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May 29, 2013

Holocaust survivor was saved from the gas chamber when she traded places with a twin who was in line ahead of her…

According to a news article entitled Elderly Survivors Win New Benefits which you can read in full here, a Holocaust survivor told this story of how she survived the selection for the gas chamber:

The woman, who was seated in a chair at a day care center in B’nai B’rak, told the delegation that ahead of her on the selection line [at Auschwitz-Birkenau] were a set of twins. One was sent to the right — which turned out to be the gas chamber — and the other to the left, for work. The woman said she was next in line and was ordered to the right.

“But the twins were inconsolable about being separated and pleaded with her to switch so that they could stay together,” Schneider said. “So she switched places and instead of going to the gas chamber, she went to the work camp and the twins were sent to the gas chamber. Hearing her story was a very dramatic, emotional moment for the German delegation.”

This must have been the one day that Dr. Josef Mengele was not doing the selections for the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau.  He would never have gassed a set of twins.  As every Holocaust believer knows, Dr. Mengele would have saved the twins for his experiments on hereditary conditions.  And Dr. Mengele would have sent the Jews to the LEFT for the gas chamber, not to the right.  Thousands of Holocaust survivors have testified that the Jews, who were sent to the left, were gassed.

The woman who claimed that she was saved from the gas chamber, when she was sent to the LEFT, was speaking to a delegation of Jews from a Claims Conference, which was extorting more money from the Germans.  I previously blogged about the reparations that Germany has paid to the Jews at

According to the news article:  Despite questions on Claims Conference fraud investigation, Germans approve $1 billion — largest amount ever — for seniors’ home care.

In other words, the German government has approved $1 billion to be given to Holocaust survivors who were children at the time that they were not gassed.  This is after the Jews perpetrated a $57.3 million fraud against the Claims Conference, taking money that Germany had given to Holocaust survivors.

This quote is from the news article:

…. last week’s agreement comes in the wake of the successful prosecution of all 31 people arrested and convicted in the $57.3 million fraud perpetrated against the Claims Conference. No survivors’ money was lost in the scam, which involved Claims Conference employees fabricating claims that were paid by the German government over the course of some 15 years.

Eizenstat said the German government had been “informed of the fraud for years and insisted on additional auditing when the revelations first broke. The fact that the trial is now over [for the three defendants who pleaded not guilty] and that they have been found guilty was satisfying to them. It shows that the justice system here works.”

So 68 years after the Holocaust, Germany is still paying reparations to the Jews and supporting elderly Jewish survivors, who were mistakenly not gassed.  And this in spite of massive fraud perpetrated by the Jews.

How long will the German people go on paying billions to the Jews?  Until the end of time!  After all the survivors of the gas chamber are gone, the children of the survivors will continue to collect money from Germany while they continue to spew hatred of the German people.


  1. My only hope is that all you viscious people who hate Jews so much have “their fabled suffering” inflicted on you one day!
    Your viscious anti-Semitism makes me so sick to my stomach. Thank God we Evangelical Christians stand with the Jewish people. Is there fraud by some Jews, of course, but that is sadly, human nature. I have met many elderly holocaust survivors, some of who refuse to take a dime of what they see as blood money from Germany.

    I think the program should end now, if only so that you hateful people will shut your mouths. The Jewish people have the resources to look after their own. I hope many of you enjoy your new status as dhimmi-subjects in the United Islamic States of Europe. Sounds un-Christian, I know, and I apologize for not being a very good Christian.

    Comment by Victor — July 21, 2014 @ 11:18 am

    • You completely missed the point that I was trying to make in this blog post. I was being critical of this woman, who was obviously lying about trading places with a twin. As everyone knows, Dr. Mengele was at the ramp when every train load of Jews came into the Birkenau camp; he saved all the twins for his experiments on twins. Her lie points out the truth of the Holcaust, which is that NO ONE was sent to the gas chambers, which didn’t exist.

      You think that “hateful people” should shut their mouths. What about hateful Jews who tell obvious lies to make money off their “Holocaust survivor” stories?

      Comment by furtherglory — July 21, 2014 @ 1:06 pm

    • 2000 YEARS OF TERROR


      The earliest of historians, Herodotus, informs us about the Hebrew cult of human sacrifice.
      He writes: “The Hebrews sacrificed humans to their God Moloch.” (Herodotus, Vol. II, p. 45)
      Christ said to the Jews: “Your father was a murderer from the beginning.” (John 8:44) By
      this he meant Moloch-Yahweh, the supreme Jewish Devil-God. Also, the prophets Isaiah
      (57:5), Jeremiah (7:30- 31), Ezekiel (26:26-30), and Micah (6:7) reproached the Jews for
      their abominable offerings. Isaiah said:

      “You enflame yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys
      under the cliffs of the rocks!”

