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December 21, 2014

69th anniversary of the Nuremberg IMT and Rudolf Hoess is back in the news

In the past, I have written several blog posts about the confession of Rudolf Hoess, the former Commandant of the Auschwitz “death camp.”

I also wrote about the trial of Rudolf Hoess on my website at

Recently my blog posts, about Hoess, have been getting lots of hits, and I set out to find out why there is so much interest in Rudolf Hoess.  I found a recent news story, in a British newspaper, called The Telegraph.

The news story in the The Telegraph quotes an article, which was written on November 20, 2014, the 69th anniversary of the start of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal.  This article in the The Telegraph starts with this quote:

Auschwitz commander Rudolf Hoess was one of the men tried in Nuremburg, in a series of hearings which began 69 years ago today. His grandson tells The Telegraph of his shame over his relative’s actions – and why he thinks Europe has not learnt its lessons from the past…

Rudolf Hoess was NOT “tried in Nuremburg (sic)” on November 20, 1945. Hoess was a witness for Ernst Kaltenbrunner in the trial at Nuremberg, which started on Nov. 20, 1945.

This quote is from Wikipedia:

Begin quote:

On 25 May 1946, [Rudolf Hoess] was handed over to Polish authorities and the Supreme National Tribunal in Poland tried him for murder. His trial lasted from 11 March to 29 March 1947. During his trial, when accused of murdering three and a half million people, Höss replied, “No. Only two and one half million—the rest died from disease and starvation.”[34] Höss was sentenced to death by hanging on 2 April 1947. The sentence was carried out on 16 April immediately adjacent to the crematorium of the former Auschwitz I concentration camp. He was hanged on a short drop gallows constructed specifically for that purpose, at the location of the camp Gestapo. The message on the board that now marks the site reads:

“This is where the camp Gestapo was located. Prisoners suspected of involvement in the camp’s underground resistance movement or of preparing to escape were interrogated here. Many prisoners died as a result of being beaten or tortured. The first commandant of Auschwitz, SS-Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Höss, who was tried and sentenced to death after the war by the Polish Supreme National Tribunal, was hanged here on 16 April 1947.”

End quote

Gallows on which Rudolf Hoess was hanged at Auschwitz

Gallows on which Rudolf Hoess was hanged at Auschwitz

The gallows is a stone’s throw from the Auschwitz gas chamber, which you can see in my 2005 photo below.

Gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

Gas chamber in  Auschwitz camp


  1. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

    Comment by Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog — December 23, 2014 @ 4:03 pm

  2. Rudolf Hoess was NOT “tried in Nuremburg (sic)” on November 20, 1945.

    It’s an amazing falsehood considering it appeared in a major media outlet, don’t you think? Then again perhaps not so amazing — it’s entirely typical of how easily the falsehoods and lies flow from the media when the subject is the ‘Holocaust’. And rarely are they challenged.

    Comment by eah — December 22, 2014 @ 2:56 am

    There was a burning thirst for revenge on those who had executed Hitler’s notorious eastern policy. But it could not be slaked immediately. In the case of Rudolph Hoess,[the correct spelling should be Höß, but it is sometimes spelled as Höss or Hoess, sic] also Commandant of Auschwitz, it was to take over a year from the war’s end. […] At 5 pm on 11 march 1946, Frau Hoess opened her front door to six intelligence specialists in British uniform, most of the tall and menacing all of then practised in the more sophisticated techniques of sustained and merciless investigation. […] Then all at once his manner [Clarke’s} had changed and he was shouting: ‘If you don’t tell us we’ll turn you over to the Russians and they’ll put you before a firing-squad. Your son will go to Siberia.’ It proved enough. Eventually, a broken Frau Hoess betrayed the whereabouts of the former Auschwitz Kommandant, the man who now called himself Franz Lang. Suitable intimidation of the son and daughter produced precisely identical information. […] Clarke recalls vividly: “He was lying on top of a three-tier bunker wearing a new pair of silk pyjamas. We discovered later that he had lost the cyanide pill most of them carried. [In fact, Höss stated: My phial of poison had been broken two days before,sic] Not that he would have had much chance to use it because we had rammed a torch into his mouth”. Hoess screamed in terror at the mere sight of British uniforms. Clarke yelled: What is your name? With each answer of ‚Franz Lang‘, Clarke’s fist crashed into the face of the prisoner. The fourth time that happened, Hoess broke and admitted who he was. The admission suddenly unleashed the loathing of the Jewish sergeants in the arresting party whose parents had died in Auschwitz following an order signed by Hoess. The prisoner was torn from the top bunk, the pyjamas ripped from his body. He was then dragged naked to one of the slaughter tables, where it seemed to Clarke the blows and screams were endless. Eventually, the Medical Officer urged the Captain: “Call them off, unless you want to take back a corpse.”A blanket was thrown over Hoess and he was dragged to Clarke’s car, where the sergeant poured a substantial slug of whisky down his throat. Then Hoess tried to sleep. Clarke thrust his service stick under the man’s eyelids and ordered in German: “Keep your pig eyes open, you swine”. The party arrived back at Heide around three in the morning. The snow was swirling still, but the blanket was torn from Hoess and he was made to walk completely nude through the prison yard to his cell. It took three days to get a coherent statement out of him. But once he started talking, there was no holding him.

    Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — December 21, 2014 @ 8:54 pm

  4. 86 Year Old German Woman lays charges against the Central Council of the Jews in Germany.

    Comment by who dares wings — December 21, 2014 @ 4:37 pm

    • Thanks for this link. Excellent article. In all my trips to Germany, I have never met a German man or woman who was willing to talk about the Holocaust. Everyone with whom I have ever talked had fear in their eyes, as soon as I said the word “Jew.” The German people must now bow down to the Jews to save their own lives. That’s why the Jews in Israel have no fear of moving to Berlin. Anyone who doesn’t bow down to the Jews in Germany will be quickly thrown into prison.

      Comment by furtherglory — December 22, 2014 @ 6:11 am

  5. Whoops! Fort Richie Maryland video:

    Comment by who dares wings — December 21, 2014 @ 1:14 pm

  6. Here is a video of Fort Ritchie Maryland where according to Wikipedia 9,000 “mostly Jewish” German speaking refugees were trained in psychological warfare and sent to back to occupied Germany after VE Day in US Army uniforms to act as interrogators, clerks, disinformation agents, prosecutors, investigators, psychologists, physicians, economists, executioners etc. etc. There’s nothing available on these men and what they did except an obscure German documentary in which 4 or 5 of them are put forward as avuncular loveable old war heroes. We know from the Malmedy case, though, that these bi-lingual US Army interrogators were brutal. We also know there was a Jewish Brigade attached to the British army that went around visiting the brigs, jails and pens German POWs were being detained in and beat them to death for sport.

    Comment by who dares wings — December 21, 2014 @ 1:13 pm

    • Is this the video you’re talking about, who-dares-wings?

      Is the full movie somewhere to be found for free on the internet?

      Comment by hermie — December 22, 2014 @ 8:04 am

  7. Note that Hoess did not deny the murder action; he only said “not three and a half million but only two and a half million”. I wonder whether he had been judged also for the bad conditions of the Camp he commanded and so for the other million of victims.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — December 21, 2014 @ 12:19 pm


      December 9, 2014 A Senate investigation into the CIA’s use of brutal interrogation practices released Tuesday suggests that at least one detainee supplied false intelligence contributing to erroneous claims by the Bush administration that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and was working with al-Qaida.

      Comment by fnn — December 21, 2014 @ 4:28 pm

    • Note, Wolfie, that Europe’s and America’s mass media (owned and led by…everybody knows who) NEVER quote or report the words told by the HUNDREDS of ‘Nazis’ (German soldiers, including SS-men) and the DOZENS of Nazi leaders who denied the existence of a Nazi extermination policy toward Europe’s Jews or at least any knowledge of such a policy before the end of WW2. I don’t wonder why they do that. As impressive and incriminating as ‘confessions’ like Hoess’ one may seem to gullible people, nobody is naive enough nowadays to believe that it was impossible for the victorious Allies and Soviets to extract several false confessions from a bunch of jailed low-ranked ‘Nazis’ like Rudolf Hoess in order to credit their “Good War” myth and obliterate the memories about the terrible destructions (including of very numerous human lives) caused by their war policies. The Soviets did manage to get a ‘confession’ from the captured ‘Nazi’ Arno Diere and they successfully made him ‘admit’ that he had been one of the perpetrators of the Katyn massacre. But nobody still claims that the Nazis perpetrated the Katyn massacre, as everybody now knows that it was perpetrated by the NKVD. Hoess’ ‘confession’ has as much probative value as Diere’s ‘confession’, i.e. none at all. Clear?

