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October 6, 2013

CBS News video entitled “The vast reach of the Nazi Holocaust”

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It seems that today, October 6th, is the anniversary of an attempt by American Jews to warn the public about the Nazi Holocaust.  This quote is from CBS News:

Seventy years ago today — October 6, 1943 — a group of rabbis and Jewish war veterans staged a small march in Washington to draw public attention to the Holocaust then taking place across Nazi-occupied Europe. We are still learning more about just what happened, both from archives and from the personal witness of those who somehow survived.

Photo from the Auschwitz Album is shown on CBS video

SS man directs a mother and her baby to the gas chambers

The photo above is the first photo of the “Nazi Holocaust” that is shown on the CBS video. The photo illustrates what it was like when the Hungarian Jews, including Irene Weiss and her family, were deported to Auschwitz in May 1944.

In my humble opinion, this photo was a poor choice for the video.  It shows an SS man directing a woman to his right.  It is well known that “to the left” was the direction for the gas chamber.

The video begins with Irene Weiss telling her story to reporter Lee Cowan. Irene was 13 yrs. old when she arrived at Auschwitz.  That means that Irene is now 82 years old. She looks damned good for her age.  Remarkably, this is the case with many Holocaust survivors.

Although Irene was only 13 years old, she was not selected for the gas chamber when she arrived at Auschwitz.  Her mother was not so fortunate.  Irene says that her “Mom and a very large number from the train” were sent to the gas chamber and “within one half hour all were dead.”

Yet, the video shows Jews WAITING for the gas chamber.  If it only took a half hour to gas all the Jews from a train with 100 cars, why did some of the Jews have to wait?

On the day that Irene arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Nazis were taking photos of the Jews arriving on the trains. These photos were put into an album, by an SS man who was stationed at the camp; the album is now known as “The Auschwitz Album.”  Some of these photos are shown on the CBS video, including a photo of Irene’s family.

Family of Irene Weiss waiting for the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Family of Irene Weiss waiting for the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Irene Weiss has identified the two little boys on the left as her two brothers, who were gassed.  She used a magnifying glass to identify the woman behind them as her mother.  Irene is not in the photo; she was not selected for the gas chamber, although it was the custom for the Nazis to send everyone under the age of 15 to be gassed.  I’m guessing that she got by on her looks.

The photo above shows the Jews looking toward the Sauna, where there was a shower room.  The closest gas chambers were behind them. I previously blogged here about the Jews walking, on the same road, to the gas chambers and to the Sauna.

You can read about the gas chambers and the showers at Auschwitz-Birkenau on my website here.

Then the CBS video shows a photo of a mass grave full of naked bodies.  This photo was taken at Bergen-Belsen, where a large number of deaths were caused by a typhus epidemic. What is this photo doing in a story about Auschwitz?  There were two typhus epidemics at Auschwitz, so why not show a photo of dead bodies at Auschwitz?

Then a photo of bodies of dead prisoners at the Nordhausen camp is shown.  These are the bodies of prisoners killed by American bombs.

Bodies of prisoners at Nordhausen who were killed by American bombs

Bodies of prisoners at Nordhausen who were killed by American bombs

From there, the video continues with Wendy Lower who has just published a new book called Hitler’s Furies.  Eventually, the video gets back to Irene, but not before mentioning that there were at least 42,500 sites where Jews were sent during the Holocaust.

What’s all this got to do with anything?  Nothing.  It just illustrates how disingenuous the news media in American is today.


  1. CBS News: “Seventy years ago today — October 6, 1943 — a group of rabbis and Jewish war veterans staged a small march in Washington to draw public attention to the Holocaust then taking place across Nazi-occupied Europe.”

    Wasn’t “the Holocaust” supposed to be a Top Secret Operation? Why did the Nazis waste their time using code words and euphemisms in their own documents and camouflaging their ‘gas chambers’ as shower rooms if even a group of American rabbis and Jewish war veterans knew about their Top Secret Operation and marched to expose their ‘secret’? Let me guess. Those rabbis and veterans were all Zionists and they also requested the opening of the gates of Palestine in order to save the unfortunate jews of Europe from slaughter, right?

    Those rabbis and veterans marched in October 1943, but two months later, in December 1943, the Zionist leader and future first President of Israël Chaim Weizmann was still doubting the Holocaust propaganda would be believed by most people and wrote: “It will be nothing short of a miracle if we do get something out of this war” (he even ‘forgot’ to talk about the Holocaust as he added “after all the suffering and misery which has been our lot”, not “after the slaughter of so many of ours” or something like that) (

    The inconsistencies of the Holocaust narrative are far beyond the borders of stupidity…

    Comment by hermie — October 6, 2013 @ 7:14 pm

  2. With 42,000 sites it would only take 100 people at each to add up to 4,200,000! This might explain some of the mystery of “resettlement in The East”. Seems we may be heading to a situation where demographically there aren’t enough bodies to have both internees at 42,500 ghettoes and camps AND 4 or 5 million uncounted death camp victims…

    Comment by Jeff Thurston — October 6, 2013 @ 6:23 pm

    • Good point, Jeff.

      At Nuremberg the Soviets undeliberately revealed where the Jews who were not kept for labor, had been temporarily resettled.

      “Upon investigations by the Extraordinary State Commission of the Soviet Union, it was found that at the front, behind their main line of defense, the Hitlerites had systematically constructed special concentration camps where they kept tens of thousands of children, women who were unfit for work, and old men. I must name the concentration camps of Smolensk (Russia), Stavropol (Russia), Kharkov (Ukraine), Kiev (Ukraine), Lvov (Ukraine), Poltava (Ukraine), Novgorod (Russia), Orel (Russia), Rovno (Ukraine), Dniepropetrovsk (Ukraine), Odessa (Ukraine), Kamenetz-Podolsk (Russia), Gomel (White Russia), Kerch (Ukraine), of the Stalingrad region (Russia), of Kaunas (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), Mariampol (Lithuania) of Kloga (Estonia) and many others […]”. – Soviet IMT-Chief prosecutor general Rudenko, February 8th 1946, opening speech [IMT, VII, 180]

      Three of those camps were described in detail in document USSR-4: “On March 19, 1944, Soviet forces find in Polesia (White Russia), inside the German defense line three concentration camps in Ozaritschi, between Minsk and Kiev; in those camps there were more than 33.000 children, women, elderly people and people unfit for work”.

      Comment by hermie — October 6, 2013 @ 7:29 pm

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