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November 12, 2013

The story of Marion Blumenthal Lazan, child survivor of the Holocaust

On Veteran’s Day this year, Marion Blumenthal Lazan spoke to students in a school in Kentucky about her ordeal when she spent 6 and 1/2 years as a child in Nazi camps, including Westerbork and Bergen-Belsen.  You can read about her talk to the students here.

According to the news article, Marion and her family were liberated in 1948 by “the Russian Army.”  This is probably a misprint.  It is more likely that Marion and her family were sent on a train, from Bergen-Belsen to Theresienstadt, and the train was liberated by Russian soldiers in April, or early May, 1945.

Monument at Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site in honor of the Jews who died there

Monument at Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site in honor of the Jews who died there

The words on the back side of the Monument at Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site are in English, as quoted below:

“Israel and the world shall remember thirty thousand Jews exterminated in the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen at the hands of the murderous Nazis. EARTH CONCEAL NOT THE BLOOD SHED ON THEE! First anniversary of Liberation 15th April 1946 Central Jewish Committee Brtish Zone”

There is a documentary about Marion Blumenthal Lazan’s story, entitled Marion’s Triumph, which you can read about on Wikipedia.  This quote is from Wikipedia:

Marion’s Triumph is a 2003 documentary that tells the story of Marion Blumenthal Lazan, a child Holocaust survivor, who recounts her painful childhood memories in order to preserve history. The film combines rare historic footage, animated flashbacks, and family photographs to illustrate the horrors she experienced.

This quote is also from Wikipedia:

What’s interesting is that if Anne Frank had survived the war, her story would have been similar to Marion’s. Both Marion and Anne Frank’s families tried to escape the Holocaust, but were caught by Nazis. Both were young girls during the war, and both traveled from Westerbork, a deportation camp, to concentration camps; Marion went directly to Bergen-Belsen, but Anne Frank was sent first to Auschwitz and then to Bergen-Belsen. It’s there that Anne Frank died of typhus, but somehow, despite her malnutrition and the disease that surrounded her, Marion survived.

There are a few facts that are missing from the stories of Marion Blumenthal and Anne Frank.  The main thing that has been left out is that Bergen-Belsen was originally set up as an EXCHANGE CAMP, and did not become a concentration camp until December 1944, three and a half months before the camp was VOLUNTARILY turned over to the British Army.  You can read more about the history of Bergen-Belsen on my website at

Famous photo of a British soldier pushing bodies into mass graves at Bergen-Belsen with a bulldozer

Famous photo of a British soldier pushing bodies into mass graves at Bergen-Belsen with a bulldozer

Did Marion Blumenthal Lazan tell the high school students that she and her family were sent to Bergen-Belsen where they were put into the one of the 8 sections of the camp that was reserved for prisoners who were regarded as suitable for exchange for German citizens being held in internment camps in America?  As far as I know, she does not mention, in her talks, that her family was put into an EXCHANGE CAMP, but America did not exchange very many prisoners.

Marion Blumental Lazan was probably a prisoner in the Star Camp [Sternlager], while her family waited for an exchange that never came.

Approximately 4,000 Jewish prisoners, mostly from the Westerbrook camp in the Netherlands, lived in the Star camp, where conditions were better than in the other seven camps at Bergen-Belsen. In the Star camp, the prisoners wore a yellow Star of David on their own clothes instead of the usual blue and gray striped prison uniform. According to the Museum at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site, the prisoners in the Star camp had to work, even the old people, but they were treated better than the prisoners in the other seven camps.

The following quote is from Eberhard Kolb’s book entitled Bergen-Belsen from 1943 to 1945:

From the Dutch “transit camp'” at Westerbork all those inmates were transported to Bergen-Belsen who were on one of the coveted “ban lists”, above all the “Palestine list”, the “South America list”, or the “dual citizenship list”. Holders of the so-called “Stamp 120000” were also taken to Bergen-Belsen, i.e. Jews with proven connections to enemy states, Jews who had delivered up large properties, diamond workers and diamond dealers who were held back from transportation to an extermination camp but who were not allowed to go abroad, as well as so-called “Jews of merit”. A total of 3670 “exchange Jews” of these categories, always with their families were deported from Westerbork to Bergen-Belsen in eight transports between January and September 1944.

