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September 21, 2013

Amon Goeth in the news: Was he actually hanged?

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Mugshot of Amon Goeth after he was arrested for stealing from the Plaszow camp

Mugshot of Amon Goeth after he was arrested for stealing from the Plaszow camp

There has been an inordinate amount of interest in a blog post which I put up over three years ago, on June 2, 2010. Way back then, I wrote about Amon Goeth, the man who was made famous by the film Schindler’s List.  Oskar Schindler was the opposite of Amon Goeth; he was the hero of Schindler’s List, while Amon Goeth was the villain. The day before, on June 1, 2010, I blogged about Schindler here.

Amon Goeth after he was arrested for stealing from the camp where he was the Commandant

Amon Goeth after he was arrested by the Gestapo for stealing from the camp

You can read my old post at

When this old blog post started getting many hits recently, I set out to find out why. I did a search on Amon Goeth and found a video of the hanging of Amon Goeth, which you can see below. (The hanging begins at 3:17 minutes in the video.)

As I watched the film of the hanging of Amon Goeth, it didn’t look right to me.  As Dr. Henry Lee famously said, “Something Wrong!”  The man in the video did not look like Amon Goeth. Also, the man in the film remained calm throughout two botched attempts.

I was going to blog about the botched hanging of Amon Goeth, but something stayed my hand.  Something Wrong!

Would Amon Goeth, the famous killer who shot prisoners from his balcony, have remained calm?  No, the Amon Goeth, who is depicted in Schindlder’s List, would have thrown a fit if he had been subjected to this gross incompetence.

The hanging film also showed Goeth allegedly standing on his balcony, holding a rifle, but I recognized the “balcony” as being the patio on the ground floor of Amon’s house, which is shown in the second photo below.

Amon Goeth allegedly standing on his balcony

Amon Goeth allegedly standing on his balcony

Goeth standing on the patio on the ground floor of his house

Goeth standing on the patio on the ground floor of his house

Amon Goeth in his SS uniform

Amon Goeth in his SS uniform

Then I did some more searching and found a news article about Goeth here.  It seems that others have also questioned the film which shows the hanging of Goeth.

This quote is from the news article:

Did ‘executed’ Nazi criminal in Schindler’s List escape justice? Historians claim video of camp commander being hanged is NOT him

Amon Goeth killed thousands of people as concentration camp commander
For decades video of a Nazi execution was believed to show his death
But new documentary says film shows execution of Dr Ludwig Fischer
Goeth was chillingly played by Ralph Fiennes in the Spielberg masterpiece
His death is a complete mystery and it is not known where he was buried

By Becky Evans

PUBLISHED: 09:05 EST, 21 March 2013 | UPDATED: 11:47 EST, 21 March 2013

Sadistic Amon Goeth

Sadistic Amon Goeth was believed to have been executed in a filmed hanging but now historians say it was a different Nazi butcher.

Revelations about the execution of a notorious Nazi war criminal, immortalised (sic) in Schindler’s List, have raised questions about how the mass murderer died and whether he was even hanged at all.

For decades Amon Goeth, who was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews and Poles during World War Two, was believed to have been filmed being executed in 1946.

A black and white video shows executioners twice botching a hanging before he was eventually killed.

But historians claim in a new National Geographic documentary called Bloody Tales that the video was from 1947 and shows Dr Ludwig Fischer being hanged.

Worryingly, there is almost no detail about the sadistic mass murderer’s death in official records and no one knows what happened to his body.

Historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb and presenter Joe Crowley do not believe he escaped Europe like other high profile Nazis such as Adolf Eichmann and Joseph Mengele, and say he was killed.

However the revelations surrounding Goeth, who was known to carry out his own killings rather than order them, mean his death is now a complete mystery with records containing just two words: ‘He died.’

Read more:

At Goeth’s trial in Poland, after the end of World War II, the Nazi party was said to be “an organization which, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, through aggressive wars, violence and other crimes, aimed at world domination and establishment of the National-Socialist regime.”

