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May 10, 2014

“critical thinking” assignment started with the study of the Diary of Anne Frank

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Last December, the students in the Rialto Unified School District in California were assigned to read The Diary of Anne Frank just before they were given the Common Core assignment, in February 2014, to do some “critical thinking.”

The students were asked to read material on 3 websites, one of which was a Holocaust denial website, and then write an essay, giving their opinion on what they had learned from these three websites.  According to a news story, which I read yesterday, none of the 2,200 students, whose papers have been graded so far, came to the conclusion that the Holocaust was a hoax.

The reason, that most of the students rejected the premise that the Holocaust was a hoax, could be because the one Holocaust denial website, which they were assigned to read, says that The Diary of Anne Frank is a hoax.  The one and only person, that I know of, who made that claim was Robert Faurisson, one of the first Holocaust deniers. I blogged about it on this blog post:

Hungarian prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Hungarian prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Yesterday, I read an article, written by John Hayward on the Human Events website. The photo above was shown at the top of the article,  which included this quote:

If you read the diary of Anne Frank and come away from the experience willing to entertain the notion that this whole Holocaust thing might have been a hoax, you didn’t read it very carefully.

The photo, that is shown above the article, is a poor choice, in my humble opinion, because it is a photo that disproves the Holocaust. The photo shows Hungarian Jews who have just arrived at Auschwitz, where they were given a shower and a haircut before being admitted into the camp. These men are obviously over the age of 45, and should have been sent to the gas chamber, according to Holocaust lore.

The reason that Anne Frank’s family decided to go into hiding was because Anne’s sister Margo had received a notice that she should report for an assignment to work in a labor camp.  I knew what this meant because I had read a book called The Nazi Officer’s Wife.  In the book, the girl who later became a Nazi Officer’s wife, told about how she was treated well, given plenty of food, and allowed to return home after two years in the work camp. Amazingly, she was even allowed to visit a nearby town on weekends and she was allowed to send food home to her family.

It was not just Jews, who were sent to these labor camps.  During the Nazi years, every German boy and girl had to work, for no pay, in a labor camp for two years.

Because the Franks had gone into hiding, they were treated worse than they would have been treated, had they not gone into hiding.

The story of Anne Frank and her family constitutes “Holocaust denial.”  As every student of the Holocaust knows, prisoners over the age of 45, who were sent to Auschwitz, ended up in the gas chamber, after going through a selection, and being waved to the  left by Dr. Mengele, the “Angel of Death.”  Anne’s father was 56 years old, when he arrived at Auschwitz, yet he was not sent immediately to the gas chamber, but was selected to work.

After a few months of working at Auschwitz, Otto Frank, who had previously never worked a day in his life, decided that heavy labor was not for him. He got a Jewish doctor in the camp to put him into the camp hospital, where he remained until the camp was liberated by the Soviet Union.

Anne Frank was over the age of 15 when she arrived at Auschwitz, so she was able to pass the selection and was not sent immediately to the gas chamber. However, she soon became sick and couldn’t work, so she was sent to Bergen-Belsen, the EXCHANGE camp in Germany.  The train that took her to Bergen-Belsen was a train loaded with sick prisoners, which was monitored by the Red Cross.

If Anne had not gone into hiding, along with her family, she would have eventually been sent to the Star camp at Bergen-Belsen, where she would have been treated very well.  Her school friends, who did not go into hiding, were sent to the Star  Camp, where they survived, and then went to Israel after the war.

I wrote a detailed description of the house where the Frank family went into hiding on my website at



  1. Robert Faurisson is not the only revisionist to write about Anne Frank. There is also Ditlieb Felderer – He wrote the book ANNE FRANK’S DIARY – A HOAX – Background info on Ditlieb Felderer –

    Comment by Les — May 11, 2014 @ 12:19 pm

  2. As a survivor I think that the Anna Frank Diary is in no way helpfull for a critical understanding of the Holcaust History.The same appplies to all personal records wirtten or told in gatherings. Individual records can be evaluated as evidences and not more than that. I find it more that regetable that in USA schools and univesities there is no effort to study the Holocaust of Jews and other minorities in the full hisotircal context. In USA there is an ashaming lack of knoledge of European History, Geography and Demography.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — May 11, 2014 @ 6:41 am

  3. At October 6 1944 the had been a desperate uprising of hte Auschwitz Sonder Komnando inmates who had to put the corpses from the Gas Chambers to the Cretaries, as I had been told by an Auschwitz survivor. One of the Crematoriums had been destructed. At the same time Himmler had been contacted by Swiss Pasdt President Jeam Marie Musy for “possible contacts with Allied Powers. So Himmler ordered the end of the Gasing for next November 2 and at Theresienstadt stood in a hurry to set up furhter transports to a non specified “Arbeitslager” near to Dresden. Last Transport left Theresienstadt onf October 28.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — May 11, 2014 @ 6:32 am

  4. Yes the story of the Franks constitute “holocaust denial” and the conttversy goes on as long as there are believers and deniers. As I understand there is not much hard evidence for the gassings claim. Why isthat and why are we not allowed to doubt? I pray that the deniers are right in the end, because there seems nothing so cruel than to end up in a gaschamber.
    When will the definite answer come whether there were gaschamers in the thitd reich to kill people by the millions or not?

    Comment by johanrees — May 10, 2014 @ 1:02 pm

    • You wrote: “There is not much evidence for the gassings claim”

      You are correct. All the evidence is against the gassing claims. The main “gas chambers” at Auschwitz-Birkenau were on the main road through the camp, one on each side of the road, not hidden at all. The gas chambers were allegedly in crematoria buildings, but there were no morgues to store the bodies. Several people have descended into the Krema II ruins and found no evidence of blue stains from Zyklon-B, the gas that was allegedly used.

      There is no proof of the gas chambers whatsoever.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 10, 2014 @ 3:25 pm

  5. At Auschwitz-Birkenau gassings lasted until November 1 1944, while the Frank family had been deported in the summer. Theese are well known facts.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — May 10, 2014 @ 11:51 am

  6. Otto Frank had his own lemonade trade company so why do you suppose that he previously never worked a day in his life?

    As the official holcaust story reads the official gassings were already stopped when the Franks were deported.

    Comment by johanrees — May 10, 2014 @ 11:42 am

    • On my blog post, I have added a link to my website, where I wrote about Otto Frank’s company. This quote is from my website: “[Otto Frank] operated two businesses: one which produced pectin to be used in making jelly and other products, and the other which produced herbs and spices for making sausage.”

      Where did you get the information that Otto Frank was making lemonade? AFAIK, lemonade is an American drink, which was always made fresh, in the 1930s and 1940s, not put put into cans or bottles. The gassing had not stopped when Otto Frank arrived at Auschwitz.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 10, 2014 @ 12:09 pm

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