According to Kolb, there were only 6,000 Dutch Jews who returned home after the war, out of a total of 110,000 who were deported by the Nazis. Twenty thousand more Dutch Jews had survived by going into hiding until the war was over. More than a third of the Jews, who survived Bergen-Belsen, were inmates of Star Camp.

According to the Memorial Site at Bergen-Belsen, the exchange camp population on December 1, 1944 was 15,257. By February 1, 1945, there were 22,000 prisoners in the camp, and by March 1, 1945, the number of inmates had swelled to 41,520. On April 15, 1945, there were an estimated 60,000 prisoners in the camp.

A total of 50,000 prisoners died during the last two years that the Bergen-Belsen camp was in operation, including 13,000 who died of weakness and disease after the camp was liberated. By far the biggest killer in the camp was typhus, a deadly disease that is transmitted by body lice.

The story of Bergen-Belsen can be summed up by a chart that hangs on the wall of the Museum at the Memorial Site. It shows that there were 350 deaths in the camp in December 1944 before the typhus epidemic started. In January 1945, after a typhoid epidemic started, there were between 800 and 1000 deaths; in February 1945, after the typhus epidemic broke out, there were 6,000 to 7,000 deaths. In March 1945, the number of deaths had escalated to an incredible 18,168 in only one month.

In April 1945, the deaths were 18,355 in only one month, with half of these deaths occurring after the British took over. Unlike the death camps in Poland, the Bergen-Belsen camp was not equipped to handle this kind of death rate; there was only one crematory oven in the camp.

When the British arrived on April 15, 1945 to take charge of the camp, there were 10,000 bodies that were still unburied, and more were dying every day because the Germans could not control the typhus and typhoid epidemics in the camp. By the end of April, in only two weeks time, 9000 more had died. Another 4,000 died before the end of May.

Marion Blumenthal Lazan told the high school students that she had to pick lice out of her hair.  Did she also tell them that lice causes typhus, and prisoners died by the thousands at Bergen-Belsen from typhus?

Did Marion Blumenthal Lazan tell the students that thousands of lives could have been saved if America had exchanged more of the Germans in the American internment camps for Jews in the Belsen exchange camp?

This quote is from Wikipedia:

A total of 11,507 Germans and German-Americans were interned during the war, accounting for 36% of the total internments under the Justice Department’s Enemy Alien Control Program, but far less than the 110,000 Japanese-Americans interned.[25] Such internments began with the detention of 1,260 Germans shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor.[26] Of the 254 persons evicted from coastal areas, the majority were German.[27]

In addition, over 4,500 ethnic Germans were brought to the U.S. from Latin America and similarly detained. The Federal Bureau of Investigation drafted a list of Germans in fifteen Latin American countries whom it suspected of subversive activities and, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, demanded their eviction to the U.S. for detention.[28] The countries that responded expelled 4,058 people.[29] Some 10% to 15% were Nazi party members, including approximately a dozen who were recruiters for the NSDAP/AO, roughly the overseas arm of the Nazi party. Just eight were people suspected of espionage.[30] Also transferred were some 81 Jewish Germans who had recently fled persecution in Nazi Germany.[30] Many had been residents of Latin America for years, some for decades.[30] In some instances, corrupt Latin American officials took the opportunity to seize their property. Sometimes financial rewards paid by American intelligence led to someone’s identification and expulsion.[30] Several countries did not participate in the program, while others operated their own detention facilities.[30][31]

Does Marion Blumenthal Lazan mention any of this in her talks to High School students?  No, of course not.  Nobody cares that German citizens were put into internment camps in America.  Nobody wants to hear that Bergen-Belsen was an EXCHANGE CAMP.  Nobody wants to hear the words typhus and typhoid.

