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February 12, 2015

Hermann Goering and his 1941 Mercedes Benz automobile

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Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?

My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.

Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,

So Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?

Hermann Goering riding through the streets of Nazi Germany

Hermann Goering riding through the streets of Nazi Germany in his Mercedes Benz

According to a news article, which you can read in full here, eBay has refused to list Hermann Goering’s Mercedes Benz for sale.

eBay says its policies prohibit listings that promote or glorify hatred, violence or racial, sexual or religious intolerance

Good for eBay! Who would want a Mercedes Benz after it had been touched by the filthy hands of a Nazi? Goering’s Mercedes promotes and glorifies racial hatred and religious intolerance.  Throw this car on the scrap heap!

Mercedes Benz once owned by Hermann Goering

Custom built Mercedes Benz car once owned by Hermann Goering (Click on photo to enlarge)

This quote is from the news article:

Hermann Goering founded Hitler’s Gestapo secret police and was a prime architect of the Nazi Holocaust.

A fighter pilot in the First World War, Goering went on to join Hitler’s Nationalist Socialist Party and eventually became his deputy in 1939.

Goering was the head of the SA, also known as the Brownshirts, and helped Heinrich Himmler set up Germany’s concentration camps.

In 1938, he became head of Germany’s armed forces and when the Second World War broke out the following year, he was put in charge of the Luftwaffe and led the Nazi air force during the Battle of Britain.

Following Hitler’s suicide in 1945, Goering surrendered to the U.S. Army in Austria.

He was found guilty of war crimes at the Nuremberg trials and was sentenced to death.

However, he cheated the hangman’s noose by killing himself in his cell aged 53 with a phial of hidden cyanide.

He was known as a Nazi ‘magpie’ and amassed a personal fortune through the confiscation of Jewish property.

His collection included paintings, tapestries, jewellery, hunting ornaments, altarpieces and rugs.

Read more:

At the Nuremberg IMT, Goering denied everything. I blogged about his Nuremberg testimony at

The German people can never be forgiven.  The Nazis gassed 6 million Jews, so don’t even try to exonerate Hermann Goering — or the car in which he once rode through the streets of Nazi Germany!

Revenge, revenge, revenge — the battle cry of the Jews!



February 7, 2015

CNN show “Voices of Auschwitz” hosted by Wolf Blitzer

Last night, I watched the CNN special, entitled Voices of Auschwitz.  The show featured a select group of survivors of Auschwitz, who triumphed over the evil Nazis, by going on to become rich and famous. One of the survivors who was featured, very prominently, in the show was 81-year-old Eva Moses Kor, the twin sister of Miriam Moses, who died at an early age after she was liberated from Auschwitz, 70 years ago, on January 27, 1945. When the CNN show starts, we see a recent color close-up photo of the face of Eva Moses Kor.

I previously blogged about the killing of the Hungarian Jews on this blog post:

Very early in my blogging career, five years ago, I blogged about how some of the incoming Jews were marched to the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau, while others were marched to the showers:

Arbeit Macht Frei sign over the main Auschwitz camp

Arbeit Macht Frei sign over the main Auschwitz camp

Then we see a photo of the famous sign that says “Arbeit Macht Frei” which is now the slogan of the Jews when they complain about the evil perpetrated by the Nazis in the Holocaust. I blogged about the meaning of this sign at The  Arbeit Macht Frei sign is over the gate into the Auschwitz main camp, which was a Class I camp for resistance fighters or illegal combatants. The famous “death camp” where Jews were gassed was Auschwitz-Birkeanau, which did not have this sign.

The “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign was used only at Class I camps, so it was not over the gate into the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, where Eva Moses Kor was a prisoner. However, she claims, in the Voices of Auschwitz show, that she was taken to Block 10 in the main camp, where Dr. Mengele did experiments on her and her twin sister.

