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October 28, 2013

Holocaust survivor Hilda Mantelmacher was “marched” from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen

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This morning, I read a news article here, which mentioned that Holocaust survivor Hilda Mantelmacher spoke at a special diversity presentation held recently on the campus of Central Penn College.

This quote is from the news article:

[Mantelmacher] was invited to speak on Oct. 22 by part-time general education professor Darrel Showers who teaches a history course titled “Remember: A Retrospective of the Holocaust.” At first, the plan was to have her talk in front of the class as a guest lecturer, but the decision was made to share her message with the broader campus community, said Sarah Douglass, college spokesperson.

For years, Hilda had kept silent about her ordeal in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, until one day when she saw two Holocaust deniers speak on a TV show.  This was probably the Phil Donahue show, several years ago, where Bradley Smith and David Cole debated the Holocaust with Holocaust Believers.  That’s when Hilda started speaking on the lecture circuit.

You can listen to her talk at Central Penn College on YouTube:

At 18:53 minutes in the video, Hilda says that the Nazis put a Christian girl in the gas chamber.

At 19:44 minutes in the video, Hilda says that she does not have a tattoo.  She explains this by saying that the Nazis didn’t tattoo people who were selected for the gas chamber.  Hilda was very young when she was sent to Auschwitz, although she doesn’t give her exact age in the video. In another news story, which you can read here, Hilda said that she does not know the day nor the year that she was born.

Apparently, Hilda was selected for the gas chamber, but the Nazis never got around to gassing her.  It is well known that Dr. Josef Mengele could not determine age to within 5 years, so many young children were saved from the gas chamber, by lying about their age.

At 27:15 minutes in the YouTube video, Hilda says that she was MARCHED to Bergen-Belsen.  Up to this point, Hilda had been describing her stay at Auschwitz-Birkenau, which was in what is now Poland, a long way from Bergen-Belsen which was in northwest Germany.

Bergen-Belsen was the camp, to which Anne Frank was transferred, from Auschwitz-Birkenau.  The news article about Hilda’s diversity talk says that Hilda was TRANSFERRED to Bergen-Belsen, thereby covering a huge mistake made by Hilda in her talk. Or maybe, young girls were MARCHED all the way from Poland to Bergen-Belsen.

I rushed to the Bergen-Belsen page on Wikipedia to find out if women marched all the way from Poland to Germany in the last days of the war.  I found the following information on Wikipedia:

In January 1945, the SS took over the POW hospital and increased the size of Bergen-Belsen. As eastern concentration camps were evacuated before the advance of the Red Army, at least 85,000 people were transported in cattle cars or marched to Bergen-Belsen.[12]

I checked the source for this statement and found that this website is the source.  This quote from the website gives the information about the marches:

In the summer of 1944, the SS began to evacuate the camps near the front lines and transport tens of thousands of prisoners to more centrally located camps under catastrophic conditions. At least 85,000 men, women and children were taken to Bergen-Belsen on over 100 transports and death marches starting in December 1944. The train journeys in overcrowded cattle cars and the death marches sometimes lasted for several weeks.

Note that prisoners were MARCHED to Bergen-Belsen, but there is no claim that prisoners were MARCHED FROM POLAND to Bergen-Belsen.  They were marched from other camps in GERMANY to Bergen-Belsen which was WEST of the other camps.

Jewish prisoners dragging a dead body at Bergen-Belsen

Jewish prisoners dragging a dead body at Bergen-Belsen

At 27:53 minutes in the video, Hilda says that the girls at Bergen-Belsen had nothing to do but take away the dead.  The photo above proves that she was right about that.  But then she says that when the British came closer, the Nazis went to hide all the corpses.

There were thousands of dead bodies in the Bergen-Belsen camp because there was a typhus epidemic in progress.  That is why the camp was VOLUNTARILY turned over to the British, after a week of negotiations.  The Nazis did not try to hide the bodies from the British. The British knew that the camp was being turned over to them BECAUSE of the typhus epidemic, which could potentially spread to the German soldiers and the British soldiers who were fighting in this area.

In her talk, Hilda Mantelmacher said all the right things about the gas chamber.  At 13:03 minutes in the video, she says that the prisoners were forced to enter the shower, but it was really a gas chamber.  She mentions that the prisoners were given soap and towels to take with them into the showers, which were really gas chambers.  She also mentions that the prisoners were told to tie their shoes together before leaving them in the undressing room.  Hilda has the official gas chamber story down pat, even though she was never sent to the gas chamber herself.  Instead, she was sent to Bergen-Belsen, a camp that is known to everyone because that is where Anne Frank died, after she was sent there on a TRAIN.

In my humble opinion, Hilda should have done a little more research before telling her fake story about the Holocaust.  For one thing, Hilda said this:  “Dr. Josef Mengele greeted the new arrivals with a cruel face, vicious dogs and a whip held firmly in one hand.”  Every other survivor of Auschwitz has described Dr. Mengele as being very charming, NOT as having “a cruel face.”  The photo below shows Dr. Mengele in the center.  Does this look like “a cruel face:?

Richard Baer, Josef Mengele and Rudolf Hoess

Richard Baer, Josef Mengele and Rudolf Hoess

Most of the survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau describe Dr. Mengele as being impeccably dressed, and whistling as the prisoners passed by him during the selection process.

This quote is from the news article about Hilda’s talk to the students:

“From the start, it was clear that Nazi Germany was bent on the destruction of European Jews and made it a major goal of World War II. Mantelmacher remembers how her father had set aside a secret place for the family.”

So her family had a hiding place?  Could it be that Hilda hid in the “secret place” throughout the war, and was never sent to a camp?

I believe that Hilda Mantelmacher is contributing to the Holocaust denier side of the story, more than proving the Holocaust.