Lazan’s talk was all about how she was discriminated against because she was Jewish.  The worst thing that happened to Marion was that her mother spilled hot water on her daughter’s leg while she was cooking up some soup, in the barracks, using a potato that she had stolen.  In her talk, Marion said that the barracks were unheated, so how did her mother manage to cook a stolen potato?  Did she have a Bunsen burner in her barracks building?

Update 1 p.m. Nov. 12, 2013

After I  had put up the above blog post, I found a YouTube video of Marion Blumenthal Lazan’s talk to students in her home town of Peoria, Illinois.  Marion’s talk begins at 9:15 minutes into the video.  Marion starts off by saying that her story is the story that Anne Frank might have told, but she does not explain how her story differed somewhat, allowing her to survive, while Ann Frank died at Bergen-Belsen.

Marion continued her talk by saying that in 1935, discrimination against the Jews in Germany began, although she does not give any hint, as to why the German people might have been against the Jews. She said that Kristallnacht was the “beginning of a massive pogrom” against the Jews, although she didn’t explain the word “pogrom,” nor did she explain the events that led up to Kristallnacht.  Throughout her talk, Marion did not give the slightest reason why Jews were persecuted in Nazi Germany.

Because of the discrimination against the Jews in Germany, Marion’s family obtained “papers for America” and were scheduled to leave Germany when Kristallnacht happened on November 9, 1938.  Her father was one of the Jewish men who were sent to Buchenwald, but he was soon released because he already had papers for his family to leave Germany.

In January 1939, the Blumenthal family prepared to set sail for America.  In December 1939, the family went to Westerbork, in Holland, to wait for passage to America.  Unfortunately, in May 1940, Germany invaded Holland and that ended Marion’s dream of going to America.

In her talk to the students, Marion did not mention that Jews were having a hard time leaving Germany because other countries in Europe would not take them. She did not explain that, even in America, there were severe restrictions on how many Jewish immigrants were allowed to come in.

Then Marion goes on to tell that, in 1942, the “extermination” of the Jews began.  In January 1942, on a Tuesday morning, Marion’s family was put on “cattle cars,” while “vicious dogs” forced them onto the trains.  She was just 9 years old.

To her credit, Marion explains, in the video, that Bergen-Belsen “was sectioned off,” and that her family was put in the “Sternlager.”  Just as I had guessed, the Blumenthals had been put into the “Star camp” where conditions were better, according to information at the Bergen-Belsen Museum.

At 38.56 minutes in the YouTube video, Marion shows a yellow star, like the one that the Jews were forced to wear in the Star Camp.   But nowhere in her talk did Marion mention that the Star Camp was the best section at Bergen-Belsen, reserved for the prominent Jews, who were suitable for an exchange for a prisoner in an American internment camp.

Marion mentioned that “once a month,” the prisoners at Bergen-Belsen were given a shower. She says that the prisoners “were never sure whether water or gas” would come out of the shower faucets.  However, she does NOT claim that there were gas chambers at Bergen-Belsen; she only hints at the possibility of gas chambers.

Finally, Marion gets to the part in her speech about “four pebbles,” which she says represent her “four family members.”  The title of a book, which she wrote is Four Perfect Pebbles.  While she was at Bergen-Belsen, Marion had made a game out of searching for four perfect pebbles each day.

Finally, Marion gets to the “gas chambers.”  Every Holocaust survivor must explain why they were not sent to the gas chamber, especially when they were younger than 15 years old, while in a camp.  Keep in mind that, at this point in her talk, Marion has not mentioned that Bergen-Belsen was an EXCHANGE camp.  She implies that Bergen-Belsen was an “extermination camp” and since her family had not been exterminated yet, she says that they were put on one of the “three trains to the gas chamber in April 1945.”

I previously blogged about the gas chamber at Theresienstadt here.