      The ritual murders that have been passed down through writings since before the time of
      Christ until today are:

      169 B.C. — “King Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria, during the plundering of the Temple of
      Jerusalem, found a Greek lying on a bed in a secret chamber. He begged the King to rescue
      him. When he began to beg, the attendants told him that a secret law commanded the Jews
      to sacrifice human beings at a certain time annually. They therefore searched for a stranger
      which they could get in their power. They fattened him, led him into the woods, sacrificed
      him, ate some of his flesh, drank some of his blood, and threw the remains of his body into a
      ditch.” (Josephus, Jewish historian. Contra Apionem)

      418 A.D. — Baronius reports the crucifixion of a boy by the Jews at Imm, between Aleppo
      and Antioch.

      419 A.D. — In the Syrian district of Imnestar, between Chalcis and Antioch, the Jews tied a
      Christian boy to a cross on a holiday and flogged him to death. (Socrat)

      425 A.D. — Baronius reports the crucifixion of a boy.

      614 A.D. — After the conquest of Jerusalem, the Jews purchased, for a small amount of
      money, 90,000 prisoners from the Persian King Chosros II and murdered them all in the
      most disgusting ways. (Cluverius, Epitome his. p. 386)

      1071 A.D. — Several Jews from Blois crucified a child during the Easter celebration, put his
      body into a sack and threw it into the Loire. Count Theobald had the guilty ones burned
      alive. (Robert of Mons, Mon. Germ. hist. Script VI 520)

      1144 A.D. — In Norwich, during Passover, 12-year-old St. William was tied by the local Jews,
      hanged from a cross, and his blood drained from a wound in his side. The Jews hid the
      corpse in the nearby woods. They were surprised by a local citizen, Eilverdus, who was
      bribed with money to keep quiet. Despite this the crime still became notorious. (Acta sancta,
      III March, Vol., p. 590)

      1160 A.D. — The Jews of Gloucester crucified a child (Mons Germ. hist. Script 520)

      1179 A.D. — In Pontoise, on March 25th before Passover, the Jews butchered and drained
      St. Richard’s body of blood. Due to this, the Jews were expelled from France. (Rob. of Turn.,
      Rig.u.Guillel. Amor.)

      1181 A.D. — In London, around Easter, near the church of St. Edmund, the Jews murdered a
      child by the name of Roertus. (Acta sanct. III March Vol., 591)

      1181 A.D. — In Saragossa, the Jews murdered a child named Dominico. (Blanca Hispania
      illustrata, tom. Ill, p. 657)

      1191 A.D. — The Jews of Braisme crucified a Christian who had accused them of robbery and
      murder, after they had previously dragged him through the town. Due to this King Philip
      Augustus, who had personally come to Braisme, burned eighty of them, (rigordus. Hist.

      1220 A.D. — In Weissenburg, in Alsace, on the 29th of June, the Jews murdered a boy, St.
      Heinrich. (Murer, Helvetia sancta.)

      1225 A.D. — In Munich a woman, enticed by Jewish gold, stole a small child from her
      neighbor. The Jews drained the blood from the child. Caught in her second attempt, the
      criminal was handed over to the courts. (Meichelbeck, Hist. Bavariae II. 94)

      1235 A.D. — the Jews committed the same crime on December 1st in Erfut. (Henri
      Desportes, Le mystere du sang, 66)

      1236 A.D. — In Hagenau in Alsace, three Christian boys from the region of Fulda were
      attacked by the Jews in a mill during the night and killed in order to obtain their blood.
      (Trithemius; Chronicle of Albert of Strassburg)

      1239 A.D. — A general uprising in London because of a murder committed secretly by the
      Jews. (Matthew v. Paris, Grande Chron.)

      1240 A.D. — In Norwich the Jews circumcised a Christian child and kept him hidden in the
      ghetto in order to crucify him later. After a long search, the father found his child and
      reported it to the Bishop Wilhelm of Rete. (Matthew v. Paris, op. cit. V. 39)

      1244 A.D. — In St. Benedict’s churchyard in London, the corpse of a boy was found which
      bore cuts and scratches and, in several places, Hebrew characters. He had been tortured and
      killed; and his blood had been drained. Baptized Jews, forced to interpret the Hebrew signs,
      found the name of the child’s parents and read that the child had been sold to the Jews when
      it was very young. Distinguished Jews left the city in secret. The Catholic Church venerated
      the Martyr under the name of St. Paul.