Block 10 at Auschwitz main camp where Dr. Mengele did experiments on twins

Block 10 at Auschwitz main camp where Dr. Mengele did experiments on twins

Block 10, where Dr. Mengele allegedly did his experiments, has been off limits to tourists for many years, and the windows are blocked out.  During last night’s show on CNN, Eva Moses Kor took Wolf Blitzer into an empty room in a  building, which might have been a room inside Block 10.

Very early in the show, Eva Moses Kor takes Wolf Blitzer to the place where she says that she got off a cattle car when she arrived at Auschwitz. She shows him the very cattle car on which she arrived.  I have a photo of this same cattle car on my website at

Original train car that brought prisoners to Auschwitz

My 2005 photo of an original train car that brought prisoners to Auschwitz at the Judenrampe

Wolf Blitzer is apparently not an expert on the Holocaust, or he would have known that when the Hungarian Jews, including Eva Moses, were brought to Auschwitz-Birkeanu, starting in May 1944, the train tracks had been extended INSIDE the Birkeanau camp and the Judenrampe was no longer being used.

My 2005 photo of the train tracks entering the Birkenau camp

My 2005 photo of the train tracks entering the Birkenau camp

Very early in the show, last night, Wolf Blitzer says that the Nazis “had a plan to wipe out the Jews.”  Then why were the Jews, who are featured in this show, allowed to survive Hitler’s evil plan?  Why didn’t Hitler carry out his plan? The answer might lie in the story of Anita Lasker Waldfisch, who played violin in the orchestra at the main Auschwitz camp; she was later sent to Bergen-Belsen, where she also survived.

Hitler loved music and there were several orchestras at Auschwitz, including an orchestra which played near the Krema III gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau, as the prisoners were marching inside to be gassed.

I blogged about this at I previously blogged about Anita Lasker Walffisch at

Orchestra at main Auschwitz camp, in which Jewish prisoners played

Orchestra at main Auschwitz camp, in which Jewish prisoners played

Early in the show, Eva Moses Kor tells Wolf Blitzer that she “was crawling and couldn’t walk” on the day that she was liberated by Soviet soldiers on January 27, 1945. By February 1945, she had recovered to the point that she was leading the liberated prisoners out of the camp, along with her twin sister.

Eva Moses Kor and her twin sister Miriam lead the prisoners as they are marched out of Auschwitz-Birkenau

Eva Moses Kor and her twin sister Miriam lead the prisoners as they are marched out of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1945  (click on photo to enlarge)

Eva Moses Kor as she looks today and as she points to herself in an old photo taken in February 1945 marching out of Auschwitz-Bkirenau

Eva Moses Kor as she looks today and as she points to herself in an old photo taken in February 1945 marching out of Auschwitz-Bkirenau

One thing that was brought out in the CNN film is that the Jews had had a “wonderful life” before Hitler came along. We see photos of the Jews before the Holocaust, as the Jews explain that they had a “happy childhood” and “beautiful homes.”

Life was good for the Jews in Germany until 1938 when we see a photo of a store window that had the word “Juden” painted on the window.  This was a photo taken at the event known as “Krisstallnacht” when the Germans boycotted Jewish stores in Germany.  This was the beginning of the end for the Jews in Germany. Soon life was over for the Jews: Eva Moses Kor summed it up, on the show, when she said: “In 1944, [the Nazis] came on horses to get the Jews [in Hungary where she lived].”

I wrote about the Hungarian Jews on this page of my website:

Eva Moses Kor was saved only because she was a twin. She explained to Wolf Blitzer that, when she got off the train at Auschwitz, Dr. Mengele asked her mother if her two girls were twins. Her mother then asked Dr. Mengele if being twins were a good thing, and he said “Yes”.

The mother was sent straight to the gas chamber, but Eva and Miriam were saved, because Dr. Mengele wanted to do evil experiments on twins.

