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May 14, 2014

The “always perspicacious” Glenn Beck has written a book on Common Core

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Last night, on his TV show The Factor, Bill O’Reilly introduced his guest, Glenn Beck, as “the always perspicacious Glenn Beck.”

O’Reilly then proceeded to define this highfalutin word for Glenn Beck, who didn’t know what it meant.

Or maybe Beck was just pretending that he didn’t know.  Glenn Beck is self educated, and he doesn’t know what everyone in America should know, due to their indoctrination in the American school system.

Beck was a guest on The Factor because he is promoting a new book, which he has just written, on today’s educational standards, which are called Common Core.

Glenn Beck’s complaint, about Common Core standards, is that it is part of America’s “cultural war,” about which Bill O’Reilly has spoken many times on his TV show. Beck thinks that the purpose of the Common Core is to produce “good little workers” for American business firms.

Beck specifically mentioned a speech, given by Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft. Beck said that America is now “adopting  a new kind of capitalism, like that in China.” He added that “a truck driver doesn’t need to read Huck Finn.  He was making the point that today’s students are taught to be “good little workers.”

Glen cited the Common Core English test, which has sentences to “indoctrinate kids” into progressive thinking.

Way back in the Dark Ages, when I was in “grade school,” English was taught by having students diagram a sentence on a blackboard, a method which is not taught any more.  If you know how to diagram a sentence, you will never make the mistake of dangling a participle.  Today’s students, who type with their thumbs, on their “mobile device,” don’t know what a participle is and they couldn’t care less about English grammar.

Early on, during Glenn Beck’s former TV show, I deduced that Glenn is not a college graduate. He revealed many times, that he doesn’t know what every college graduate knows.  It was very clear to me that Glenn is completely self educated.

Just to make sure, I went to Wikipedia to confirm that Glenn Beck did not graduate from college.

I found this quote on Wikipedia:

In 1996, while working for a New Haven area radio station, Beck took a theology class at Yale University, with a written recommendation from Senator Joe Lieberman, a Yale alumnus who was a fan of Beck’s show at the time.[38] Beck enrolled in an “Early Christology” course, but soon withdrew, marking the extent of his post-secondary education.[36][39]

As he later recounted in his books and stage performances, Beck’s first attempt at self-education involved six wide-ranging authors, comprising what Beck jokingly calls “the library of a serial killer”: Alan Dershowitz, Pope John Paul II, Adolf Hitler, Billy Graham, Carl Sagan, and Friedrich Nietzsche.[38] During this time, Beck’s Mormon friend and former radio partner Pat Gray argued in favor of the “comprehensive worldview” offered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an offer that Beck rejected until a few years later.[36]

I will probably not rush out to buy Glenn Beck’s new book, and I will tell you why:  I have now come to the conclusion that Common Core is a good idea for American’s schools.  All young people are now learning what they need to know to get along in today’s world.  They don’t need to learn the truth; what they need to know is accepted history.

Regarding the recent assignment, given to students in the Rialto Unified School District, to read a revisionist website, and then write a “critical thinking” essay on the Holocaust, I now believe that this was not a good thing. Today’s children need to know the accepted beliefs in America, whether these beliefs are true or not.

If a student wants to get a good job in America, he or she needs a progressive education in a progressive college, and they need to be able to regurgitate all the accepted details of the Holocaust.  A young person, who persists in reading Holocaust denial websites, should be advised that they will have to start their own company because they will not get a job in corporate America.

BTW, my father never read Huck Finn. He didn’t have a Common Core education. He never even made it past the 4th grade. So how was he able to get a job in corporate America? He didn’t. In fact, he NEVER had a job; he bought a truck and became a truck driver, working on his own.  He eventually founded a multi-million dollar, nation-wide trucking company, which is still in business.

Students who live in the 4 states in America, which do not have the Common Core, can always get a job as a truck driver. Or they can start their own business.




  1. According to Sir Arthur Bryant the British historian (Unfinished Victory (1940 pp. 136-144):

    ‘It was the Jews with their international affiliations and their hereditary flair for finance who were best able to seize such opportunities.. They did so with such effect that, even in November 1938, after five years of anti-Semitic legislation and persecution, they still owned, according to the Times correspondent in Berlin, something like a third of the real property in the Reich. Most of it came into their hands during the inflation.. But to those who had lost their all, this bewildering transfer seemed a monstrous injustice. After prolonged sufferings they had now been deprived of their last possessions. They saw them pass into the hands of strangers, many of whom had not shared their sacrifices and who cared little or nothing for their national standards and traditions.. The Jews obtained a wonderful ascendancy in politics, business and the learned professions (in spite of constituting) less than one percent of the population.. The banks, including the Reichsbank and the big private banks, were practically controlled by them. So were the publishing trade, the cinema, the theatres and a large part of the press – all the normal means, in fact, by which public opinion in a civilized country is formed.. The largest newspaper combine in the country with a daily circulation of four millions was a Jewish monopoly.. Every year it became harder and harder for a gentile to gain or keep a foothold in any privileged occupation.. At this time it was not the ‘Aryans’ who exercised racial discrimination. It was a discrimination that operated without violence. It was exercised by a minority against a majority. There was no persecution, only elimination.. It was the contrast between the wealth enjoyed – and lavishly displayed – by aliens of cosmopolitan tastes, and the poverty and misery of native Germans, that has made anti-Semitism so dangerous and ugly a force in the new Europe. Beggars on horseback are seldom popular, least of all with those whom they have just thrown out of the saddle.’

