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April 30, 2014

“It is a crime in Israel to talk about, promote or commemorate the Nakba.”

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There are quote marks around the title of my blog post today because the title is a quote from a news article which you can read in full at

Palestinians forced to leave Palestine when Israel became a counry

Palestinians were forced to leave Palestine in 1948

I am writing about this today because I did not know, before today, that there are laws in Israel against mentioning the suffering of the Palestinians, who were forced to leave when Israel became a country.  Until today, I have deliberately avoided reading anything about the atrocities committed by the Israelis because I consider this subject to be a “hot potato,” or something too controversial to be studied.

Here is the full quote about the Nakba from the news article:

The Nakba is the Arab term symbolizing the Israeli defeat of the Palestinians and the occupation of Palestine’s land during the 1948 war.

The Nakba also refers to Israeli brutality against Christian and Muslim Palestinians inside Palestine. That suffering is denied by many Israelis and Jews, and it is just as immoral as denying the Holocaust.

So intense is the hatred of Palestinians by Israelis that Israel has adopted laws to prohibit Palestinians from showcasing Israel’s atrocities. It is a crime in Israel to talk about, promote or commemorate the Nakba.
Israelis can deny what they do to Palestinians. But Palestinians cannot deny what the Nazis did to Jews. The two issues are unrelated, but are both crimes.

The article, from which I quoted above, was written by Ray Hananina.  The title of the article is

Palestinian professor’s trip to Auschwitz sparks needed debate

This quote is from the first part of the article:

So why do some Arabs deny the Holocaust? Most are angry because they believe the political movement of the Jewish people, Zionism, exploited the Holocaust to browbeat Western audiences into sympathizing with them over the Palestinian cause.

I believe that the above statement is correct. Holocaust denial is against the law in around 19 countries now because the Holocaust is the reason that the Jews need to have their own country to protect them from enduring another Holocaust.

Palestinians were forced to live in tents after they were kicked out in 1948

Palestinians were forced to live in tents after they were kicked out of their country in 1948

Who was it that denied Palestine to the Jews? (the British) Who was it that got the Jews into Palestine illegally? (Hitler)

I wrote about Hitler and “the Transfer agreement” in a previous blog post at

I learned about how Hitler helped the Jews to get to Palestine when I visited the Museum at the house in Wannsee where the Nazis planned “The Final solution.”  The British were only allowing a few 15 year old Jewish boys and girls, who had manual labor skills, into Palestine. Hitler set up schools and farms where the Jewish boys and girls could learn skills that would qualify them for entry into Palestine.  There were photos in the Wannsee museum showing these Jewish children in the schools that had been set up by Hitler.

So you can blame it all on Hitler. If not for Hitler and the Holocaust, there would be no Israel today. The Palestinians would still have their country and there would have been no Nakba.

How long will this problem continue?  It will still be going on, long after I am dead.

The "aparteid" wall in Israel

Palestinians are forced to live behind this wall



  1. FG wrote: “But it was not the knowledge of agriculture nor the skills in manual labor that paved the way for the state of Israel. It was sneaking of educated Jews and their money into Palestine that resulted in the founding of the state of Israel.”

    Money was never a problem to the Zionists. No need to send wealthy Jews to Palestine to get money for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. I doubt Hitler’s 60,000 Haavara Jews were crucial to the creation of the Israeli state. Even the very restrictive British 1939 White paper stipulated that Jewish immigration to Palestine was to be limited to 15,000 a year.

    The Israeli state wasn’t founded by educated Jews. It was founded by the Balfour declaration (starting a Jewish mass immigration), by Zionist terrorism (making the British leave Palestine), by military Jews (Jewish-Arab War of 1948) and a UN resolution. Palestine’s military Jewry was created by David Ben-Gurion (see below) and the UN resolution was voted because of Zionist pressure (; James Forrestal opposed Zionist goals for a while before dying in suspicious circumstances). Of course, the Holohoax was also a major factor and it created the moral ground for the establishment of the Israeli state. The Holohoax wasn’t mentioned in the Israeli Proclamation of Independence for nothing.

    [quote] Ben-Gurion changed his policy towards the British, stating: “Peace in Palestine is not the best situation for thwarting the policy of the White Paper”. Ben-Gurion believed a peaceful solution with the Arabs had no chance and soon began preparing the Yishuv for war. According to Teveth ‘through his campaign to mobilize the Yishuv in support of the British war effort (during WW2), he strove to build the nucleus of a “Hebrew army”, and his success in this endeavor later brought victory to Zionism in the struggle to establish a Jewish state.’ During the Second World War, Ben-Gurion encouraged the Jewish population to volunteer for the British Army. About 10% of the Jewish population of Palestine volunteered for the British Army, including many women. At the same time Ben-Gurion assisted the illegal immigration of thousands of European Jewish refugees to Palestine during a period when the British placed heavy restrictions on Jewish immigration.

    Illegal Jewish migration led to pressure on the British to either allow Jewish migration (as required by the League of Nations Mandate) or quit – they did the latter in 1948, not changing their restrictions, on the heels of a United Nations resolution partitioning the territory between the Jews and Arabs.
    [end quote]


    Ben Gurion knew 6,000,000 Jews were killed, before the world supposedly found out on December 14, 1945 that six million Jews had been killed. The day that the Nov 26, 1945 confession of Sturmbannführer Wilhelm Hoettl was submitted as evidence to the Nuremberg trial by U.S. Prosecutor William Walsh.

    Comment by hermie — April 30, 2014 @ 8:31 pm

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      Comment by Lasse Karagiannis — April 10, 2017 @ 12:38 pm

  2. This evening I was in the main hallway of a secondary school in England. Among the pictures of smiling students on various expeditions there was the huge poster of Nelson Mandela with the word Respect and beside was a leaflet saying this years ” Holocaust memorial day ” will be later this month and they were very lucky once more to have a ” Holocaust survivor” …all students were asked to attend.
    This school is a so called ” faith school” and one does wonder which faith they subscribe to!

    Comment by peter — April 30, 2014 @ 4:32 pm

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