Marion does not mention that the trains to the gas chamber were going to Theresienstadt.  She implies that the Nazis were gassing Jews, right up to the end of the war, even after most of the camps had been liberated.  She doesn’t explain that the Nazis had fooled around for years, hoping to exchange Jews for German prisoners in America and other countries, and in the last weeks of the war, they had decided to send the Jews to Theresienstadt, where a gas chamber had allegedly just been set up.

To her credit, Marion did mention, at 27 minutes into the video, that there was a typhus epidemic at Bergen-Belsen.

At 27.51 minutes into the video, Marion says that, after 14 days on the train to Theresienstadt, with no food, no water, and no toilets, she was liberated by “the Russian Army.”  Her family was sent back to Holland, from where they tried to go to Palestine, but the British were not allowing Jews into Palestine.

Finally, her family was able to use their tickets, purchased in 1939, to come to America.  On April 23, 1948, she arrived in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The YouTube video of Marion Blumenthal Lazan’s talk is entitled “Four Perfect Pebbles.”  You will have to search for it yourself, because I cannot put it up for some reason.

To impress upon the students, who had come to hear her talk, how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust, Marion said, near the end of her speech, that 6 million Jews had died in the Holocaust, which was one third of the Jewish population in Europe. She said that there are currently 12.5 million people in the state of Illinois, where she now lives.  Imagine half of the people in the state of Illinois being killed, if ever the Nazis are allowed to come to power again.  It boggles the mind.  Marion gives her talks to students to impress upon them that they should not discriminate against Jews or anyone else.


  1. hi i was hoping you could help me im trying to find out about my Late gradad George Montague i believe he was one of the two tractor british drives whom had to bury all the dead i recall my mother telling me the story and that there were photo’s of the two tractor drives my grandad lived at no 74 chior street salford 7 at the time i have no idea what regiment he was in at the time but would love to try and find out his regiment and army number so i could do Further reasearch im not completly uptodate with computors. but any help on pointing me in the right direction would be greatfully appreciated many thanks for any guidence in advance Gary Williams

    Comment by gary williams — August 6, 2014 @ 8:26 pm

  2. Further Glory,
    I was under impression that zionist prick “neverwhatever” was banned from this site permanently? Why do we have to read his delusional
    comments. I don’t care about his grandmother sufferings. I could counter with the sufferings of members of my family from the Jews

    Comment by Gasan — November 13, 2013 @ 8:27 pm

    • The comments from a person, who uses the name “NeverAgain” are HELD FOR MODERATION. On the off chance that one of his diatribes should contain something worthwhile reading, I have the option to take his comment out of the Pending file and put it into the comments. I was feeling good that morning, so I decided to let him rant and rave once more, for old time’s sake.

      Comment by furtherglory — November 14, 2013 @ 8:13 am

  3. FG wrote: “She does not mention that the trains to the gas chamber were going to Theresienstadt.”

    The Theresienstadt “gas chamber(s)” is one of the most laughable pieces of WW2 atrocity propaganda. Martin Gilbert claimed the Theresienstadt “gas chamber” hadn’t been “activated” because “Commandant Rahm disobeyed these [killing] orders” (alleged oral orders, so no documentary evidence…as usually. How convenient) – something Rahm later denied at his trial (“Rahm spoke of instructions to build bomb-proof storage houses and poultry ponds”, not gas chamber(s) – Martin Gilbert’s baseless assertions are anyway less ridiculous than the original version of that hoax claiming the allegedly doomed Jews were not gassed because “the doors to these death chambers, however, had to be sent back [to the manufacturer] three times since they did not fit” and “in the meantime Russian troops reached Theresienstadt” (London Times, 6 July 1945 –

    Comment by hermie — November 12, 2013 @ 5:10 pm

  4. Isn’t it ironic that the camp that enabled the birth of the holohoax (not sure the jewish holo-tales would have been believed in without the pictures of emaciated corpses buldozed in mass graves at Belsen) was in operation during 3 and a half months only? The real founding father of Israël is typhus. There should be a giant statue of a lice in front of the Yad Vashem? That would be historically and scientifically more accurate. 😉

