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February 2, 2014

Is Martin Zaidenstadt still alive?

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I have seen nothing, about Martin Zaidenstadt, the famous Dachau panhandler, in the news for many years, although I have searched and searched.  He does not have an entry on Wikipedia, which is strange, because a few years ago, he was a very famous person in the world of the Holocaustians.

My photo of Martin Zaidenstadt, May 1997

My photo of Martin Zaidenstadt, May 1997

I previously blogged about him on this blog post:

If Zaidentadt is still alive, he is 103 years old now.  Just living to such an advanced age would make him famous, so why is there no news of him?

You can read about Martin Zaidenstadt in an article, written by Jewish revisionist Mark Weber, on this revisionist web site:

At one time, Martin Zaidenstadt was the most famous of all the fake Holocaust survivors, so why has there been no news of him for at least 4 years?  I could not find any photographs of him, except for the photo that I took on my first visit to Dachau.  My photo shows him reaching into his pocket for a business card, which he would give to tourists, and then ask for a donation.  If the donation was not enough money to please him, he would snatch the card out of the hand of the person who had stinted on their donation, as happened to me.