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May 22, 2013

Irene Zisblatt says that she was “put on” a train at Auschwitz by a “Sonderkommando boy” who wouldn’t tell her his name

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Irene Zisblatt points to spot where her tatoo was removed by Dr. Mengele

Irene Zisblatt points to the spot under her arm where her tattoo was removed by Dr. Mengele

I previously blogged here about how famous Holocaust survivor Irene Zisblatt got stuck in the door of a gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau, but was saved when a Sonderkommando, who was working in the crematorium, wrapped her in a blanket and threw her over a 10 foot high barbed wire fence.

It seems that Irene has modified her story a bit since I last read about her in the news.  She told a room full of Jewish students at Ohio State University in May 2011 about her famous escape from the gas chamber.

According to a newspaper article about her talk, which you can read in full here, Irene was not thrown over a 10 foot high fence into a railroad car.  No, she was “put on” a railroad car, according to the news story.  The Sonderkommando boy, who helped her, refused to tell her his name.  He had only 3 days to live, at that point, because as everyone knows, the Sonderkommando men and boys were killed every 3 months, (or was it every 6 weeks?) so that they could not bear witness in the future.  Only the last group of Sonderkommandos were saved and marched out of Auschwitz, so that they could tell the story of the gas chambers.

It could be that the reporter who wrote the newspaper article changed Irene’s description of her escape, so as not to cause people like me to make fun of her.  Maybe she was still sticking to her story about being tossed over a 10 ft. high fence when she spoke to the students.

Another thing that Irene changed in her story, as told to the Ohio State University students, is the frequency with which she swallowed her diamonds.  In her talk, she didn’t say that she swallowed the diamonds every day.

When I wrote about Irene on my website here four years ago, I was asked by a Holocaust True Believer to omit her story, but I declined.  Irene Zisblatt is an embarrassment to the Holocaust True Believer community, but apparently this doesn’t bother her.

Irene is comparable to Elie Wiesel who soldiers on in spite of the widespread belief that his Holocaust story is a complete fake.  You can read a serious article, written by Carolyn Yeager, about Irene’s fake story in a 5-part article, entitled The Fifth Diamond: A Special Jewel in the Genre of Holocaust Horror Stories.

According to the news article, cited above, Irene has told her story to 6 million people on the lecture circuit, or one person for each Jew that died in the Holocaust, and that was two years ago.