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February 5, 2014

How Anne Frank lost her marbles….

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Before you get upset and start “crying over spilled milk,” Anne Frank didn’t really “lose her marbles.”  No, she gave her marbles to a non-Jewish girl, who lived in the building next door, and asked this girl to keep the marbles for her until she came back.  The Franks told everyone that they were moving to Switzerland, but in reality, they were preparing to move into an annex behind her father’s business.

A news story which you can read in full here, has this to say about the story:

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Shortly before Anne Frank and her family went into hiding from the Nazis, she gave some of her toys to a non-Jewish girlfriend who lived in the building next door.

The Anne Frank House Museum says the toys have now been recovered and Anne’s tin of marbles will go on display Wednesday at the Kunsthal art gallery in Rotterdam.

The neighbor, Toosje Kupers, kept the marbles along with a tea set and a book. It was only when Kupers, 83, was moving last year that she thought to mention the marbles to the museum.

Kupers told Dutch national broadcaster NOS that she didn’t consider the marbles that special. She said shortly before the Frank family left the square they both lived on, the Merwedeplein, Anne approached her for a favor.

“‘I’m worried about my marbles, because I’m scared they might fall into the wrong hands,'” Kupers said Anne told her. “‘Could you keep them for me for a little while?'”

Anne was worried that her marbles “might fall into the wrong hands”? Did she think that the Nazis might come in the middle of the night and steal her marbles?

I can’t feel sorry for poor Anne Frank: when I was a child I didn’t have any marbles.  My family was too poor to afford marbles. Anne’s family was rich; Otto Frank (Anne’s father) had escaped from Germany because he and his brother had been cheating their customers in the bank that they owned.  Otto Frank’s brother escaped prosecution for bank fraud by going to America.  Otto tried to escape to America, but couldn’t get in.

I checked Wikipedia to see if the story of Otto Frank being involved in bank fraud was told, but found nothing.

I did find this quote on the CODOH website at

The Otto Frank case is very troubling. I have spent quite some time doing research on him because all materials point to him for the reasons of his family’s arrest.

Otto Frank was not just an “ordinary” german jew. He was in the banking business with his brother Herbert who had the controlling interest in their father’s Michael Frank Bank in Frankfurt. They owned a bank in Germany. Now, these two jewish bankers were not spending their free time by socializing with german friends in poor pubs on saturdays. They knew very well the other jewish bankers in germany (the Warburgs) and what transactions were going on between jewish Wall Street banks (Jacob Shiff, the Warburg brothers, Harriman, Bush and the Rockerfellers) and the Nazi party. One of the Franks’ cousins was Jean-Michel Frank, the renowned and millionaire architect who was at the time redecorating a luxury hotel for his friends the Rockefellers in New York !

So why did Otto Frank leave Germany in 1933 ? We can find the answer in Carol Anne Lee’s thorough documented book The Hidden Life of Otto Frank. Because his brother Herbert (controlling interest) was arrested in April 1932 (before Hitler took power)for breaking the 1931 Regulation Governing the Trade in Securities with Foreign Countries Act. He was put on trial for fraud and the bank had to close down in 1933. Herbert refused to go to trial and Otto took his place. Otto left his family and went to start the pectine business in Holland with money sent to him by Jean Michel the architect. Otto’s main client was the german army when Hitler invaded. He hid so not to disclose that a jew (on trial for fraud)owned the business. Otto Frank had all opportunities to leave with his family and go to the USA. Money won.

The “official” story of the Frank family is a perfect example of how fabricated the rest of the story of the jews in WWII is.

There are two sides to every story. For the other side of the story of the Holocaust, check out this website:   This is a vast website; I’m not sure if they mention Otto Frank and his bank fraud.