    Comment by hermie — November 12, 2013 @ 4:19 pm

  5. Marion Blumenthal was born in Germany in 1934, a bad time to be Jewish in Germany. She had a mother and a father and a brother who was two years older than she was. When they were still young, Germany began to get dangerous.This book tells the true story of a family living through the Holocaust. Their story is told mainly from the points of view of Marion and her mother, Ruth. During the Holocaust, they resisted leaving Germany when it was safe to do so, because they did not want to leave Marion’s grandparents behind. The grandparents refused to leave their home. After their death, it was too late to easily get out of the country. The sad thing is that this family had everything going for them. They had relatives in safe countries who were willing to sponsor them and take them in. They had permission to journey to the United States, but then the war got in the way and they were unable to sail. This family ended up traveling to Holland and then, when the Nazis occupied the Netherlands, they were sent to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. They had received permission to go to Palestine, where they also had people willing to take them in, but the Nazis never sent them. Luckily, Marion’s family survived the camp. Toward the end of the war they were put into a “death train” and sent toward Berlin, where Hitler was still holding out. On their way there, they were liberated by Russian soldiers.Life after the war was still difficult for the Blumenthal family. They were very sick and without a country, since they had no desire to remain in Germany, where they had started. After the war ended and they were once again free, they then had to figure out how to continue surviving and how to make a life for themselves.It was frustrating to read this book and know that the world would get worse and worse for this family, and to see them not take the roads to safety when they were open. They were very lucky to survive.

    Comment by Moses D. Dean — November 12, 2013 @ 11:46 am

    • You wrote: “Toward the end of the war they were put into a “death train” and sent toward Berlin, where Hitler was still holding out. On their way there, they were liberated by Russian soldiers.”

      Did Marion write this in her book?

      What do you mean by the term “death train?” Do you mean that Jews were sent to Berlin, from Bergen-Belsen, a camp which was in the process of being turned over to the British, after two weeks of negotiations, for the purpose of killing them by train travel? Was the purpose of putting them on the train to kill them by shuffling them around through Germany where all the train tracks had been bombed by the Allies? Were the women at Bergen-Belsen sent to Berlin, so that they could be raped to death by the Russian soldiers?

      I previously blogged, about the 3 trains that left Bergen-Belsen, at

      That blog post was about the three trains that were sent out of Bergen-Belsen in the last days of the war. All three trains were headed to Theresienstadt, but the trains had to take a circuitous route because of the bombed out tracks. Marion may have mistakenly believed that she was headed to the pile of rubble that had formerly been Berlin. She may have mistakenly believed that there were gas chambers in Berlin, and that this was the last effort by the Nazis to complete the Final Solution. It could be that Marion did not know that Bergen-Belsen was an EXCHANGE camp until December 1944.

      Comment by furtherglory — November 13, 2013 @ 9:49 am

  6. Any mention of you that most of the Jewish Prisoners were starved to death. Yes typhoid was in the camp. Oh and by the way why were Jews shipped to Bergen-Belson in the first place? . My grandmother was liberated from that camp by the British, she was the last in her town of Seini (near Satu-Mare). You know there is plenty of footage not just the on picture you put up on the liberation of the camp, including the starved prisoners and piles of bodies. And what were these people doing there in the first place? Why were so many civilian prisoners non-military Hungarian/Romanian Jews. And if there were other German’s who died, who is denying this on the Jewish side. The fact is that the Jews made up a large percentage of those who were murdered by the Nazis – Jews don’t deny others were made to suffer…that’s what happens in war, especially when you lose. No one forced Hitler to go into western Europe…As for the suffering of the German people. Much of it thanks to the Soviet Army – unlike the other allied countries the Russians were in no mood to be nice, their leader was a ruthless SOB, and he had a pact with Hitler that was violated. As for the Allies, they too put a hurting on Germany…Dresden for sure was excess….but after what the German’s did to France and the UK (think the Blitz)…as we say Shit happens. The key is the the Germans started the war, so crying about their suffering is a bit off base. Had a German put a cap in Hitlers head, perhaps life would have been better for them. Instead a 1/3 of the country supported him, and the other 2/3 did not do enough to stop him.

