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July 14, 2014

How to teach the Holocaust to students in Pennsylvania

I am commenting on an article, which you can read in full here.  This article, written by Ms. Abby W. Schacter is entitled “Simplest, most important lesson of the Holocaust is missing.”

According to Ms. Schacter, the “missing lesson” of the Holocaust is the Sixth Commandment:  Thou shalt not kill.

Excuse me, but I think that Ms. Schater’s theory is completely and totally wrong, and I will tell you why after you have read the following quote from the article.

This quote is from the article, cited above:

The trouble stems in part from a lack of focus on the purpose of such a curriculum. [Rhonda] Fink-Whitman says it’s needed because children are confronted on college campuses by Holocaust deniers. “If we give them that knowledge, then when they get to college and they hear these liars come onto their campuses and tell them these untruths then they have something to counter with.”

Mike Crossey, president of the Pennsylvania State Educators Association, said Holocaust teaching focuses on “a human rights issue,” as is the teaching of “atrocities around the world.” Crossey adds that “by learning and understanding history, our children, hopefully, will be able to make wise decisions for the future” rather than repeat disastrous “mistakes,” let alone “atrocities” of the kind shockingly condoned and carried out during World War II. The new bill means “educating our students about our world’s historic atrocities [to create] an understanding of the need for tolerance and an understanding of the consequences of bigotry and hate,” said Matt Handel, chairman of the Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition. “We must never forget the horrors of what has happened so that we do not allow these tragic chapters of history to be repeated.”

Studying the Holocaust in Pennsylvania public schools is allegedly going to counter Holocaust denial on college campuses, lead to greater tolerance, prevent genocide, promote human rights and lead citizens to reject all bigotry, hatred and prejudice. A tall order indeed, and this isn’t even the full list of concepts included in the proposed curriculum.  […]

…My own answer is simple: We turn to a more authoritative law, to the fundamental moral code of our civilization and of the three great religions whose basic text is the Jewish Bible. We turn to the Sixth Commandment, which prescribes: “Thou shalt not murder.” This, in my view, is the primary lesson of the Holocaust.

It is because of the Sixth Commandment that we must oppose mass murder anywhere, anytime, against anyone. Yet, this central lesson is nowhere to be found in Pennsylvania’s new law.

In my humble opinion, the Holocaust had nothing to do with the Sixth Commandant, unless you are saying that the Jews were driven out of Germany because the Jews were breaking the Sixth Commandant.

German newspaper lists the ritual murders allegedly committed by the Jews

German newspaper lists the ritual murders allegedly committed by the Jews

The following quote is from my own website,

Begin quote:

According to information in a display in the bunker at the Dachau Memorial Site, Dr. Albert Rosenfelder was among the first people to be arrested by the Nazis in March 1933; he was sent to Dachau on April 13, 1933.

Dr. Rosenfelder was well known because of his involvement in a criminal court case in which the defendant, a non-Jew named Huszmann, was accused of a murder in which the motive was said to be “unnatural lust.” The murder victim was 20-year-old Helmuth Daube whose body was found in front of his home in Gladbeck, Germany in March 1928. His throat had been cut and his genitals were missing; there were wounds on both hands, and a stab wound in the abdomen, although no blood was found near the body. Huszmann was acquitted and subsequently Julius Streicher, the notorious editor of an anti-Semitic newspaper called “Der Sturmer,” stated in his newspaper that Daube’s death had been a “ritual murder” committed by Jews.

The Dachau bunker exhibit says that Dr. Rosenfelder was responsible for Streicher being sent to prison in 1929. Streicher had been convicted of “libeling the Jewish religion under Paragraph 166 of the Weimar Penal Code” and his newspaper was banned for a time. [Streicher was sent to prison because he had published a list of ritual murders committed by the Jews.

No one knows if Dr. Rosenfelder’s disappearance was the result of a revenge murder or if he escaped, or was secretly released and allowed to leave Germany.

