis allegedly threw the gas pellets into the gas chamber.

          Comment by furtherglory — August 8, 2015 @ 3:08 pm

          • You have a very clever site, and you can cause people a lot of trouble, I’m sure; however, I will be writing a letter in hopes of dissuading those who visit it from Holocaust denial that I will post on the internet. You and they will learn that my mother’s household was all German, and there may have been some attempts to help the unter-zee boats (help me with the spelling). They were Jews, but without Jewish DNA, and totally committed to Germany. I carry the genetic traits for long head, blonde hair as a child, and the hooked mandible (jaw) which is considered a uniquely German trait. My mother had no Jewish friends, and was not anti-Nazi. She even joined the police as soon as she divorced my father and her children were grown enough to abandon. However, before she was able to distance herself from her roots in wealth and privilege, we were targeted by the lowest types who fed upon the poison you spread concerning the Jews, and robbed repeatedly despite being as friendly as possible to all that we could. You’re like one of these perfidious backstabbers; judging people by their race and not by their hopes of bettering themselves, or helping you. My mother’s grandfather didn’t get his money by money-lending, but my making repeated trading trips to the Orient on 4-masters; three-months at sea just to cross in one direction. He had been a member of the New York National Guard, and helped stopped the so-called Draft Riots that were burning the city down. As to what my father wrote, it’s a catch-22. If I said everything he wrote was true, you wouldn’t believe me when I said he was in the Army. He liked Jews, that’s all I can say, and you could get rid of him in an instant by saying you didn’t like Jews. Obviously, my parents had grounds for divorce; namely, incompatibility. I don’t want to insult you anymore by saying you’re a child in this world, but I would first check if in fact you are even German, and then check with the Germans if they want this sort of defense. Most, the great majority, will say, “No!” Believe me; I made just this sort of investigation, and my father’s last wife, Anne-Marie von Hueber – deGrazia will bear me out when I say Germans want nothing to do with Nazism or any of its defenses, especially Holocaust denial.

            Comment by John DeGrazia — August 9, 2015 @ 10:30 am

            • Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the wives of your father, including Anne-Marie von Hueber -deGrazia:

              Alfred de Grazia was married to Jill Oppenheim (d. 1996) from 1942 to 1971, to Nina Mavridis from 1972 to 1973,[4] and at the time of his death was married to Anne-Marie (Ami) Hueber de Grazia (since 1982),[33][34][35] a French writer. He had seven children with Jill Oppenheim. One of them, Carl, a musician, died in 2000. One of his daughters, Victoria de Grazia, a Professor of Contemporary History at Columbia University, is a member of the American Academy.[36]

              Comment by furtherglory — August 9, 2015 @ 10:48 am

              • Yes, that’s Jill deGrazia, born Bertha Oppenheim and Anne Marie von Hueber, (shortened to Hueber out of embarrassment. von Hueber is a name that signifies German noble origins) who still lives on and curates my father’s intellectual estate at . Really, you’re in way over your head, I’m afraid. The most racially pure Aryans would tell you that, whatever your intentions.

                Comment by John DeGrazia — August 9, 2015 @ 10:55 am

  3. Some years back I located an interesting volume, “The Big Lie” by John Baker White (London: Evans Brothers Limited, 1955) which may be of some interest to you. White was charged in 1940 to form a unit to broadcast to the German Armed Forces. He was transferred to the staff of the Foreign Office Political Intelligence Department and then to the Political Warfare Executive. He later served as a Conservative member of Parliament for Canterbury until 1953. While the book does not focus on the Holocaust, it does provide some interesting insights. Baker writes, “Owing to the acute shortage of animal fats the Germans, like ourselves, had to use synthetic substitutes. One of our political warfare tasks was to spread distrust of their origins. As luck would have it, there came to our notice an order issued to all German factories to fit traps to drains to catch all grease and soap for recovery. This was elaborated quickly into a rumour that the grease recovered was used for making cooking fats. It was a particularly successful rumour and came back within six weeks via a Luftwaffe prisoner, plus a most unsavoury elaboration which had not entered our heads” (p.85). While Baker does not expand or clarify the “unsavoury elaboration,” there is some chance that his units Political Warfare “black ops” broadcasts were in themselves responsible for the “Jewish fat” soap story which while debunked widely still surfaces in the media periodically.

    Comment by Richard Widmann — April 21, 2013 @ 7:10 am

  4. Great infos, FG and WDW. Studying the holocaust as a psy ops is a fascinating subject.

    Black propaganda on the British side:

    “We won this war with atrocity propaganda…and now we will start more than ever! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will accept one good word from the Germans anymore, until everything is destroyed which might have upheld them sympathies in other countries, and until they will be so confused that they dont know what to do anymore. When this is reached, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and this not reluctantly but with hasty willingness to obey the winners, only then the victory is complete. It will never be definite. The reeducation demands thorough, steadfast nurture like English lawn. Only one moment of inattention and the weed will break through, this ineradicable weed of historic truth.” – Sefton Delmer, former British chief propagandist, after the capitulation in 1945, to the German expert on international law Prof. Grimm.

    “The most important thing to do to be totally assured of victory is to submit the vanquished to a rehabilitation program after which the war propaganda will find its place in the history books of the vanquished and will be believed by the future generations. It’s only at that moment that rehabilitation can be considered as successful. ” – Walter Lippmann, American public intellectual, writer, reporter, and political commentator, adviser to several U.S. presidents, in the German newspaper “Die Welt” on November 20, 1982.

    Comment by hermie — April 8, 2013 @ 3:26 pm

  5. This is welcome information, indeed, because it’s not “boilerplate revisionism” but a new direction in revisionist research that includes the study of the holocaust as a psy ops. C.D. Jackson, the psyche warrior captured on Billy Wilder’s film of the liberation of Buchenwald directing citizens of the nearby town of Weimar past the display table with the human skin lampshade and other grisly items on it, was the same man who later purchased Abraham Zapruder’s film of the JFK assassination for Life Inc. didn’t release it.

    Note: The websites 1/3 of The and it’s mirror site are currently down. This is not due to censorship.

    re the holocaust as psyche warfare

    If you don’t have an extra 9 hours plus watch videos and sift through the written adendums, like the report on the cold call phone conversation with the US Army psyche warfare veteran who probably helped set the atrocity evidence table up at Buchenwald for C.D. Jackson and Billy Wilder who filmed it, you should at least check out the collection of videos entitled “Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil” here:

    That’s “denierbud’s” research and it’s unique because it’s primarily visual, not written. My research is written and hard to slog through because my primary interest is the holocaust as it pertains to Romania. However, I once made a blog comment to someone who was researching Edward Bernay’s that I’ll share with you.

    A [recently updated] comment from who+dare+swings to Peter Schaenk, 2008.05.20.
    During the war Hollywood screen writer Ben Hecht and Irgun operative Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson) cooked up grisly holocaust propaganda for American mass consumption in magazines like the Reader’s Digest. Using Freudian based mind control techniques, first put into play by Edward “The Father of Spin” Bernays, the “Bergson Group” continued inoculating the English speaking world with the sacred 6,000,000 number before the war ended and the camps were liberated. Bernays was the wildly successful nephew of Sigmund Freud and the man who introduced Freudianism, crowd psychology and mass marketing to the USA. Like Bernard Baruch, he is a Jewish “king maker,” a personal friend of presidents Wilson, Hoover and Roosevelt with whom he consulted and globe trotted. Joseph Goebbles acknowledged his debt to Bernays in his diaries.

    The Bergson Group” was a Zionist cell working out of Washington DC with access to inner circles of media power and politics. “Having energized politicians, gangsters, Hollywood moguls, and ultra- Orthodox rabbis, the handful of young men taught other Zionist and American-Jewish groups not only how the media was the message but how it could and should be used. A guiding force behind the creation of the War Refugee Board, the group served as a beacon for contemporary Zionist militancy while ultimately laying the groundwork for other organizations to utilize the media in future political campaigns”:

    During and after the war master Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg and the Anti-Fascist League (Soviet Jewish writers later executed after show trials), crunch the numbers of Jewish losses and population transfers and gin up the general extent of depredations against Jews in East Europe. Commissars and partisans (a disproportionate number of which were Jewish) had been severely dealt with on the Eastern Front by the defeated and collectively demonized Germans. Their treatment was harsh, but Ehrenberg and co. insure that history will make it appear even harsher.