    By the way I know your tactics. Sadly many of the victims who are still alive today were very very young and yes some of their memories are probably off – Do you remember what you did at age 5?. But there are thousands of hours of testimony by those who were not babies or young kids, these interviews can be obtained easily… many of these individuals are no longer with us today as age does get in the way. Its fucktards like you who need that distance to make your arugments. So go cherry pick what you want to argue a point. I know your game. Its very transparent. BUT HERE IS THE PROBLEM!

    The fact is that based on evidence there were about 15 million Jews before the Holocaust…today there are about the same number. Which leads any person who has any ability to do math, to realize that the 6 million who died is a VERY ACCURATE number, based on any number of conservative (which is to say giving the denier the benefit of the doubt) assumptions on population growth. By my math a general number would come in about 6.5 million killed, But then if you take out the fact that 1.5 million of those murdered were children (thus probably making the 6 million number a bit more accurate….by the way I believe; I do need to check but your hero David Irving admitted once that he thought the number was 4 million).

    Anecdotally – My grandmother had two kids before the war…murdered by your Nazi fuck glorious hero’s at Auschwitz…those enemies of the Reich were babies 3 and 4 years old – were sent to the gas chambers their ashes part of Auschwitz, along with my great grandparents. My grandmother with the babies and many other relatives …would be on a transport to Auschwitz (once again what the hell were the Germans doing transporting Jews not serving in any military capacity from Romania to Poland? — Your head just explode…probably not your not smart enough).

    My grandmother, like many other “prisoners” as you like to call them (for what I have no idea) ended up on one of those death marches you so deny. She and my grandfather’s two sisters would survive the march (many would be asked do you want to walk – you say no-your life on the planet was ended). Sadly only my grandmother would survive the entire ordeal (1.5 years) as her sisters succumbed to starvation and typhoid a month before Bergen Belsen liberation…but the starvation was the key reason they died. My grandmother said that her survival in those final weeks were her sucking on the bone narrow of a bone she found at the camp.

    My grandmother weighed 25KG (about 55lbs for those who can’t do math) when she was liberated…that was from a lack of food by the way. She was the last of her family to come home. In fact from the community she was only a handful returned after the war by a miracle she and my grandfather did reunite…to start all over…I give them all the credit in the world…for without their strength I’m not on this planet…me I probably would have shot myself, knowing my kids were murdered…I will also let you on something else…the Germans weren’t the only Nazis…many of them were local sympathizers. When the Jews in my grandparent’s town were rounded up (my grandfather sent to hard labor…he had a strong back) – some local townspeople assisted the Nazis. One such individual told my grandmother when she asked if she could find a place to bathe her children that not to worry soon they will be bathing in the red sea. Well this man never thought my grandparents would ever return…From what I have been told by my mother this scumbag was beaten by my grandfather an inch from his life. Let me assure you if it were me he would have received his express ticket to hell much earlier.

    But here I ask this: Why was Bergen-Belson built, was Auschwitz build, why was Sobibor built, why was Treblinka built, was was Buchenwald built…to name a few?
    What happend to the 15 million Jews…if they weren’t murdered there should be 30 million today.

    Why can’t you fucktards just be honest, and say we hate Jews…and be done with it!

    Comment by NeverAGAIN! — November 12, 2013 @ 11:36 am

    • Now that Holocaust denial has been expanded to include “Holocaust distortion,” I can envision a new career for you. You seem to be an expert on the Jewish “narrative of history.” You could become a teacher of the “facts” of the Jewish narrative of history, explaining the Holocaust distortions to little kids. Or you could write a book to educate “fucktards” about the Holocaust distortions that some people learn in history classes. You could teach Holocaust math. You could even teach Holocaust English to little kids, who want to write a Holocaust book.

