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April 13, 2014

Dr. Michael Shermer says “convergence of evidence” is proof of the Holocaust

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One of my regular readers put up a link to a You Tube video, which shows a debate between Dr. Mark Weber, a Holocaust revisionist, and Dr. Michael Shermer, a Holocaust True Believer.  Scroll down, if you can’t wait to see the video. The link to the video is at the bottom of my blog post.

Before Dr. Weber’s speech, there is a long list of his credentials given. I did not know, until now, that Mark Weber is so educated and knowledgeable about World War II history and the Holocaust.  I heard him speak, several years ago, and was not impressed.  Now, I realize that he is a very good speaker and he knows his stuff.

I only noticed one tiny mistake: Dr. Weber mentioned that Anne Frank’s father had typhus at Auschwitz and that he was put into a hospital to be treated for typhus.

Actually, Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank, stayed for three months in a hospital at Auschwitz because he was suffering from exhaustion. Otto Frank had himself voluntarily checked into the hospital, by a Dutch doctor, who was an inmate himself. (Source: the Anne Frank Museum)

One thing, that Dr. Mark Weber mentioned in his speech, is the story of Holocaust survivor Regina Bialek. He told about her Holocaust story to illustrate that the stories told by Holocaust survivors are unbelievable.

I wrote about Regina Bialek in this blog  post:

In his speech, Dr. Weber pointed out an article, which was published by the ADL in 1978, and revised in 1985.  In this article, it was stated that 2 million people were STEAMED TO DEATH at Treblinka, and that Jews were electrocuted at Belzec.  The famous photo of a disinfection chamber, taken at Dachau, was shown in the publication, and claimed, as late as 1985, to be a homicidal gas chamber.  Dr. Weber was pointing out that the official Holocaust story is very lame, and that it is downright preposterous.

Dr. Mark Weber’s speech ends at 33.50 minutes into the video, and Dr. Michael Shermer begins his speech.

Dr. Shermer begins by saying that the preserved camps are like cemeteries. Holocaust believers go there to pay their respect to the dead, not to find proof of the gas chambers. He says that there isn’t “one proof of the gas chamber.” Then he says that he does not understand why revisionists complain about what the True Believers say. Dr. Shermer believes in the “conversion of evidence.”

I am familiar with the expression “conversion of evidence,” but until now,  I didn’t understand what it means.  According to Dr. Shermer, it means that you can find similarities in the words of Hans Frank, Dr. Josef Goebbels, and the words of Heinrich Himmler in his Posen speech. Later on, Dr. Shermer quotes from the Posen speech, but cuts off the speech before the end. God forbid, he should quote the whole speech.

Dr. Shermer also mentions that the term “conversion of evidence” is illustrated by the fact that Pery Broad, Rudolf Hoess and Johan Paul Kramer used the same language in their Holocaust testimony.  For example, the words “special action,” and “bunker” and “cottage in the woods.”  This “coordination of testimonies” proves the Holocaust, according to Dr. Shermer.

Pery Broad was an SS man who worked in the Gestapo office next door to the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp. Broad wrote a report, after he was captured by the British, in which he described how the gas pellets were poured into the Krema I gas chamber: “… the covers had been removed from the six holes in the ceiling…”  Today, the reconstructed gas chamber in the main camp (Krema I) has four holes.

Rudolf Hoess was the Commandant of the Auschwitz camp. It is now admitted that Hoess was tortured by the British and forced to confess to the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

Johan Paul Kramer is is mentioned on this website:

I blogged about Himmler’s Posen speech at

I wrote about the speeches of Heinrich Himmler on my website at

Dr. Shermer asks if the Nazis had “the intention to kill the Jews.” Then he answers his own question by saying, “I don’t think so.” He points out that Hitler “never gave an order” to kill the Jews.  He explains that “the Holocaust evolved.”  He says that “it doesn’t matter” what the Nazis intended.

Dr. Shermer quotes Robert Jan van Pelt, who wrote that the Auschwitz camp was “never intended to be an extermination camp.”  Auschwitz “evolved over time to an extermination camp.”

Sorry to be so critical, but I think that Dr. Michael Shermer is doing more harm than good, as far as the Holocaust religion is concerned. He should not have attempted to debate Dr. Mark Weber.  He should keep his nutty ideas to himself.