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January 20, 2015

Holocaust denial is an International Thought Crime

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Be careful what you say about the Holocaust, lest you be renditioned to Israel for trial as a Holocaust denier.

I was not aware that Israel’s laws apply to everyone in the world.  I learned about this just today when I read the article on this page on the Inconvenient History website:

This quote is from the article, written by the late Joseph P. Bellinger:

Begin quote:

International Thought Crime

Israel may have assumed the lead in enacting Holocaust denial legislation when the nation enacted a “Global Holocaust Deniers” bill in the Knesset on July 20, 2004. This unprecedented law outlawed “Holocaust denial” even if committed overseas or outside of Israeli territory and was passed by unanimous vote. In theory, the law would enable the state of Israel to demand the extradition of any individual overseas for “Holocaust denial.”

The bill was drafted by Knesset member Aryeh Eldad of the National Union party as a counterthrust against former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas for a doctoral dissertation he had authored twenty years prior in which he estimated that less than one million Jews had perished at the hands of the Nazis.10

In effect, the bill provides for any Holocaust denier to be prosecuted in Israel. Eldad has reasoned, “What I want is that if a Holocaust denier publishes a book in England, he will be considered a criminal in Israel.” Apparently there will be no amnesty for such deniers even if they should change their opinions. “Once a denier, always a denier.”11

Justice Minister Tommy Lapid seconded that denying the Holocaust “is a neo-Nazi crime.  Anyone involved in this belongs to the group of criminals whom our arm must reach anywhere in the world…We will not hunt them, but they should know that they are on our list of criminals. I am very satisfied and happy that this will be entering our law books.”12

End quote

Is there some International law, that I don’t know about, which gives the country of Israel the right to decide what is truth and what is fiction?

Is there anything else in the entire history of the world, except the Holocaust, that citizens in any country in the world are forbidden, by Israel, to dispute?

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  1. Tim said in his comment above ‘So the deaths were through execution,forced labor, malnutrition etc. bottom line,he was just as evil as Hitler…’ So all you have to add to this list is Typhus and you’d have the full list for the holocaust, without gas chambers because they certainly didn’t exist as claimed.

    Comment by Clent — January 21, 2015 @ 12:16 am

    • My whole point is this. Why do people focus on what happened to the Jews ?Cambodians don’t count. Pol Pot was more along the lines of “Papa Joe (Stalin)”. Pol Pot was just as evil as these 2 idiots. Everybody is quick to saddle up their horses and get the posse to track down the Nazis. The people on Pol Pot’s crew basically got a finger wagged at them and were told ,”don’t do this again. Now run along and play with the others”. Obviously nobody could get mileage out of that. Hell. Pol Pot made a damn good start at eradicating the Yards from the face of the planet. How come we never hear about that. Yeah uncle Adolph was (and still is) a sick pup. I’m at the point to where I’m gettin sick of the fact the Jews think they’re the game in town. They’re starting to lose my support. We got the holocaust museum. It’s in every damn history book. If they really want to make a difference,they’d get involved in these other cases . What about Bosnia . They’re not real people. The day they start addressing what happened to these other groups,is the day I’ll give them a sympathetic ear. Until then,”boo hoo. Cry me a MFing river”

      Comment by Tim — January 21, 2015 @ 1:01 am

  2. I’ve said before,I don’t deny this happened. What I question is the extent of what happened. No. We shouldn’t forget that this happened. We should remember,this isn’t a isolated incident . Pol Pot. Communist leader of the Khmer Rouge. He wasn’t sending people to death camps,but he’s still responsible for the deaths of 25% of the population in Cambodia . Okay. So the deaths were through execution,forced labor, malnutrition etc. bottom line,he was just as evil as Hitler. I have a guy that works for me. Hes from Guatemala . Seems the guy running the show down there,don’t like Mayans. This idiot is rounding up full blood Mayans and executing them. He’s no different from Hitler. No. We need to bring some of these other incidents up. The Jews are starting to remind me of al sharpton and Jesse Jackson . If they can’t get any mileage out of it,then it serves them use

    Comment by tim — January 20, 2015 @ 11:16 am

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