      BTW, your hateful comments are being monitored. I allowed your comment today, pulling it out of the spam folder, because I am feeling good this morning. I can’t guarantee that your next “fucktard” comment will go up, so be happy that you got through today

      Comment by furtherglory — November 13, 2013 @ 8:35 am

    • Trolling AGAIN wrote: “Any mention of you that most of the Jewish Prisoners were starved to death.”

      You can thank the Allied bombers for that…

      “Most people attributed the conditions of the inmates to deliberate intention on the part of the Germans in general and the camp administrators in particular. […] German medical officers told me that it had been increasingly difficult to transport food to the camp for some months. Anything that moved on the autobahns was likely to be bombed …

      I was surprised to find records, going back for two or three years, of large quantities of food cooked daily for distribution. I became convinced, contrary to popular opinion, that there had never been a policy of deliberate starvation. This was confirmed by the large numbers of well-fed inmates. Why then were so many people suffering from malnutrition?… The major reasons for the state of Belsen were disease, gross overcrowding by central authority, lack of law and order within the huts, and inadequate supplies of food, water and drugs.

      In trying to assess the causes of the conditions found in Belsen one must be alerted to the tremendous visual display, ripe for purposes of propaganda, that masses of starved corpses presented.”

      – Dr. Russell Barton, an English physician who spent a month in Bergen-Belsen after the war with the British Army

      And anyway you know the dreadful scenes seen when Belsen was liberated were mainly due to typhus (not typhoid, another disease). The British even burned the camp down after burying the typhus victims in mass graves. Why would they do such a thing if the emaciated bodies were mainly the result of starvation? Starvation is not contagious, but typhus is… 😉

      For info the British first refused Himmler’s offer when he proposed to surrender the Belsen camp to the British troops because they were afraid of typhus.

      Comment by hermie — November 13, 2013 @ 5:19 pm

    • Trolling AGAIN wrote: “Oh and by the way why were Jews shipped to Bergen-Belson in the first place?”

      Maybe because the liberated prisoners tended to rape and loot the civilians living around the camps or because it would have been a very bad idea to release contagious prisoners among the German population (I’m sure the good Israeli leaders would never release some contagious foreigners among the Israeli population during a bad epidemics), who knows? 😉

      The civilians of Weimar could tell you how the prisoners liberated from Buchenwald behaved in their city. But I’m sure you prefer to hear it from Elie Wiesel.

      “Early the next day Jewish boys ran off to Weimar to steal clothing and potatoes. And to rape German girls [un tsu fargvaldikn daytshe shikses]. The historical commandment of revenge was not fulfilled.” – Elie Wiesel, Yiddish version of the book “Night”.

      Comment by hermie — November 13, 2013 @ 5:33 pm

    • Do you remember what you did at age 5?.

      Of course!

      I remember the lullabies my mother sang to me when I was in my cradle.

      Comment by Eager For Answers — November 15, 2013 @ 12:27 am

    • NeverAGAIN wrote: “What happend to the 15 million Jews…if they weren’t murdered there should be 30 million today.”

      Wasn’t it 27 million? A growth of about 10% in a few weeks is pretty much.

      Your biased calculation is based on the U.S. population growth. But if you want anybody to buy your projections, you’ll first have to prove the jewish population experienced a mass conversion as massive as the mass immigration that took place in America since the end of WW2. There were 132,165,129 U.S. citizens (and about 15.5 million Jews in the world) in 1940. Without mass immigration there would be 127 million Americans today (a decreasing!), not 307 million as there are today. As you can see, with a conversion level insignificant or zero after WW2 AND a genocide of 6 million Jews during WW2, there should be less than 9 million Jews in the world today. You’ve debunked your 6 million holohoax yourself with your 15 milion today’s Jews. 😉

      2 graphs illustrating the absurdity of your Holocaust calculation:

      Comment by hermie — November 15, 2013 @ 6:53 am

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