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June 1, 2013

Hitler’s Jewish neighbor in Munich had a better car, a home library, and his uncle’s novel sold more copies than Hitler’s deadly dull book

German Jewish historian Edgar Feuchtwanger has written a new book entitled “Hitler My Neighbor: a Jewish Boy’s Memories,” about how his family lived across the street from Adolf Hitler in Munich from 1929 to 1939, before they were forced to leave Germany.

Edgar was just 5 years old when Hitler moved into an apartment across from his family on Grillparzer Street in Munich. Edgar’s uncle was the famous writer Lion (pronounced Leon) Feuchtwanger who had written a historical novel in 1925, entitled Jew Süss.  (Jud Süss was also the title of a film made by the Nazis.)

Edgar’s father, Ludwig Feuchtwanger, was one of the Jews who was rounded up on Kristallnacht in November 1938 and sent to Dachau for a couple of weeks.

Hitler leaves Landsberg prison in his car that was not good enough for the Jews

Hitler leaves Landsberg prison in his car that was not good enough for the Jews

In an article about the book, this quote reveals how the Feuchtwanger family looked down on Hitler:

The Feuchtwanger family drew some comfort from the observation that their car was fancier than Hitler’s, and that “Jud Süß” (Jew Süss), Uncle Lion’s 1925 historical novel based on the life of an 18th century Stuttgart court Jew, still outsold “Mein Kampf.” [Lion Feuchtwanger’s book], as Edgar notes, recounts how “in the past, other upstarts have inspired the crowd to massacre our ancestors in our own country.” […]

Edgar’s father also noted with disdain that to avoid being importuned by worshipful female admirers, the “coward” Hitler put Winter, his housemaid’s name, on the building directory instead of his own. Having fought in the trenches in World War I on the German side, as did Hitler, Ludwig Feuchtwanger, Edgar’s father, failed to see why the politician should be “afraid of his own shadow,” to which Uncle Lion replied:

“Ah yes, the trenches! [Hitler] whines about them all through his deadly dull tome, ‘Mein Kampf.’ He moans. He laments. He screams. One can imagine him writing the book while rolling around the floor like a brat.”

Hitler’s presence on Grillparzer Street was seen by the Feuchtwangers as a canny move to blend into a comfortable neighborhood, as if he were nothing more than an upwardly mobile leader. Yet the Feuchtwanger family was not deceived, nor were their house employees, including Rosie, Edgar’s nanny.

After the Nazi rise to power in 1933, the danger became even clearer, although the Feuchtwanger family was stymied about where to find refuge. Edgar’s father made a special trip to relatives who lived in Talpiot, a neighborhood in southeast Jerusalem established in 1922, yet reported that the conditions of life there were too difficult, and feared that young Edgar would not receive a satisfactory education. […]

In 1939, Edgar was put on a train for England, armed with a few English phrases learned in a hurry, including “How do you do?… How old are you?… I am a Jew.” Once safely in England, he notes, he would no longer be required to use the last phrase in response to any interrogation by officials. Although his parents and uncle would also reach safety, not all of the Feuchtwanger family would be so fortunate. Some of them would be murdered in concentration camps, at the behest of their evil neighbor.

It is very clear that Hitler was not good enough for the vastly superior Feuchtwanger Jews.  Hitler wanted to unite Germany into a nation for ethnic Germans, who would work for the good of the country; he did not want Germany to be a geographical region of diversity in Europe, ruled by the superior Jews, who worked only for themselves. Germany had a long history of persecution of the Jews before Hitler came along.

Hitler didn’t have a Jewish Communist nanny, as little Edgar did.  Hitler wrote a “deadly dull” book about how Germany was betrayed by the Jews during World War One, not a popular novel about a famous Jew.

Hitler rode though the streets in a Mercedes as crowds cheered

Hitler rode though the streets in a Mercedes as crowds cheered

After Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany, he rode through the streets in a Mercedes, a German made car.  To this day, many Jews will not buy a German car, especially a Mercedes.


  1. The jewish (Khazar) Daily Forward printed this fairy tale garbage solely to discredit and defame the greatest European Roman Catholic in Western European history, as if the demonization of Adolf Hitler (Huter) (20)-(4)-(1889) (6:30:20) by these Khazar fake jews since before 1933, as the most virulent propaganda exercise in history, has hardly had any impact on European history. As the Khazar Daily Forward amply demonstrates, Feuchtwanger narrates his “tale” from the perspective of a small boy, which demonstrates conclusively at least, that Feuchtwanger’s “tale” was the construct of a child with the mentality of a five year old, a psychological condition that prevails in the psyche of the vast majority of those Khazars who refer to themselves as “jews,” Zionists, Communists and or Talmudites.

    As for the constructed myth of “jewish” superiority, the Khazars never ever betray the fact that behind the apparent mechanism of “complexity expressed as “superiority,” there is “simplicity,” and there is no mentality or psyche on the planet, past and present, that is more simplistic than the “jewish” brain. This fact is amply demonstrated in the fairy tale called the “Hollow-Hoax,” and the construct: “God’s Chosen People” (could anything be more infantile?), and the absolute hoax of the “jewish” myth of the intellectual superiority of the Khazar (fake) jew over the European Christian Gentile and European Civilization.