At his trial, Amon Goeth was accused of personally issuing orders to deprive people of freedom, to ill-treat and exterminate individuals and whole groups of people. His crimes, including the newly created crime of genocide, came under a new law of the Allies, called Crimes against Humanity.

The charges against Amon Goeth were as follows:

(1) The accused as commandant of the forced labour camp at Plaszow (Cracow) from 11th February, 1943, till 13th September, 1944, caused the death of about 8,000 inmates by ordering a large number of them to be exterminated.

(2) As a SS-Sturmführer the accused carried out on behalf of SS-Sturmbannführer Willi Haase the final closing down of the Cracow ghetto. This liquidation action which began on 13th March, 1943, deprived of freedom about 10,000 people who had been interned in the camp of Plaszow, and caused the death of about 2,000.

(3) As a SS-Hauptsturmführer the accused carried out on 3rd September, 1943, the closing down of the Tarnow ghetto. As a result of this action an unknown number of people perished, having been killed on the spot in Tarnow; others died through asphyxiation during transport by rail or were exterminated in other camps, in particular at Auschwitz.

(4) Between September, 1943, and 3rd February, 1944, the accused closed down the forced labour camp at Szebnie near Jaslo by ordering the inmates to be murdered on the spot or deported to other camps, thus causing the death of several thousand persons.

(5) Simultaneously with the activities described under (1) to (4) the accused deprived the inmates of valuables, gold and money deposited by them, and appropriated those things. He also stole clothing, furniture and other movable property belonging to displaced or interned people, and sent them to Germany. The value of stolen goods and in particular of valuables reached many million zlotys at the rate of exchange in force at the time.

Amon Goeth was escorted from the courtroom after the was sentenced to death

Amon Goeth was escorted from the courtroom after he was sentenced to death

At his trial, the last charge, as stated in number (5) above, was the crime for which he had been arrested by the Gestapo on September 13, 1944, after an investigation by Waffen-SS officer Dr. Georg Konrad Morgen.

Dr. Morgen had done a lengthy investigation of the activities of Amon Goeth, but did not arrest him for killing anyone.

At his trial, Goeth’s defense was that he was a Waffen-SS soldier who had to follow the orders of his superiors. He denied killing anyone except when ordered to carry out an execution.

Amon Goeth was found guilty on all counts in the Polish court. He was sentenced to death and was allegedly hanged in Krakow on September 13, 1946, exactly two years to the day that he left the Plaszow camp after being arrested.


  1. Absolutely amazing that these thugs thought that they would get away with such atrocities. Evil did and still does exist.

    Comment by Stevie — August 23, 2016 @ 11:33 pm

  2. U suck. Amon killed people it doesn’t Matter he is dead and that’s good

    Comment by Fucked up — January 8, 2016 @ 5:34 am

  3. Why is it that movie producers add or subtract when making movies? Steven Spielberg could have made this movie with real facts that would have made it more interesting. Now im wondering whats true and what’s not.Oscar Schindler was a evil person turned humane. God turned his greed into grace. As a black woman Oscar is a hero that saved humanity. One that kept a race going that could have been exterminated.GOD BLESS OSCAR SCHINDLER

    Comment by Melvina — July 26, 2015 @ 4:44 pm

  4. furtherglory wrote: “Dr. Morgen had done a lengthy investigation of the activities of Amon Goeth, but did not arrest him for killing anyone.”


    SS Judge Konrad Morgen investigated Goeth’s activities and Amon Goeth was then arrested by the SS Judicial Police for “acts of brutality and sadism” against inmates, among other crimes. The war ended before Goeth could be executed by the SS, but other wicked concentration camp commandants (at Buchenwald and Lublin) were shot by the SS high command for, among other crimes, brutality against inmates.

    From Affidavit SS-65 by SS Judge Konrad Morgen, IMT Vol. 42, p. 556:

    “Individual criminal acts – in these cases having broad implications – included: the assumption of a license to kill by commandants and subordinates concealed through falsification of medical death certificates.

