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May 19, 2013

Did a 62-year-old nun with a slegdehammer really make an opening in a guard tower at Dachau for a door into a nunnery?

Earlier today, I wrote a long comment on my blog about a blog post written by another blogger.  My new post today is a continuation of my criticism of what my fellow blogger wrote. I am writing about how the Carmelite convent, just outside of the Dachau Memorial Site, was built.

A Catholic convent was built just outside the north wall of the Dachau camp

A Catholic convent was built just outside the north wall of the Dachau camp

The Carmelite Convent, called Karmel Heilig-Blut, was designed by Josef Wiedemann, the same architect who designed the Catholic Church and its bell tower. The foundation stone was laid by Dr. Johannes Neuhäusler, a former inmate in the camp, at a ceremony on April 28, 1963. The spot where the convent was built was formerly a pond that was filled with gravel when the Nazis rebuilt the camp in 1937. Construction started in August 1963 and the finished convent was dedicated on November 22, 1964.

This quote is from the blog post which you can read in full here:

To leave things on a slightly less depressing note (although I feel like a post about Dachau is allowed–nay, expected–to be a downer), in the years since the war, a convent has been built adjacent to the camp grounds.The sisters wanted the entrance gate to the convent to be through one of the old guard towers at the far end of the camp, near the various religious monuments, but the Powers That Be (the earthly ones, I mean) kept saying no. “The problem was solved,” our guide told us, “by a sixty-two-year-old nun with a sledgehammer”–thus confirming my belief in the inherent badassery of nuns everywhere. The power of Christ compels you, indeed.

No legal action was taken against the nun; a group of Roma people (gypsies) backed her up and lent their support to the convent’s unorthodox building plans. And the gate to the convent remains there (after a bit of touching up…sledgehammer holes aren’t that pretty) to this day, a symbol that Dachau is no longer an enclosed prison, but an open memorial site.

There may have been a nun wielding a sledgehammer, but I am guessing that the nun was allowed to make the first hole in a guard tower at Dachau, in a symbolic ceremony in 1963, when one of the original guard towers at Dachau was remodeled to make an entrance into the Catholic convent.

Entrance into the convent is through a guard tower

Entrance into the convent is through a guard tower

After Dachau was liberated, the “Powers That Be” were the members of the International Committee of Dachau which is still, to this day, in charge of the Dachau Memorial Site.  Just before the acting Commandant, Martin Gottfried Weiss, left the Dachau camp in April 1945, when the American liberators were on their way, he turned the camp over to this Committee, which was headed by Albert Guérisse, a British SOE agent who had been imprisoned at Dachau because he was an illegal combatant, aiding the French Resistance.

The man in charge of the construction of a convent at Dachau was Dr. Johannes Neuhäusler. As a former inmate in the Dachau camp, he headed the projects to build both the convent and the Church of the Mortal Agony of Christ, which was the very first memorial built at Dachau.

When the American liberators arrived at Dachau on April 29, 1945, the majority of the prisoners in the camp were Polish Catholics. According to the US Army census, there were 2,539 Jews in the camp, most of them having arrived in the last days and weeks of the war, after being evacuated from other camps.

A Catholic church was the first memorial built at Dachau

A Catholic church was the first memorial built at Dachau

The name of the Catholic chapel at Dachau is Todeangst Christi. It is usually translated in English as “Mortal Agony of Christ” although the literal translation of the German title would be “Christ’s Mortal Anxiety.” The church was built in 1960 at the instigation of Dr. Johannes Neuhäusler, a former inmate of the camp who became a Bishop in Munich after the war. Neuhäusler had been arrested in 1941 for breaking one of the laws of the Nazi government by publicly reading the critical writings of Cardinal Faulhaber, who opposed the Nazi regime. He was first taken to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp for political prisoners near Berlin and then transferred to Dachau a few months later.

The guard towers at Dachau were torn down after the camp was liberated; the guard towers that you see there today are reconstructions, except for the guard tower which has a door into the Catholic convent, which is the only original tower.

When the Dachau concentration camp was in operation, there were no doors into the guard towers from inside the camp, since this would have allowed the prisoners to break into the towers and kill the guards.

Door into the Catholic Convent at Dachau is through a guard tower

Door into the Catholic Convent at Dachau is through a guard tower

The guard tower, which is now an entrance to the Catholic convent, had to be remodeled to make a door from the Dachau Memorial Site into the convent.  There may have been a ceremony when this door was created.  I can see Neuhäusler handing a sledgehammer to the oldest nun and giving her the honor of making the first blow in the construction of  a new door into the guard tower.

The Jewish Memorial at Dachau was not built until 1967.  It is very close to the Catholic convent, and the Jews have complained about the tiny cross on the convent building, but the cross is still there.

Jewish Memorial at Dachau is very close to the Catholic convent

Jewish Memorial at Dachau is very close to the Catholic convent

Tiny cross on Catholic convent offends the Jews

Tiny cross on Catholic convent offends the Jews

Note the contrast between the Catholic convent and the Jewish Memorial. One is dark and ominous, and the other is light and welcoming.

