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September 16, 2013

Proof of Nazi genocide found at Treblinka — it’s the pits

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If you think you know all about Treblinka, one of several Nazi “death camps,” think again!

A new article entitled “Unearthed … the horrors of Hitler’s WW2 death camp in Treblinka” was published in the online EXPRESS British newspaper just yesterday.  The photo below, which was taken at Treblinka, accompanies the article.

At the top of the article about the new discoveries at Treblinka is this quote:

Unearthed… the horrors of Hitler’s WW2 death camp in Treblinka
A POWERFUL, disturbing TV documentary about the Nazi death camp Treblinka is set to silence the “lies” of those who deny the Holocaust.

The Treblinka “death camp” was one of the three Operation Reinhard camps where Jews were sent, following the Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942. The genocide of the Jews was allegedly planned at this conference.

New stone has been added in front of the Treblinka Memorial

New stone has been added in front of the Treblinka Memorial

This quote is from the article in the online EXPRESS newspaper:

In an interview as she began her work, Dr. [Caroline Sturdy] Colls, who lectures at Staffordshire University, said: “When the Nazis left in 1943 they thought they had destroyed it. They had knocked down the buildings and levelled (sic) the earth. They had built a farmhouse, installed a Ukrainian ‘farmer’ and had planted trees.”

But her work has revealed a number of pits across the site and she said: “If they thought they had removed all evidence of their crime, they hadn’t. For a forensic archaeologist, there is a vast amount to study. Victims arrived at a fake railway station, and were made to undress and walk naked to the gas chambers along the ‘Road to Heaven’.

“Another five pits of varying sizes are located nearby. Given their size and location, there is a strong case for arguing that they represent burial areas.”

Discussing her findings she said: “It is clear that the ash contains many bones. Bone fragments can still be seen on the surface of the ground, especially after rain.

“Considerable evidence also exists to suggest not all of the bodies were exhumed and cremated [by the Nazis]. Photographs show bodies littering the landscape as late as the early Sixties.”

This quote is also from the newspaper article:

The wooded site [of the Treblinka camp] in Poland 50 miles north-east of Warsaw was bulldozed in 1943 by the Nazis in an attempt to destroy all evidence of what had taken place and even today the exact location of the gas chambers, where more than 870,000 Jews and gypsies were murdered, is still not known.

The remains of 870,000 bodies would have covered a vast area, yet the Treblinka camp was very small.  What were they thinking?

Auschwitz-Birkenau was 425 acres in size: plenty of room to bury 870,000 bodies. Also, there were plenty of ovens at Auschwitz to burn the bodies, and plenty of space to bury the ashes.  Why not send all the Jews and Gypsies to Auschwitz, which was the location of THE major railroad hub in Europe?

According to the EXPRESS article, Treblinka was only 50 miles from the Warsaw Ghetto, so it was a convenient location for the Warsaw Jews, but Jews were sent from 10 countries to Treblinka.  The Majdanek camp, near Lublin, was only a few miles from Treblinka and there were allegedly 5 gas chambers there.  Why send Jews from Greece all the way to Treblinka?

Two of the 10 stones at Treblinka in honor of the countries from which Jews were sent to Treblinka

Two of the 10 stones at Treblinka in honor of the countries from which Jews were sent to Treblinka

There is a symbolic cemetery at Treblinka, and near this cemetery, there are 10 large stones with the names of the countries from which the victims came. These 10 countries are Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria, the Soviet Union, Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, France, and Belgium.

Would it have killed the Nazis to have put a couple of gas chambers in France or Yugoslavia?  This would have allowed them to use their trains to transport the German troops.

According to Martin Gilbert, who wrote a book entitled Holocaust Journey, there were 13,000 Jews deported to Treblinka from the Greek provinces of Macedonia and Thrace, which were then occupied by Bulgaria, so their stone says “Bulgaria.” Bulgaria was an ally of Germany, but no Jews from that country were deported. There is another stone at Treblinka for the 43,000 Jews sent from German-occupied Greece to Treblinka.