    Immediately after VE Day, but also during the war, “The Ritchie Boys,” (up to 10,000 mostly German speaking Jewish refugees trained in interrogation and psychological warfare at the Fort Ritchie Camp Sharpe annex in Maryland) were sent into Allied occupied Europe to interrogate high ranking POWs, spread disinformation and de-Nazify the Germans. This is a chapter in US Army intelligence history that remains curiously obscure. Less than a dozen out of thousands of Ritchie Boys have been identified. They have been put forward as reluctant avuncular heroes not spies, disinfo agents, prosecutors, court clerks, translators, torturers and hangmen.

    In l944 Raphael Lemkin, overseeing a team collating data on German atrocities for the WJC (World Jewish Congress) and The Carnegie Foundation for Peace in New York almost inadvertently comes up with the concept of “genocide,” a word he invents and introduces to the lexicon in his book AXIS RULE IN OCCUPIED EUROPE. The book is not about genocide per se, and Lemkin doesn’t quite realize what he’s stumbled onto until later.

    Col. Murray C. Bernays (the brother-in-law of Edward L. Bernays) latches onto Lemkin’s new word “genocide” and tailors the Nuremburg Trials around the idea of collective Nazi guilt and “crimes against humanity.” The latter is the Lemkin based forerunner to the UN Genocide Conventions. Genocide isn’t the issue at Nuremburg, but “crimes against humanity” and “crimes against peace” are the ex post facto legal gambits Bernays uses to hold all Nazis collectively responsible for starting WWII. Using this corkscrew logic, eventually three generations of Germans are held responsible for the holocaust. Americans and ultimately all Christendom, starting with Pope Pius XII, get blamed, too, and Jews born after l945 in Brooklyn become “second generation” and “third generation” survivors.

    In his l958 book THE WORLD CONQUERORS refugee Hungarian playwright, poet and journalist Louis Marschalko, who covered the Nuremburg Trial, writes: “Of the 3000 persons on the trial staff, 2400 were Jews. Many of them wore uniforms to which they had no entitlement. The man in charge of procuring all personnel for the trial, Col David “Micky” Marcus was a Zionist Jew who became Israel’s first modern general. ”Marschalko, a nationalist, surveyed the worldwide advance of Communism from a decidedly Catholic perspective. The author’s argument is that Communism is a worldwide movement, promoted everywhere by the same transnational force.

    Prof. Joel Hayward disagrees – “On page 44 I described Louis Marschalko’s claims that Jews fabricated their Holocaust suffering as “unscholarly … weak, racist arguments”. Two pages later I described them as “nonsense”. A further two pages later I called the same views “too polemical and biased against Jews”. On page 54 I bluntly wrote that, to state that Jewish frauds “have occurred on a ‘horrendous scale’ [as one particularly nasty writer said] and as the result of a Jewish conspiracy to defraud the German government, is preposterous and totally insupportable.” On the same page I criticized that author’s “biases and prejudices”, while on the next page I condemned his claims of a Jewish conspiracy as “totally unsustainable.”

    In Sept. 2008 US presidential candidate Christopher Dodd publishes his father Thomas Dodd’s letters home to his wife from Nuremburg where he was a star prosecutor. There were too many Jews there, he concurred, “Jews should stay away from this trial – for their own sake,” Dodd explains. He doesn’t want them to supply anti-Semites and isolationists with ammunition – afraid of a possible growing sentiment to describe the war as a”war for the Jews.”
    Senator Chris Dodd doesn’t have the decency to admit that his grandstanding dad presented false evidence at Nuremburg so he lets the legend of the phony Polish shrunken heads found at Buchenwald (quite possibly supplied by C.D. Jackson or “Ritchie Boy” Alfred deGrazia) stand:

    Not to be overlooked is also collusion between the OSS and OWI, The Polish Home Army, the Polish Government-in-Exile, Britain’s Political Warfare Executive, The War Refugee Board, The The Joint Distribution Committee, The World Jewish Congress, Sir Bruce Lockhart, C.D. Jackson William S. Paley, Sefton Delmer, Victor Cavendish-Bentinck, Jan Karski, Rudolph Vrba, Alfred Wetzler and…The Frankfurt School.

