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June 7, 2014

Eva Olsson is still out on the lecture circuit, telling lies, at the age of 89

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I previously blogged about Holocaust survivor Eva Olsson at

and again on this blog post:

At the age of 89, Eva is still educating young students about the Holocaust, and telling lies. You can read about her latest talk here.

Eva Olsson  Photo Credit: Helena Long

Eva Olsson Photo Credit: Helena Long

This quote from Eva’s latest talk contains her most egregious lies:

Six days before [the prisoners at Bergen-Belsen] were liberated, the Gestapo took away even the dirty water soup. Five hundred prisoners died every day. Olsson had her younger sister beside her and thought, “I cannot die here; who is going to look after her?”

In April, 1945, the Gestapo knew they were losing the war. They planned to abandon the camp at Bergen-Belsen and scheduled the shooting of all prisoners for April 15 at 3 p.m. At 11 a.m., Olsson and the others were liberated by Canadian and British soldiers who had come from Holland.

“I was very sick but I knew I was free.” Fourteen thousand died after being liberated. “The doctors couldn’t help them but they died free.”

The Gestapo was not in charge of  any of the camps, so the Gestapo did NOT plan to abandon the Bergen-Belsen camp. The Germans abandoned other camps and brought the prisoners TO Bergen-Belsen, so that they could be turned over to the Allies. There were 60,000 prisoners at Bergen-Belsen when the British arrived to take over the camp.

As everyone knows, the Bergen-Belsen camp was an EXCHANGE camp until just before it was VOLUNTARILY turned over to the British, who arrived on April 15, 1945 to take over. The Germans did NOT  plan to shoot the 60,000 prisoners in the camp just before the British arrived.

Eva Olsson wants us to believe that the Germans had scheduled the shooting of all the prisoners at Bergen-Belsen knowing that the British would soon arrive.

Did Eva mention the typhus epidemic in the Bergen-Belsen camp?

Sign at the gate into Bergen-Belsen warned about the typhus epidemic

Sign at the gate into Bergen-Belsen warned about the typhus epidemic in the camp

This quote is from the article about Eva’s latest talk to students in Canada:

In October, 1944, [the prisoners] were marched back [from the factory] to camp, to Bergen-Belsen, to smoke and rubbish. The camp had been bombed. In some bombed camps, the prisoners were shot. “Here they found us a hole in the ground, straw on a dirt floor, underneath the kitchen.”

The news article about Eva’s latest talk, which you can read in full here, does not mention whether she told the students WHO had bombed the camp, but it is clear that she implied it was the Germans who bombed Bergen-Belsen.

Eva said that “In some bombed camps, the prisoners were shot.”  This statement definitely implies that it was the Germans who bombed the camp, not just Bergen-Belsen, but other camps as well. (Allegedly, the Germans came back to Auschwitz-Birkenau, after they abandoned the camp, and bombed the gas chambers in order to destroy the evidence of gassing.)

Actually, it was the British that bombed Bergen-Belsen, destroying the water pump, so that the camp had no water for days after the bombing.  The camp was voluntarily turned over to the British after they had bombed the camp, and the British gave creek water to the prisoners, which caused even more deaths.

In her latest talk, Eva Olsson told the following to the students, regarding what happened when she arrived at Auschwiz-Birkenau:

The older men and women, the children, anyone who seemed to be in poor health – they all went to the gas chamber. It took 20 minutes for them to die, and the children would always be found at the bottom afterwards, crushed by the weight of the bodies above them. The hair was cut off the bodies. Tons of human hair was used to make felt for horse blankets and socks for soldiers.

Eva said that “the children would always be found at the bottom” of the gas chamber, after the gassing.  The Sonderkommando Jews, who had to remove the bodies, testified that the babies were always on top of the pile of bodies, because the mothers always lifted the babies up so that they could breathe the last little bit of air.

Eva told the students that “The hair was cut off the bodies.” after the prisoners had been gassed.  No, the hair was cut off first, so it would not have to be cleaned after the gassing.  Everyone knows that.

Famous photo of a British soldier driving a bulldozer to shove the bodies of typhus victims into a mass grave

Famous photo of a British soldier driving a bulldozer to shove the bodies of typhus victims into a mass grave

Here is one final quote from the news article about Eva Olsson’s talk to the students:

[Eva Olsson said that] In Romania, Jews were also loaded into boxcars. But these “death trains” didn’t have a destination; they simply travelled (sic) up and down the track until everyone was dead.

Every time that a Holocaust survivor gives a talk to young students, there should be a Holocaust revisionist on hand to tell the other side of the story.  The survivor should be required to give a source for every statement that he or she makes, and proof of every claim that is made.  The same goes for revisionist statements.

I have heard of the Nazis MARCHING the prisoners to death, but never driving them on a train until dead. Except maybe for the Dachau “death train” which had to keep taking detours because the Allies were bombing the railroad tracks.

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