      1250 A.D. — The Jews of Saragossa adopted the horrible dogma that everyone who deliverd
      a Christian child for sacrifice would be freed from all taxes and debts. In June, 1250, Moses
      Albay-Huzet (Also called Albajucetto) delivered the 7-year-old Dominico del Val to the Jews
      for crucifixion. (Johan. a Lent, Schedias, hist, de pseudomes, judaeorum, p. 33)

      1255 A.D. — At Lincoln, in England, on Peter and Paul’s Day, 8-year-old St. Hugh was stolen
      by the local Jews, hidden, and later crucified. The Jews beat him with rods for so long that he
      almost lost all his blood. (Acta santa 6 July 494)

      1257 A.D. —So that they could commit their annual sacrifice, the Jews of London butchered
      a Christian child. (Cluvirius, epitome historiarum, p. 541. col I)

      1260 A.D. — The Jews of Weissenburg killed a child (Annal. Colmariens)1261 A.D. –In
      Pforzheim a 7-year-old girl who had been delivered to the Jews, was laid on a linen cloth and
      stabbed on her limbs in order to soak the cloth with blood. Afterwards the corpse was thrown
      into the river. (Thomas, Cantipratanus, de ratione Vitae.)

      1279 A.D. —The most respectable Jews of London crucified a Christian child on April 2nd.
      (Florent de Worcester, Chron. 222)

      1279 A.D. — The crucifixion of a Christian child at Northampton after unheard-of tortures.
      (Henri Desportes Le mystere du sang, 67)

      1282 A.D. — In l^junich the Jews purchased a snnall boy and stabbed hinn all over his body.
      (Rader., Bavar. sancta I. Bd. p. 315)

      1283 A.D. — A child was sold by his nurse to the Jews of Mainz , who killed it. (Baroerus ad
      annum No. 61. Annalen von Colmar)

      1286 A.D. — In Munich the Jews martyred two boys. The wooden synagogue was encircled
      with fire and 180 Jews burnt to death. (Murer, Helvetia sancta.)

      1286 A.D. — In April, at Oberwesel on the Rhine, 14-year-old St. Werner was slowly tortured
      to death by the Jews over a period of 3 days. (Act. set. II. Bd. b. Apr. p. 697 bis 740.)

      1287 A.D. — The Jews in Bern kidnapped St. Rudolf at the Passover, horribly tortured the
      child and finally slit his throat. (Hein, Murer, Helvetia sancta.)

      1292 A.D. – In Colmar, the Jews killed a boy. (Ann. Colm., II, 30)

      1293 A.D. — In Krems, the Jews sacrificed a child. Two of the murderers were punished; the
      others saved themselves through the power of gold. (Monum. XI, 658)

      1294 A.D. —In Bern, the Jews murdered a child again. (Ann Colm., II, 32; Henri Desportes,
      Le mystere du sang, p. 70)

      1302 A.D. — In Reneken the same crime. (Ann. Colm. II, 32)

      1303 A.D. — At Weissensee in Thuringen the young student Conrad, the son of a soldier, was
      killed at Easter. His muscles were cut to pieces and his veins were opened in order to drain
      all his blood.

      1305 A.D. — In Prague, around Easter, a Christian, who was forced by poverty to work for
      the Jews, was nailed to a cross; while naked, he was beaten with rods and spat on in the
      face. (Tentzel)

      1320 A.D. — In Puy, a choirboy of the local church was sacrificed.

      1321 A.D. –In Annecy a young priest was killed. The Jews were expelled from the town by a
      decree of King Phillip V. (Denis de Saint-Mart.)

      1331 A.D. —At Uberlingen in present-day Baden the Jews threw the son of a citizen named
      Frey into a well. The incisions found later on the body proved that previous to this his blood
      had been drained. (Joh. Vitoduran, Chronik.)

      1338 A.D. – The Jews butchered a noble from Franconia in Munich. His brother prepared a
      veritable bloodbath for the Jews. (Henri Desport)

      1345 A.D. — In Munich, the Jews opened the veins of a little boy Heinrich, and stabbed him
      more than 60 times. The church canonized Heinrich. (Rad. Bav. set. II p. 333)

      1347 A.D. — In Messina a child was crucified on Good Friday. (Henri Desport)

      1349 A.D. –The Jews wanted to attack and kill Christians assembled in their church at
      Rothenburg. A Jew’s maidservant exposed the Jewish murder plot, and the Christians
      stormed out of their church and killed all the Jews. (Ziegler, Schauplatz p. 396 col. 1,2.
      Eisenmenger, entdecktes Judentum II, p. 219)

      1350 A.D. —The boy Johannes, a student of the monastic school of St. Sigbert in Cologne,
      drew his last breath after being stabbed by local Jews. (Acta sancta., aus den Kirchenakten
      V. Koln.)

