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August 18, 2013

American soldier, who saw Dachau, also remembers “starving German children, who were homeless orphans.”

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Alvin Law is a 90-year-old veteran of World War II, now living in a retirement home in Plainview, TX.  He recently gave an interview, to an online Plainview newspaper, which you can read in full here.

This quote is from the Plainview newspaper article:

Alvin was near Munich when he remembers coming up to the Dachau Concentration Camp. The camp was the first concentration camp established by the Nazis, and was responsible for the deaths of 31,951 Jews, ordinary Germans, Austrian criminals and foreign nationalists.

By that time, Nazis were in the process of evacuating prisoners to other camps as Americans advanced into Germany. The Nazis were also trying to hide or destroy evidence of gas chambers, in a vain attempt to hide the horrific crimes.

In April 1945, U.S. Army troops were able to liberate the camp.

“They were overjoyed,” said Alvin, as he described seeing freed prisoners.

But the experience was bittersweet, as Alvin described seeing the mountains of dead bodies in the camp.

“It was horrible,” said Alvin.

Alvin also remembers the starving German children, who were now homeless orphans.

It’s a miracle!  A newspaper article, which actually mentions that Germans were suffering during World War II. You can read here about how the Allies starved German people to death AFTER World War II ended.

The starving German children, who were homeless orphans, might have been in the DP camp that was set up near the town of Dachau.

The article mentions that “The Nazis were also trying to hide or destroy evidence of gas chambers…”

Actually, there was not much effort to destroy the evidence of gas chambers at Dachau.  The Nazis left behind a large shower room, at Dachau, that was perfect for turning into a gas chamber, AFTER the camp was liberated.  But you can’t expect an American newspaper to point this out.

I wrote about how the American liberators of Dachau made a film on May 3, 1945, which showed the gas chamber which they had just constructed. This film was shown during the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal as proof that there was a gas chamber at Dachau.  You can read about it on one of my previous blog posts here.  You can read here about what tour guides tell visitors now about Dachau.

Photo of the mountain of dead bodies at Dachau was taken in May 1945

Photo of the mountain of dead bodies at Dachau was taken in May 1945

There was only one “mountain” of dead bodies at Dachau, when the Americans arrived.  This mountain of bodies was at the crematorium, awaiting cremation, but the Nazis had run out of coal to burn the bodies.

Pile of bodies at Dachau on the day after American liberators arrived

Pile of bodies at Dachau on the day after American liberators arrived

The photo above shows American soldiers looking at a pile of bodies, which includes a small pile of bodies of German soldiers, that the Americans had killed when the camp was surrendered to them.  I previously blogged here about Alfred de Grazia, Commanding Officer of the Psychological Warfare Propaganda Team attached to headquarters of the US 7th Army, who arrived at Dachau on May 1, 1945 to supervise the construction of a gas chamber at Dachau.

The faded color photo below shows that on May 1, 1945, the pile of dead bodies had been removed and, in it’s place was a pile of sand, ready to be used for construction of some kind.  By May 3, 1945, the Dachau gas chamber was ready for inspection by a group of American congressmen.

The photo below is on the website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, along with this caption:

Date: Tuesday, May 01, 1945
Locale: Dachau, [Bavaria] Germany
Photographer: Colonel Alexander Zabin
Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Colonel Alexander Zabin
Copyright: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Photo of Dachau crematorium building, taken on May 1, 1945 shows no pile of bodies

Photo of Dachau crematorium building, taken on May 1, 1945 shows no pile of bodies

In the month of May 1945, an additional 2,226 Dachau prisoners died, of typhus and other diseases, after the camp was liberated. There were 196 more deaths in June before the typhus epidemic was finally stopped by the use of DDT and the vaccination of all the prisoners.

Alvin Law was probably among the American soldiers, stationed near Munich, who were brought in trucks to see the Dachau atrocities, weeks after the camp had been surrendered.

Still, I give the reporter on the Plainview newspaper a lot of credit for looking up the exact number of deaths at Dachau and including this in his article.  I think that most American reporters would have written that 100,000 died at Dachau, or maybe 500,000.  The reporter did mention the Jews first in the list of prisoners who died at Dachau.


  1. Thanks for the info… nice to see there is another side of the story.
    Lot of people want to make you think that the Germans didn’t suffer but they suffered even more than any other people.
    W the Jews suffered was nothing compared to what the Germans suffered later.
    Like I said many times before when the legend begins to be accepted as fact you print the legend.


    Comment by jrizoli — July 1, 2016 @ 7:28 pm

  2. Is there any factional proof that American soldier’s would feed the starving people in Dachau with the left over food?

    Comment by D Ledbetter — February 6, 2015 @ 3:41 pm

    • Do you mean the homeless ethnic Germans who lived in the Dachau camp for 17 years after the war? These were people who were expelled from their homelands after the war. I wrote about them on my website at

      I also wrote about the Dachau camp after it was turned into camp for German soldiers who had surrendered at the end of the war. The camp was then called “War Crimes Enclosure No. 1”. You can read about how the German soldiers were deliberately starved on this page of my website:

      The Americans might have fed homeless orphans with left-over food, but it is more likely that the soldiers fed them garbage out of their garbage cans. When I lived in Germany in 1957 and 1958, there were still homeless people begging on the streets, but they were adults; I didn’t see any homeless children begging on the streets.

