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September 6, 2013

Hitler’s body guard, dead at 96, said that Hitler never talked about the “Final Solution”

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Rochus Misch, one of Hitler's body guards

Rochus Misch, Hitler’s body guard

You can read in the news today about the death of Rochus Misch, one of Hitler’s body guards, who has died at the age of 96.  Misch spent 9 years in a Soviet prison camp, after he was captured in Berlin in the last days of the war. Misch had stayed in the bunker until the end.  He saw the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun after they had killed themselves.

This quote is from the news article, cited above:

In his interview with the AP, [Rochus Misch] stayed away from the central questions of guilt and responsibility, saying he knew nothing of the murder of 6 million Jews and that Hitler never brought up the Final Solution in his presence.

“That was never a topic,” he said emphatically. “Never.”

This quote is from the second news article, cited directly above:

Together [Misch and his wife] had one daughter, Brigitta Jacob-Engelken, who told the BBC in 2009 that her maternal grandmother had told her that her mother was Jewish, something Misch refused to accept.

When she was younger Ms Jacob-Engelken learnt Hebrew and spent time on a kibbutz in Israel.

As an architect she has worked on a project to restoration of local synagogues in Germany.

“I don’t blame my father for the work he did because it was harmless work,” she said in 2009.

But she added she could not understand why her father, who remained loyal to Hitler to the end, was not more critical in his reflections of Nazi history.


  1. I think Hitler spoke about the Final Solution in Misch’s presence, but as “Final Solution” meant “send all jews out of Europe” Misch thought Hitler never talked about the Final Solution in his presence. Hitler probably talked about the Final Solution in Misch’s presence but never about the holohoax as that fantasy was born in jewish brains…

    4 years ago, in October 2009, we were told that “Memoirs of Hitler aide (Fritz Darges) could finally end Holocaust claims” and “The memoirs of the last SS adjutant to Adolf Hitler are to be published in a move historians say could cast away the last shred of doubt over his personal involvement in the Holocaust” ( In October 2009 it was said that “Fritz Darges died at the weekend aged 96 with instructions for his manuscript about his time spent at the side of the Führer to be published once he was gone.”, “Darges was the last surviving member of Hitler’s inner circle and was present for all major conferences, social engagements and policy announcements for four years of the war.”, “Mainstream historians believe it inconceivable that Hitler did not issue verbal directives about the mass killings in Darges’ presence.”, “His memoirs will be published now in accordance with his will.” But I’m still waiting to see those memoirs…

    Darges stated: “As adjutant I was responsible for his day-to-day programme. I must, and was, always there for him, at every conference, at every inter-service liaison meeting, at all war conferences.”

    Comment by hermie — September 7, 2013 @ 1:09 am

    • I think that you are probably correct that Hitler spoke about getting the Jews out of Europe. Hitler believed that the Jews were responsible for Germany losing World War I. He probably talked about that a lot and then said that it was important to get the Jews out of Europe so that Germany will not lose another war.

      Die Endlösung was a new term, which was made up by Goering, who said at the Nuremberg IMT that his new word meant “total solution” and that it referred to getting the Jews out of Europe.

      If Hitler talked about the Jews, he would have used the term die Endlösung, which meant transporting the Jews to the East.

      Comment by furtherglory — September 7, 2013 @ 1:19 pm

      • Furtherglory wrote: “Die Endlösung was a new term, which was made up by Goering, who said at the Nuremberg IMT that his new word meant “total solution” and that it referred to getting the Jews out of Europe.”

        Not really. “Total Solution” would be “Gesamtlösung” or “Ingesamtlösung”. But the words “Final Solution” don’t imply anything murderous. Zionist Jews, including Theodore Herzl himself, were already using the words “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” at the end of the 19th century (a few examples here: and they also meant “get them out of Europe”.

        “Die Endlösung” was not new. As I explained, Zionists used that word for decades before WW2 but the Nazis used that word early too. Example: “Nevertheless, these temporary measures cannot be a final solution to the Jewish Question […] To summarize the state can and must focus on systematical elimination, on emigration. […] If we support Zionist plans and attempt an international solution by establishing a homeland for the Jews, we will be able to solve the Jewish Question not only in Germany, but in Europe and the entire world. The entire world has an interest in such a solution, on eliminating this source of disorder” – Dr. Achim Gercke, “The Solution of the Jewish Question”, Nationalsozialistische Monatshefte (Nazi Party’s theoretical journal), Heft 38 (May 1933), pp. 195-197 (