      1380 A.D. — At Hagenbach in Swabia several Jews were surprised while butchering a
      Christian child. (Martin Crusius, Yearbook of Swabia, Part III, BookV)

      1401 A.D. –At Diessenhofen in Switzerland (near Schaffhausen), 4-year-old Conrad Lory
      was murdered. His blood was said to have been sold by the groom Johann Zahn for 3 florins
      to the Jew Michael Vitelman. (Acta sancta.)

      1407 A.D. –The Jews were expelled from Switzerland because of a similar crime in the same
      region, (ibid.)

      1410 A.D. — In Thuringia the Jews were driven out because of ritual murder that was
      discovered. (Boll. II, April 838. Baronius 31)

      1429 A.D. — At Ravensburg in Wurttemberg, Ludwig van Bruck, a Christian boy from
      Switzerland who was studying in the town and living among the Jews, was martyred by 3
      Jews amid numerous tortures and sexual violations. This happened during a big Jewish
      festival (Passover) between Easter and Whitsun. (Baron. 31, Acta sancta. III. Bd. des April p.

      1440 A.D. — A Jewish doctor in Pavia, Simon of Ancona, beheaded a four- year-old child
      which was stolen and brought to him by a degenerate Christian. The crime became notorious
      when a dog jumped out of a window into the street with the child’s head. The murderer
      escaped. (Alphonsus Spina, de bello Judaeorum lib. III. confid. 7.)

      1452 A.D. — In Savona, several Jews killed a 2-year-old Christian child. They pierced his
      whole body and collected the blood in the vessel they used for the circumcision of their
      children, the Jews dripped small pieces of sliced fruit into the blood and enjoyed a meal of
      them. (Alphonsus Spina, de bello Judaeorum lib. Ill, confid. 7.)

      1453 A.D. — In Breslau, the Jews stole a child, fattened him and put him in a barrel lined
      with nails, which they rolled back and forth in order to draw the child’s blood. (Henri
      Desportes, Le mystere du sang, 75)

      1454 A.D. — On the estates of Louis of Almanza in Castile, two Jews killed a Christian boy.
      They tore out his heart and burned it; threw the ashes into wine which they drank with their
      co-religionists. By spending considerable sums they succeeded in delaying the trial, since two
      of the three lawyers were of Jewish descent. Thereafter the Jews were banished from Spain.
      (Alphonsus Spina, de bello Judaeorum)

      1462 A.D. — In a birchwood at Rinn near Innsbruck the boy Andreas Oxner was sold to the
      Jews and sacrificed. The church canonized him. A chapel called “Zum Judenstein” (‘To the
      Jews’ Rock’) was built. (Acta sancta.. III. July Vol I. 472)

      1468 A.D. — At Sepulveda, in Old Castile, the Jews crucified a Christian woman on Good
      Friday upon the order of the Rabbi Solomon Pecho. (Did. de Colm. Gesch. v. Seg.)

      1470 A.D. –In Baden the Jews were convicted of the murder of a Christian child. (Tho. Patr.

      1475 A.D. — In Trent on March 23rd (Maundy Thursday) before Passover, the Jews sacrificed
      a 29-month-old baby, St. Simon.

      1476 A.D. — The Jews in Regensburg murdered six children. The judge, in the underground
      vault of a Jew named Josfol, found the remains of the murdered victims as well as a stone
      bowl speckled with blood on a kind of altar. (Raderus Bavaria sancta Band III, 174)

      1480 A.D. — In Treviso, a crime similar to the one in Trent was committed: the murder of
      the canonized Sebastiano of Porto-Buffole from Bergamo. The Jews drained his blood. (H.
      Desportes, Le mystere du sang 80)

      1480 A.D. — At Motta in Venice the Jews killed a child at Easter. (Acta sancta I. Bd d. April

      1485 A.D. — In Vecenza, the Jews butchered St. Laurentius. (Pope Benedict XIV Bull. Beatus

      1490 A.D. — At Guardia, near Toledo, the Jews crucified a child. (Acta sancta I. Bd. d. April

      1494 A.D. — At Tyrnau in Hungary, 12 Jews seized a Christian boy, opened his veins, and
      carefully collected his blood. They drank some of it and preserved the rest for their co-
      religionists. (Banfin Fasti, ungar. br. III. Dec. 5)

      1503 A.D. — In Langendenzlingen a father handed his 4-year-old child over to two Jews from
      Waldkirchen in Baden for 10 florins under the condition that he would be returned alive after
      a small amount of blood had been drained. However, they drained so much blood from the
      child that it died. (Acta sancta. II Bd. des April p. 839: Dr. Joh. Eck, Judebbuchlien)