    Arbitrary conduct, chicanery, unlawful corporal punishments, acts of brutality and sadism, liquidation of no-longer-convenient accomplices, theft and black-market profiteering.”

    Holocaust believers are unable to explain that one. If the Nazis had really been exterminating Europe’s Jews at that time, shouldn’t Goeth and other brutal commandants have received a medal or any other reward instead of a death penalty?

    THE FACT SPIELBERG SUPPRESSED IN SCHINDLER’S LIST: The Commandant of Krakau-Plaszow (Amon Goeth) Was Arrested by the SS for Brutality against Inmates –

    Comment by hermie — September 21, 2013 @ 7:07 pm

    • The important part of Dr. Morgen’s Affidavit is this:

      “Arbitrary conduct, chicanery, unlawful corporal punishments, acts of brutality and sadism, liquidation of no-longer-convenient accomplices, theft and black-market profiteering.”

      “ALL OF THESE OFFENSES WERE COMMITTED both alone by prisoners AS WELL AS BY PERSONNEL OF THE SS, most however in conspiracy between SS personnel with kapos (Jewish concentration camp guards).”

      Amon Goeth’s name is not mentioned in the Affidavit, but his arrest was for “theft and black-market profiteering.” His arrest by the SS was NOT for “assumption of a license to kill by commandants [….] concealed through falsification of medical death certificates.”

      Goeth was working with the Jews to steal from the camp. Oskar Schindler was helping Goeth by storing stolen goods at his new concentration camp in Bruenlist. Schindler was arrested at the same time as Goeth, but he was released.

      Goeth was convicted under the “common plan” principle, devised by the Allies AFTER THE WAR. He was RESPONSIBLE for the deaths of 8,000 people who were brought to the Plaszow camp to be executed. It was always the custom to bring convicted criminals to a camp to be executed. Everyone at the camps, who had anything whatsoever to do with an execution, was convicted of a war crime under the “common plan” law, which was used in all the trials by the Allies.

      Do you think that Schindler would have remained friends with Goeth if he were personally killing prisoners in the camp? Would his beautiful girl friend have stayed with him if he had been personally killing prisoners? After Goeth was arrested, by Dr. Morgen, he was diagnosed with diabetes and sent to Bad Tolz for treatment. ( Diabetes can cause people to have fits of bad temper, which may have been the case with Goeth.

      Goeth’s girl friend went with him to Bad Tolz and stayed with him while he was being treated for diabetes, and possibly also for alcoholism. His daughter was born there.

      Comment by furtherglory — September 22, 2013 @ 7:27 am

      • FG wrote: “Amon Goeth’s name is not mentioned in the Affidavit, but his arrest was for “theft and black-market profiteering.””

        You’re right. Do you have documents about Goeth being arrested by the SS police? So Goeth was even not the sadistic commandant seen in Spielberg’s movie? I already knew the balconey scene was fictional and Schindler wasn’t an angel, but I didn’t know he had been arrested only for “theft and black-market profiteeering”.

        FG wrote: “Do you think that Schindler would have remained friends with Goeth if he were personally killing prisoners in the camp?”

        Why not? Schindler wasn’t the jew-loving angel many people think he was. He created that legend himself in order to get money and avoid any trial for his wartime exploitation of jewish forced labor.

        Comment by hermie — September 22, 2013 @ 8:23 am

    • Dr. Konrad Morgen was arrested by the Allies and sent to Dachau where he was imprisoned in “War Crimes Enclosure No. 1,” which you can read about on my website at

      This quote is from my website:
      Begin Quote:
      One of the prisoners in the War Crimes Enclosure at Dachau was Dr. Georg Konrad Morgen, an SS judge who had investigated corruption and crimes against the prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps. Dr. Morgen was incarcerated as a war criminal at Dachau because he was a member of the SS.

