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May 29, 2013

Holocaust survivor was saved from the gas chamber when she traded places with a twin who was in line ahead of her…

According to a news article entitled Elderly Survivors Win New Benefits which you can read in full here, a Holocaust survivor told this story of how she survived the selection for the gas chamber:

The woman, who was seated in a chair at a day care center in B’nai B’rak, told the delegation that ahead of her on the selection line [at Auschwitz-Birkenau] were a set of twins. One was sent to the right — which turned out to be the gas chamber — and the other to the left, for work. The woman said she was next in line and was ordered to the right.

“But the twins were inconsolable about being separated and pleaded with her to switch so that they could stay together,” Schneider said. “So she switched places and instead of going to the gas chamber, she went to the work camp and the twins were sent to the gas chamber. Hearing her story was a very dramatic, emotional moment for the German delegation.”

This must have been the one day that Dr. Josef Mengele was not doing the selections for the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau.  He would never have gassed a set of twins.  As every Holocaust believer knows, Dr. Mengele would have saved the twins for his experiments on hereditary conditions.  And Dr. Mengele would have sent the Jews to the LEFT for the gas chamber, not to the right.  Thousands of Holocaust survivors have testified that the Jews, who were sent to the left, were gassed.

The woman who claimed that she was saved from the gas chamber, when she was sent to the LEFT, was speaking to a delegation of Jews from a Claims Conference, which was extorting more money from the Germans.  I previously blogged about the reparations that Germany has paid to the Jews at

According to the news article:  Despite questions on Claims Conference fraud investigation, Germans approve $1 billion — largest amount ever — for seniors’ home care.

In other words, the German government has approved $1 billion to be given to Holocaust survivors who were children at the time that they were not gassed.  This is after the Jews perpetrated a $57.3 million fraud against the Claims Conference, taking money that Germany had given to Holocaust survivors.

This quote is from the news article:

…. last week’s agreement comes in the wake of the successful prosecution of all 31 people arrested and convicted in the $57.3 million fraud perpetrated against the Claims Conference. No survivors’ money was lost in the scam, which involved Claims Conference employees fabricating claims that were paid by the German government over the course of some 15 years.

Eizenstat said the German government had been “informed of the fraud for years and insisted on additional auditing when the revelations first broke. The fact that the trial is now over [for the three defendants who pleaded not guilty] and that they have been found guilty was satisfying to them. It shows that the justice system here works.”

So 68 years after the Holocaust, Germany is still paying reparations to the Jews and supporting elderly Jewish survivors, who were mistakenly not gassed.  And this in spite of massive fraud perpetrated by the Jews.

How long will the German people go on paying billions to the Jews?  Until the end of time!  After all the survivors of the gas chamber are gone, the children of the survivors will continue to collect money from Germany while they continue to spew hatred of the German people.