At this point in the show, we hear the story of Renee Firestone. I wrote about Renee Firestone in this previous blog post:

On the CNN show, Renee says that she was sent, by Dr. Mengele (who else) to the right, and her mother to the left “and straight to the gas chamber.” At this point, we see young girls frolicking in bathing suits. What does this have to do with anything? My interpretation of the scene was that these were Jewish girls living the good life before the Nazis came along and sent them to concentration camps.

Just after the bathing suits scene, we see photos of the tracks going into Aushwitz-Birkenau with scenes of ominous looking railroad switches.  Jews are getting off the trains with lots of suitcases.

My interpretation of these scenes is that the Jews were rich and living the good life — until the evil Nazis interrupted their lives and sent them to Auschwitz for no reason at all. The Jews had everything, before the Holocaust, except their own country.  Now they have a country, but they are flocking back to Germany.  I wrote about this on this blog post:

At this point in the CNN documentary, we see a photo of the Brausebad sign at Dachau.  Wait a minute! Were the Jews, who were sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau, taken to Dachau to be gassed in the shower room there? As far as I know, the gas chambers at Auschwitz did not have a sign that said Brausebad.

Sign over the door into the shower room at Dachau

Sign over the door into the shower room at Dachau

Just after the Brausebad sign at Dachau was shown in the CNN show, we see a photo of Hungarian women, wearing dresses, marching toward the women’s camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Hungarian women march toward the women's camp at Birkeanu after having a shower

Hungarian women march toward the women’s camp at Birkeanu after having a shower

At this point in the CNN show, it should have been explained that these women had been given a shower, in a shower room at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and their heads had been shaved to get rid of any possible lice that spreads typhus. Instead, we are led to believe that the Nazis humiliated these women by forcing them to wear plain dresses, not even letting them wear blue and white striped clothing.

Finally, we get to the segment about Rene Firestone.  It turns out that Rene was a talented dress designer before she was sent to Auschwitz. We see some of her sketches of women’s dresses. The black and white photo, shown above, was in this segment of the show. The photo shows how the women at Auschwitz-Birkeanu were humiliated by being forced to wear plain dresses.  Would it have killed the Germans to have provided stylish dresses for the women at Auschwitz?

After she was liberated from Auschwitz, Renee went to Budapest where she became a dress designer.

The next part of the show is about Martin Greenfield. We see the Arbeit Macht Frei sign again as the narrator explains that Greenfield was sent to the main camp to work as a tailor for the Nazis. He was just 15 years old.

Martin’s first job at Auschwitz was washing the shirts of the SS men. He ripped a shirt while he was scrubbing the shirt with a brush. He thought that he would be killed because of this, but the Nazis let him live. We see a scene taken at Dachau, when former prisoners walked out of the camp, followed by a scene which showed Martin’s tailor’s shop in America with his name on the top of the building.

Martin Greenfield wrote a book, entitled Measure of a Man, in which he told about his success in dressing several Presidents in hand-sown suits.

Finally, we get to the story of Anita Lasker Wafisch; we see a recent photo of her walking out of her nice home. Then we see the famous Arbeit Macht Frei sign in the main Auschwitz camp. Anita was sent to the main camp, where she played in the orchestra there.  We see the photo of the orchestra at the main Auschwitz camp, which I included in the first part of this blog post. We hear the band playing march music.

Then we see a photo of the Sauna at Auschwitz-Birkenau, where incoming prisoners had to take a shower. Anita explained that the prisoners had to stay in the “quarantine camp” near the entrance to the Birkenau camp. Previously, in  the CNN show, we had seen Eva Moses Kor showing the barracks in the quarantine camp, while she claimed that these were the barracks where she had to live.  Is Eva Kor losing her memory? The photo below shows the barracks in the quarantine camp which are open to visitors.  Eva Kor did not live in  the quarantine barracks, shown in my 2005 photo below.

Quarantine barracks near the entance to Aschwitz Birkeanau camp

Quarantine barracks near the entrance to the Aschwitz Birkeanau camp

Steven Spielberg was shown in the CNN show, as he says: “Auschwitz was an efficient killing machine.” This show was about SURVIVORS of Auschwitz, who went on to fame and fortune, not about prisoners who were killed.

