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September 10, 2013

Jewish genetic diseases — where is Dr. Mengele when you need him.

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Dr. Joseph Mengele was a German SS doctor, who did selections at Auschwitz-Birkeanau, because he wanted to find subjects for his research on Jewish genetic diseases.  His findings have never been released; his research papers are kept in a vault at Yad Vashem in Israel.

Genetic diseases are still a fact of life, and a big problem, for Jewish couples.  Read this news article about an American Jewish couple who went through a screening test before getting married, but still had a child with a Jewish genetic disease.

This quote is from the article:

Eden has a progressive neurological disorder called Mucolipidosis Type IV, also known as ML4. It’s a rare genetic disease that is more common among Ashkenazi Jews, or people of Eastern and Central European Jewish descent. There is no treatment or cure. Eden’s mental development was halted at 18 months old. She is expected to go blind by age 12.

When Hitler came to power in Germany, he made new laws for the protection of the German people, including a law which banned marriage between Germans and other races.  This quote from Wikipedia explains it:

The Nuremberg laws were based on a belief in Scientific racism and derived from a primitive understanding of genetics. Although the Nazis took these ideas to violent extremes, they were based on thinking that already existed across Europe and America. Nazi laws banning “inter-marriage” and according to Nazi racial ideology the Germanic-Nordic-Aryans were a master race and in accordance with ideas expressed in Eugenics and Social Darwinism;[38] they therefore sought to preserve their supposed racial superiority by banning inter-marriage with people they regarded as inferior or as a threat, in particular Jews, Gypsies and blacks who were classified as untermenschen (subhumans) that were seen as racially distinctive minorities of “alien blood”.[4][39]

The Wikipedia quote is a biased explanation of the German law, which was really a law to prevent Germans from mixing with Jews because Jews had many kinds of genetic diseases.  For generations, the Jews had married close relatives to keep the money in the family. Sometimes, even brothers and sisters married. The result was genetic diseases.

This quote from this website mentions inbreeding among the Jews as a cause of genetic diseases:

Genetic diseases with a high prevalence in Jews are mostly recessive. In general, over 1,000 recessive diseases have been discovered. Most are rare but the prevalence of some of these diseases is increased 100-fold or more in Jewish as in other isolated ethnic groups with predominant inbreeding. This increased prevalence is usually but not invariably confined to individual Jewish ethnic groups (“edot Israel”) and not found in Jews in general. Most are severe and often lead to early death. In some diseases genetic analysis has identified the first appearance of an abnormal “founder” gene originating in a small number of individuals within a Jewish group. This creates a genetic bottleneck whereby the prevalence of a recessive genetic disease is maintained at a high level by subsequent inbreeding.