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October 30, 2013

Dr. Efraim Zuroff: “Holocaust distortion is posing a serious threat to the Jewish narrative of the Holocaust”

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According to a news article, which you can read on The Jerusalem Post here, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance is “promulgating a new working definition of Holocaust denial.”

Gideon Behar told The Jerusalem Post that “the definition was important because it was the first such document detailing what is considered acceptable by Western democracies and ratified by an international body.”

Gideon Behar is “the Foreign Ministry’s point man on anti- Semitism and one of two Israeli delegates to the [IHRA]”, according to the news article.

An example of Holocaust denial is given in The Jerusalem Post article: “If you say that only two million Jews were killed that is Holocaust denial according to this definition.”

I have to admit that I had to read this news article 3 times before I could understand it. It was all Greek to me.

This quote is from the article in The Jerusalem Post:

The working definition is not legally binding, but has significant moral authority due to the composition of the IHRA. [The IHRA] includes many of the world’s leading democracies as members and the United Nations among its official observers.

I am very pleased that we now have a group of countries in an organization with “significant moral authority” to tell us what we are required to believe.  I am assuming that the IHRA includes a representative of the USA and that our 1st Amendment right of “freedom of speech” will no longer apply to the Holocaust.

The question of how many Jews died in the Holocaust reminds me of the old “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” question.  No two people will ever agree on a suitable answer.

This quote is from The Jerusalem Post:

According to the IHRA, distortion of the Holocaust is defined as:

• “Intentional efforts to excuse or minimize the impact of the Holocaust or its principal elements, including collaborators and allies of Nazi Germany”

• “Gross minimization of the murder of the victims of the Holocaust in contradiction to reliable sources”

• “Attempts to blame the Jews for causing their own genocide”

• “Statements that cast the Holocaust as a positive historical event” and

• “Attempts to blur the responsibility for the establishment of concentration and death camps devised and operated by Nazi Germany and putting blame on other nations or ethnic groups.”

The last example, in the new definition of Holocaust denial, worries me.  For example, if you say anything about the Italian concentration camps, you could go to prison for “Holocaust denial” because only Nazi Germany can be demonized now.

According to the news article, “the Simon Wiesenthal Center […]  contributed to the definition…”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center?  Now there’s a place where you can learn the truth about the Holocaust.  I previously blogged about the SWC here and here.

According to the article in The Jerusalem Post, Dr. Zuroff was quoted as saying:

“This is excellent, this is extremely important, because it focuses on Holocaust distortion which is something that has developed rapidly in the last few years and is posing a serious threat [to] the Jewish narrative of the Holocaust, especially in Eastern Europe. […]

“[that] doesn’t specifically identify the efforts to equate communism to Nazism as a form of Holocaust distortion,” [an oversight that [Zuroff] believes is problematic.]

So watch what you say, dear readers, lest you be sent to prison for 5 years for “Holocaust distortion.”  Saying that the Soviet Communists killed as many people as the Nazi Fascists would be an example of “Holocaust distortion,” which is the name of the new crime of denial.