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January 1, 2014

North America — the last outpost for Holocaust denial

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This quote is from a news article, which you can read in full here:

The United States and Canada have a totally different approach to hate speech because their history is different from the aggressors’ of World War II, “so their attitude to legislation on the matter is totally different,” said Porat. While in Europe the trend is to act against racist comments, not just racist actions, North American law sanctifies freedom of speech. “Holocaust denial is not outlawed there,” said Porat. “There is a whole empire of denial.”

It’s true.  The last outpost for Holocaust denial is North America.  Most of the countries of Europe have Holocaust Denial laws now.  It is most unusual that the US and Canada still have free speech, regarding the Holocaust.  However, the free speech laws didn’t protect Holocaust deniers Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zundel, who were both renditioned to Germany for trial.  Both were convicted of Holocaust denial and served time in a German prison.

Dachau prisoners celebrate their liberation from Dachau

Dachau prisoners celebrate their liberation

This quote, regarding Holocaust Denial, is from Wikipedia:

Holocaust denial is the act of denying the genocide of Jews in the Holocaust during World War II.[1][2] The key claims of Holocaust denial are that the German Nazi government had no Final Solution policy or intention of exterminating Jews, Nazi authorities did not use extermination camps and gas chambers to mass murder Jews, and the actual number of Jews killed was significantly (typically an order of magnitude) lower than the historically accepted figure of 5 to 6 million.[3][4][5]

Holocaust deniers generally do not accept the term denial as an appropriate description of their activities, and use the term revisionism instead.[6] Scholars use the term “denial” to differentiate Holocaust deniers from historical revisionists, who use established historical methodologies.[7] The methodologies of Holocaust deniers are criticized as based on a predetermined conclusion that ignores extensive historical evidence to the contrary.[8]

Source [8] is quoted below.

8.  Predetermined conclusion:

“‘Revisionism’ is obliged to deviate from the standard methodology of historical pursuit because it seeks to mold facts to fit a preconceived result, it denies events that have been objectively and empirically proved to have occurred, and because it works backward from the conclusion to the facts, thus necessitating the distortion and manipulation of those facts where they differ from the preordained conclusion (which they almost always do). In short, “revisionism” denies something that demonstrably happened, through methodological dishonesty.” McFee, Gordon. “Why ‘Revisionism’ Isn’t”, The Holocaust History Project, May 15, 1999. Retrieved December 22, 2006.

Alan L. Berger, “Holocaust Denial: Tempest in a Teapot, or Storm on the Horizon?”, in Zev Garber and Richard Libowitz (eds), Peace, in Deed: Essays in Honor of Harry James Cargas, Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1998, p. 154.

The Holocaust History Project is discussed at

Their website has a list of the members of The Holocaust History Project, many of whom are now dead, or retired from writing about the Holocaust.

For the official history of the Holocaust, which you must believe, to stay out of prison in 17 countries [soon to be 19 countries in 2014] go to this page of the THHP website:

A few years ago, the Holocaust History Project had a website which claimed that the Dachau gas chamber was a real gas chamber where prisoners were gassed.  I have been unable to find the original page with photos which proved that Dachau had a homicidal gas chamber.

This quote is an example of what you can read on The Holocaust History Project website:

The overall total of around 6 million is based on demographic studies and analysis of Nazi train records that record the numbers of Jews shipped to Auschwitz during its existence. An example of the methodology used is in Raul Hilberg’s Destruction of the European Jews.

I read somewhere that the train records were never found.  I read this, either in Edwin Black’s book, “IBM and the Holocaust,” and/or in a pamphlet that I obtained from the Auschwitz Museum.

You can read more about the 6 million at