      1505 A.D. — A crime, similar to the one in Langendenzlingen in 1503, was attempted at
      Budweis in Bohemia. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang. 81)

      1509 A.D — Several Jews profaned the host brought from a sanctuary dealer and murdered
      several Christian children. (Cluverius, Epitome hist. etc. p. 579)

      1509 A.D. —The Jews in Bosingen (Hungary) kidnapped the child of a wheelwright, dragged
      him to the cellar, tortured him horribly, opened all his veins and sucked out the blood with
      quills. Afterwards they threw his body in a hedge, which the Jews admitted after repeated
      denials. (Ziegler Schonplatz p. 588, col. 1,2)

      1510 A.D. — In Berlin, the Jews Salomon, Jacob, Aaron, Levi Isaac, Rabbi Mosch and the
      butcher Jacob were accused of buying a three- or four-year-old Christian boy for 10 florins
      from a stranger, laying him on a table in a cellar, and puncturing him with needles in the
      large blood-rich veins until he was finally slaughtered by the butcher Jacob. An enormous
      trial began, and eventually a hundred Jews were locked in the Berlin prison. They partially
      admitted to having bought Christian children from strangers, stabbing them, draining their
      blood, and drinking the blood in case of illness or preserving it with tomatoes, ginger, and
      honey. No fewer than 41 of the accused Jews were sentenced to death-by-burning after their
      confession. All the other Jews were banished from the Mark of Brandenburg. (Richard Mun:
      ‘The Jews in Berlin’)

      1520 A.D. — The Jews in Hungary repeated the crime of 1494 by murdering a Christian child
      in Tyrnau and Biring, and draining its blood. (Acta sancta II. Bd. d. April p. 839)

      1525 A.D. — A ritual murder in Budapest caused a widespread anti-Semitic movement
      among the population. In this year the Jews were expelled from Hungary (Henry Desportes,
      Le mystere du sang 81)

      1540 A.D. — At Sappenfeld in Bavaria, 4-year-old michael Pisenharter was kidnapped from
      his father before Easter and taken to Titting (North of Ingolstadt), where he suffered the
      most horrible tortures for three days, his veins were opened and his blood drained. The
      corpse showed signs of a crucifixion. The blood was found in Posingen. (Raderus, Bavaria
      sancta. III. Bd. 176f)

      1547 A.D. — At Rava in Poland 2 Jews stole a tailor’s boy named Michael and crucified him.
      (Acta sancta II. Bd. April p. 839)

      1569 A.D. –In Vitov (Poland) Johann, the 2-year-old son of the widow Kozmianina, was
      savagely murdered by Jacob, a Jew of Leipzig. (Acta sancta ebenda.)

      1571 A.D. — M.A. Bradaginus was butchered by the Jews. (Seb. Munster, Cosmographia)

      1571 A.D. — Joachim II, Elector of Brandenburg, was poisoned by a Jew with whom he had a
      trusting association. (Scheidanus X. Buch. seiner Hist. pag. 60)

      1573 A.D. — In Berlin a child who had been purchased from a beggar was tortured to death
      by a Jew. (Sartorious p. 53)

      1574 A.D. — At Punia in Latvia, the Jew Joachim Smierlowitz killed a 7- year-old girl called
      Elizabeth shortly before Passover. An inscription and a painting in the Chapel of the Holy
      Cross at Wilna proves that the child’s blood was mixed with flour which was used in the
      preparation of Easter cakes. At about this time a Christian boy in Zglobice was stolen and
      taken to Tarnow, where another Christian boy was found in the hands of the Jews under
      suspicious circumstances: both were freed in time. (Act. sancta II. Bd. d. April p. 839)

      1575 A.D. –The Jews killed a child, Michael of Jacobi. (Desportes) 1586 A.D. —In a series of
      cases Christian children were snatched away from their parents and killed; by breaking down
      these crimes, Rupert traced them back to the Jews. (Brouver Trier’schen Ann. v. J. 1856)

      1592 A.D. — At Wilna, a 7-year-old Christian boy, Simon, was horribly tortured to death by
      the Jews. More than 170 wounds, made by knives and scissors, were found on his body,
      besides the numerous cuts under his finger- and toe-nails. (Acta sancta III. Bd. des Juli)

      1595 A.D. — At Costyn in Posen a child was tortured to death by the Jews. (Acta sancta 389)

      1597 A.D. — In Szydlov the blood of a child was used in the consecration of a new
      synagogue. They eyelids, neck, veins, limbs, and even the sexual organs of the child showed
      countless punctures. (Acta sancta, II Bd. des April)

