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November 13, 2013

Woman survives Hitler during a lecture

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This headline: “Fairfield woman describes surviving Hitler during lecture” is on a news story, which you can real in full here:

Did the Fairfield woman also “throw Mama from the train a kiss”?  (Like the mother in the Patti Page song from 1956)

According to the news article, Hitler was the “ultimate bully.”  Hitler came back to bully this woman during a lecture, but she survived.

This quote is from the news article:

A native of Czechoslovakia, Schorr was arrested with her family in 1939 when she was 8. Her parents and brother were killed, but her courage helped her to survive at several concentration camps, including Terezin [Theresienstadt], Auschwitz, and as a slave laborer in Hamburg. She was finally liberated when she reached Bergen-Belsen.

Another quote from the news article:

Schorr discussed “the planned dehumanization” of the Holocaust and discussed surviving such horrors as the loss of family, starvation, enduring medical experiments and escaping the gas chambers.

That was their plan: Take away your humanity, take away your courage and take away what is called humankind,” she said. “You more or less lived like an animal. All you saw was a gigantic mountain of black smoke — the smoke of innocent people.”

Her story sounds like the standard Holocaust story to me.  Hundreds of survivors are out on the lecture circuit today telling similar stories.  With all of these survivors, “whom did Hitler kill?” as the author of the book, The Holocaust Industry famously asked.