We see Spielberg as he walks under the Arbeit Macht Frei sign; he puts his hand in some mud, and then says that he has the “remains of mass murder on his hand.”

Then we hear Renee Firestone say that Auschwitz was the “worst atrocity in human history.”  There have been numerous atrocities in human history, and this CNN show is one of them.

February 6, 2015

American television commentator Greg Gutfeld sez that 6 million Jews were GASSED

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Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld is a Fox News talk show commentator on a TV program called The Five. This show has a group of  journalists, who discuss topics of interest in the news.

Gutfeld’s father was Jewish, but his mother was not. He stands out on the show because he is very personable and very well informed.  He has written several books, none of which I have read.

Yesterday, Greg Gutfeld dropped a bombshell about the death of 6 million Jews, apropos of nothing. Out of the clear blue, Gutfeld said that the Nazis had GASSED 6 million Jews.  I was expecting one of the other four people on the panel to say “Well, did you know that words can hurt?” [As in a Geico commercial] But none of the other four people on the show even blinked an eye.

As nearly everyone in the world knows by now, there were 6 million Jews exterminated by those evil Nazis during World War II, but were the whole six million GASSED, as opposed to dying from typhus, starvation, exhaustion, or being marched to death? What about the numerous babies, whose heads were bashed against a tree or a train car?

How many cans of Zyklon-B gas did it take to gas 6 million Jews?

Empty cans of Zyklon-B gas used to kill lice

Empty cans of Zyklon-B gas used to kill lice

The Nazis should have used all that Zyklon-B to disinfect the clothing in the camps, which would have prevented typhus epidemics. But no! The Nazis used the Zyklon-B to KILL the prisoners!

Clothing that was disinfected with Zyklon-B at Dachau

Clothing that was disinfected with Zyklon-B at Dachau

Famous photo of a gas chamber at Dachau, used to disinfect clothing

Famous photo of a gas chamber at Dachau, used to disinfect clothing, in order to prevent typhus

I previously blogged here about the number of gas chambers, used by the Nazis, which are still in existence.

Finally, I went to another web site to find out more about how 6 million Jews were GASSED.

This quote is from the IHR website:

Begin quote:

We know that there were about 360,000 Jews under German control in September, 1939, in Germany, Austria, the Sudetenland and Bohemia-Moravia. There were about 1,100,000 Jews in that part of Poland occupied by the Germans in 1939-1940. There were approximately 1,150,000 Jews in eastern Poland which was taken over by the Russians in the autumn of 1939. How many of these escaped into Russia ahead of the German drive after June, 1941, is unknown. There is no doubt that the Germans took over large numbers of Jews during -their invasion -of Russia, but it is very likely that at no time during the war did the Germans have control over more than 3,500,000 to 4,000,000 Jews, and many of these could not be withdrawn before the Russians occupied these areas again. One thing is relatively certain, and that is that the Germans never got their hands on as many as six million Jews during the war. To have exterminated six millions would have made it necessary for them to have executed every last Jew that they seized. Not even the upholders of the extermination legend allege that this was the case, since they portray great numbers of Jews used in labor operations at all the German concentration camps.


It has continued to be maintained that about half of the entire six million Jews said to have been gassed by the Germans were gassed at Auschwitz, but even the Jewish statistician, Gerald Reitlinger, admits that only 363,000 inmates were registered at Auschwitz from January, 1940, to February, 1945, and not all -of these were Jews. The supporters 4 the genocide legend con-tend that many at Auschwitz were not registered but they have brought no proof of this. Even if one admits that there were as many who were unregistered as were registered, that would make fewer than 750,000 altogether. It would have been very difficult to have gassed about three millions with only 750,000 to work on, although it has been frequently asserted by dogmatic but uninformed writers that from four to five million Jews were gassed at Auschwitz. Moreover, many who were sent to Auschwitz were shifted elsewhere, especially toward the end of the war when the Russians were advancing.

