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May 10, 2013

30,000 records kept by the Nazis, but not one name of anyone who died in a gas chamber….

As everyone knows, the Nazis kept meticulous records of EVERYTHING — except the names of the Jews who were gassed in the death camps.

These Nazi records have been kept, for years, in “an inconspicuous white building” in the town of Arolsen, Germany.  The records contain the names of 17.5 million people, but not one name of a Jew who was gassed, according to a news story which you can read in full here.

Miles and miles of records, but no records of gassing

Miles and miles of records, but no records of gassing

This quote is from the news article:

International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen contains 30 million documents on survivors of Nazi camps, Gestapo prisons, forced laborers and displaced persons. […]

The 25 kilometers of yellowing papers include typed lists of Jews, homosexuals and other persecuted groups, files on children born in the Nazi Lebensborn program to breed a master race, and registers of arrivals and departures from concentration camps. […]

The Nazis’ meticulous record-keeping stopped only when Jews and other victims were herded into gas chambers.

“At death camps like Sobibor or Auschwitz, only natural causes of death are recorded – heart failure or pneumonia,” said spokeswoman, Kathrin Flor. “There’s no mention of gassing. The last evidence of many lives is the transport to the camp.”

Wait a minute!  There are no records of anyone being gassed at Sobibor, a camp that was strictly a death camp?

Auschwitz was a multi-purpose camp with three separate locations, and some of the prisoners worked.  But the only purpose of the Sobibor camp was to get rid of (ausrotten) the Jews  by mass gassing in large gas chambers, using either carbon monoxide or Zyklon-B.

The Jews, who were NOT gassed at Auschwitz, were registered and given an identification number which was tattooed on their arm.  The Jews, who got off the transport trains at Auschwitz, and were waved to the left by Dr. Mengele, were not registered and no records of their deaths in the gas chamber were kept.

It is understandable that the Nazis would not have wanted to keep a record of death by gassing, but they could have made up some other name, a euphemism for gassing.  Something like “went up the chimney” or shot while attempting to escape (Auf der Flucht erschossen).

By being remiss in recording the deaths from gassing, the Nazis caused the number of recorded deaths at Auschwitz to be embarrassingly low, although ESTIMATES of the Auschwitz deaths are now as high as 1.5 million.  The lack of records has led to Holocaust denial.  If only the Nazis had just kept records of the names of each person who was gassed.  Would it have killed them to have a guy standing at the door into the gas chamber, taking names to put into their vast records, which they kept for future generations?

You can read about the Nazi gas chambers here.