        During WW2 Hitler decided to expell the Jews on a continental scale because he had understood peace couldn’t be kept during a very long time if Germany was surrounded by countries full of Jews constantly agitating for war. “A German peace will mean a Jew-less peace, Das Schwarze Korps, mouth piece of Adolf Hitler’s elite SS guard, proclaimed yesterday. […] Once the war is won, some area remote from Europe will be set apart for jewish colonization […] and then the continent will be cleared entirely of Jews. […] The German-Italian victory the paper explained, ‘will secure space far away from European labor and culture where the scum of humanity may try to lead a life of its own toil or die a death it earned.’ The article implied that anti-Semitic measures already put into effect in various European countries are too weak, and that solution on a continental scale is necessary.” – St Petersburg Times, 8 August 1940 (

        Later Hitler had other problems than the Jewish Problem and he postponed it until after WW2.

        “The Jews must pack up and disappear from Europe. Let them go to Russia. Where the Jews are concerned, I’m devoid of all sense of pity.” – Hitler, January 27, 1942, quoted in “HITLER’S TABLE TALK 1941-1944: HIS PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS.” Trans. N. Cameron and R.H. Stevens (Enigma Books, 2000), p. 260.

        “Mr Reich Minister Lammers informed me that the Führer had repeatedly declared to him that he wants to hear that the Solution of the Jewish Problem has been postponed until after the war is over. That being so, the current discussions are of purely theoretical value, in Mr Reich Minister Lammers’ opinion. He will moreover take pains to ensure that, whatever else happens, no fundamental decisions are taken without his knowledge in consequence of a surprise briefing by any third party.” – The Schlegelberger Document, March-April 1942 (

        “After this war is over, I will rigorously hold to the view…that the Jews will have to leave and emigrate to Madagascar or some other Jewish national state.” – Hitler, July 25, 1942, quoted in H. Picker’s “HITLERS TISCHGESPRÄCHE IM FÜHRERHAUPTQUARTIER” (Stuttgart, 1976), p.456; and in Gerald Reitlinger’s “THE FINAL SOLUTION: THE ATTEMPT TO EXTERMINATE THE JEWS OF EUROPE 1939-1945” (Jacob Aronson, Inc., 1987), p.78.

        “On the occasion of a reception by the Reich Foreign Minister [Joachim von Ribbentrop] on 26 November 1941 the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Popoff touched on the problem of according like treatment to the Jews of European nationalities and pointed out the difficulties that the Bulgarians had in the application of their Jewish laws to Jews of foreign nationality. The Reich Foreign Minister answered that he thought this question brought by Mr. Popoff not uninteresting. Even now he could say one thing to him, that at the end of the war all Jews would have to leave Europe. This was the unalterable decision of the Fuehrer and also the only way to master this problem, as only a global and comprehensive solution could be applied and individual measures would not help much.” – Luther memorandum, August 21, 1942 (

        Comment by hermie — September 7, 2013 @ 3:04 pm

  2. Problem is no one believes it. Either because Nazis always lie or that people are incredulous that no one actually knew. It’s an unfair supposition when people only know of the Holocaust in hindsight. Since Misch isn’t the only person to be oblivious to gas chambers then it’s reasonable to believe he’s telling the truth. Hitler orders have never been found either and it was largely believed people were being sent to labor camps which is at least partially true. If Misch was ever put on trial it probably could have been embarassing and it’s odd he was never tried when people knew this guy was alive. Rather they drag a nobody like Demjanjuk to make an example.

    Comment by Kageki — September 6, 2013 @ 11:25 pm

  3. OT,

    As to the Syria Solution, yet one more “anti semitic canard” is peddled around.

    Comment by A. Foxman — September 6, 2013 @ 5:24 pm

  4. Lucky he has died , because surely with his incorrect views he would be liable for prosecution and a show trial on a charge of ” volksverhetzung” . The modern day BRD really is a theatre of the absurd.

    Comment by peter — September 6, 2013 @ 2:55 pm

    • He was probably not tried as a “war criminal” because he was a prisoner in Russia for 9 years.

      Comment by furtherglory — September 7, 2013 @ 10:29 am

      • The modern day BRD has a habit of altering laws to suit its string pullers as can be seen in the present rush to prosecute the guards of Auschwitz before they die. They could have charged him with holocaust denial or being an accessory to murder as he served Hitler in the bunker.

        Comment by peter — September 7, 2013 @ 4:55 pm

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