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March 30, 2015

Doctor in Austria convicted of Holocaust denial

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A 71-year-old doctor has been convicted of Holocaust denial in an Austrian court. You can read about it in the news here.

Mauthausen gas chamber was in a shower room

Mauthausen gas chamber was in a shower room

This quote is from the news article:

On Thursday a jury at Linz Court [in Austria] unanimously agreed that a letter the doctor had sent to the local council and the administration of the Mauthausen concentration camp memorial site proved that he believed that the gas chambers and the systematic genocidal killing had been made up.

The man, from the Mühlviertel region, wrote that he became convinced after visiting the Mauthausen site that the gas chambers had never existed and that therefore the Holocaust “must be a lie made up by Zionist bankers, who are still up to their mischief in Israel and the ‘Arab Spring’”. He went on to claim that Hitler and Germany were not to blame for WWII and that Austria would be forever burdened with the “Holocaust cudgel”. His lawyer argued that the 71-year-old was not a Nazi but merely a “troublemaker” who had a “particular character” and was “constantly trying to get to the bottom of things”.


The Mauthausen gas chamber was located in the basement of the prison building, which is the green building on the right in the photo above. The white building on the left was the hospital building.

1945 photo of the gate into the Mauthausen camp

1945 photo of the gate into the Mauthausen camp

In his book entitled The 186 Steps, Christian Bernadac included the statements of several former prisoners which were gathered by Pierre-Serge Choumoff, a former prisoner at Gusen, after revisionists began to deny that there was a gas chamber at Mauthausen. Choumoff was an engineer who had post-graduate degrees in mathematics; he was the author of numerous scientific articles.

While he was a prisoner at Gusen, Choumoff was assigned to work in the arms factories of Rüstung Steyr, Daimler and Puch, which were in the immediate vicinity of the Gusen camp. He also served as an interpreter and a secretary at the Gusen camp. In the last week of the war, Choumoff was one of the Gusen prisoners, who were evacuated to the main Mauthausen camp, where the gas chamber was located in the shower room.

In his account of the liberation of Mauthausen, the Red Cross representative, Louis Haefliger, confirmed that the “annihilation” of the prisoners in the gas chamber continued until Commandant Ziereis fled the camp on the night of May 2-3, 1945. Apparently the Nazis were gassing as many of the prisoners as they could, while at the same time, the Red Cross was allowed to take selected prisoners out of the camp.

Bernadac also quoted Choumoff himself who wrote the following, in his book, about the Mauthausen gas chamber:

Begin Quote:

Finally, a day or two before our transfer to Mauthausen on Saturday, April 28, I took a chance in giving the information (about the gassings) to one of our Yugoslav comrades, G. Milikitch. So I can certify that I was fully aware that gassings were taking place at Mauthausen during this final period. Up until the last minute, a number of efforts were made by the international Resistance organization of Mauthausen prisoners to save the men who had been confined to camp 3. After receiving the news, transmitted by V. Busek, a particularly effective effort was made to deal with Schutzhaftlagerführer Bachmayer. S. Krukowski reports on this in his book Mauthausen (Stefan Krukowski, Mauthausen, published in Warsaw in 1966).

The lead in this was taken by a Polish prisoner, Doctor W. Czaplinski (No. 279), who had sometimes taken care of Bachmayer’s family. This initiative is supposed to have contributed to the return of the prisoners in camp 3 to the Krankenlager, instead of going to the gas chamber. Further efforts were organized on behalf of those whose execution appeared imminent, on other grounds. Outstanding among these were the thirty-four Austrian Resistance fighters, whose final tragedy was recounted by Marsalek (Hans Marsalek: “Die letzten Tage im KZ Mauthausen” published in Der neue Mahnruf in April 1970 in Vienna).