      Comment by hermie — December 21, 2014 @ 8:07 pm

        Journalism is said to be the first draft of history, but it is often disappointing to find that the second or third drafts, by the historians, move little further in establishing the truth about what happened. Errors are made by reporters in the heat of the moment, instead of being eliminated, have become part of the authorised version. (Like the book by Rupert Butler, published by Hamlyn Paperbacks) Factors that are crucial in creating the context within which events occurred go unmentioned. This also applies to events that took place to apprehend Rudolf Höß: (alternative spelling: Hoess ,or Höss)
        The person who actually tracked down the Kommandant of Auschwitz was Hanns H. Alexander, a German Jew, born in Berlin, who fled Germany at the age of 19 to England in 1936. Alexander enlisted together with his twin brother Paul, 1940 with the British Army, the Pioneers, digging trenches [as Aliens they could not carry a weapon] and was at the latter stage a commissioned officer with the rank of Captain. If anyone wishes he/she can read:

        Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — December 21, 2014 @ 9:06 pm

        • “Errors made by reporters in the heat of the moment” is a nice (& funny) name for the deliberate politically-motivated lies concocted and spread by reporters, and then recycled and sanctified by the Establishment’s storytellers called historians. You can note that those alleged errors are always in favor of Zionist propaganda, never contrary to it. How convenient! Every time liars are caught with their pants down, they use the same defensive tricks: “We’ve made an error. Sorry for that.” They claim: “We didn’t concoct and credit Uncle Sam’s Zionist atrocity propaganda about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. We’ve made an error due to incorrect information. Oops. Sorry for the numerous Iraqi victims of America’s Zio-wars in that area.” Laughable. They are Chutzpahist plain liars. No errors involved in their endless lies…

          Comment by hermie — December 22, 2014 @ 7:39 am

    • Wolf, please explain why several attempts have found no significant traces of by-products of the use of cyanide gas at the so-called ‘gas chambers’ at Auschwitz, despite various claims about the intense gassing activity there — eg at times day and nite for weeks on end. But no traces? Why is that?

      Also please account for the vast amounts of coal that would have been needed to cremate all of those corpses. A little math to show it would have been possible to cremate so many bodies in such a relatively short amount of time using the ovens available — and assuming none of them ever needed repair or maintenance — would also be appreciated.

      Comment by eah — December 22, 2014 @ 3:02 am

      • This quote from Wikipedia [ ] explains why the True Believers say that traces of Zyklon-B were found, although Fred Leuchter found no traces:

        Begin Quote:
        Leuchter chiefly cited the absence of Prussian blue in the homicidal gas chambers in support of his view that they could not have functioned that way. However, residual iron-based cyanide compounds are not a categorical consequence of cyanide exposure. By not discriminating against that, Leuchter introduced an unreliable factor into his experiment, and the outcome was seriously flawed as a result. In contrast, fair tests conducted by Polish forensic scientists (who discriminated against iron-based compounds) confirmed the presence of cyanide in the locations and manner in accordance with where and how it was used in the Holocaust. In addition, the report also showed that Leuchter overlooked critical evidence, such as documents in the SS architectural office which directly contradicted him, indicating the mechanical operation of the gas chambers, and verifying the rate at which the Nazis could burn the bodies of those gassed.
        End Quote

        Fred Leuchter had no degree in Engineering, so what does he know?

        Comment by furtherglory — December 23, 2014 @ 9:40 am

        • not a categorical consequence of cyanide exposure

          Funny how in every case (?) where a “gas chamber” was used to fumigate clothes etc, blue cyanide staining seems to have been a “categorical consequence” (whatever that means — had not seen that expression before). But in every case (?) where a “gas chamber” was supposedly used to kill Jews, it wasn’t. Nature just works that way I guess.

          Comment by eah — December 25, 2014 @ 9:40 am

      • Any comment Wolf?

        Comment by eah — December 25, 2014 @ 9:40 am

    • The plaques at the International monument at Auschwitz-Birkenau were changed from 4 million, down to 1.5 million. Why was the official number not changed to 2.5 million? Why is the official number, given by the Auschwitz museum, not 2.5 million instead of 1.1 million?

      Why would Hoess lie under oath at Nuremberg? Did he suffer brain damage when he was beaten half to death by the British Jews?

      Comment by furtherglory — December 22, 2014 @ 6:18 am

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