end of story:

Joined with all this are the facts which will be developed later on showing that there is no evidence that the Germans adopted any program of mass extermination of Jews during the war or that any German National Socialist leader ever gave any order to do so. It has been alleged by numerous Jewish critics of Hitler, especially Gerald Reitlinger, that early in the war the Nazi leaders decided on a “final solution” of the Jewish problem and that this solution was the extermination of all the Jews they could seize. There is no foundation whatever for this charge. Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels did determine upon a “final solution” of the Jewish problem, so far as they could control it, but this solution was to encourage or force the Jews to leave all lands that the National Socialists controlled and to settle elsewhere. Emigration rather than extermination was the solution proposed by all of these Nazi leaders. Not even the Nuremberg inquisition could link Göring in any serious manner with the Jewish issue, but there is no doubt that he shared the program of encouraging the Jews to leave all territory that Germany controlled or might control.

End quote

The photo below shows fingernail scratches on the wall of the reconstructed gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp, allegedly made by some of the 6 million Jews who were gassed.

Fingernail marks on the wall of the Auschwitz gas chamber

Fingernail marks on the wall of the Auschwitz gas chamber

I have been blogging for 5 years.  My first blog post was published on Feb. 5, 2010.  Out of more than 1,300 blog posts, the most popular post was about the scratches on the wall of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp:

February 5, 2015

Were the Nazis “Godless”?

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Last night on his TV show, called The Factor, Bill O’Reilly said that the Nazis were “Godless.”

What was the Moto of the Luftwaffe [the German Air Force]? Was it “Kein Gott für uns”?  Or was it “Gott mit uns” [God with us]?

You can listen here to a speech, about religion in Germany, made by Hitler in 1939.

Was Hitler a life-long Catholic, who never officially left the church? Or was he Godless?

Catholic Church that Hitler attended when he was a young boy

Catholic Church that Hitler attended when he was a young boy in Austria

One of the first laws that Hitler put into effect in Germany was known as the “Aryan Paragraph.” This new rule stated that only Aryans could have positions in the German government; Jews were no longer allowed to have government jobs. This rule was soon expanded to ban Jews from becoming Pastors in Christian churches in Germany.

Was Germany “Godless” because Jews were not allowed to preach in Catholic churches?

The main opposition to Hitler’s “Aryan Paragraph” came from a group of young pastors led by Martin Niemöller, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Heinrich Gruber. Initially, their main complaint was that Hitler had united all denominations of Germany’s Protestant churches under Ludwig Müller as the first Reich Bishop.

When the new law that Jews were not allowed to be Protestant ministers went into effect, Niemöller organized the Pastor’s Emergency League to protect Protestant pastors, who were violating the new law, from the police.

With the support of Karl Barth, a professor of theology at Bonn University, in May, 1934, the rebel pastors formed what became known as the Confessional Church. Over the next few years, hundreds of these pastors were sent to concentration camps; Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed. [Bonhoeffer was involved in the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler, which is why he was singled out to be executed.]

One of the major differences of the teaching of the Confessional Church was that Jews, who had converted to Christianity, could become pastors. Hitler did not want Jews to become pastors in Christian churches.  Could Aryans become rabbis in Jewish Synagogues?

Hitler did not want Germany to be ruled by Jews — in any way. Did that make the Nazis Godless?

Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about the Godless Nazis:

This quote is from Wikipedia:

Most members of the Nazi Party, however, were Christians. Composed mostly by members of the Lutheran Evangelical tradition, members of the apostate Nazi-inspired Positive Christianity sect and some of the Catholic faith tradition respectively. […]

There was some diversity of personal views among the Nazi leadership as to the future of religion in Germany. Anti-Church radicals included Hitler’s Personal Secretary Martin Bormann and Minister for Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, the neo-pagan official Nazi Philosopher Alfred Rosenberg and security chief Heinrich Himmler. Some Nazis, such as Hans Kerrl, who served as Hitler’s Minister for Church Affairs, believed Christianity could be Nazified into “Positive Christianity”, by renouncing its Jewish origins, the Old Testament and Apostle’s Creed, and holding Hitler as a new “Messiah”. Hitler himself believed that in the long run, National Socialism and religion would not be able to co-exist, but was prepared temporarily to restrain some of his more radical instincts out of political considerations.

