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September 11, 2014

2nd part of Megyn Kelly’s interview with Ward Churchill

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The second part of Megyn Kelly’s interview with Ward Churchill took place yesterday, but I was too discombobulated to write about it.  What totaled me out was when Megan said that Building 7 came down because of the debris from the collapse of the twin towers.  Building 7 was where the CIA offices were located. It was owned by Larry Silverstein, the same man who owned the other two buildings which were attacked on 9/11.

You can watch the collapse of Building 7 on Youtube at

Strangely, all of the buildings, in the 9/11 attack, came down just like the buildings in Las Vegas that are wired to collapse.  In other words, the 9/11 buildings all came down as if they had been wired.

You can read more of the details of Megyn Kelly’s interview with Ward Churchill at

One point that was brought out in Megan’s interview with Ward Churchill is that Churchill considers himself to be a “native American,” and America is his “homeland.”  This important point had eluded me when I watched the first part of Megan’s interview with Churchill.

In his interview with Megyn, Churchill had mentioned the “smallpox blankets” that were given to the “Indians” which caused many deaths.  You can read about this controversy at–did-the-us-army-distribute-smallpox-blankets-to-indians?rgn=main;view=fulltext

One important point, which Churchill did not mention, is that the native Americans had no concept of “land ownership.”  The “Indians” greeted the pilgrims, who arrived at Plymouth Rock, with open arms.  They had no idea that the newcomers were there to take ownership of the land.  You can read about the concept of  “private property” and the native Americans at

Strangely, nothing was mentioned by either Megyn or Churchill about the 3,000 Jews who stayed home on 9/11 and didn’t go to work that day in the twin towers.  You can read about this at

You can read about the “dancing Israelis” at

Another “native American” who was disgruntled about the land taken from the “Indians” was Lt. Jack Bushyhead, who killed the SS soldiers at Dachau in revenge for the land taken away from the “Indians” and the “trail of tears” when the “Indians” were forced to move westward. I wrote about Lt. Bushyhead on this page of my website: