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October 12, 2013

What ever happened to Natalee Holloway? — Chapter Two

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Last night I watched an episode on the Nancy Grace TV show, which promised new information on the Natalee Holloway case, but none was given.  It was a rehash of old information, but heavily biased toward Nancy’s belief that Joran van der Sloot murdered Natalee after raping her.

Joran at age 17

Joran van der Sloot at age 17

The show started with Nancy saying that some people think that Natalee was a “runaway.” Then Natalee’s mother (or a haggard women who resembles her) said that the claim that “Natalee was a runaway is not an option.”

Nancy Grace then explained that Natalee could not have been planning to run away because “she was ready to go home.”  Her bags were packed, and in the lobby of the hotel.

Nancy neglected to explain how Natalee’s bags had gotten to the lobby.  She went on to gush about the 125 students on the trip, implying that Natalee could not have been planning to run away because she was on a senior trip with ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE students.

None of the 125 students on the trip spoke on the show, and in fact, group photos were shown with the faces of the other students blocked out.  It was not mentioned that Natalee’s mother had refused to allow the other students to talk to the police in Aruba.

Natalee Holloway's High School graduation photo

Natalee Holloway’s H. S. graduation photo

Nancy then went on to say, in a very ominous tone, that Natalee was last seen alive  at 1 a.m. [Monday, May 30] standing in front of a BAR, and then getting into a gray Honda Civic. [Nancy did not mention that the Honda Civic belonged to the Kalpoe brothers.]

At this point Nancy Grace introduces the heroine of the case, as she says:

“At 11 a.m. Monday, ELEVEN HOURS LATER, Beth Holloway is in Aruba.”

Nancy Grace implied that the police were not called because  Beth Holloway was planning to handle the case by herself.

To me, Beth’s actions are an indication that Beth suspected that her daughter was a runaway and that is why she wanted to handle the case by herself, instead of calling the police.

It was then mentioned that Joran van der Sloot said that Natalee was drunk when she got into the gray Honda Civic at the bar.  Nancy interjects her opinion, based on nothing, as she says “We believe that not to be true.”

There were plenty of witnesses to the drunken behavior of Natalee at the bar the night that she disappeared, but Nancy Grace did not mention that.

The two black security guards at Natalee’s hotel, who were unjustly accused, were brought into the case at this point.  One of them was interviewed on camera, after which, the arrest of Steve Cruz was mentioned, as Nancy explains that Cruz ran a cruise line.  It was said that the security guards were unjustly blamed, while also pointing out that there was a boat involved, implying that the boat could have been used to dump Natalee’s body at sea.

Then Nancy Grace says, in an even more ominous voice: TEN DAYS LATER A JUDGE WAS INVOLVED.

At this point, Jug Twitty (Beth’s husband at that time) speaks for the first time.  Jug said that he and Beth went to the home of Joran van der Sloot where Jug confronted Joran’s father, THE JUDGE.

Jug described Paulus van der Sloot (Joran’s father) as being very rude when they arrived at his house.  Paulus kept telling his son to “say nothing.”  The nerve of that man!  Beth and Jug were only trying to solve the case themselves, without involving the police, and they expected that the father of 17-year-old Joran would cooperate and tell them that Joran had raped and killed Natalee.

Next, Nancy Grace tells her viewers that “Beth met the family [of Joran van der Sloot]”  We are told that Beth “was invited in” by Joran’s family.  On this occasion, Beth brought along a full camera crew and stood outside the iron gate into the van der Sloot property, demanding to be let in so that she could confront Joran’s father, THE JUDGE.

Nothing was said about the behavior of Natalee in Aruba, except to DENY that she was lying on top of a bar while boys took jelly shots off her navel. It was implied that Natalee was a saint; nothing was mentioned about the DNA of some unknown boy on the toothbrush that was found in her hotel room. Nothing was said about how she was alone as she approached Joran who was sitting at a bar minding his own business at the time. [This was caught on camera, but the footage was not shown on the Nancy Grace show.]

Nancy Grace pointed out that JORAN CHANGED HIS STORY 8 TIMES, implying that this is proof of Joran’s guilt.

Nancy Grace wearing handcuff necklace

Nancy Grace wearing handcuff necklace

Hanscuff necklace worn by Nancy Grace

Handcuff necklace worn by Nancy Grace on her show

At this point, I stopped taking notes.  Nancy’s show was so disingenuous that I couldn’t take it any more.  Besides that, Nancy was wearing a necklace that resembled handcuffs, which I found to be very disconcerting.

I was expecting new information about the case, but there was absolutely nothing new.  Nancy kept referring to Joran as “Urine van der Slewt”  instead of pronouncing his name correctly as YOUR-an van der SLOAT.

Beth Holloway has received a lot of criticism, but you would never know it, from the latest Nancy Grace TV show on the subject. You can read about it on the Wikipedia page for Beth.