    As Adolf Hitler (Huter) said:”Now begins the last great revolution. By wresting political power for himself, the jew casts off the few remaining shreds of disguise he still wears. The democratic plebeian jew turns into the blood jew and the tyrant of peoples. In a few years he will try to exterminate the national pillars of intelligence and, by robbing the peoples of their natural spiritual leadership, will make them ripe for the slavish lot of a permanent subjugation.
    The most terrible example of this is Russia.”

    And as if to illustrate this fact, I need only quote the following:”In 1923, several jewish (get this) “intellectuals,” published a collection of essays admitting the “bitter sin” of jewish complicity in the crimes of the Revolution. In the words of a contributor, I. L. Bikerman, “it goes without saying that not all jews were Bolsheviks, and not all Bolsheviks were jews, but what is equally obvious is that disproportionate and immeasurably fervent jewish participation in the torment of half-dead Russia by the Bolsheviks.”

    Many of the commentators on jewish Bolsheviks noted the “transformation” of jews: In the words of another jewish commentator, G. A. Landau, “cruelty, sadism, and violence had seemed alien to a nation so far removed from physical activity.”

    And another jewish commentator, Ia. A. Bromberg, noted that: the formerly oppressed lover of liberty had turned into a tyrant of “unheard-of-despotic arbitrariness”…The convinced and unconditional opponent of the death penalty not just for political crimes but for the most heinous offenses, who could not, as it were, watch a chiken being killed, has been transformed outwardly into a leather-clad person with a revolver and, in fact, lost all human likeness.”
    And in contrast to this, I will quote the following:”It is for the sake of “creating” a “perfect” human being (Master Race) – Apollonian in body and Mercurian in mind – that Levinson steels himself for doing what is “necessary,” including the requisitioning of a weeping farmer’s last pig and the killing of a wounded comrade to weak to be evacuated….The greater the personal responsibility for acts ordinarily considered “evil,” the more visible the signs of election and the inner strength they bespoke. Demonic as well as Promethean, Bolshevik commissars ‘carried within them’ the pain of historical necessity.”

    Such is the scope and degree of the infantile nature of the Talmudic indoctrinated jewish mentality of these Khazar converted (fake) jews, that they embrace the demonically contrived conviction of the”historical necessity” to superimpose the primitivism of the Babylonian Talmud on Western Civilization; one aspect of which has been made law in Catholic France: gay marriage, which has resulted in mass demonstrations against gay marriage in Catholic France, proving at least, that Catholic France has a far greater vestige of morality and traditional values than can ever be demonstrated in the “science” of collective primitivism so ruthlessly promoted by Talmudic indoctrinated Khazar (fake) jews.

    To conclude, I quote the following:”Slezkine’s last and longest chapter describes the three great jewish (Khazar) migrations of the twentieth century – to Palestine, to America ( the jewish/Khazar: “United Soviet of America”), and to the urban centers of the Soviet Union. Slezkine perceives all three through the lens of (get this) “heroic” jewish “self-perseption.” In truth “self-delusion,” for there is no more a self-deluded people/race than the Talmudic indoctrinated Khazar (fake) jews. Slezkine sees The United Soviet of America as a “jewish utopia” precisely because it had only a “vestigial establishment tribalism” that could not long inhibit jewish ascendancy: The United Soviet of America stood for unabashed Mercurianism, nontribal statehood, and the supreme sovereignty of capitalism (crapitalism) and professionalism – (what do the Khazar (fake) jews profess?) (Z)-ionalism, the political interpretation of Marxist Communist Talmudic primitivism that became the spearhead for the establishment of a global communist world order.

    It was – rhetorically – a collection of homines rationalistici artificiales, a nation of strangers held together by a common celebration of separateness (individualism=primitivism=the separation of the part from the whole) and rootlessness (immigration)+individualism=primitivism=jewish (“superior intellect”).
    There is little discussion of the main anti-nativist intellectual movements, all of which were dominated by ethnically conscious jews: Boasian anthropology, Horace Kallen and the development of the theory of America as a “proposition nation,” and the Frankfurt School which combined psychoanalysis and Marxism ( a perfect expose of the “psycho” Marx and Psycho-Marxism Analysis) into a devastating weapon against the ethnic consciousness of white Americans.”

    This is the model that The united Soviet of America has become, and the same model that was demonstrated in the psychosis of American Communist mercenaries that rampaged across Europe in an orgy of rapine, pillage and murder (that was only surpassed by Russian Bolshevik communists in 1945), the classic trait of Talmudic indoctrinated Khazar (fake) jews. (Jomi)

    Comment by John-Joseph: Saintclair — June 1, 2013 @ 1:56 pm

  2. Jews funnily love driving German cars….they wouldn’t be seen dead in a Fiat or a Renault

    Comment by peter — June 1, 2013 @ 11:50 am

    • I prefer another song, sung by Sarah Silverman, which you can see at 2:54 on this YouTube video:

      Comment by furtherglory — June 1, 2013 @ 12:54 pm

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