    Those who believed Tony Blair when he announced during the invasion of Iraq that he had it from his spymasters that missiles launched from Bhagdad could reach London in 45 minutes will enjoy reading the recent reports that holocaust deaths maybe be twice as many as previously thought.

    Comment by who+dares+wings — April 8, 2013 @ 12:43 pm

    • Excellent information thanks!
      If the Jews only knew how much damage they have caused in the world with their false information.
      And sadly this trend continues…..

      Jim Rizoli

      Comment by Jim Rizoli — September 19, 2016 @ 12:57 pm

    • I never met one Jewish co-worker of my father, and I attended New York University where he taught and where there was more than ample opportunity for such a relationship to develop and for me to be introduced. I met only one Jewish student in thirty years of his teaching, while I met many persons in law enforcement. You’re barking up the wrong tree, are relying on switched pictures to begin with, and really don’t care who you smear. You are basically anti-Veteran, because that’s all he was. Psy-ops is a big word, but it only means that people are using their brains and studying the subjective effect of the atrocities committed by the Nazis. I just saw a guy burned alive after he and his Muslim gang cornered me, with intent to harm me. He was hit by lightning after being covered in phosphorus from his bomb-making activities. You would say he was a target of a hate crime, and that by cornering me in the park when a thunderstorm was passing over, I assaulted him. You could twist anything to your intent. Well, I called the First Aid and Rescue people to the spot at the back of the park where he stood burning while I lay knocked nearly unconscious on a picnic table. I could only manage one word, “Help.” That’s what you need, too. You are sick, anti-Semitic, Jew-hating, creeps who would do anything for a free house or anything of value that was owned by a Jew in the past. Steal from someone else, for a change

      Comment by John DeGrazia — September 20, 2016 @ 2:07 pm

        • Yes, the same; and, for your information, you are spreading lies and twisted half-truths with your blog. There are serious issues to be addressed as the result of WWII, including the immigration policies and re-settlement of the DP’s, or displaced persons, many of whom happened to be Jewish as a result of the workings of the German race laws. Your blog seeks only to delve ijnto the twisted places of the sick psyche, wherever it lies. There will always be those who feed on suffering, humiliation, injury and death. You can count yourself among them. My father served for four years in WWIi, two during the Korean War and three, during the Vietnam War. His job was estimating morale, and devising ways to preserve it, as far as I can actually remember. In civilian life, he wrote about and taught American government, and developed the first interfaces that the Social Sciences would use with the computer. Get a life!

          Comment by John DeGrazia — September 21, 2016 @ 4:22 pm

          • You wrote: “Your blog seeks only to delve ijnto the twisted places of the sick psyche, wherever it lies. There will always be those who feed on suffering, humiliation, injury and death. You can count yourself among them.”

            I have been blogging for over six years. I have written more than 1600 blog posts, on many subjects. If I have made a mistake on any of these 1600 posts, please give me the correct information and I will post it on my blog.

            Comment by furtherglory — September 22, 2016 @ 7:46 am

          • Are you the person mentioned on this website?

            Comment by furtherglory — September 22, 2016 @ 7:55 am

            • An erroneous, or switched, picture of a fictitious person with the same name and rank as my father, and with similar experiences in WWII as a liberator of the concentration camps along with Patton’s armored division is featured as a supposed “villain” where the “poor Nazi guards and former Nazis” are concerned. Outrageous allegations showing no knowledge of the workings of the American Army, and less concerning the actual atrocities perpetrated on Jews, Bible Religionists, “asocials,” Poles, homosexuals, Gypsies, persons who attempted to emigrate for whatever reasons and politically incorrect persons, including a million and a half children thrown into the death camps along with their parents. My father was singled out because he was one of those who were first on the scene, and the picture was somehow included in his war biography by a secretary, the genuine original having gone missing after I saw it. I think such stupidity as demonstrated in and by this blog is harmful to his survivors and family, and also a diseased way of getting attention that feeds upon the lowest feelings that live in the human mind. Alfred de Grazia lived an upright and good life, and was called upon to do things that would simply revolt and intellectually baffle the ordinary individual. Instead, he thought and wrote and tried to find remedies for the kind of genocidal behavior typical of demagoguery and national extremism. Perhaps his work will save innocent German lives in the future; who knows where power is ultimately going to reside?

              Comment by John DeGrazia — September 23, 2016 @ 7:49 am

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