The Dachau Memorial site has turned into a memorial to the Jews.  Tourists go there to pay their respects to the Jews who died in the Holocaust.  The fact that Dachau was a camp mainly for political prisoners, who were predominantly Catholic, has been completely lost.  The former shower room at Dachau is now explained away as a place where the Nazis tested gassing methods.  The gas chamber is the linchpin of the Holocaust and you can’t have a Memorial to the Jews without a gas chamber.


  1. Sorry for being completely off subject, but I wanted to post this regarding the young Palestinian kid shot by the IDF during one of their many Gaza invasions :-

    ‘Israel says ‘no proof’ its troops shot Mohammed al-Dura’

    ‘Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed the findings.
    “This is a manifestation of the ongoing, mendacious campaign to delegitimise Israel. There is only one way to counter lies, and that is through the truth,” he said.’

    Of course it is….

    Comment by DB — May 20, 2013 @ 9:55 am

    • Sorry, but I am not on Netanyahu’s side on this one. The child was killed in the crossfire when both sides were shooting. Unless a bullet was taken out of the child’s body, that can be identified as an Israeli bullet, there is no proof that he was shot by Israelis. However, I don’t approve of the whole situation in Israel with regard to the Palestinians.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 20, 2013 @ 10:43 am

      • Of course, we don’t know who fired the bullet that killed the poor boy. I just found his answer rather typical, ‘to delegitimise Israel’ etc, and the one about countering lies with the truth.
        I wonder if he’d like to hear one or two obvious truths about the ‘holocaust’?

        Comment by DB — May 20, 2013 @ 10:52 am

  2. Rival Anne Frank™ charities wage bitter fight

    Two organizations bearing Anne Frank’s name are in a bitter dispute over the possession of the Frank family archive, in an echo of a court battle they fought in the 1990s over which one had the right to trademark the Holocaust victim’s name. is what

    Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — May 19, 2013 @ 9:50 pm

    • I visited the Anne Frank house and it was all about making money. There was a store where visitors could buy books, videos, photos and other souvenirs. Tourists were not allowed to take photos or bring back packs into the annex where Anne and her family hid. That means that, if you want a photo, you have to purchase it there. There was also a cafeteria where visitors could eat.

      I was worried about climbing the steep stairs up to the rooms where Anne lived, so I asked if there was another way to get up there. I was told that there was no other way — I had to take my life in my hands and climb the steep stairs. Later, I found out that there is a way to take an elevator to the top, but it is only for important people, not tourists like me. Anyway, I survived the stairs and thankfully, there is a way to get down without going down the steep stairs.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 20, 2013 @ 10:35 am

  3. I sincerely hope that the Catholic Cross on the Catholic Convent offends and irritates these Godless Eastern European Asiatic Mongol Turkic Khazar Talmudic Zionist Communists as much as that false Star of David offends Christians and non-Christians alike. I am very curious about the wording: KARMEL~ HEILIG ~ BLUT ~ (DACHAU),. I will have to investigate.
    Having said that, The Vatican and The Roman Catholic Church are guilty of either directly or indirectly, via political blackmail, of promoting/supporting perhaps one of the most infamous fabrications in human history: the HOLLOW-HOAX which has been the mechanism of extortion at least since 1945/1948 which has extorted billions of dollars from Germany to finance the Marxist
    Communist Zionist State in Occupied Palestine. Neither The Vatican or The Roman Catholic Church has anything to apologize for, unless they want to apologize to the Godless for daring to defend Christian Western Europe against Godless Marxist Communist Zionism. How ironic that The Roman Catholic Church erects a (shrine?) to a total historical fabrication.
    Global Marxist Communist Zionism should erect monuments across Western Europe, and especially in Germany, to honour and pay homage to the millions who perished in a war,( and especially to those German and European soldiers who died in defense of Christian/Catholic Western Civilization), instigated and financed by International Finance and International Judea – “Judea Declares War on Germany” = “Judea Declares War on Western Civilization.” The Roman Catholic Church and The Vatican should ask themselves:”What price (30) Pieces of Silver?” (Jomi) (John-Joseph: Saintclair (1.20)

    Comment by John-Joseph: Saintclair — May 19, 2013 @ 10:57 am

    • Karmel Heilig Blut means “Carmelite holy blood” which is the name of the nunnery. The Carmelite nuns are an order of nuns in the Catholic church. “Holy blood” is a reference to the blood of Christ.

      It was the Catholics who decided to kick the homeless refugees out and turn Dachau into a Memorial Site to honor the numerous Catholics who were imprisoned there. All that has gone by the wayside now, and Dachau is a Memorial to a few thousand Jews who were prisoners there in the last days of the war.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 19, 2013 @ 11:48 am

    • One of the Holocaust beliefs, which you must believe in order not to be labeled a “Holocaust denier,” is the claim that Jews were brought to Dachau in the last days of the war in order to be killed. I blogged about that at

      This belief is taught by Holocaust professor Harold Marcuse, among other Holocaustians.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 19, 2013 @ 11:58 am

    • Furtherglory: Many thanks for the info. I can at least echo a sigh of relief that the symbolism on the Carmelite Nunnery was not dedicated to the Hollow-Hoax, or rather “Holocaustianity.” (Jomi)

      Comment by John-Joseph: Saintclair — May 20, 2013 @ 9:11 am

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