      The American liberators of Germany believed that the German people should be punished for their war crimes, so the Germans were treated very badly for years after the war.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 7, 2015 @ 8:26 am

  3. FG wrote: “the American liberators of Dachau made a film on May 3, 1945, which showed the gas chamber which they had just constructed. This film was shown during the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal as proof that there was a gas chamber at Dachau.”

    The day after the liberation of Dachau the American propagandists also made a film about Dachau, but they surprisingly ‘forgot’ to insert any pictures of a gas chamber in it. Only the usual pictures of crematories and emaciated typhic corpses as in all American horror propaganda movies…

    Comment by hermie — August 19, 2013 @ 8:25 am

    • Notice the clean uniforms worn by the prisoners at Dachau. I have mentioned many times that the German people are obsessively clean, compared to other ethnic groups. I would not have issued blue and WHITE striped uniforms to prisoners in a concentration camp. It required a lot of extra work to keep those uniforms clean.

      Comment by furtherglory — August 19, 2013 @ 8:33 am

  4. Intrigued by the photo of the crematorium at Dachau allegedly taken 1st of May 1945. It is claimed by some people that US psychops at this time were arranging for the shower room adjacent to the crematory ovens to have its ceiling lowered and fake showerheads applied at this time. The photo shows several US soldiers outside as well as two jeeps and a lorry. The wooden palisade outside the alleged gas chamber seems to have some sand piled up against it. What was the function of this wooden palisade and do we have any firm evidence as to when it was built?

    Comment by peter — August 18, 2013 @ 2:50 pm

    • Regarding the “wooden palisade,” here is a quote from this page of my website:

      Begin Quote:
      Before the first American Military Tribunal at Dachau began its proceedings in November 1945, a War Crimes Investigation Team had summarized its findings in the Report of the Atrocities Committed at Dachau Concentration Camp, signed by JAGD Col. David Chavez Jr. on 7 May 1945.

      The Chavez Report stated on page 56 that the wooden structure, shown against the east wall of the crematorium in the photo at the top of this page, was a “Wooden shed believed to contain a pump or compressor.”

      The wooden shed, which was against the exterior wall of the gas chamber, has long since been removed. Today tourists are told that gas pellets were poured into the Dachau gas chamber through two bins on the outside wall. These bins were hidden by the wooden shed when the American liberators arrived. An undated addendum, which mentioned the bins, was added to the Chavez Report at a later date.
      End Quote

      There is an old photo on my website, which says in the caption that it was taken in May. However, the soldiers who supervised the removal of the bodies had arrived on April 30, 1945. The photo was probably taken on April 30, 1945. The next day on May 1, 1945, a photo shows that the bodies are gone and the American army is ready to begin the construction of the gas chamber.

      Comment by furtherglory — August 19, 2013 @ 6:49 am

    • Thanks a million for your comment. I have added another photo to my blog post and enlarged the photo taken on May 1, 1945.

      I wrote about the US psych ops on this blog post:

      The U.S. Congressmen arrived at Dachau on May 1, 1945, but had to wait until May 3, 1945 to be photographed inside the Dachau gas chamber because it first had to be constructed inside the shower room by the Americans. Unfortunately, the Congressmen wrote their report before May 3rd, and they mentioned that the ceiling was TEN FEET HIGH. That was what they had seen on May 1, 1945.

      ln spite of all this evidence that the gas chamber was built by Americans at Dachau, the tour guides still tell young visitors that the gas chamber was used for gassing, but not for mass gassing.

      Comment by furtherglory — August 19, 2013 @ 7:15 am

      • Interesting deduction ie that the US congressmen made two visits; the first on May 1 st after which they wrote the report., ( the Dachau ” gas chamber” on that day would have looked similar to the Mathausen ” gas chamber” with a 10 foot ceiling and shower pipes ) , then a second visit on May 3 rd after the works had been done to reduce the ceiling height.
        This implies the congressmen were aware of the deception and also raises the question of why a similar ruse was not carried out at Mathausen. .
        The reduction of the height of the ceiling by the Germans in 1944 and the placement of a type of cooling system ie a ” pump or compressor” behind the palisade with in and out ventilation so as to fashion a second morgue , necessary in 1944 due to the high death rate would also explain its appearance.

        Comment by peter — August 19, 2013 @ 12:17 pm

        • The congressmen did not visit Mauthausen, which is in Austria. They came from Buchenwald to Dachau, arriving on May 1, 1945. It is not known whether they saw the Dachau gas chamber on the day that they arrived. However, their report said that the ceiling was 10 feet high, indicating that they saw the gas chamber on the day that they arrived.

          Comment by furtherglory — August 19, 2013 @ 1:13 pm

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