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June 16, 2013

Polish political prisoner was driven in a dump truck down a ramp and straight into a gas chamber at Auschwitz

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There are many stories, told by Holocaust survivors, about being saved at the last minute when they were pulled out of a gas chamber for one reason or another.  One of the prisoners who was pulled out of a gas chamber at Auschwitz was 28-year-old Regina Bialek, a Polish political prisoner.

Bialek gave a deposition which was entered into the British Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty-Four Others, also known as The Belsen Trial, which took place in 1945 after the end of World War II. According to Bialek’s testimony, she was sent to one of the seven gas chambers at Auschwitz on Christmas day in 1943.  Josef Kramer was a former Commandant of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp.

Josef Kramer was arrested by the British after the Bergen-Belsen camp was turned over to them

Josef Kramer was arrested by the British after the Bergen-Belsen camp was voluntarily turned over to them

The following quote is an excerpt from the Deposition of Regina Bialek at the Belsen Trial of Josef Kramer and 44 others:

3. On 25th December 1943, I was sick with typhus and was picked out at a selection made by doctors Mengele and Tauber along with about 350 other women. I was made to undress and taken by lorry to a gas chamber. There were seven gas chambers at Auschwitz. This particular one was underground and the lorry was able to run down the slope and straight into the chamber.

A tipper-type lorry, called a dump truck in America

A tipper-type lorry, called a dump truck in America

Here we were tipped unceremoniously on the floor. The room was about 12 yards square and small lights on the wall dimly illuminated it. When the room was full a hissing sound was heard coming from the centre point on the floor and gas came into the room.

After what seemed about ten minutes some of the victims began to bite their hands and foam at the mouth, and blood issued from their ears, eyes and mouth, and their faces went blue.

I suffered from all these symptoms, together with a tight feeling at the throat. I was half conscious when my number was called out by Dr. Mengele and I was led from the chamber. I attribute my escape to the fact that the daughter of a friend of mine who was an Aryan and a doctor at Auschwitz had seen me being transported to the chamber and had told her mother, who immediately appealed to Dr. Mengele.

Apparently he realized that as a political prisoner I was of more value alive than dead, and I was released.

4. I think that the time to kill a person in this particular gas chamber would be from 15 to 20 minutes.

5. I was told that the staffs of the prisoners [Sonderkommandos] who worked in the gas chamber and crematorium next door changed every three months, the old staff being taken to a villa in the camp to do some repair work. Here they were locked in the rooms and gas bombs thrown through the window.

I estimate that in December, 1943, about 7,000 people disappeared from Auschwitz by way of the gas chamber and crematorium.

There were two underground gas chambers at Birkenau (Krema II and Krema III), but neither of them had a ramp where a lorry or truck could drive down into the gas chamber, as Regina Bialek described in her deposition. There were also two above-ground gas chambers (Krema IV and Krema V) where gas pellets were thrown through a window. Bialek said that the gas fumes came through the floor of the gas chamber.

Bialek mentioned in her deposition that the truck drove “straight into the gas chamber” and the victims were “dumped unceremoniously on the floor.”  This must have been a special kind of dump truck that dumped the contents of the truck bed over the front of the truck, instead of dumping the load behind the truck.  Maybe there is a “tipper-type lorry” that was made especially for dumping prisoners onto the floor of a gas chamber. An ordinary dump truck would have had to back over a large pile of bodies to get out of the gas chamber. Leave it to the Nazis to think up a dumb idea like this, as a means of putting the victims into the gas chamber.

Regina Bialek did not testify at the Belsen Trial, so she was not cross-examined by the defense.  She gave a deposition which was entered into the court proceedings. God forbid that she should be asked to explain her lies.


  1. “When the room was full a hissing sound was heard coming from the centre point on the floor and gas came into the room.”

    Hilarious. 😉

    With those hundreds (thousands?) of ‘witnesses’ proven to be patent liars, Holocaustians still dare to say there was no anti-Nazi demonizing agenda during and after WW2 based on the mythical ‘gas chambers’ and other alleged atrocities. Too bad the Zionist lobby only has ridiculous ‘survivors testimonies’ and extorted ‘perpetrators confessions’ to ‘prove’ its beloved founding myth. Most people are as naive today as they were in the Middle Age.

    Comment by hermie — June 17, 2013 @ 3:22 am

  2. Just for you FG (and your regulars of course), here are photographs of Bialek original signed affidavit which I took at Kew on Saturday.

    The archive ref is: TNA PRO WO 309/1602.

    What is fairly surprising, is how the defence lawyers during the Belsen trial treated these lies presented by the prosecution’s witnesses and affidavits (here’s just two examples from many):

    “We object to the whole of these affidavits, which are contained in this book and elsewhere, being put before the Court as evidence. In our submission the whole of the evidence contained in this book is completely unreliable, and we invite the Court, having considered the statements which are in the book of those witness who have already given evidence, to judge from these, and say that the remainder should not be received by the Court as they are completely worthless and of so little value that the Court should not make such an enormous departure from what is the normal practice of Criminal Courts and Field General Courts-Martial.”
    – Captain Phillips

    “What Litwinska had said was inconceivable when compared with the evidence of Dr. Bendel. Where had she got it from? In Counsel’s view she had first of all heard from her friend Bimko what she, Bimko, had seen when she went over the gas chamber; then she had heard the story about the girl having been saved from the gas chamber by Hoessler; and she put the two together and had produced this stupid and unreal story.”
    – Major Cranfield

    Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — June 16, 2013 @ 4:50 pm

    • Thanks a million for providing these links.

      Comment by furtherglory — June 16, 2013 @ 6:34 pm

  3. I’m speechless……

    Where is ‘NeverAgain’ when you need him?

    Comment by DB — June 16, 2013 @ 1:40 pm

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