Now let’s go to the website of the United States Holocaust Museum to see what the Jews have to say about the Godless Nazis.

The following quote is from

Hitler espoused the importance of Christianity to German nationality and Christianity’s role in a renewal of national morality and ethics, leading Niemöller to enthusiastically welcome the Third Reich. Niemöller later confessed that even Hitler’s antisemitism reflected a more extreme version of his own prejudice at that time.

Niemöller’s conflicts with National Socialism emerged out of his opposition to the German Christians, a pro-Nazi faction within the German Protestant Church that sought to apply Nazi racial dogma to church membership in such a way as to bar so-called non-Aryans (people considered Jewish under Nazi racial laws) from the ministry and from religious teaching positions.

Catholic priests were put into the Dachau concentration camp, but not because they were priests.  It was because they were preaching against the Nazis.

I wrote about the priests at Dachau at

Bill O’Reilly, who is Catholic, is an authority on Nazis, so maybe he will tell us more about their Godless traits tonight. Meanwhile, be sure to read this blog post about the Nazis and religion:

February 4, 2015

Auschwitz has been turned into a Simpson’s cartoon

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I was horrified when I read about the Simpson’s at Auschwitz here.

Cartoon characters at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Cartoon characters at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp

Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp

This quote is from the news story about the cartoon:

I scrolled through the pictures I had just received in an email. I looked at them again. And again. The subject line, I realized, went straight to the point: “The Simpsons go to Auschwitz” — a series of drawings by the controversial Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo, depicting the popular yellow cartoon family as famished inmates of the Nazi death camp.

Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie wearing yellow stars, in striped prisoners’ garbs, and undressed in what seems to be the inside of a gas chamber… you get the idea. The “Arbeit macht frei”-sign, the emaciated legs, the fake showerheads — no question, the imagery was painful and upsetting to look at. And the bright, big-eyed cartoon characters with the funny-shaped heads definitely felt out of place.

Isn’t there a law against making fun of the Holocaust?  If not, there should be a law.  I think that this cartoon could be construed to be Holocaust denial.  The maker of the film could be renditioned to Germany, put on trial, and automatically convicted of Holocaust denial.


February 3, 2015

Bill O’Reilly equates ISIS with the Nazis

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Last night, on his Fox News show called The Factor, Bill O’Reilly said that ISIS is the equivalent of “modern day Nazis.” You can read about last night’s show here.

According to Bill O’Reilly, the Nazis were an organization that was the same as ISIS and Jihad.

Excuse me, but I think that ISIS and Jihad are radical Muslim organizations that want to kill none-believers in the Muslim religion.  Hitler was a Catholic but the Nazi party had nothing to do with religion.  The Nazis did not kill the Jews because the Jews refused to follow the rules of the Christian religion.

The word Nazi is a western term for the NSDAP, which is an abbreviation for The National Socialist German Workers Party or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in German.

O’Reilly grew up in the state of New York, also known as “Jew York,” and  was partially educated at Harvard.  His Catholic ancestors came from County Caven in Ireland, and so did mine.  Usually, I agree with everything that he says, but not last night.

On his show last night Bill O’Reilly pronounced the word Holocaust as “Hah-la-cost” which is probably the way that it is pronounced at “Hah-verd.”

Dummies like me, who were too poor to go to Harvard, pronounce the word as “Hoe-low-cost.”

O’Reilly began his diatribe against the Nazis, by talking about the recent documentary entitled Night Will Fall. I wrote about this film on my blog at

O’Reilly then showed some of the footage from the documentary, including the segment which featured a little girl pulling up the sleeve of her warm coat to show the ID tattoo on her arm.

