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September 6, 2013

Hitler’s body guard, dead at 96, said that Hitler never talked about the “Final Solution”

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Rochus Misch, one of Hitler's body guards

Rochus Misch, Hitler’s body guard

You can read in the news today about the death of Rochus Misch, one of Hitler’s body guards, who has died at the age of 96.  Misch spent 9 years in a Soviet prison camp, after he was captured in Berlin in the last days of the war. Misch had stayed in the bunker until the end.  He saw the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun after they had killed themselves.

This quote is from the news article, cited above:

In his interview with the AP, [Rochus Misch] stayed away from the central questions of guilt and responsibility, saying he knew nothing of the murder of 6 million Jews and that Hitler never brought up the Final Solution in his presence.

“That was never a topic,” he said emphatically. “Never.”

This quote is from the second news article, cited directly above:

Together [Misch and his wife] had one daughter, Brigitta Jacob-Engelken, who told the BBC in 2009 that her maternal grandmother had told her that her mother was Jewish, something Misch refused to accept.

When she was younger Ms Jacob-Engelken learnt Hebrew and spent time on a kibbutz in Israel.

As an architect she has worked on a project to restoration of local synagogues in Germany.

“I don’t blame my father for the work he did because it was harmless work,” she said in 2009.

But she added she could not understand why her father, who remained loyal to Hitler to the end, was not more critical in his reflections of Nazi history.