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April 30, 2014

Have the Jews kicked Martin Zaidenstadt to the curb?

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I have been searching my fingers to the bone, but I cannot find any recent news on the Internet about Martin Zaidenstadt, the Jew who pan-handled at the Dachau Memorial Site for many years. Zaidenstadt claimed that he had been a prisoner at Dachau for three years; he told the tourists all about the Dachau gas chamber, which he had somehow escaped during his three years of confinement.

My 1997 photo of Martin Zaidenstadt

My 1997 photo of Martin Zaidenstadt

There is currently only one Internet article about Zaidenstadt, which was written by Mark Weber on the IHR website, at

This quote is from the article written by Mark Weber several years ago:

Each year many thousands of tourists visit the site of the notorious Dachau concentration camp in southern Germany, not far from Munich. They see the crematory, the memorial shrines, and the museum. And in recent years, as an almost daily fixture, they see Martin Zaidenstadt. This elderly Jewish man lectures visitors to Dachau on his experiences as a wartime prisoner there. He is particularly passionate about the horrors of the camp’s gas chamber where, he explains, many prisoners were put to death with poison gas. He even claims that this gas chamber served as a model for Auschwitz (New York Times, Oct. 26, 1997). Zaidenstadt’s listeners respond to his heart-rending testimony with unquestioning sympathy. Many reach generously into their wallets.

I recall that, for many years, there were numerous photos of Zaidenstadt on the Internet; these photos have now disappeared. His favorite place to pose was at the statue of the unknown prisoner; Zaidenstadt claimed that he had posed for this statue.

Statue of the Unknown Prisoner at Dachau

Statue of the Unknown Prisoner at Dachau

I previously blogged about Martin Zaidenstadt at

Has Martin Zaidenstadt become an embarrassment to the Jews? His name has been completely removed from search results, and I cannot find anything on him any more, except on my own website at

If Zaidenstadt is still alive, he is now 103 years old, but I have been unable to find anything on the Internet about his death.

When I visited the town of Dachau, several years ago, I was told by a Dachau resident, that the house in the photo below was where Martin Zaidenstadt lived in luxury when he was not out pan-handling at the Dachau Memorial Site.

House in the town of Dachau where Zaidenstadt allegedly lived

Courtyard of the house in the town of Dachau where Martin Zaidenstadt allegedly lived

“It is a crime in Israel to talk about, promote or commemorate the Nakba.”

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There are quote marks around the title of my blog post today because the title is a quote from a news article which you can read in full at

Palestinians forced to leave Palestine when Israel became a counry

Palestinians were forced to leave Palestine in 1948

I am writing about this today because I did not know, before today, that there are laws in Israel against mentioning the suffering of the Palestinians, who were forced to leave when Israel became a country.  Until today, I have deliberately avoided reading anything about the atrocities committed by the Israelis because I consider this subject to be a “hot potato,” or something too controversial to be studied.

Here is the full quote about the Nakba from the news article:

The Nakba is the Arab term symbolizing the Israeli defeat of the Palestinians and the occupation of Palestine’s land during the 1948 war.

The Nakba also refers to Israeli brutality against Christian and Muslim Palestinians inside Palestine. That suffering is denied by many Israelis and Jews, and it is just as immoral as denying the Holocaust.

So intense is the hatred of Palestinians by Israelis that Israel has adopted laws to prohibit Palestinians from showcasing Israel’s atrocities. It is a crime in Israel to talk about, promote or commemorate the Nakba.
Israelis can deny what they do to Palestinians. But Palestinians cannot deny what the Nazis did to Jews. The two issues are unrelated, but are both crimes.

The article, from which I quoted above, was written by Ray Hananina.  The title of the article is

Palestinian professor’s trip to Auschwitz sparks needed debate

This quote is from the first part of the article:

So why do some Arabs deny the Holocaust? Most are angry because they believe the political movement of the Jewish people, Zionism, exploited the Holocaust to browbeat Western audiences into sympathizing with them over the Palestinian cause.

I believe that the above statement is correct. Holocaust denial is against the law in around 19 countries now because the Holocaust is the reason that the Jews need to have their own country to protect them from enduring another Holocaust.

Palestinians were forced to live in tents after they were kicked out in 1948

Palestinians were forced to live in tents after they were kicked out of their country in 1948

Who was it that denied Palestine to the Jews? (the British) Who was it that got the Jews into Palestine illegally? (Hitler)

I wrote about Hitler and “the Transfer agreement” in a previous blog post at

I learned about how Hitler helped the Jews to get to Palestine when I visited the Museum at the house in Wannsee where the Nazis planned “The Final solution.”  The British were only allowing a few 15 year old Jewish boys and girls, who had manual labor skills, into Palestine. Hitler set up schools and farms where the Jewish boys and girls could learn skills that would qualify them for entry into Palestine.  There were photos in the Wannsee museum showing these Jewish children in the schools that had been set up by Hitler.

So you can blame it all on Hitler. If not for Hitler and the Holocaust, there would be no Israel today. The Palestinians would still have their country and there would have been no Nakba.

How long will this problem continue?  It will still be going on, long after I am dead.

The "aparteid" wall in Israel

Palestinians are forced to live behind this wall