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August 23, 2014

Holocaust survivor arrested in downtown St. Louis for supporting Michael Brown

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Regular readers of my blog might have noticed that I have not blogged for almost a week.  Don’t worry about me — I’m O.K., but I have not been blogging because I have been glued to my TV, watching the rioting in Ferguson, MO following the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by Darren Wilson, a white policeman.  You can read the details of the case here.

Darren Wilson the white police officer who shot Michael Brown

Darren Wilson the white police officer who shot Michael Brown

For those people, who have been living in a cave, and might not have heard about the case, the story involves 18-year-old Michael Brown, and another black teenager, Dorian Johnson, who was with him when Michael Brown was shot six times by a white police officer. You can read about the story, as told by Darren Wilson here.

Michael Brown had just robbed a convenience store, and he and his companion were making their get-away by walking nonchalantly down the double yellow line in the middle of a major street in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, MO.  The white policeman had just heard, over the radio in his police car, about the convenience store robbery.

90-year-old Jewish woman arrested in St. Louis, MO

90-year-old Jewish woman arrested in St. Louis, MO

The rioting in Missouri is now almost over, but now there is a Holocaust survivor involved. You can read the story of her arrest here.

According to the news article, “[Hedy] Epstein was 8 and living in Freiburg, Germany when Hitler came to power. A year after Kristallnacht, she was sent to England in a children’s transport. Like many others sent on the Kindertransport, Epstein never saw her family members again.” You can read about the Kindertransport to the UK here.

Some people think that Hedy Epstein does not warrant the status of a “Holocaust survivor.”  The Holocaust hadn’t started yet and Hitler was allowing the Jews to leave, if they could find a country that would accept them.

The story of the city of St. Louis is a story of “white flight.”  Ferguson, MO was formerly a white community, which had a white police force.  When white people moved out of Ferguson, and blacks moved in, the white police force stayed. You can read about it here.

I was born in a small town in Missouri, a few miles west of St. Louis. I can vividly recall my first trip to St. Louis. We drove through miles of slum housing before getting to downtown St. Louis.  As we passed through mile after mile of run-down houses with the paint peeling off, I was horrified to see such blight. This was where the black residents were forced to live because this was in the days of segregation and blacks could not live in white neighborhoods.

When I lived in Missouri years ago, St. Louis was known as “the Mound city.” The name referred to the mounds that had been built by Native Americans, known at that time as “Indians.”  There was also a mound in the small town where I lived, and arrows could still be found there, lying on the ground.

When I saw the TV coverage of the Michael Brown case, it was like watching the news in Germany.  All of the white people in the city of Ferguson, including the police officer who shot Michael Brown, looked German to me. The last time that I visited St. Louis, I walked into the St. Louis airport and for a moment, I thought that I was in the Munich airport.

German immigrants came to Missouri because the state of Missouri is in the same ecological zone as Germany. You see the same plants and trees in Missouri that you see in Germany. St. Louis is at the confluence of the Missouri river and the Mississippi river.  The Germans settled in many small towns along the Missouri river, including the town where I was born.  When World War II started, 25 percent of the citizens of Missouri were German American, including me.

Entrance into the St. Louis gated community

Entrance into the first St. Louis gated community

To understand the attitudes of white people in the St. Louis area, you should know that St. Louis was the first city ever to have a “gated community,” which was for white people only. You can read about it on Wikipedia here.

This quote is from Wikipedia:

Washington Terrace is a residential private place in St. Louis, Missouri, laid out circa 1892. The gate is south of Union and Delmar, within the bounds of the Central West End.

A private place is a self-governing enclave whose common areas like streets and common gardens are owned by the residents, with services are provided by the private sector, an experiment that foreshadowed the gated community in the U.S. by 100 years. About 50 of these enclaves once stood within the borders of the city of St. Louis. Most were designed by civil engineer Julius Pitzman between 1868 and 1905. Many of these developments, like Washington Terrace, are well-preserved and still gated, patrolled, and functioning as private enclaves.


  1. [begin quote]
    Who is a Holocaust survivor — and does it matter?

    By Talia Lavin August 21, 2014

    When she was arrested earlier this week during a peaceful St. Louis demonstration against police actions in Ferguson, Mo., Hedy Epstein grabbed national attention.


    Recognizing that much of the attention drawn to Epstein’s arrest hinged on her status as a Holocaust survivor, something she publicizes on her website, some commentators went so far as to question that status itself. Ultra-conservative publication Frontpage Mag called her a “fake” Holocaust survivor “desperate for attention.”


    At the more inclusive extreme is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, which defines a Holocaust survivor as “any persons, Jewish or non-Jewish, who were displaced, persecuted, or discriminated against due to the racial, religious, ethnic, social, and political policies of the Nazis and their collaborators between 1933 and 1945… includ[ing], among others, people who were refugees or were in hiding.”

    On the opposite end is Czech-Israeli Holocaust expert Yehuda Bauer, who defines Holocaust survivors solely as “those people who were physically persecuted by the Nazis or their cohorts,” in ghettos, concentration camps or labor camps. Some survivor counts include only those persecuted by Nazis in continental Europe; other estimates encompass all who were subject to discriminatory laws under Nazi satellite governments in North Africa and elsewhere.

    Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum, acknowledges this ambiguity in its Shoah Resource Center, admitting that “it is difficult to define the term Survivor” – and leaving it at that.

    By necessity, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, which distributes monetary compensation to Nazi victims, has a highly specific approach. Its tiered system entitles those “who fled Nazi invasion or lived under curfew” to a one-time “Hardship Fund” payment, while ongoing pensions are reserved for those who “were interned in a concentration camp or ghetto, performed forced labor, or lived in hiding or under false identity.” [end quote]

    Read more:

    Comment by hermie — August 30, 2014 @ 1:14 pm

  2. This lady seems to have divided the Jewish community with some calling her a self hating Jew and others applauding her vocal contributions to the troubled contemporary ” multicultural ” society. Here is a link to a Jewish commentator who feels that to be a survivor you need to have actually witnessed the ” gas ovens” .
    I am always puzzled by this word ” gas ovens ” ; it seems to be very commonly used by main stream American writers. Where did it originate from and what are they ? it conjures up images from Hansel and Gretel

    Comment by peter — August 23, 2014 @ 3:26 pm

    • A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about President Obama in which I criticized him for making incorrect statements about the Holocaust:

      Debbie Schlussel then wrote a blog post in which she linked to my article and criticized my statements about Obama.

      Debbie wrote this in regard to my blog post:

      Begin quote from Debbie:
      Barack Obama has done enough legitimately bad things that we don’t need to manufacture phony outrage over things he does that really aren’t so bad. Such is the case with the feigned shock and fake moralizing over his comments, yesterday, about German Nazi death camps in Poland being a Polish death camp. Here’s a tip for Poland and ignoramuses in the lumpenconservatariat who now engage in revisionist history: Poles murdered millions of Jews, they maintained several death camps, and they wiped out almost all of both sides of my family, as well as those in hundreds of thousands of other Jewish families. This wasn’t just the Nazis. It was tens of thousands of eager Poles and more. Obama made no gaffe here. Poland’s willing executioners took their significant place among Hitler’s willing executioners.
      End quote

      In her latest article, Debbie mentioned “the Nazis gassing Jews to death in the ovens of Auschwitz”

      When I started blogging years ago, my very first blog post was about Tadeusz Borowski who stuck his head into the oven of a gas stove and gassed himself to death.

      So Debbie is not wrong. There is such a thing as “gas ovens” and prisoners at Auschwitz, like Tadeusz Borowski, were gassed to death in them, even if they had to gas themselves.

      Comment by furtherglory — August 24, 2014 @ 8:35 am

  3. What a propagandistic piece! This brute Brown had intimidated a female
    (white) clerk during his robbery and committed battery on her (by merely touching her).
    When confronted by the police officer doing his duty, Brown assaulted him and the author
    sympathizes with Brown! Of course Brown got shot! Just as Trayvon Martin got shot when he
    was pounding the head of a legally armed man on the sidewalk. Wake up!
    When surrounded by brutes like Brown, a lot of Ferguson residents would like to be
    living in gated communities.

    Comment by Zan Overall — August 23, 2014 @ 11:59 am

    • I am honored that you have commented on my blog post. However, I think that you have misunderstood my blog post: “the author” of this blog post, meaning me, does not sympathize with Michael Brown. Quite the opposite.

      Maybe I should have made my point more clear: African Americans have now put themselves in the same category as Jews; they now consider themselves to be a sacred people who are allowed to commit crimes and if anyone tries to stop them, they consider it a crime committed by the person who tried to stop their criminal behavior. That’s why I included the Holocaust survivor, who was never in a concentration camp, but she came to Missouri to support Michael Brown because she considers herself to be a “Holocaust survivor.”

      Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown will be put on trial as a murderer because he shot a black man in self defense. If Wilson had shot a white teenager, who had just committed a crime, and was attacking him, this would not be in the news at all.

      I did not know that the store clerk was “female.” I have seen the video many times, and I thought the clerk was male.

      Comment by furtherglory — August 23, 2014 @ 1:53 pm

      • I am replying to my own comment to say that I looked up “Zan Overall” and found this article on the CODOH website:

        I am a big fan of Bradley R. Smith. I am now going to watch more of Zan’s YouTube videos.

        Comment by furtherglory — August 23, 2014 @ 2:35 pm

        • Well, I thought you were a foe and discover you are now a fan of mine.For whatever reason I misread your post.
          Thanks for the publicity for my Wise Old Man videaos. (
          Don’t miss my video “God Is a Goy? Oy!

          I now call the happening in Missouri the Ferguson Farce, with tragic aspects. It is being used
          by the media and the powers that be to move us towards a race war. The same purpose can be found
          in the Hollywood Jewish Hate Whitey movies, like “Twelve Years” and “Django.”

          Our back and forth on the internet is fine but I have just become aware of a life or death issue that we all should
          be – not concerned about- but scared to death about. Namely the attack on our weather and the planet.
          I live in California and we are going to dry up and blow away if these bastards doing it are not stopped..
          Please go to and learn something about this horror! -Zan Overall.

          Comment by Zan Overall — August 23, 2014 @ 3:29 pm

          • A post script to my comment. The clerk may have been male. The huge difference in height led me to think
            the clerk was female.

            Comment by Zan Overall — August 23, 2014 @ 3:30 pm

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