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October 11, 2014

The First World War for Oil 1914-1918: Similarities with the 2014 Oil Wars 100 Years Later

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Today, I am reblogging this excellent article. The article is quite long, so for those who don’t have the patience to read it to the end, here is a quote from near the end:

Begin quote:

As you can see on the map, if Hitler had won in Stalingrad, he would have marched to Baku, and he would have secured oil reserves for his army. Today we can easily go to a gas station and get fuels, so it is difficult to imagine that an army can actually run out of fuel. And yet it was very often the case for whole army divisions to run out of fuels in the Great Wars. And it was the allies that were controlling both the Caspian and the Middle East oil.

If Hitler had taken control of Baku, he would have oil supplies to launch a Panzer attack to the Middle East. And if he had won the English in the Middle East, the war in Europe and North Africa would be over. This is the reason that the battle of Stalingrad is considered as one of the most decisive battles of WWII.

It seems strange that Hitler turned against Stalin and the Soviet Union, his former ally in 1941, since until then it was the Communists who were supplying the Germans with the oil and minerals they badly needed. As you can read in section “Later Events and Total Trade”, of the following Wikipedia link, the Communists supplied the Nazis with 900.000 tons of oil in the period 1940-1941, that is before the Nazi attack on Russia.


Today, 100 years after the First World War for oil in 1914, we see the oil and natural gas wars in Syria and Iraq, in Ukraine and in Libya, and we can assume that nothing has changed. The wars in Libya, Ukraine, Iraq and Syria, are the first flames of the Third World War for oil, and of course everybody hopes that these first flames will not become a big fire like it happened in the previous World Wars for oil. However since the current wars take place in three continents, i.e. Ukraine in Europe, Iraq and Syria in Asia, and Libya in Africa, we can assume that we are already in a mini World War for oil.

End Quote

iakovos alhadeff

Note: The document is very long and you are advised to download a pdf, mobi or epub version from Smashwords at the following address:

However if you decide to read the document for WordPress, note that you can click on the maps to make them larger.

Iakovos Alhadeff


With this essay I want to provide a summary of why oil was the main cause of the First World War (1914-1918), which could be also called the First World War for oil, and also compare this oil war with the oil wars of 2014 one hundred years later. The main alliances of WW1 were England, France and Russia on one side, known as the ‘allies’, and Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy on the other side, known as the “central powers”. See the following, very rough, map.

Picture 1 Alliances

The British and German Empires

At the beginning of the 20th century (1900)…

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  1. Oil, or opium, or sex slaves, and on and on. These are all valuable things, but they are all used as DISTRACTIONS. What they all have in common, throughout history, is the jews. The jews and oil, everywhere there are big oil reserves. The jews and opium, from China to Afghanistan. The jews and sex slaves, throughout history. Who controls the international banks and the so-called country banks of the USA, England, Australia, etc.: jews.

    And yet, that’s not my main reason for offering a comment on this admirable site. The quote in the article is wrong about Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union. Stalin’s Soviet Union, massively funded and equipped by the USA, was on the very verge of invading Germany. Adolf Hitler recognized that, and his only choice was to beat Stalin to the punch, thus easily wiping out the jew-Soviet’s forward forces that were not prepared for defensive battle. And then the winter came early, which was the main reason for the German losses that winter. It was devastating. Another factor was the “treason” against Germany by jews, mostly crypto-jews, in Germany’s military and diplomatic corps. Anywhere and everywhere jews are, there is an intelligence network, which is because all jews are loyal to their race and never truly loyal to the country in which they reside. That’s why I put treason in quote marks. Technically, jews don’t commit “treason” because they are never anything but jews, in reality. The jews who were born in Germany were not “German jews.” They were jews in Germany. Likewise, jews in the USA. There are no American jews. But there are millions of jews in America. They are loyal only to themselves and Israel — which was their term for their race/nation long BEFORE they established their illegal country they named Israel in 1948.

    Since all, or nearly all, of us truthtellers on the Internet are Whites (Europeans), I suggest reading the new book “White Honor: Meriwether Lewis, A Modern Journalist, and the Common Enemy.” It’s free on a website. Most Whites, I dare say, don’t know what “White honor” is. The book reminds us what it is, how we lost it, and how we can get it back — in this lifetime. It’s a gripping, nonfiction narrative.

    By the way, General Patton did a lot of things we dislike BEFORE he became wise to jews. Haven’t we all? But after he became wise to jews, he changed. He was going to be a huge asset to his — our — race. And the jews killed him for it.

    Comment by Mr. Nelson — October 13, 2014 @ 1:48 am

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