      1598 A.D. — In the village of Wodznick, in the Polish province of Podolia, the 4-year-old
      Roman Catholic son of a farmer was stolen by two young Jews and butchered four days
      before the Jewish Passover by the most horrible tortures in which the most respected Jews of
      the community took part. (Acta sancta, II Band des April 835)

      1650 A.D. — At Kaaden in Steiermark, 5V2-year-old Mathias Tillich was butchered by a Jew
      on March 11th. (Tentzel)

      1655 A.D. — At Tunguch in Lower Germany the Jews murdered a Christian child for their
      Easter celebration. (Tentzel, monatl. Unterred. v. Juli 1693 p. 553)

      1665 A.D. –In Vienna the Jews butchered a woman on the 12th of May in the most dreadful
      way. The corpse was found in a pond in a sack weighted with stones. It was completely
      covered with wounds, decapitated and the legs were cut off below the knees. (H.A. von
      Ziegler, Tagl. Schaupl. p. 553)

      1669 A.D. — On the way from Metz to Boulay, near the village of Glatigny, on Sept. 22nd, a
      3-year-old child was stolen from his mother by the Jew Raphael Levy. He was horribly
      butchered. His body was found viciously mutilated. The murderer was burned alive on Jan.
      17th in 1670. (Abrege du proces fait aux Juifs de Metz, ebd. 1670)

      1675 A.D. —At Miess in Bohemia a 4-year-old Christian child was murdered by the Jews on
      March 12th. (Acta sancta II. Bd. des April)

      1684 A.D. — In the village of Grodno, Minsk government in Russia, the Jew Schulka stole the
      6-year-old Christian boy Gabriel and carried him to Bialystock where, in the presence of

      several Jews, he was tortured to death and his blood drained. (Records of the magistrate at

      1753 A.D. — On Good Friday, the 20th of April, in a village near Kiev (Russia), the 3V2-year-
      old son of the nobleman Studzinski was kidnapped by the Jews, hidden in a tavern until the
      end of the Sabbath, and then monstrously sacrificed with the help of the Rabbi Schmaja. The
      blood was poured into several bottles. (Criminal Register of the City Court of Kiev)

      1764 A.D. —The 10-year-old son of Johann Balla, who had disappeared on the 19th of June
      from Orkul (Hungary), was found in a neighboring wood covered with many wounds. (Tisza-
      Eslar, von einem ungarischen Ubgeordneten 108)

      1791 A.D. — On the 21st of February, the corpse of 13-year-old Andreas Takals, who lived
      with a Jew named Abraham, was found outside a village near Tasnad (Siebenburgen). The
      blood had been drained from him by severing his jugular vein. (Ger.-Akt i.d. Archiv. v.

      1791 A.D. — At the same time two blood murders were reported at Holleschau (Moravia) and
      at Woplawicz in the District of Duplin. (Tisza-Eslar, v.e. ungar. Abgeord.)

      1791 A.D. — During the reign of Sultan Selim III, the Jews in Pera killed a young Greek by
      hanging him from a tree by his legs. (Henri Desportes)

      1803 A.D. — On March 10th, the 72-year-old Jew Hirsch from Sugenheim seized a 2-year-old
      child between Ullstadt and Lengenfeld in Buchof near Nuremberg. Several days later the Jew
      denied having been in Buchhof at all on March 10th. The father of the child, who wanted to
      prove the contrary with witnesses, was rebuffed in court with threats and insults. On the
      12th day the child was found dead, his tongue sliced and his mouth full of blood. The Jews
      besieged the district governor of Newstadt at that time until the matter turned out to their
      satisfaction. The father was forced under threats to sign a protocol, to which it attested that
      the child, still warm when he was found, had frozen to death. (Friedr. Oertel, “Was glauben
      die Juden?” Bamberg, 1823)

      1804 A.D. — In Grafenberg near Nuremberg a 2 to 3-year-old boy was kidnapped by an old
      Jew from Ermreuth by the name of Bausoh. Soldiers hurried to prevent the crime after
      hearing the child’s scream. (Dr. J. W. Chillany)

      1810 A.D. — Among the records of the Damascus trial a letter exists from John Barker, ex-
      consul of Aleppo, which speaks of a poor Christian who suddenly disappeared from Aleppo.
      The Hebrew Raphael of Ancona was charged with having butchered her and draining all of
      her blood. (A. Laurent. Affaires de Syrie)

      1812 A.D. –On the island Corfu in October three Jews who had strangled a child were
      condemned to death. Some time later, the child of a Greek, called Riga, was stolen and killed
      by the Jews. (Achille Laurent, Affaires de Syrie)

      1817 A.D. — The Indictment of the murder committed in this year against the little girl
      Marianna Adamoviez, was quashed due to a lapse of time.

      1823 A.D. — On the 22nd of April, at Velisch in the Russian government of Vitebsk, the 3V2-
      year-old son of the invalid Jemelian Ivanov was stolen, tortured to death, and his blood
      drained. Despite a great deal of statements by witnesses charging the Jews, the trial was
      suddenly stopped. (Pavlikovsky, ebenda.)

      1824 A.D. — In Beirut the interpreter Fatch-allah-Seyegh was murdered by his Jewish
      landlord, as the investigation established, for ritual purposes.

      1826 A.D. — In Warsaw a murdered 5-year-old boy was found whose body had more than a
      hundred wounds showing that his blood had been drained. The whole of Warsaw was in a
      state of insurrection; everywhere the Jews protested their innocence without having been

      accused. The depositions made to the courts, together with the medical evidence, were
      removed from the documents. (Pavlil<ovsl Evil Empire Built Apon Blood Lies and Blood Money!

      Comment by Heather — March 1, 2016 @ 8:37 am

  2. My major suggestion which will get Rabbis, the Jewish community, Second Generation and Holocaust survivors involved is: those Holocaust survivors in need of food, medication, etc will be first priority. There are obviously some Holocaust survivors who are comfortable. The added funds from the Claims would be beneficial to their children and grandchildren for education, day schools , yeshivas, college tuition, programs on college campuses and Holocaust teaching programs on the university level with scholarships for these families.. This might awaken those who are uninterested because at this point they see no personal benefit. I don’t know the legalities of this but I do know that children, grand children and great grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, especially if they are religious , are in need of these funds. There should be a way to include those families where the Holocaust survivors have perished, but their children and grandchildren could benefit greatly from the funds. These funds could also be used for other purposes for these 2G, 3G, and 4G families. Unfortunately the courts decided that survivors and their children and grandchildren should not have the same rights as every other American to sue insurers who cheat them out of their policy proceeds. That is the decision that an attorney has been trying to overturn via Federal legislation over the past 6 years, unsuccessfully of course. We should all fight to undo this injustice.

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    Comment by ROSENBERG — June 12, 2013 @ 2:12 pm

  3. An anonymous letter sent to the Claims Conference’s Frankfurt office in 2001 identified five cases where restitution was approved for ineligible claimants. I have the guts to say they are a much of thieves. I am a child of Holocaust survivors. For years I have yelled and screamed that there has been hanky panky going on while Holocaust survivors were denied their due. How stupid are we not to protest? A lot of people belong in jail. Holocaust survivors are going without food and medicine while the thieves play with their funds. If you agree with me , speak out. I call on all Holocaust survivors and their children and grandchildren to demand retribution now. I am not afraid to speak out. The claims conference in my opinion is corrupt or at least inept. Soon the holocaust survivors will all be dead. How much more money will be stolen. The more voices the public – especially survivors and their children – who raise their voices now demanding resignations, the more likely we can achieve our objectives to reform the organization and seek immediate diversion of the funds for the benefit of the dwindling numbers of ailing survivors

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    You speak for our Kedoshim, the martyrs who are no longer with us, as well for the few who are still alive.

    Your words should strike a chord in all our hearts because they come from the heart!

    I distinctly remember the 2001 outrage at the ‘Claims Conference’ in NY. There was much handwringing and finger pointing. Apparently there was insider involvement – mostly Russians who were administering the disbursement of funds. They created false identities for people, many of whom were born AFTER WWII. These people were paid off and turned the funds over to the crooks. At the time Eva and I wrote letters to the administration, etc. No one even bothered to respond and I do not know if any funds were recovered, or the perpetrators punished The German government left it to the locals here to police themselves… This was sent to me by Holocaust survivors. Both my parents have been long dead and holocaust survivors are dying everyday. I BEG OF YOU. GET THIS MESSAGE OUT TO THE SURVIVORS, THEIR

    Comment by ROSENBERG — June 12, 2013 @ 2:11 pm

  4. Is It True the Claims Conference May Be Paying Reparations to an alleged Nazi sympathizer?

    An Open Letter to Claims Conference Chairman, Rabbi Julius Berman

    by Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    Two years ago, I read an article about Alex Kurzem in a Melbourne newspaper. Having watched the “60 minutes” segment in horror and disbelief, I’ve followed this story and the Jewish Claims Conference’s involvement.

    As a Rabbi, I am ashamed by the Conference’s lack of scrutiny in its determination of Kurzem’s eligibility for reparations – based purely on a tall tale, which now appears even to have included a fraudulent document! Surely, the Conference has a fiduciary responsibility and owes those who truly were persecuted by the Nazis, to be thorough and discriminating in its validation of veracity. It did not fulfill that responsibility.