Little girl who was liberated from Auschwitz prepares to show her tattoo

Little girl who was liberated from Auschwitz prepares to show the tattoo on her arm

As the photo above, from the Soviet film about the liberation of Auschwitz is shown, we hear O’Reilly talking about the twins at Auschwitz. As everyone knows, twins were saved from the gas chamber at Auschwitz because Dr. Josef Mengele wanted to experiment on them.  But the little girl in the photo was not a twin, so why was she saved?  Why was she given an identification tattoo on the inside of her arm, if she was scheduled to be killed?

Just before this little girl is shown in the Auschwitz film, there is some footage which shows Eva and Miriam Moses, the twins who are leading the march of the children out of the Auschwitz camp.

At this point, in his TV show, O’Reilly was talking about the documentary Night Will Fall, so why is he showing a photo from Auschwitz?  The documentary was mainly about Bergen-Belsen, although Auschwitz was briefly mentioned.  O’Reilly does not explain that the documentary was filmed by the British as deliberate propaganda.

Just after the shot of the little girl is shown, Bill O’Reilly says “Hitler had a plan to kill ALL the Jews.”  He also says that the children at Auschwitz had no names, only numbers.  If the only identification of the prisoners at Auschwitz had been their names, how would the Nazis have distinguished between the numerous prisoners with the same last name?

The prisoners who were allegedly sent to the gas chamber, upon arrival at Auschwitz, were not given an identification tattoo, so we don’t know their names.  All of the Auschwitz survivors, except a few imposters, have an identification tattoo.

O’Reilly then says that the Nazis STARTED World War II. Everyone knows that, so why did O’Reilly mentioned this?  He was taking a big chance on some people doing a search to find out who really started World War II.  I blogged about the start of World War II here.

O’Reilly ends his “talking  points” portion of the show by saying that “If the world had mobilized in 1936 or 1939, against Hitler, the Nazis would have been defeated.”

O’Reilly thinks that the world should unite in defeating ISIS. He says that there is no difference between ISIS and Hitler. He said that “any Jewish person is a target for ISIS.”  He says that “many people knew what Hitler’s intent was, [killing the Jews] and that’s why the worst thing happened — the Holocaust.”

O’Reilly said that 100 million people were killed in World War II.  He doesn’t say how many died of typhus or other diseases.



February 2, 2015

18 pillars of remembrance at Auschwitz

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You can read here about the history of a new feature at the Auschwitz main camp: “the 18 pillars of remembrance.”  The 18 pillars have been added since I last visited Auschwitz in 2005.

The Auschwitz main camp in winter in 2015

The Auschwitz main camp in winter in 2015

The Auschwitz main camp, which is shown in the photo above, is not deteriorating, but the 425-acre Birkenau camp is rotting away. It will cost billions of dollars to preserve what is left of it.

Steven Spielberg on his visit to Auschwitz January 27, 2015

Steven Spielberg on his visit to Auschwitz January 27, 2015

The 18 pillars, at the Auschwitz main camp, have the names of contributors to the fund for the preservation of the rotting ruins of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

You can see a short video here, which shows Spielberg visiting the site of the 18 black pillars, which are not really “pillars,” but 18 individual black signs, each with the name of a major contributor to the fund for the preservation of Auschwitz. I don’t know where these “pillars” are located, but the most likely location is in the space just outside the Visitor’s center at the Auschwitz main camp.

Administration building at the Auschwitz main camp

Administration building at the Auschwitz main camp

The photograph above shows the rear of the administration building, in the main camp, where the exit doors from the movie theater are located. The exit doors are shown on the right side of the photo; the wide doors on the left were doors into the disinfection chambers where the clothes were deloused with Zyklon-B to prevent the spread of typhus. This building was called die Aufnahmegebäude (Building to Receive Newcomers).