All of them, with one exception, were among the forty-three gassed on April 28. It appears that after April 29, certain installations of the gas chamber were destroyed. It is certain that gassings were still taking place during the night of April 28-29, because I distinctly remember a dozen “civilians” who arrived after our transfer from Gusen on the afternoon of the 28th. There were both men and women, and among them a white-haired couple that I can’t forget. They stood along the wall to the right of the entry for a long time, and disappeared that night…

End Quote

Choumoff included an excerpt taken from the unpublished statement of Manuel Falo, No. 4639, dated September 19, 1969, which Bernadac quoted in his book, as follows:

Begin quote:

He (Falo) happened to see one of the gassings, which usually occurred at night. He was lodged in Block 11, facing the bunker. One night, in mid-1944, at about ten o’clock, he caught sight of a convoy of Russians coming in. The S.S. with Ziereis and Bachmayer present, made them undress on the assembly court, and then go down the dungeon stairs…

Later the S.S. called the prisoners out from block 11, and Ziereis threatened them: “You have seen everything. If there is a breach of discipline, you go to the Krematorium.” One of the Kapos of the Krematorium kommando, whom Falo knew slightly, told him afterwards that they wanted to speed up the action, and that there was a real massacre with swinging axes so that they could pile more victims into the gas chamber.

End Quote

Choumoff gave the following statistics for the gassings at Mauthausen and Gusen, as quoted in Bernadac’s book: “For the installed gas chamber at Mauthausen: 4000; for the mobile gas chamber (Sauer truck): 1,560; Hartheim: 28,000 to 30,000 of which 4,600 to 8,000 came from Gusen or Mauthausen; finally occasional gassings in Gusen: 800. Total 34,000. At least 11,000 of these 34,000 were registered at Mauthausen or Gusen.”

What is the evidence that the shower room at Mauthauen was a gas chamber?

When I visited Mauthausen, there was a sign in the shower room which says that the room was a gas chamber. What more proof do you want?

Sign in the Mauthausen gas chamber

Sign in the Mauthausen gas chamber

What is the evidence that the shower room at Mauhausen was NOT a gas chamber? The photo below shows a floor drain. If the shower room had been used to gas prisoners, the poison would have gone  down the drain, and poisoned everyone in the camp.

Floor drain in Mauthausen shower room

Floor drain in Mauthausen shower room

It appears that the floor drain in  the Mauthausen shower room has no way to close it up.  In the Dachau shower room gas chamber, the floor drains are now closed up. This quote is also from the news article:

The defendant pleaded not guilty and said that he had only been trying to uncover the truth. He said that whilst he was at Mauthausen he noticed that there was no gas pipe leading to the gas chamber, and he could find no explanation of why this was so. The head of the Mauthausen Memorial appeared as a witness and described in detail to the 71-year-old how SS men had removed the gas pipes shortly before the camp was liberated in 1945. He said that historic records proved this was the case, and that it was clearly visible that the area where the pipes had been had been plastered over.

Gas pipes?  No, no, no! Zyklon-B, the gas that was used by the Nazis for gassing prisoners in  shower rooms, was in the form of pellets, which could not go through pipes.

After the American liberators of Dachau found this out, they built little windows on the outside wall of the Dachau “gas chamber” and claimed that the Zyklon-B pellets had been thrown into the “gas chamber” through these two little windows.

You can read about the Dachau gas chamber, and see photos, which  I took, on my website at

Zyklon-B gas pellets

Zyklon-B gas pellets

This display of Zyklon-B gas pellets, that were allegedly used to gas prisoners in the concentration camps, shows that the gas was in the form of pellets which could not go through “gas pipes.”  There were no “gas pipes” that were ripped out of the shower room at Mauthausen.

The Zyklon-B pellets were used at Mauthausen, and at all the other camps, to disinfect the clothing of the prisoners, in order to kill the lice that spreads disease.