What really happened at Treblinka?  The Nazis sent 870,000 people to this tiny spot in the woods, near the tiny village of Treblinka, where there were no ovens to burn the bodies, and not enough space to bury the bodies.  To this day, according to the article in the EXPRESS, the location of the gas chambers is unknown.  For years, it was not known whether the gas chambers at Treblinka used carbon monoxide or Zyklon-B gass.

This quote is from the EXPRESS newspaper:

Inside Treblinka is part of a groundbreaking new season of Channel 5 documentaries about the Nazi regime which also includes the real-life quest for the Holy Grail, which inspired the film Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, and a secret plan by Adolf Hitler to fly German planes into Manhattan skyscrapers in an eerie portent of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Simon Raikes, Channel 5’s commissioning editor, said: “These films offer a dramatic new perspective on the regime by taking the viewer inside the minds of the Nazi leadership.

“What was their vision for the Everlasting Reich? And what did they do to try and achieve it?

“From the ludicrous quest to find their Aryan roots and harness the supernatural, through the chilling attempt to breed a racially ‘pure’ new generation of Nazi children, to the brutal industrialisation of genocide in the death camps, this season will reveal the true horror of what the Nazis were planning and unfold the absurd, mind-boggling, incomprehensibly evil things they did in pursuit of their plans.”

It is clear that the British are getting way off the track. There were very few skyscrapers in Manhattan in the 1940s when Hitler was allegedly planning an “eerie portent of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.”

Let’s get realistic! Here’s what really happened:

In June 1941, the German Army invaded the Soviet Union and “liberated” the area formerly known as the Pale of Settlement, where the Jews had been required to live. By the time that the Aktion Reinhard camps were set up in 1942, German troops had advanced a thousand kilometers into Russia. The plan was to transport the Jews, from all over the world, as far as the Bug river and kill them in the three Operation Reinhard camps, which were all on the banks of the Bug river? No, no, no!

The trains had to stop at the Bug river because the train tracks east of the Bug river were a different gauge. The Nazis had built disinfection chambers at the three Operation Reinhard camps, in an effort to combat typhus, before sending the Jews to the East.  Keep in mind that 4 million people died of typhus in World War I, and that was just in Poland.

The first Jews to be deported to the Treblinka death camp were from the Warsaw ghetto; the first transport of 6,000 Jews arrived at Treblinka at about 9:30 on 23 July 1942. Between late July and September 1942, the Germans transported more than 300,000 Jews from the Warsaw ghetto to Treblinka, according to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Jews were also deported to Treblinka from Lublin and Bialystok, two major cities in eastern Poland, which were then in the General Government, as German-occupied Poland was called. Others were transported to Treblinka from the Theresienstadt ghetto in what is now the Czech Republic. Approximately 2,000 Gypsies were also sent to Treblinka and allegedly murdered in the gas chambers.

Why send Jews from Lublin, where the Majdanek gas chambers were located, to Treblinka?  Why send Jews from Grodno, Narew, and Bialystok WEST to Treblinka?

Trains were sent to Treblinka until May 1943, and a few more transports arrived after that date.  Why go to all the trouble of setting up the Treblinka camp, only to tear it down less than a year later?

Why not just send all the Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau to be gassed?  There were 300 barracks buildings at the Auschwitz II camp (Birkenau) where the Jews could have been housed while they were waiting for their turn in the four gas chambers, and the two little houses (the Red house and the White house)?

Jews waiting for the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Hungarian Jews waiting for the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau

The photo above is from the “Auschwitz Album,” a set of photos taken by the Nazis at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Jews in the photo are looking toward the Sauna building where there was a shower room.  However, Holocaust Believers say that they are waiting for one of the four gas chambers at Birkenau.

On October 19, 1943, Odilo Globocnik wrote to Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler: “I have completed Aktion Reinhard and have dissolved all the camps.”  According to the Nazis, Aktion Reinhard was the plan to transport the Jews to the East.

Hermann Goering testified to this at the Nuremberg IMT; he said that “The Final Solution” was the plan to send the Jews to the East, not kill them.

The website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has two maps here and here, which explain the transportation to the East.  In my humble opinion, Dr. Caroline Study Colls is off on the wrong track in her search for pits at Treblinka.  She should be studying the trains instead.  I wrote about the trains that went to Treblinka here.