    Please explain to me, how it is you have been aware of the doubts and inaccuracies of Mr. Kurzem’s story since 2009, yet have done nothing about rescinding his reparations?

    How does the Claims Conference accept, tolerate, and apparently condone, that in 1972, Kurzem provided an affidavit endorsing the good character of Nazi SS Colonel Karlis Lobe?

    Please help me understand the inconsistency in the Haaretz article appearing last year, where Greg Schneider was quoted as saying no fraud was found in Kurzem’s application.Yet in the same article, Kurzem claims he never said he “was Ilya Galperin” , the person he claimed to be when filling out his application for reparations.

    How does the Conference define persecution? In a 2008 Penthouse article Kurzem is quoted as saying, the Nazis were “my family”, “I felt safe; I wasn’t hungry and I was looked after”. Please tell me, Rabbi Berman, that cannot possibly qualify as persecution by the Conference’s criteria, can it?

    A multi-million dollar fraud was committed on your watch already. Isn’t that enough embarrassment to the Jewish community? I don’t need to remind you of the higher standard to which we, as Jews are always held, and that the Conference cannot afford its integrity to be doubted or compromised.

    Six million are owed so much more. Isn’t it time, Rabbi Berman the Claims Conference came clean on Kurzem?

    (The Testimonies Director at the Centre, Mr Phillip Maisel, who recorded Kurzem’s story formed the impression that his interviewee was not being entirely truthful: “There was something strange about his story, something didn’t add up.” Researcher Colleen Fitzpatrick, concerned with preserving an accurate history of the Jewish Holocaust, has written: “Mr. Kurzem not only has and will continue to experience substantial financial gain and recognition from his books and his movie, he also lectures internationally to school children, thereby feeding the next generation with what may be distortions of the truth.”)

    Comment by ROSENBERG — June 12, 2013 @ 2:10 pm

  5. \

    The shenanigans going on with the Holocaust Claims Conference and the daily reports in various newspapers are reprehensible. If I were not a child of Holocaust survivors and Jewish I would truly develop anti-Semitic feelings and be jealous with hatred of the Jewish people. Why? Jews have been hated throughout history because non-Jews believe we control the financial world and find every possible method to steal money from others.

    I am 65 years old and was born in a displaced persons camp.. My parents, survivors of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, died when I was relatively young. Except for a cousin, their entire families perished in the Holocaust and all their property including land and businesses was taken from them.

    Any elderly Holocaust survivor who is in need of food, medicine or financial assistance which Germany just made available should receive the additional funding through the Holocaust Claims Conference.

    Due to the mishandling and theft involved with the Holocaust Claims Conference the world is regarding the entire Jewish population as thieves. Is this the legacy we want after many of us lost most of our families to the Nazis?

    While I realize Holocaust survivors will say that the money given by Germany belongs to them, I can suggest other venues where this money would help the children, grandchildren and future generations of those who suffered in the Holocaust. There certainly are many Holocaust survivors who financially did well after the war. I am sure they would also like to see funding from the Holocaust Claims Conference used for the Jewish education of their children and future generations.

    How many Rabbinical Theological schools offer courses in Holocaust history or education? This is the way to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and those who died. Day schools are in desperate need of financial assistance and synagogues are having financial problems. Many young Jewish families, especially religious families, are struggling to keep kosher, send their children to Yeshivas, support synagogues and purchase homes in religious neighborhoods.

    Are we going to allow the same leadership of the Holocaust Claims Conference to misappropriate and mismanage funds to the point where more than $50 million was stolen?

    It is time for new leadership. Unless others join me in speaking out, 10 years from now we will be reading about more theft and misuse of funds while most of the Holocaust will have died.

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg


    Comment by ROSENBERG — June 12, 2013 @ 2:09 pm

  6. Where do they find all those amazing ideas? Their reputation as storytellers is very well deserved. 😉

    How could so imaginative people not think they were exterminated in magic gas chambers after being grouped, separated from their relatives, propagandized by their zionist ‘friends’ (tirelessly working to persuade them that the only safe place on earth for jews is Palestine), displaced numerous times and forced to work in the middle of a titanic typhus epidemic and world war? How could it be otherwise?

    Comment by hermie — May 29, 2013 @ 2:22 pm

  7. At least the Iraquis had the courage to fight back. The Germans are happy with their role after thorough re education. The donation of billions of course will stop when Germany has an Islamic government which will on current projections be sometime around the middle of this century.
    By the way there shouldn’t be any children who survived the holocaust as according to the legend they were all selected by Dr M for the gas chambers.

    Comment by peter — May 29, 2013 @ 1:09 pm

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