Fred Leuchter, who was a gas chamber consultant in America wrote a report on the Mauthausen gas chamber which you can read on this page of my website:

ln  his report on the Mauthausen gas chamber, Fred Leuchter wrote this:

Begin Quote

It appears from the construction that this facility was constructed as, and further was utilized only as, a shower room. The installation has no provision to prevent gas leakage, the lighting is not explosion proof, the floor drain would allow leakage into the sewer system and there is no provision for inletting gas or for exhausting the air gas mixture after an execution. Further, there are steam heating pipes (radiator) on the northwest wall of the chamber, which would most likely result in an explosion if hydrogen cyanide gas were deposited in the room. Additionally, all shower heads are working and the overall design is unquestionably that of a shower room.

End Quote

The morgue, which is in the basement of the Mauthausen prison building, has been recently turned into museum space where there are exhibits.

I wrote about this on this previous blog post:

The town of Mauthausen is only a few miles from the concentration camp

The town of Mauthausen is only a few miles from the concentration camp

I have visited Austria several times.  The Austrian people are very friendly and polite.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why they are acting crazy in putting so-called “Holocaust deniers” on trial. There was no “death camp” at Mauthausen, and no one was gassed there. Get over it!

My photo of the Jewish Memorial at the former Mauthausen camp

My photo of the Jewish Memorial at the former Mauthausen camp


  1. In 1986, Michel de Boüard, former inmate at Mauthausen, honorary dean of the Faculty of Letters at the University of Caen, member of the Committee for the History of the Second World War, said:

    “In the monograph on Mauthausen that I published in Revue d’Histoire de la [Deuxième] Guerre mondiale in 1954, I mentioned a gas chamber on two occasions. When the time of reflection had arrived, I said to myself: where did you arrive at the conviction that there was a gas chamber in Mauthausen? This cannot have been during my stay in this camp, for neither myself nor anybody else ever suspected that there was one there. This must therefore be a piece of ‘baggage’ that I picked up after the war; this was [an] admitted [fact] but I noticed that in my text – although I have the habit of supporting most of my affirmations by references-there was none referring to the gas chamber . . .” (Ouest-France, August 2-3, 1986, p. 6).

    Comment by hermie — April 1, 2015 @ 5:17 pm

  2. Mr Rucker is deluding himself if he believes this to be a homicidal gas chamber . ” Tim” who repeatedly informs us that he is now ” beginning to question the holocaust ” displays a rather odd naivety . ” Joe” seems not to be aware of basic German grammar and should stick to his ” native ” English

    Comment by peter — March 31, 2015 @ 12:02 am

    • What’s your point Karen. Okay maybe I should change my text to read ,”I’ve been questioning this whole shindig for quite a while now.” Look here Susie. When I was going to school,WW2 was “not” a distant memory. Hell we didn’t have computers like we have in this time period. Those were basically classified projects run by the government. Look here Beth. When my turn came around to get invited to that kickass party we had in Southeast Asia,everybody wanted out. I went because I was told to. I don’t know who runs this site,but I’m glad they have it. See a few years before I did the ‘Nam,Cronkite was over there flapping his pie hole. Talking about how we’ve done lost this one. He wasn’t giving you his opinion ( reporters are just supposed to report the facts),he was giving you “your opinion”. He had a nation of sheep,that he led to slaughter. We still have a lot of sheep in this nation of ours. They’re stupid enough to buy into the crap CNN shoved down their throat. It’s demonstrable if you throw enough obfuscation on table,the idiots will consume and act like the happy fat f**kin pigs they are. Check it out Peggy Sue. All these sheep need do is get on the Internet and gather all the facts,then make their “own” decision. I’m glad this person deals with this subject. The person behind this site goes to great lengths to make sure as many facts are presented as possible. I’m not saying a person should make a decision based solely on what is written on this site. Go to some other sites and gather more info. Get opposing views. Then at the end of the day,decide for yourself. Yeah. I’m questioning the validity of what I’ve always taken as “fact”. That’s why I say what I say. It seems what we’ve been told is not the case at all. Since we’ve got sites like this one,we’ve got other pieces to add to the puzzle. That’s everything in the proverbial “nutshell” Linda

      Comment by Tim — March 31, 2015 @ 3:05 am

  3. Die Jude war Schweinehunde!

    Comment by Joe — March 30, 2015 @ 6:28 pm

    • Joe
      Do you mean: Die Juden waren Schweinehunde? If so why don’t you electorate a bit more, I am sure people would be delighted to hear more of your opinion!

      Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — March 31, 2015 @ 12:18 am

      • What exactly did he say. You asked him to expound on it. If he spoke Vietnamese I could probably understand it. You speak Kraut. Asked him to expound on it. Hey I’ll admit it. I’m to lazy to look up what it means. I’m guessing you know there’s a bit more to it than meets the proverbial “eye”

        Comment by Tim — March 31, 2015 @ 3:13 am

        • You can read the meaning of the word at

          This word was spread around the world by American soldiers who were stationed in Germany after the war. It is the supreme insult in the German language. It was the only German word that many of the soldiers could say.

          Comment by furtherglory — March 31, 2015 @ 9:23 am

          • Thank you ! I’d use it around here,but this part of south Texas has a large Gemam population from way back when. Oh well if one of the old school ones say that to me,I’ll know what they’re saying. That’s why I like your site. In addition to getting,in the words of Paul Harvey,”the rest of the story”,also get little trivial things. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

            Comment by Tim — March 31, 2015 @ 9:53 am

    • Why “waren”, Joe? I’d rather say “sind”. Schweinehunder than ever… 😉

      Comment by hermie — April 1, 2015 @ 5:13 pm

      • hermie
        I don’t know if you follow HIS teachings (I am not) Jesus was referring to Gentiles as dogs is recorded in both in Mark 7:24-30 and also Matthew 15:21-28 in which he also states: ” I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” Make of that what you will

        Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — April 5, 2015 @ 2:51 am

  4. Okay neither here nor there,whoever did the plumbing ain’t what caught my eye. He was “convicted?” Convicted showing the event all ready took place. Further on its defined as “declare someone guilty of a crime,by either the decision of a judge or jury. Since when has giving your opinion on a subject a crime? It said he wrote these hammerheads a letter . It said he believed this whole scenario was BS. “He” believed it. To me that looks like he’s giving his own opinion. I don’t see anywhere in there that he and the Aryan Brotherhood thought this was all bogus. What a bunch of cry babies. All Jews will be going to hell,because they don’t accept Christ . Oops! I rekon the thought police will be banging on my door next. If they’re really doing this stuff to educate people on the holocaust ( I’m beginning to question that) then why didn’t they just get on the horn and invite this man over to their place? Sit down and have tea and cookies and discuss his opinion. Isn’t this the same kind of stunt Hitler and Stalin pulled. Im sorry for what happened to them,okay. Welcome to the world,where nobody is loved. Walmart sells balls. Go buy a pair and quit acting so chickenshit.

    Comment by Tim — March 30, 2015 @ 3:45 pm

  5. Conventional drains (everywhere) contain devices called “traps” (J-traps, P-traps) that use water to seal off (odiferous) gases in the drainpipes from the living space. Look under any of your sinks, and you’ll see one. They’re under (in) toilets and showers, too.

    These provisions would have confined Zyklon-B to the drainage system proper, and would have prevented it from overflowing drains into living spaces. The notion of drains spreading gases is naive speculation. It would not have happened.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — March 30, 2015 @ 11:47 am

    • I was relying on the information given by Fred Leuchter. He examined the Mauthausen gas chamber and wrote a report that I put on my website years ago. I have added a link to his report on my blog post, and I have quoted the most important part, in which Fred wrote this: “the floor drain would allow leakage into the sewer system.”

      When Fred Leuchter was the one and only gas chamber designer in the world, he designed gas chambers that had a container, in which to put the Zyklon-B pellets so that they would not go down a drain.

      I think that drains might have been improved since the 1940s.

      Comment by furtherglory — March 31, 2015 @ 7:36 am

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