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May 1, 2013

“the power of the bulldozer pushing America into war”

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The title of my blog post today comes from the very last words of an article, written by Jett Rucker, who is one of the writers on the CODOH website.  I received a copy of this article in e-mail because I am on the CODOH mailing list.

I fear that Rucker is right about Israel pushing America into war, but fortunately President Barack Obama does not seem to be receptive to the idea.  In my opinion, that is the only good thing about Obama and the current government of America.

I have copied Rucker’s letter to a newspaper at Boston University, where fake Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel is a professor; you can read Rucker’s esssay in full below:

Emily Overholt, Editor-in-Chief

The Daily Free Press
Boston University

30 April 2013

For Publication

Armageddon and the Money Magnet

By Jett Rucker

Boston University scored a fund-raising coup when, in 1976, it hired the “face” of the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel. Ten years later, Wiesel received the Nobel Peace Prize, magnifying his value to BU’s “development” function, as it’s known in the non-profit world, by an order of magnitude. Since then, as secular American Jews have drifted away from the theology of their hereditary religion, Wiesel’s stock-in-trade has supplanted Judaism itself as the conduit by which virtuous Jews demonstrate devotion to the surrogate religion of the suffering of European Jews at the hands of Germany’s National Socialist regime of 1933––-1945.

As hoped, this development, reinforced by Israel’s own ever-mounting exploitation of the Holocaust narrative, has diverted to Boston University many a million that might have gone to a synagogue or a community center in an earlier day. The synagogue isn’t going to get your kids admitted to a Good School anyway, and BU’s student body today includes a higher percentage of Jews than any other university in America besides rabbinical colleges. Other institutions by the dozen, private colleges and state schools alike, trail eagerly behind BU in mimicking its vaunted Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies, hiring eminent faculty such as Deborah Lipstadt (at Emory) and recruiting Jewish students, who statistically are far more likely to become generous alumni than graduates from any other group of comparable size. But no one else has Elie Wiesel, or anyone ultimately quite in his league as a living symbol of the age when the world’s Jews tragically eclipsed all other groups victimized by racism in all history.

But increasingly, this whole business is taking on a very foul odor.And that odor is the mordant stench of blood.

Blood, you say? How could the Nobel Peace laureate, a man evermore displaying the most-peaceful mien after having survived the infamous “death camps” of Nazi Germany?

The way he does this, by twists of fate straight out of Orwell’s 1984, is by promoting and perpetuating that bedrock of Israel’s eternal claim to righteousness, that very Holocaust he has made such a career out of having experienced-a martyr who nonetheless walks among us today. Supporting Israel has been his true métier since before he first published La Nuit in France in 1958, and he and others have done so so thoroughly that Israel today bestrides the Middle East from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, precisely the way its apologists claim God gave it the right to. It does this today the way it did in Biblical times: by the sword, shedding blood in volumes that would seem by now enough to fill the well-named Dead Sea.

Despite the fact that many right-thinking Jews in America and Israel decry this, well-meaning donors overlook the cunningly disguised role of Wiesel’s Holocaust promotion in funding the mightiest war machine that ever shook the earth of Palestine-with money extracted from American taxpayers, Jewish and not.

Donating dollars to Boston University-in particular, of course, to the Elie Wiesel Center-just adds mass to this fearsome avalanche that threatens again today to draw America’s armed forces into yet another devastating, dehumanizing, war. Sending tuition dollars to Boston University has a similar effect.

While no other institution of higher learning has Elie Wiesel, most of them heedlessly advance his pernicious agenda to some extent. Nevertheless, supporting any of those, rather than Boston University, might diminish, by however little, the power of the bulldozer pushing America into war.

Jett Rucker
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
PO Box 439016
San Ysidro, California  92143