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February 28, 2014

93-year-old Hans Lipschis, a former guard at Auschwitz, will be put on trial in Germany

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There is no rest for the wicked!

According  to a news article, which you can read in full here, “Hans Lipschis, a 93-year-old thought to have been a guard at Auschwitz, was arrested in Germany on Monday. The Lithuanian-born man, who was added to the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s most wanted list last month, says he was only a cook. But prosecutors believe he supported the killing in his role as a guard.”

Death's Head emblem worn by German SS soldiers in World War II.

Death’s Head emblem worn by German SS soldiers

The photo above shows the emblem worn by the Death’s Head SS soldiers. The motto on the emblem reads in English: “My Honor’s name is Loyalty.”

The most important part of the article about the arrest of Hans Lipschis is this quote:

According to information obtained by the German news agency DPA, Lipschis was a member of the SS “Death’s Head” unit that ran the [Auschwitz] camp. He later worked as a cook for the SS adminstration (sic).

Oh no! Lipschis was a member of the dreaded “Death’s Head” unit.  Why hasn’t he been put on trial, by the Germans themselves, long before this?

Under the ex-post-facto laws created by the Allies after World War II, members of the Nazi party and members of the SS are all “war criminals.”  The German people have been remiss in their duty to bring all former Nazis, and former SS men, to justice.  This man should not expect pity, just because he is 93-years old.

So why was the “Death’s Head” unit worse than other units of the SS?

The following information is from a book written by Christopher Ailsby, entitled Hell on the Eastern Front, the Waffen-SS War in Russia 1941 – 1945:

Theodor Eicke, the first Commandant of the Dachau concentration camp, viewed the SS-Totenkopfverbände (Death’s Head unit) as an elite, within the elite structure of the SS. This concept grew from the fact that the most dangerous political enemies of the state were incarcerated in the concentration camps.

Hitler had given the sole responsibility for guarding and running the concentration camps to the SS- Totenkopfverbände.

Theodor Eicke had repeatedly pressed home his principles in orders, circulars and memorandums. The training of the SS-Totenkopfverbände was based on elitism, toughness and comradeship, together with a regime of ruthless discipline.

The SS-Übungslager at Dachau was a training center where members of the SS-Totenkopfverbände were taught to be concentration camp administrators. Voluntary SS fighting units, called the Waffen-SS, were also quartered in the garrison at Dachau, along with the SS camp guards.

The Waffen-SS and the SS camp guards were two distinct organizations which grew out of the original private army which was recruited to protect Hitler and other members of the Nazi party from the Social Democrats and the Communist Red Army during political campaigns.

At the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal, SS General Ernst Kaltenbrunner testified that there were 13 Stammlager (central concentration camps). One of these camps was Matzgau, located near Danzig; it was a camp where SS guards were imprisoned for offenses such as physical mistreatment of concentration camp prisoners, embezzlement, or theft.

If Lipschis had committed any crimes, while he was a guard at Auschwitz, he would have been sent to the Matzgau camp as punishment.  He was a cook at Auschwitz, but apparently, he didn’t try  to poison any of the prisoners.  If he had, he would have been arrested.

The Dachau concentration camp had a section, in the camp prison, for the SS men who had mistreated the prisoners.  When the camp was liberated, there were 128 SS men in this prison.

Selections were made as soon as the Jews got off the trains to Auschwitz

Selections were made as soon as the Jews got off the trains to Auschwitz

The photo above was shown, along with the news story about Hans Lipschis. However, the  bottom half of the photo, which shows a woman and her baby being directed to the right, was cut off. I copied the photo below from the news article.

Photo taken at Auschwitz was cut in half in the news article

Photo taken at Auschwitz was cut in half in the news article

Why was this photo cut in half for the news article?  Because mothers and babies were directed to the left to the gas chamber.  This photo shows a mother and her baby being sent to the right.


  1. Oh well another nazi caught….well done those who have put him on trial; he was part of the camp that made the whole thing possible. He was lucky enough to live long enough to be in his 90’s; many that were at the hands of those who administrated the machine that made it possible died.

    As far as the lady with the baby moving to the right; depends from which angle you view it and she may well have just wandered as people did…to be hurled back aggressively; but out of all those thousands of people you see in a concentration camp you decided to pick on the one in the foreground (by the way….what did the child and the mother do against the state to be in this place in the first place?….oh yes they breathed!!!!)

    There’s a football coupon in the UK where a photographer sits on the sidelines, takes a photograph of the ball moving one way, whilst the players look as though they all are sat right on the ball and those that enter into the competition have to mark the spot with an X to say where they think that ball is….most of the time the players all appear to be looking at one spot on the photograph, however it’s usually nowhere near where they are looking – in other words, your half baked theory about where she is walking (to the right) is exactly that….half baked. The question you should really be asking is….what are these people doing there in the first place. What on earth has the child done? Spy?

    Comment by Mogseyward — March 12, 2014 @ 4:42 pm

    • You wrote: “As far as the lady with the baby moving to the right…”

      Once again, you have completely missed the point of my post. I was writing about a newspaper using a photo, that has been modified, for the purpose of covering up the truth. I showed the full photograph in order to show the deception. There are many photos, from World War II, that have been modified in order to cover up the truth.

      I wrote another blog post at about a book cover that is also deceptive.

      You wrote: “The question you should really be asking is….what are these people doing there in the first place. What on earth has the child done? Spy?”

      America had camps where German citizens and German-American citizens were held. They were kept in these camps for two years AFTER the war. German citizens in South America were kidnapped and brought to these American camps. Why? Because there was a war against Germany going on.

      In Germany, the Jews were the enemy during World War II. If this woman had not been sent to a camp, she could have been fighting in the Resistance as an illegal combatant during the war.

      Comment by furtherglory — March 13, 2014 @ 6:02 am

  2. One last question please as I have not seen the film Shoah. What did The Intl Red Cross official Mr Roussel have to say? He visited the camp Auschwitz without being allowed to see Birkenau. I can’t understand why didn’t he smell something considering the hundreds of thousands of dead?

    Comment by der-wulf — March 5, 2014 @ 6:19 pm

  3. It may be slightly off topic, but I find Etty Hillesum “gratitude in a death camp” mind-bogglingly fascinating.

    Comment by kwinker — March 2, 2014 @ 9:29 am

  4. In the Hollywood Blockbuster ” The Reader” ( 2008) which is based on a novel by German law professor and judge Bernhard Schlink ,the role of the law professor is played by Bruno Ganz. He gives a speech to say that there were 8,000 SS workers at Auschwitz but only 8 were charged with murder because you need to ” follow the laws of the time” ..
    Bernard Schlink is feted thoughout the artisitic world for writing this nonsense and 99.99995% of people who watch the film would have no idea that it is based on a tissue of lies.
    Schlink is a mitlaufer for Holocaustianity.

    Comment by peter — March 1, 2014 @ 2:20 am

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