Near the end of the video, which shows Spielberg visiting the location of the 18 pillars, there is a building shown in the background which has windows like the windows on the roof on the right in my 1998 photo above. Visitors to the Auschwitz main camp enter this building and watch a movie about the camp, before proceeding to the Arbeit Macht Frei sign at the entrance into the main camp.

As you can see, in my photo above, this location has enough space for the 18 pillars.


February 1, 2015

President Obama mentions Primo Levi in his statement on Auschwitz

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President Barack Obama mentioned famous Holocaust survivor Primo Levi in his official statement on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on Jan. 27, 1945.

Primo Levi was a famous Holocaust survivor

Primo Levi was a famous Holocaust survivor

This quote is from President Obama’s statement which you can read in full here:

We commemorate all of the victims of the Holocaust, pledging never to forget, and recalling the cautionary words of the author and survivor of Auschwitz Primo Levi, “It happened, therefore it can happen again. . . . It can happen anywhere.” Today we come together and commit, to the millions of murdered souls and all survivors, that it must never happen again.

I wonder who wrote this statement for President Obama.  I doubt that he knows who Primo Levi was.

I wrote about Primo Levi in this previous blog post:

Scroll way down on the blog post cited above, to read Primo Levi’s famous poem entitled If this is a man.

the unexpected return of anti-Semitism in Europe

Anti-Semitic WWII poster in Germany

Anti-Semitic WWII poster in Germany

This quote is from an article, written by Charles Krauthammer, which you can read in full here:

The rise of European anti-Semitism is in reality just a return to the norm. For a millennium, virulent Jew-hatred — persecution, expulsions, massacres — was the norm in Europe until the shame of the Holocaust created a temporary anomaly wherein anti-Semitism became socially unacceptable.

The hiatus is over. Jew-hatred is back, recapitulating the past with impressive zeal. Italians protesting Gaza handed out leaflets calling for a boycott of Jewish merchants. As in the 1930s. A widely popular French comedian has introduced a variant of the Nazi salute. In Berlin, Gaza brought out a mob chanting, “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come out and fight alone!” Berlin, mind you.

European anti-Semitism is not a Jewish problem, however. It’s a European problem, a stain, a disease of which Europe is congenitally unable to rid itself.

Is there any other group of people, anywhere in the world, that has a word which means “hatred of their own group of people”?

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know the current meaning of the word “anti-Semite” as opposed to the original meaning of the word?

I wrote about the original meaning of the word on this old blog post:

Nazi propaganda poster

Nazi propaganda poster

The famous Nazi propaganda poster, shown in the photo above, illustrates the reasons that the Germans hated the Jews. The German words, written in blood red, say “The eternal Jew” in  English. Note the hammer and cycle emblem of Communism at the top of the poster.

The article written by Charles Krauthammer ends with this quote:

The Iranian bomb is a national security issue, an alliance issue and a regional Middle East issue. But it is also a uniquely Jewish issue because of Israel’s situation as the only state on earth overtly threatened with extinction, facing a potential nuclear power overtly threatening that extinction.

On the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz, mourning dead Jews is easy. And, forgive me, cheap. Want to truly honor the dead? Show solidarity with the living — Israel and its 6 million Jews. Make “never again” more than an empty phrase. It took Nazi Germany seven years to kill 6 million Jews. It would take a nuclear Iran one day.

Is there any word that means hatred of the German people?  Maybe there is a word for this in Yiddish, but I don’t know of any such word in English.  I think that hatred of the German people is so prevalent that it is considered to be normal thinking and there is no word for it.

World-wide hatred of the German people will go on until the end of time because it is promoted by Holocaust education.  I wrote about this in a previous blog post:

Wikipedia has an entry entitled “Anti-German sentiment”, which you can read here.  Maybe Krauthammer should write about hatred of the German people, which is promoted by the Jews with their numerous Museums and monuments to the Jews world-wide.

I wrote about Jewish hatred for the German people, as shown in the Jewish  Museum in Berlin, at

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