      During the war, Dr. Morgen had investigated 800 concentration camp cases and had then brought charges against 200 SS men, including 5 commandants, of whom 2 were shot after being convicted of murdering prisoners in their concentration camps. He had investigated the Buchenwald camp for 8 months before dismissing charges against Ilse Koch, the wife of Commandant Karl Otto Koch, who had allegedly ordered lamp shades to be made out of human skin. In Dr. Morgen’s court, Koch was convicted of ordering the murder of two prisoners and was subsequently executed by the Nazis.

      American military interrogators tried to get Dr. Morgen to sign an affidavit, admitting that Frau Koch had ordered prisoners killed to make human lamp shades, but he refused, even after several beatings. He told historian John Toland after the war that he was threatened three times with being turned over to the Russians or the Poles, but he still refused.

      The following quote is from a footnote in John Toland’s book, entitled “Adolf Hitler”:

      Morgen also did his best to convict Ilse Koch, the wife of the Buchenwald commandant. He was convinced that she was guilty of sadistic crimes, but the charges against her could not be proven. After the war Morgen was asked by an American official to testify that Frau Koch made lampshades from the skin of inmates. Morgen replied that, while she undoubtedly was guilty of many crimes, she was truly innocent of this charge. After personally investigating the matter, he had thrown it out of his own case. Even so, the American insisted that Morgen sign an affidavit that Frau Koch had made the lampshades. Anyone undaunted by Nazi threats was not likely to submit to those of a representative of the democracies. His refusal to lie was followed by a threat to turn him over to the Russians, who would surely beat him to death. Morgen’s second and third refusals were followed by severe beatings. Though he detested Frau Koch, nothing could induce him to bear false witness.
      End Quote

      Comment by furtherglory — September 22, 2013 @ 8:09 am


    Made a mistake, sorry! This turned out to be Hebron, Palestine.

    Comment by Gasan — September 21, 2013 @ 6:47 pm

  6. When they say “hanged” how do we know he wasn’t dragged out of his cell and beaten to death like Oskar Dirlewanger, slipped some hear attack medicine like Stangl (two weeks after his non-tape recorded interview with Gita Sereny), or just shot by Poles? Wikipedia isn’t a dependable source for Holocaust related information! Here’s a class in in Tel Aviv that teaches Jews how to spin Wikipedia entries:

    Comment by who dares wings — September 21, 2013 @ 11:47 am

    • Thanks for the link to the video. The woman in the video says “the RIGHT side of the story — OUR side of the story.” The title of Wikipedia should be “The World according to the Jews.”

      Comment by furtherglory — September 21, 2013 @ 12:22 pm

    • Just read up on Oskar Dirlewanger courtesy of ” Wikipedia” . His entry courtesy of the ADL/ Lipstadt mob is another good example of Judaic propaganda masquerading as the truth. There are endless quotes from various writers in order to portray this man as the devil incarnate. Objective and neutral ! Don’t make me laugh.

      Comment by peter — September 22, 2013 @ 5:07 am

  7. The botched execution looks to be that of Dr Ludwig Fischer, the governor of Warsaw. interestingly his Wikipedia entry has the hall marks of the ADL writers who infest this ” educational ” site, As for Amon Goeth I m sure he would have been judicially strangled by the victors but it hasn’t been filmed for posterity unlike most of the other judicial lynchings which paved the way for our modern world.,

    Comment by peter — September 21, 2013 @ 10:47 am

    • I did not find anything to criticize in the Wikipedia entry for Dr. Ludwig Fischer. He had committed crimes under the ex-post-facto laws of the Allies. Superior orders could not be used as a defense in the war crimes trials of the Allies after the war. In the video of his hanging, he comports himself well. That is why I didn’t think that this was a film of the hanging of Amon Goeth. Goeth was about 6 foot 5 inches tall, so it might have been hard to hang him. As far as I know, it was not filmed.

      Comment by furtherglory — September 21, 2013 @ 11:00 am

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