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December 7, 2014

Holocaust survivor identifies herself in famous photo taken after Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated

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la-2414823-me-adv-beat-holocaust-friends-03-cmh-j-20141206Paula Lebovics is shown, at the age of 6, in the front row of the photo above.

Paula is also shown in the photo below, which is a still shot from a film taken by the Soviet liberators of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

She is the third child from the left in the middle row of the photo below.

Berkenau survivors

You can read a recent news article, in the LA Times, about Paula Lebovics here.

This quote is from the news article in the LA Times:

[Paula] Lebovics is Jewish and a Holocaust survivor, liberated at age 11 from Birkenau concentration camp. On her left forearm, she bears the Nazis’ tattooed identification number.
Lebovics was 6, living in Ostrowiec, Poland, when World War II abruptly destroyed her childhood.  […]

That little girl [Paula Lebovics] had seen public hangings, snow stained red by blood and the skies above her camp turned crimson by smoke from the ovens that ran all day, spewing out residue that stuck to her skin. […]

Birkenau had been liberated. A Russian soldier, in tears, had lifted Lebovics up and rocked her in his arms. Not a parent, not a relative, just a fellow human being reaching out.

There is no photo of Paula being carried, but the photo below shows a young boy being carried in the arms of a Russian soldier.

Young boy being carried out of an Auschwitz barrack by Russian soldiers

Young boy being carried out of an Auschwitz barrack by Russian soldiers

Child survivors walking out of Auschwitz-Birkenau

Child survivors walking out of Auschwitz-Birkenau

I previously blogged about photos that promote Holocaust denial in this blog post:

How did all these children in the photos above, including Paula Lebovics, survive the famous DEATH CAMP known as Auschwitz-Birkenau?

Everybody knows that children under the age of 15 were immediately sent to the left to the gas chamber by Dr. Josef Mengele, unless they were twins, who could serve as subjects for his experiments.

Why was Paula allowed to live after she had witnessed the “skies above her camp turned crimson by smoke from the ovens that ran all day”?

Why is Paula still alive today, at the age of 81, after her ordeal in Auschwitz-Birkenau?  Did Dr. Mengele use some “special treatment” to make sure that Paula lived, so that she could testify against the Nazis 70 years after the camp was liberated?

Old women were liberated by Russian soldiers at Auschwitz-Birkeanu

Old women were liberated by Russian soldiers at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Adults over the age of 45 were automatically sent to the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau, according to the official Holocaust story. Except for the old ladies in the photo above, who were allowed to live.

This blog post is beginning to sound like a Geico commercial, so I am going to sign off now.  (Well, do you know that children as young as 6 were allowed to live in the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp?)


  1. I do remember reading how the children shown in the Soviet post liberation propaganda film of Auschwitz were ethnic Poles not Jews . I think this was to fit in with the accepted official narrative of all Jews under the age of 15 being sent to the gas chambers. Paula Lebovics is therefore promoting Holocaust Denial … ironic.

    Comment by peter — December 9, 2014 @ 3:49 am

  2. Don’t miss this…

    Comment by hermie — December 7, 2014 @ 8:41 pm

    • Have a look at the Hollywood Blockbuster ” The Reader” based on the novel of Bernard Schlink. The young guilt ridden post war German boy walks through the Majdanek disinfection Block full of self loathing and guilt . The power of propaganda stretches through the decades.

      Comment by peter — December 9, 2014 @ 3:54 am

      • I blogged about the movie entitled “The Reader” in this blog post:

        In my blog post about the movie, I wrote my interpretation of the scenes at Majdanek.

        Comment by furtherglory — December 9, 2014 @ 7:09 am

        • Your review of the film was pretty comprehensive and you rightly remark that Schlink has taken various memes of the official narrative and mixed then together to produce the masterwork of Holocaust pornography. Interestingly the countryside scene filmed of the run down church with the plaster falling off were filmed in the former Sudetenland. Many of the settlements where Germans had lived for centuries in the Sudetenland are in 2014 rather depressing places populated by people who are very keen to not be reminded of the past.

          Comment by peter — December 9, 2014 @ 2:48 pm

  3. Come on. Think about it. This has “Papa Joe’s” name written all over it. He probably “ordered them” to make sure they hit the camp before anyone else does. Then Joe Stalin gets his “happy snaps”. Clearly a “Kodak moment”. Think about it. Empathy,compassion,tenderness ,all words that the Soviets have eliminated from their vocabulary. Did this happen before or after the reds took Berlin ? I say the ruskies took the pics to show the world,”hey. We’re not half bad people”. More socialist lies. No. That was all PR work to make Stalin look good. They should’ve let Gen. Patton go after Russia . Would’ve saved us a lot of heartache and we wouldn’t have had to put up with the super size BS Russia was pulling. I’ve ways believed the Holocaust took place,but to what extent? Like it said in this article,that child should’ve been dead. Everyone was to busy collecting (and obviously fabricating evidence )that this crime was worse than it seemed. Yes this was totally grotesque,but I think everyone made it larger than it was so people wouldn’t start questioning why we didn’t liberate camps earlier when we knew they were there all along? Start falsifying shit and the world will be so outraged by what the “Krauts” pulled,that our knowledge of the camps could be left out all together . Hence the reason that were finding out the truth behind all this.

    Comment by Tim — December 7, 2014 @ 12:47 pm

  4. How considerate of the Soviet propagandists to carry the practically naked child about out-of-doors in the middle of the Polish winter.

    Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — December 7, 2014 @ 11:51 am

  5. She arrived at Auschwitz in 1944 when aged 10, although I don’t know what month.

    I made this video about Paula Lebovics last year. She claims the Soviets dressed her up in prison garb for the cameras, and that the Soviets gathered up the bodies of people who died post-liberation so they could be used as props in their propaganda film:

    Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — December 7, 2014 @ 11:47 am

    • Thanks for giving her age when she entered Auschwitz. She was in hiding before she was sent to the camp.

      Comment by furtherglory — December 7, 2014 @ 3:12 pm

    • There it is. Makin “Papa Joe” look good,so everyone will forget what a total POS he was. Didn’t work,but it was worth a shot. Since we’re such,”gentle souls”, lets take our “kind Ruskie asses” to Berlin so we can rape and beat some Kraut women…. Lets do it for Mother Russia!!

      Comment by Tim — December 8, 2014 @ 4:13 am

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