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February 12, 2015

Bill O’Reilly’s hilarious jokes about Hitler on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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A reader of my blog made a comment in which the readers of my blog were directed to a recent show on Kimmy Kimmel Live which featured Bill O’Reilly making fun of Hitler’s health problems.

The show was hilarious, but a good journalist would have also told the other side of the story, which is that Hitler was literally worshiped by millions of people, but sadly, Hitler had the misfortune to fall into the hands of incompetent doctors who doped him up on bad drugs.

I wrote about Hitler on this page of my website:

American soldiers stand at the picture window of the Berghof after the building was destroyed

American soldiers stand at the picture window of the Berghof after the building was destroyed by American bombs

The Berghof before it was wantonly destroyed by Americans

The Berghof before it was wantonly destroyed by Americans in the last days of World War II

Berghof ruins after vindictive American bombing

Berghof ruins after vindictive American bombing

This quote is from the page of my website, cited above:

Begin quote:

In 1938, a train station was built at the small town of Berchtesgaden to handle the hordes of Hitlerpilger (Hitler pilgrims) who flocked to the Obersalzberg to see Hitler’s home, called the Berghof. Today, tourists arrive at this same train station in Berchtesgaden on their way to see Hitler’s former Tea House, called the Eagle’s Nest by Americans. The drive from the town of Berchtesgaden to the Obersalzberg plateau at 3,300 feet is one of the most scenic routes in Germany.

Hitler’s admirers used to gather at the Berghof just like the Elvis fans who stood outside Graceland, hoping to get a glimpse of their idol. The German people literally worshiped the ground that Hitler walked on. After Hitler made an occasional appearance to greet his fans, they would gather up the sand upon which Hitler had stood. Hitler was known as “the people’s Chancellor” because he was a common man, and he did what the German people wanted. Before World War II started, Hitler was more loved than any other leader in world history; his approval rating was 98%. As the man who was responsible for the deaths of 60 million people, including 6 million Jews, Hitler has now become the most hated man in the world.

The road from Munich to Berchtesgaden is the “old Nazi party road,” the first Autobahn built by Hitler to connect Berlin, Nürnberg and Munich with Salzberg and Linz in Austria. Tour buses from Munich bring visitors to the Obersalzberg where they get on another bus that takes them up to the Kehlsteinhaus aka the Eagle’s Nest.

In 1942, a honeycomb of bunkers was built into the mountainside at the Obersalzberg for air raid shelters. One of the largest surviving bunkers is under the documentation center and it is open to visitors.

The saga of Hitler, the Obersalzberg and Berchtesgaden is told at the documentation center, called Dokumentation Obersalzberg, which opened in 1999. Dokumentation Obersalzberg tells how Hitler first visited the Obersalzberg in 1923 and was inspired by views of the Untersberg, the mountain where the spirit of Karl der Grosse (Charlemagne) is said to slumber.

Karl der Grosse was the King of the Franks who was crowned as the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on Christmas day in the year 800. This was the first time that the German people were united under one ruler, although the Holy Roman Empire included other ethnic groups.

Hitler’s great accomplishment was that he united the German ethnic group into one empire under one leader for the first time: “ein Folk, ein Reich, ein Führer.” This was achieved by annexing Austria and the Sudetenland in 1938. The famous conference in which the Sudetenland was given to Germany in October 1938 was held at the Berghof.

Ethnic Germans in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were relocated to the part of Poland that was annexed into the Greater German Reich in 1939. Finally, with the conquest of France in 1940, the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine were added to the Greater German Reich.

End quote

Sadly, all this history was canceled out by O’Reilly’s school boy farting jokes.

O’Reilly should have mentioned that German people today still visit Hitler’s Eagles’s nest and relive the happy years before American troops destroyed Germany to satisfy the Jewish call for Revenge, Revenge, Revenge.

The Eagle's Nest was saved from American bombs

The Eagle’s Nest was saved from American bombs

What’s next?  Will Bill O’Reilly make fun of President Roosevelt because he was in a wheel chair?  During World War II, most Americans did not know that Franklin D. Roosevelt could not walk.  Virtually no Americans knew that Hitler farted.



  1. Interestingly there was a German policy of bringing home settled Germans from the Baltic lands and the Ukraine during the war years ; settlers who had lived outside Germany for centuries. These folk who were mostly farmers were settled in the Warthegau the small area of Poland annexed to the German Reich. This seems to contradict the western claim that all of Europe to the Urals would be populated by Germans. Why bring them home when home would be coming to them?
    In further relevant news Vincent Reynouard has today been sentenced to two years in prison in France for contesting the evidence of homicidal gas chambers. Je suis Vincent.

    Comment by peter — February 12, 2015 @ 4:05 pm

    • Thanks for telling us the news about Vincent Reynouard; I had not heard about it. I think that this is partially his own fault. Reynouard acts as though there is free speech in Europe, which is not the case. For years, he has been very vocal about the Holocaust and other facts of history in World War II; he should have known that he would eventually be sent to prison for trying to educate people.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 13, 2015 @ 5:23 am

      • Vincent Reynouard is aware of what you’ve said, FG. But he is not afraid of imprisonment. He has already talked about his previous imprisonment and he seemed to have quite pleasant memories about it. He said that he was treated quite fairly, and even in a friendly manner, by the guards and other inmates. He said that he even found there the time to read or reread stuff which he had wanted to read or reread for years.

        Reynouard thinks that the imprisonment of Holocaust revisionists is a good way to expose the suspect behavior of Holohoax promoters, who he calls “the worried liars” (les menteurs inquiets).

        So Reynouard doesn’t fear his own imprisonment. He said in a video published a few months ago that he expected to go back to jail. Had he wanted to avoid jail, he could easily have escaped to a country where “Holocaust denial” is not illegal. But he didn’t.

        Comment by hermie — February 13, 2015 @ 9:13 am

        • I disagree with Reynouard on several points about the Holocaust and about Oradour sur Glane. If every country had free speech, these details could be investigated and resolved. The Holocaust has an official story, but revisionists do not.

          Comment by furtherglory — February 13, 2015 @ 12:39 pm

          • “If every country had free speech, these details could be investigated and resolved.”


            “The Holocaust has an official story, but revisionists do not.”

            Are you saying that revisionists don’t have any narrative about what happened during WW2? Of course, they do. But most people have never heard anything about it. How many revisionist books have you read?

            Comment by hermie — February 13, 2015 @ 7:39 pm

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