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May 8, 2013

Jewish survivor of Dachau tells students about witnessing prisoners being killed in the gas chamber

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Elly Gotz was only in the Dachau main camp for two days before the camp was liberated, but he witnessed prisoners being killed in the gas chamber.  He told an audience of students about the Dachau gas chamber in a talk that he gave in April this year.  His message is that the students shouldn’t hate, but how can these students not hate after they are told lies about prisoners being gassed at Dachau?

This quote is from the news article which you can read in full here:

Gotz talked about the atrocities he witnessed and experienced — of being forced to move to the Jewish ghetto, of going into hiding with his family — where his mother, a nurse, had the task of helping them take their own lives (with syringes of a heart attack-inducing drug) should they be discovered.

Gotz also talked of his time at the Dachau labour and concentration camps and of witnessing innocent people being shot, dying of starvation and being killed in gas chambers.

Currently, there is a 93 year-old-man who is scheduled to go on trial in Germany as a war criminal because he was a cook in a concentration camp.  If old men, like John Demjanjuk, can be brought into court on a stretcher, and prosecuted for alleged war crimes, then old men who tell lies about gas chambers should also be brought into court in Germany and charged with the crime of Lying about the Holocaust.

Elly Gotz was born in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1928.  In 1941, his family was put into a ghetto where they stayed for three years before being sent to a Dachau sub-camp in 1944.

On April 29, 1945, when the main Dachau camp was liberated, there was a total of 2,539 Jews in the camp, including 225 women, according to the US Army census. Most of the Jews had arrived only weeks or even days before, after they were evacuated from the Dachau sub-camps, mainly the eleven Kaufering camps near Landsberg am Lech, where they had been forced to work in building underground factories for the manufacture of Messerschmitt airplanes.  Elly Gotz and his father had been working in the Kaufering I camp for 10 months.

You can hear Elly Gotz tell his story on the YouTube video below.  At 1:35 on the video, Gotz tells how “the vicious Commandant” of Dachau told him the prisoners were all going to be killed: “We are keeping the last bullets for you.”

The last Commandant of the Dachau Concentration Camp was Wilhelm Eduard Weiter; he had left the Dachau main camp on April 26, 1945, leading a transport of prisoners to the Schloss Itter, a subcamp of Dachau in Austria. When Weiter realized that Elly the Liar had arrived in the main camp the following day, Weiter came back and made his threats to 17-year-old Elly so that he would have some lies to tell students years later.