    Strangely enough, in a book unexpectedly published by Princeton University Press in 1984, Sarah Gordon (Hitler, Germans and the “Jewish Question”) essentially confirms what Bryant says. According to her, ‘Jews were never a large percentage of the total German population; at no time did they exceed 1% of the population during the years 1871-1933.’ But she adds ‘Jews were overrepresented in business, commerce, and public and private service.. They were especially visible in private banking in Berlin, which in 1923 had 150 private Jewish banks, as opposed to only 11 private non-Jewish banks.. They owned 41% of iron and scrap iron firms and 57% of other metal businesses.. Jews were very active in the stock market, particularly in Berlin, where in 1928 they comprised 80% of the leading members of the stock exchange. By 1933, when the Nazis began eliminating Jews from prominent positions, 85% of the brokers on the Berlin Stock exchange were dismissed because of their “race”.. At least a quarter of full professors and instructors (at German universities) had Jewish origins.. In 1905-6 Jewish students comprised 25% of the law and medical students.. In 1931, 50% of the 234 theatre directors in Germany were Jewish, and in Berlin the number was 80%.. In 1929 it was estimated that the per capita income of Jews in Berlin was twice that of other Berlin residents..’ etc etc.

    More here on The Reasons [too few] Historians Call WWII A ‘Jewish Creation’ :

    Comment by who+dares+wings — May 15, 2014 @ 9:02 pm

  2. In order to understand the history and purpose of the copywritten, corporatized and imposed Common Core curriculum Charlotte Iserbyte and John Taylor Gatto are indespensible explicators. An “explicator” is an explainer and in order to understand an explanation of a rather complex thing like Common Core it really helps to be able to read at a level in the English language beyond that of today’s average American truckdriver. Interview with Isyerbyte: Interview with Gatto: Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck are entertainers not informers. Most citizens don’t know the difference between entertainers and educators thanks to “infotainment,” the controlled information they are parcelled out by the people who own the media they spend so much time when they are not working passively watching and listening to.

    Comment by who+dares+wings — May 14, 2014 @ 5:07 pm

  3. Dear Webmaster! I think that Your Father could set up the truck business starting with driving one himself only because he had avoided to read a lot of stupid novels; this applies to many European countries too. As the Holocaust knowledge concerns I believe that the great hidden secret is to evaluate clearly how the foolish policy of President Wilson during and after WWI set the conditions leading to WWII and the Holocaust. Furthermore I myself, a real survivor, have difficulties to read some real details and for my late Father – THE LAST OF THE UNJUST – it had been very painful to recall things. I have relatives who had survived Auschwitz but I never asked them for details and they themselves avoid to recall many things. In the Holocaust period a skilled worker had some chance of surviving while many “sages” had to “go left.” At the Rialto School they should know only that the Holocaust occurred and figures of victims can only be conjectured while not all places of extermination are known. The main point should be how to avoid that such tragedies could occur again. Existing job opportunities require properly skilled workers while too many “sages” became an intellectual proletariat ready to follow any hate idea. Persons like your late Father ready to catch any opportunity are the right people we need and can become democratic citizens. You understand that my English is not the best and will pardon errors.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — May 14, 2014 @ 12:51 pm

    • Now that I know that readers of my blog cannot go back and correct spelling errors in a comment, after they have posted the comment, I have taken the liberty of correcting your spelling errors.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 14, 2014 @ 2:17 pm

    • Wolfie wrote: “As the Holocaust knowledge concerns I believe that the great hidden secret is to evaluate clearly how the foolish policy of President Wilson during and after WWI set the conditions leading to WWII and the Holocaust. […] At the Rialto School they should know only that the Holocaust occurred and figures of victims can only be conjectured while not all places of extermination are known. The main point should be how to avoid that such tragedies could occur again.”

      The best way to avoid that WW2 could occur would have been to get Franklin Roosevelt/Rosenfeldt out of office after his first mandate.

      “Now we have forced Hitler to war so he no longer can peacefully annihilate one piece of the Treaty of Versailles after the other.”
      – Lord Halifax, English Foreign Minister from 1938 to 1940

      And the best way to avoid that “the Holocaust” could occur would have been to sack all the Jews out of newspapers and government agencies. 🙂

      “at any time Jews have disfigured the truth with absurd fables.” – Voltaire.

      Comment by hermie — May 14, 2014 @ 7:34 pm

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