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February 3, 2015

Bill O’Reilly equates ISIS with the Nazis

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Last night, on his Fox News show called The Factor, Bill O’Reilly said that ISIS is the equivalent of “modern day Nazis.” You can read about last night’s show here.

According to Bill O’Reilly, the Nazis were an organization that was the same as ISIS and Jihad.

Excuse me, but I think that ISIS and Jihad are radical Muslim organizations that want to kill none-believers in the Muslim religion.  Hitler was a Catholic but the Nazi party had nothing to do with religion.  The Nazis did not kill the Jews because the Jews refused to follow the rules of the Christian religion.

The word Nazi is a western term for the NSDAP, which is an abbreviation for The National Socialist German Workers Party or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in German.

O’Reilly grew up in the state of New York, also known as “Jew York,” and  was partially educated at Harvard.  His Catholic ancestors came from County Caven in Ireland, and so did mine.  Usually, I agree with everything that he says, but not last night.

On his show last night Bill O’Reilly pronounced the word Holocaust as “Hah-la-cost” which is probably the way that it is pronounced at “Hah-verd.”

Dummies like me, who were too poor to go to Harvard, pronounce the word as “Hoe-low-cost.”

O’Reilly began his diatribe against the Nazis, by talking about the recent documentary entitled Night Will Fall. I wrote about this film on my blog at

O’Reilly then showed some of the footage from the documentary, including the segment which featured a little girl pulling up the sleeve of her warm coat to show the ID tattoo on her arm.

Little girl who was liberated from Auschwitz prepares to show her tattoo

Little girl who was liberated from Auschwitz prepares to show the tattoo on her arm

As the photo above, from the Soviet film about the liberation of Auschwitz is shown, we hear O’Reilly talking about the twins at Auschwitz. As everyone knows, twins were saved from the gas chamber at Auschwitz because Dr. Josef Mengele wanted to experiment on them.  But the little girl in the photo was not a twin, so why was she saved?  Why was she given an identification tattoo on the inside of her arm, if she was scheduled to be killed?

Just before this little girl is shown in the Auschwitz film, there is some footage which shows Eva and Miriam Moses, the twins who are leading the march of the children out of the Auschwitz camp.

At this point, in his TV show, O’Reilly was talking about the documentary Night Will Fall, so why is he showing a photo from Auschwitz?  The documentary was mainly about Bergen-Belsen, although Auschwitz was briefly mentioned.  O’Reilly does not explain that the documentary was filmed by the British as deliberate propaganda.

Just after the shot of the little girl is shown, Bill O’Reilly says “Hitler had a plan to kill ALL the Jews.”  He also says that the children at Auschwitz had no names, only numbers.  If the only identification of the prisoners at Auschwitz had been their names, how would the Nazis have distinguished between the numerous prisoners with the same last name?

The prisoners who were allegedly sent to the gas chamber, upon arrival at Auschwitz, were not given an identification tattoo, so we don’t know their names.  All of the Auschwitz survivors, except a few imposters, have an identification tattoo.

O’Reilly then says that the Nazis STARTED World War II. Everyone knows that, so why did O’Reilly mentioned this?  He was taking a big chance on some people doing a search to find out who really started World War II.  I blogged about the start of World War II here.

O’Reilly ends his “talking  points” portion of the show by saying that “If the world had mobilized in 1936 or 1939, against Hitler, the Nazis would have been defeated.”

O’Reilly thinks that the world should unite in defeating ISIS. He says that there is no difference between ISIS and Hitler. He said that “any Jewish person is a target for ISIS.”  He says that “many people knew what Hitler’s intent was, [killing the Jews] and that’s why the worst thing happened — the Holocaust.”

O’Reilly said that 100 million people were killed in World War II.  He doesn’t say how many died of typhus or other diseases.