End quote

If I have not yet made it clear enough, here is what I am trying to tell you:  The stories of Jews committing “ritual murder” of Christians was one of the main things that caused the Germans to want to get rid of the Jews.  Ritual murder was also the cause of the Holocaust of 1298, which I wrote about at

In the most recent Holocaust,  Jews were transported out of Germany, or killed in gas chambers, whichever story you want to believe, depending on your religion.

Note that the article, which I quoted above mentions that “children are confronted on college campuses by Holocaust deniers.”  This is a reference to Bradley Smith, who is causing trouble on college campuses by asking for the name of one person who was killed in a gas chamber.

Shame on Bradley Smith for asking colleges to provide the name of one person who was gassed!  This is a trick question because the Nazis did not record the names of the Jew who were gassed.  This simple fact should be included in the education of children in American schools.

American schools should start their education of the children by PROVING that there was a gas chamber at Dachau.

Holocaust educators should start by proving that this shower room was a gas chamber

Holocaust educators should start by proving that this shower room was a gas chamber





    Thanks for this article.

    My child and I have been fighting the holocaust nonsense for a year straight.

    Comment by JesusWasnotaJew — May 5, 2015 @ 7:05 am

  2. And they say that “Holocaust deniers” have an agenda and are politically biased. So, according to them, the works of “Holocaust deniers” can’t be relied on because of that.

    The article quoted above clearly shows who has an agenda and a political bias and that’s not “Holocaust deniers”…

    Promotion of “Human Rights”, struggle against intolerance, hatred and bigotry, “never again”, ect. They could have added the legitimization of the Zionist state in Palestine and the full support for this state by Western powers to the list. All those things are polical biases that are part of an agenda. Whether people regard that agenda as something noble and good changes nothing. An agenda stays an agenda. And the promotion of the Holocaust myth is everything but objective research and an unbiased quest for the truth as they claim.

    Comment by hermie — July 15, 2014 @ 4:57 am

  3. The first time my father made me take a shower, I yelled, “I can’t breathe!”

    He pointed out that I was yelling that at the top of my lungs, so to speak. I’ve since figured out how to breathe in the shower.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — July 14, 2014 @ 2:16 pm

  4. Ms Schachter is of course a lying viper! especially when she makes such sweeping statements as:

    Shame on Bradley Smith for asking colleges to provide the name of one person who was gassed! *This is a trick question because the Nazis did not record the names of the Jew who were gassed.* This simple fact should be included in the education of children in American schools.

    I do believe any honest historian can and would tell you that the Nazis recorded EVERYTHING and kept tabs on one and all. After all, this is how they’re finding all those ‘terrible Nazis living amongst us’ and how they found my father; his name is in a book of “unnatural deaths” as he shot an escaping prisoner at Mauthausen. Making up such SIMPLE FACTS as she wishes to call them and suggesting they be taught as fact when there’s no such proof is indeed the insanity that is our ‘Holocaust Education’

    I think back to last weeks post wherein some middle school kids were given access to revisionist websites and asked to write what they thought, how quick and accurate they were in their conclusions. The ONLY way the H-lie can continue is by people like Schachter creating “simple facts” that support the lies.

    Comment by — July 14, 2014 @ 1:09 pm

  5. So what’s the state on the Dachau gas chamber. Do they still claim it was a homicidal gas chamber in original state or was it some post-war gambit?

    Comment by Andreas Meyer — July 14, 2014 @ 12:12 pm

    • Unless the folks at Dachau have changed their story since the last time that I was there, the official story is that the shower room was a gas chamber, which was used to gas small batches of Jews, and to train the SS men in how to operate a gas chamber. There is no mention that the Allies tried to create a gas chamber out of the shower room.

      Tourists who flock to Dachau would be very disappointed if they were told that there was no gas chamber there.

      Comment by furtherglory — July 14, 2014 @ 12:18 pm

      • Your final sentence is spot on FG.

        I was recently reading a roughly 15-year-old article on Buchenwald which quoted the museum’s director as stating that American tourists were frequently disappointed to discover there is no gas chamber for them to see.

        When I visited Dachau in April 2014, the museum was claiming that the gas chamber was only used on an experimental basis. But their prior, and now contradictory claim about the room never having been used, can still be found, if you know where to look:

        Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — July 14, 2014 @ 12:51 pm

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